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If not liking someone because they a liar and they are bankrupting our country makes me racist well then someone bring me a robe and a hood. Because I disagree with the dim bulb in the White House doesn mean I a racist. That you would call me that, does mean that you probably are racist.

We’re talking about the Madden franchise, which once again topped 2006 for total sales.Gamespot has a story on the final sales numbers from 2006, and Madden 07 for the PS2 tops the list with 2.8 million units sold.It’s followed by New Super Mario Bros. For Ninetendo’s DS, Gears of War for the XBox 360 and two more PS2 games, Kingdom Hearts II and Guitar Hero II.Madden 07 for the XBox also made the list as the number nine selling game.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

Runaway sees Yeezy toasting to the “douchebags” including himself over a nine minute trip hop voyage through self disparagement, All of the Lights recruits half of the musical world in a war between brass and drum’n’bass while Nicki Minaj’s verse on Monster is liable to torment the mind and shatter the bowels.Yet it’s the closing tracks that seal the deal, as the beautiful Blame Game aided by a sublimely smooth John Legend sees Kanye alpha male bravado in full force before succumbing to the realities of heartbreak that would have any man breaking down in pleas of “I can love you this much, I can love you this much”. This is until, sadly, Chris Rock ruins it with an ill placed skit. It’s on the heartrending conclusion of Lost in the World that West cements his vision and paints a sonic world to call his own.

Bob Donnan / USA TODAY SportsBrady missing Super Bowl jersey valued at $500KThe jersey Tom Brady wore during Super Bowl LI is not only a valuable piece of history to the New England Patriots quarterback, but to the public at large. According to a police report from the Houston Police Department obtained by TMZ Sports, the missing jersey is valued at $500,000. Brady is listed as the complainant on the report for the jersey that went missing moments after he placed it in his locker following the Patriots 34 28 overtime victory.

Had a coworker keep flirting with me. She gave me her Facebook and phone number. She constantly kept seeking me out just to talk about nothing. It’s relatively safe, and they have to learn somehow, though why its multidisciplinary is beyond me. It seems they should stagger different programs throughout the year.Source: used to work for a hospital help desk. Favorite encounter with a resident was when one forgot his pager at home, didn’t know the number, but wanted me to forward his pager to his cell phone anyway.

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