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If you ran your finger over a metal ingot, or piece of metal that’s been worked into a specific shape for storing, you might describe its surface as smooth to the touch. If you viewed the same piece under a microscope, you would see the truth that the metal’s surface is riddled with nooks and crannies. When you bring two pieces of metal together, these imperfections and irregularities create channels along which a liquid can move.

I don think I am as well versed in exhibitions and art history as you but I can tell you something like the Hals exhibition (or dare I say, the Rembrandt Rothko) would have helped the me from five years ago along on my journey to like modern art. I used to love classical paintings and was indifferent towards modern art but now I have come around to a better understanding of the latter and loving some of it (color field as an example).Therefore, I think there merit in merely displaying that “artists like Hals have influenced contemporary artists”.Of course it probably best to go through different museums and exhibitions to get a understanding of the progression of art, but I feel like the connection is easy to lose along the way for many casual viewers, and these “tranhistoricals” might be something that could help them look at things in a different light.I suppose a generous interpretation of the Gonzalez Torres would say that it unfinished because it completed by the audience, but that would root it more in a history of audience activation and participation, which was otherwise fully absent from the exhibition, and might have been a more interesting and complex route to explore with the postwar work in the show.OK from your description of it what you says makes sense. Actually, I feel like the concept of finished/unfinished is interesting because what really considered unfinished? An actually unfinished piece presented at exhibit is still “finished” at that moment, if that makes sense.

The cordless telephone has one Bluetooth transmitter in the base and another in the handset. The manufacturer has programmed each unit with an address that falls into a range of addresses it has established for a particular type of device. When the base is first turned on, it sends radio signals asking for a response from any units with an address in a particular range.

So this isn’t in the territory of intense mood swings due to your partner. At least not out of the ordinary for someone on the younger side. If you think there’s a real pattern to your mood swings in relationships, you may want to see a therapist to talk about some strategies to better deal with stressful circumstances..

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ClaimsThese are the heart of a patent application. Claims set out which parts of the inventor’s idea should be protected by law, and describe in words the monopoly granted by the patent. The main claim should include the product’s essential technical features, while “dependent” claims can describe additional ones based on the main claim.

4 points submitted 10 days agoI went through the whole shebang, started from Josiah Quincy, Josiah Quincy Upper, then Boston Latin School ( I also went to college here in Boston. I think I placed around rank 200 on the ISEE (the test to get into Boston Latin) and it wasn really difficult. You don need to send your kids to private school as long as you put in the effort as a parent to help your kid with math and english homework.

Yet she still uses Google Documents and Google Chat and Google Search. Enterprises that are comfortable with evolving applications. And I believe there are plenty, will adopt Google Apps. The next day, I called a support line in a panic, and their advice was to tell her before we went on another date. I called and invited her round the same evening. That whole day, I thought about nothing else and felt sick when the time finally came.

(Northern Arts)Grind Married guy with dull job Paul Schulze’s no good little brother Billy Crudup moves in after he’s released from prison and starts making goo goo eyes at his sister in law Adrienne Shelley. (Castle Hill)Nowhere Master of cinematic whining Gregg Araki (The Doom Generation,” The Long Weekend O’Despair”) continues his Teen Apocalypse” trilogy with a druggy take on John Hughes movies and Aaron Spelling soaps. Rachel True, James Duval, Christina Applegate and Heather Graham are among the beautiful and the dumb.

The culture of Valve is one where things can be started, stopped, picked up again, or restarted from new at any point based on making the right decision with the information at the time. That means they won’t talk about projects until they’re very clearly going to ship. If I understand it correctly, Marc’s post says that he was frustrated with it not having made it to that point after so long and he felt like it may never; or if it ever did, it would be a different story at the hands of different people.

We’ve pulled together some classic clips from the big stories of the last 40 years. Take a look and you’ll see that some of the issues the programme covered in the first few years are still with us today the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians; the division of Cyprus; how to govern Northern Ireland fairly. Interestingly, all can be seen as ethno religious disputes over territory..

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Hola, Natalia. Te escribo desde Hermosillo, Sonora. Viniste hace algunos meses y estuvo muy bonito tu concierto, gracias por tu msica. I have to hear more about what happened after the fact because. How he these guys all of them behaved after the fact ink. Particular Hernandez.

The fog did not spread across the river, nor lean in too far as it rose. There were unseen defenses that held it back, that kept the sun shining on the white walls, the gardens, and the red tiled house. The fog was a weapon, but it was only the first move in a battle, only the beginning of a siege.

You may opt for a full frame, in which the entire lens is made in the full reading prescription, if you spend a great time concentrating on material close up. Full frame are generally designed as magnifying eyeglasses. This explains why your reading lenses appear blurry if you try to look up and across the room..

As for what happens around the world, you don have to be apathetic to it but don think that you can change anything about it. Some things are just out of our control. In the beginning it is very hard (at least I thought) to differentiate between what is and what isn in my direct control.

“Thank you for flying with Virgin America! We hoped you enjoyed your experience. And look forward to seeing you again soon!” As I just worked my LAST First Class service for VX recited those words, it finally started to get real! The last 4years of my life has been nothing less, than surreal. Ive been truly blessed honored to travel the friendly skies, with such fabulous crews.

I’d like to touch upon White Pony, your third album. It’s one of those albums that seems to have grown in status as the years have passed, becoming widely cited as influential by a raft of newer bands. But I recall at the time not everyone was particularly positive about it.

They agreed as that was better than losing their 50k.I put out the word and another investor who knew me more by reputation than he knows me personally mentioned it to a friend of his with a SD IRA. I actually walked away from closing with a little over $1,000 at that one. So none of my money.Important Considerations: The chances of a new investor achieving a “no money down” or “Other People Money” deal isn impossible but it is unlikely.

But he loves the person and calls them to repentance. God loves you and His desire is towards you. Man cannot force man to love God or His ways. So here’s my take. I don’t see a ton of jobs in the developed world that they could take over. They could stock shelves at Target, but not help customers find the thing that’s like a vase, but for pens and pencils.

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A biased, misleading headline if ever I saw one, implying the judge’s full support for the film. The judge allowed the film to be distributed to UK schools, but with reservations and conditions. This is a particularly pernicious form of propaganda since many people don’t have the time or inclination to read past the headlines..

Instead, cut your cloth to your means. If you can afford to shoot that script, shoot a different one. Look up Dogme95 movement eg Festen, watch Dogville, admire Glengarry Glen Ross, 12 Angry Men, other stage adaptations. In my experience it’s just a flashy nuisance. That said the price is steep, so for an alternative I’d suggest the 2015 Pro 15. So it’s between the 2015 and 2017 15 inch.

Obama is rolling out the, solution for these Elites and Bildergers and Pierce is just an implant, representing the interests of theses psychopaths, starting with the royal family. Btw, that display of utter degraded parading of despotism. CNN Tyrant Television for idiots.

No head contact, or even accidental intrusion with the stick or body into an imaginary sphere around the head, called the halo. No shooting at the net when a defender is in line with the goal.In December, the New York State Public High School Athletic Association voted 9 2 to keep the ban on hard helmets in the women’s game. Lacrosse also supports the ban.Safety advocates, however, call the ban outdated.”Somebody’s got to stand up and say, What are you doing? This to me is like, come on, you’re not serious.

I remember feeling like I had a lot of energy but nowhere to expend it. Beware of depression, lack of motivation. Looking back, I probably reduced my dose too fast. For a second, we just stared at each other, and I instantly noticed the changes in her: Her dark curly hair was shorter, her earrings new. She was skinnier, if that was possible, and had done away with the thick eyeliner she’d taken to wearing the previous spring, replacing it with a more natural look, all bronzes and pinks. I wondered, in her first glance, what was different in me..

The best part of Sucker Punch is that whenever you mention that the film was meant to shame its target audience not entertain it, you get a bunch of replies of the very people who deserved to be shamed by the film lol. I love this film very much, not because its a cool action flick with half naked women, but because its a film about the exploitation of women and how its wrong and tragically sad. Shame on all the replies trying to critique the film on technical standards knowing full well they were the target audience of the plot twist..

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Now when I see those trash bandits I think they kind of cute. I even wondered what it would be like to have one as a pet. My cat would hate it and it would get into everything.. I believe the ball was a fair ball (by about 0.04 inches) and that the umps got the call right as far as the fair/foul aspect of it. As for granting a single vs. A double, and granting Kwan 3rd base as opposed to just second, I think they made the best judgment call they could have in that situation.Oregon State actually looked like the better team for most of the night, but the Hogs never broke down, and kept their composure on the mound and on defense throughout the contest.

If the Houston Medical Center were better for his son than the University of Minnesota Medical Center that they been taking him to all these years, they already would be going to Houston instead of Minneapolis. I don think that a consideration. I not talking about that anyway, entire conversation was how Fisher seems unhappy, and I hypothesizing that it probably at least in part because he farther away from his kids.

So Eduardo began to worry again. And for a month everything went well. The day came when he implanted the tiny embryos in the brood cows. I trying to get myself back into tracking, so i told myself to give myself a week of getting used to tracking all my food. So, im essentially starting today and i tracked my breakfast (pop tart) and coffee thus far. I going to continue to eat what i would normally eat as if i wasnt paying attention or tracking just to get an idea of how often i was overeating.

When he found that the wild falcons stooped down to him from the wind when he summoned them by name, lighting with a thunder of wings on his wrist like the hunting birds of a prince, then he hungered to know more such names and came to his aunt begging to learn the name of the sparrowhawk and the osprey and the eagle. To earn the words of power he did all the witch asked of him and learned of her all she taught, though not all of it was pleasant to do or know. There is a saying on Gont, Weak as woman’s magic, and there is another saying, Wicked as woman’s magic.

One night she reached over and just kissed him when he took her home and I lost my shit. He called me crying and upset saying that he was just trying to be a nice person and she was just trying to ruin things. Its sad that something big had to happen for him to see it, but at least he finally did see that she was crazy and manipulative..

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3 points submitted 10 days agoHonestly, I feel like the call was fair (no pun intended). Kwan could have scored from first on a double, but they weren going to award them a run on speculation. By the same token, I believe that they made the right call in terms of giving him 3rd as opposed to just 2nd.

Except for typing.Still bandwidth on cell isn’t cheap and even Blackberry’s newer devices will have wireless connection as well a cell just like the iPhone.Still it seems odd that a grocery store chain has the best wireless package over the big players. Maybe Loblaws should start selling the iPhone. :).

Just as the town was bubbling over with baseball, the Giants and the Dodgers departed for California before the 1958 season broke open, leaving behind the Yankees and many a broken heart. The majority of the thrills in 1950, however, were produced by a team from Philadelphia. The story of the year was that the Phillies (also known as the “Whiz Kids,” since they won the National League with a starting lineup of players under 30 years of age) had even made it to the Series..

Supreme Cuts had intended to work with an array of rappers; but Chrome Lips would eventually mostly feature the tongue twisting syllables of Maul, seemingly a safe bet for an eventual mainstream breakthrough. His own seven tracker of 2012, Oxyconteen, is worth downloading too. Now signed to Island, she’s come a long way in a short space of time and for many, it was with Reservation that she first made a considerable impression.

I starting to feel some prejudice towards islam and it scares me. Every day I hear another story of mass killings in some part of the world and i become totally desensitized to it. I completely open to all walks of life but this is just too much. Climbs only happen quickly if you are drastically better than your bracket. Like if you were playing at 500MMR, you climb very quickly to probably around 1.3 1.4 and then start slowing down. Just like if a 5k player was to play at 2k, they climb very rapidly to somewhere over 4k and then start slowing down as they aren so much better than their opponents that they can single handedly carry out..

I not sure how it could be to hold the Pearls accountable for the actions of others that were influenced by the book. As a society, we are responsible for our actions. The book was obviously intended to influence others to follow the teachings that this couple has set forth.

I sure they even better now. But for my money, the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and the ProCreate software is the better value. I ended up putting a matte screen protector on the iPad for more “tooth” and even kind of sounds like paper.. You are so wrong. Piers approach is exactly what is needed here. That is why nothing changes here ever.

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Flashbacks and flash forwards confuse the average American viewer, which is why so many people are complaining. Much easier to criticize something easy and familiar, like “stormtrooper shooting”. The same people who can utilize their suspension of disbelief that zombies exist and decapitated heads can make noise, but can suspend disbelief that cars and sheet metal will stop bullets.

Ugh. Shame, because he has some good scenes.I sorry, but I stand by every misgiving I had about Ezra Miller before this movie. I still can get behind his Flash, they distorted his character too much. LIESL GRAZ, of Reporters Without Borders, said it would point the finger at a number of countries that flouted press freedom with absolute impunity. In Algeria, journalists continued to be targets of violence from both the Government and the Islamic opposition. Press freedom did not exist in Cuba, while Ethiopia had jailed the most journalists in Africa between 1992 and 1995 nearly 150 media professionals had found themselves in trouble with the law there.

If I went to a restaurant and ordered a glass of water with my meal, something that is more or less free to provide, I would expect to pay less than if I ordered imported vintage wine.In regards to Ben’s comments, while I don’t blame companies from trying to make an easy buck, but I think that If they want to keep their customers when new wireless players enter the market, they aught not to yell that they hate us quite so loudly.Posted: 2009/01/19 at 5:10 PMThe story is not entirely correct, but it does depend on how you define costs. If you send a text message from one mobile network to another there may be a “termination fee” charge by the recipient network. It does vary from country to country, and in some cases SMS’s are free, even on international circuits, but in many cases the orginating network has to pay the terminating network a fee for the use of their network.

The roster of experts and laboratories provided by Member States and the Guidelines and Procedures for the conduct of investigations constitute the key elements of the Mechanism. Member States encouraged the Secretary General in September 2006 to update the roster of experts and laboratories, as well as the technical guidelines and procedures, available to him for the timely and efficient investigation of alleged use. The group discussed the update of the 1989 Guidelines and Procedures.

Keep on keeping on. Don’t give up. Your body catches up to your habits. I never clipped it, but I was watching daequan play one time in tilted, and trying to find someone who was in trump tower. Vertical sound in this game has the weirdest behaviour; sometimes they sound like they RIGHT ABOVE YOU even though they 5 stories above you. The dude ended up finding out where the guy was EXACTLY when he heard the footsteps change from wood to metal; he realized he was right on the layer of Trump Tower that had the planks/ metal stair case along the sides of the building, jumped right to it, and insta kill shotgunned him through the window..

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Ready to test out my theory. Game corrupts. Like 60 hours of work into one save and it gone.. Hello, my name is Elizabeth, i was going through an article and found out about a man called Dr Bomoh. I have been suffering from breakup issues with different guys. I had to contact the spell caster.

Yeah I mean I think that part of what this is is when these things happen they dropped into a country’s bucket of a lot of frustration and turmoil around. And whenever race bubbles up like this. It always is seething beneath the surface and all of us I grew I was born in Detroit.

We also worked out, while packing for one of many moves, how to get rid of stuff. Here the trick: if you have a real emotional connection to something, keep it. No matter how ratty or worn out it is. But that kind of statement still makes me feel like all the effort I and my fellow mods put in doesn matter. It not a good feeling.So, I try to address the points you making, but this is part of a larger discussion and process, that there is no clear solution to, and we very open to concrete ideas to how we can improve the community.We get lots of messages or posts like this Most of which boil down to “This place was better in the old days” which doesn really get us anywhere. We can turn back time, nor do we want to.It no secret that the sub has experienced a somewhat exponential growth over the last few years.

70% approval rating for the NYPD. And by at a higher according quite frankly that had not been indicator of this gives them. And a lot of people think a lot of politicians didn’t go ahead that is allowed it to politicians love the Senate’s into the race well.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileKim Bingham’s band Mudgirl is playing tonight at Casa del Popolo. She stopped by our studio this afternoon, and Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck talked to her in a Hallway Interview.You’ve collaborated with David Usher, Nelly Furtado, Bran Van 3000, Jacksoul. Who would you like to work with?Jack White [of the White Stripes].

(The 80GB version, which includes a copy of MotorStorm, will retail for $659 CDN, while the 60GB model drops to $549.)Most remarkably, the seven year old PlayStation 2 still figures in Sony’s 2007 strategy. Sony plans to deliver 160 new PS2 games in North America in 2007 to satisfy the console’s 188 million user install base worldwide obviously hoping at the same time that a significant number of these users will migrate to the PlayStation 3.Sony stressed its exclusive titles for PlayStation 3, and partnerships designed to take advantage of the console’s powerful hardware and Blu ray disc support, such as Unreal Tournament 3, Haze, Ratchet Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, and a partnership with NCSoft to develop massively multiplayer online games for the PlayStation Network.Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima unveiled the PS3 exclusive stealth/action game Metal Gear Solid 4, and also announced that it would be the last game in the series. “I’ve been creating this Metal Gear franchise over many platforms and eras, but this Metal Gear Solid 4 will be the grand finale to the series” said Kojima through a translator.

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At night, there were rats everywhere. So, when I visited on the weekends, I would sit out there at night with my BB gun or .22 and just ping those suckers all night. I could knock them off the rafters as they skittered across from 20 ft away. And if you are invited to the celebration, you will be amazed by the meal they will serve: numerous courses, various appetizers, delicious desserts. Briefly, Ukrainian women enjoy being good wives in every way possible. The site will be up and running for that public by 7.00 am and then announced live on Channel 9 by 8.50 am today.

I want Justice for Trayvon Martin this was a senseless killing. Zimmerman deserves to be arrested and charge with murder. I feel in my heart he had no intention on waiting for the police to arrive after he was told not to pursue this young man. The in fighting amongst the clans on “Dynasty” and “Dallas”. The designer jeans. The yuppies.

Our battles were epic and one sided. Calpurnia always won, mainly because Atticus always took her side. She had been with us ever since Jem was born, and I had felt her tyrannical presence as long as I could remember.. Opener and single King of Rome is a splendidly rollicking, country kissed pop rocker that has wormed its way onto playlists with the same effortless ease exhibited by Fleet Foxes Mykonos. Both songs resonate with an innate familiarity, yet simultaneously seem to present something sparkly new. Whatever the formula for such instant of appeal offerings is, Goldheart Assembly have it committed to memory.

I can help with question 1, but re: 2, Bunn machines are actually pretty decent brewers and are probably the best mass market (available at Walmart) drip brewers you can buy. I used a Bunn Velocity for years before swapping it out for a Bonavita, and it made very good coffee, very quickly. I haven played with a Technivorm much, but a Bunn is a significant step above most of the other brewers out there, so it possible that the coffee out of the new machine isn appreciably better..

Training ModulesFind out more about the Editorial Guidelines with the BBC Academy. Editorial Policy has refreshed the Editorial Standards modules, updating links to essential information and new Guidance, and also the job titles of the main contributors to them. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Applaud the spirit of what happening now on Wall Street. I hope that increased organization can come to it. Says the country needs to give the protests some time to evolve. It was fun to watch Dmitri snap necks and stairwell fight, but man, the movie got me all hype for a war. Drug dealers vs the mercenaries. I hate when movies do that..

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To the point where a decently powerful mage could easily require three times as much food. If you don eat? The magic will eat your body. First, your fat reserves. Comment number 1. At 11:05 9th May 2011, b223dy wrote: Why is he so popular, you ask?? Well, he has (shows) no ‘british ego’. He just showcases his talent, and is deservedly respected for this, unlike most others who crossover, get an agent to market them for more than they are ever worth..

Let alone the 3t and xz1c that run circles around this thing. I was happy I finally had a work phone that was global, so no carrier bloat, and also untouched by having zero work related apps or monitoring going on. Yet just 7 months in and it somehow laggy and sometimes entirely unresponsive.

I don’t technically know who you are or where you live either, but you’ve certainly made your opinions clear many times on this blog. Don’t get me wrong, I think that at the end of the day your brand of political realism is what a government needs must act on in the international arena. On the other hand, my “one good reason” for not bombing the hell out of Iran would probably be something like, “Lots of innocent people will die”.

I live in Texas and have a concealed carry permit for a good reason. Our primary threat is from hordes of fearful, bigoted red necks driving around with Confederate flags and hate bumper stickers. As a white man in an affluent neighborhood I face few risks from the crime associated with poverty.

That means that 24% of people overall have tattoos. Now some percentage X has military experience. (And (100 x)% do not). Lens material There are several types of lens material. CR 39 is a plastic made from hard resin that meets optical quality standards. Polycarbonate is a synthetic plastic material that has great strength and is very lightweight.

When you done, close all the vents and snuff out the fire. I add charcoal occasionally, maybe every fourth fire. So usually whenever I ready to go I set up the grill, grab my propane torch, and light it up.. This post wasn’t meant to be sympathy seeking. This was a positive moment for us. While, yes, it has been very difficult without him, this was a big step in us gaining peace with everything that has happened.

UJnfortunately most seem disinterested in the genuineness of their efforts to make quality products.Once in awhile one will create something innovative and the world will gasp in amazement. Sadly, while these minorities may have achieved amazing creative feats, it’s more often than not also more amazing that they’ve surpassed their corporate counterparts’ mediocre creative and ambivalent culture.Then again, somehow the public continues to reward mediocre efforts regardless so maybe we really deserve what we get like our politics.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.