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Deceitful politicians and the concomitant chicanery. If you were expecting altruism or any form of integrity from these individuals, you were far too naive. I usually empathetic towards people who are susceptible to manipulation, their desperate desire for change induced a malleability that these politicians had no compunction exploiting but and it a but with a large implication the Remain side tried to educate people on many of us were not educated to make such a decision.

In this scenario, you simply have a battle of who has better content rights, and you would be crazy to conclude that Netflix has enough good original content to compete with the company that quite literally wrote the book on blockbuster movies over the last 80 years (and one who just acquired another large content powerhouse in Fox Searchlight). Now throw in the fact that Time Warner owns another (minority) chunk of Hulu that will go to AT in that merger. So what happens if Disney and AT want to team up to destroy Netflix? Time Warner owns TruTV, TNT, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network, DC Comics, and a lot more.

/r/BuyItForLife is not a place to advertise your business. I have polarized prescription lenses in them which are a little scratched but I play tennis in them, go on boats, to the beach, and in the pool (which are both technically no no for lenses and frames but I can see without them so I do it anyway) and other activities and they have held up great. I have been wanting to change to lenses for a while since the rx is so much older but I am always afraid that they could get broken in the process (I used to work at an eyewear store and I just know that because frames have to be heated and bent when putting lenses in and out it is always a possibility, also the plastic is going to get a little dryer and more brittle over time with any company).

Please upvote if it adds to intelligent discussion, downvote if it doesn for donations or linking to your own YouTube channel is annoying and prohibited.Documentaries only. The following are not considered documentaries on this subreddit: TV news, articles, interviews, lectures, amateur home videos, mockumentaries, biopics, and vlogs.Mods reserve the right to apply the don be a jackass rule. Please be respectful to other users.

It kind of comes down to the aestheric and such that you like. If the post appocalypgic feel is what you want fallout is a great series. Bethesda has definitely been doing open world a long time and is kind of known for it. He asked for my license and verified I was at the same address and said he would quickly check it so I could be on my way. Came back not even 2 min later with a warning and told me that the speed limit was 50 for the next 2 miles and then it turns to 60 then 70 again, he wished me luck and I was on my way. Can imagine how different things would be if I tried bullshitting him about how I know my rights lol.

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I do not believe this interview. Paris sits there like she is saintly and she been caught for drunk driving, drugs she danced on tables and parties like a rock star and she knew dam well that she was being filmed. I so tired of hear poor me, poor me.

One thing about Pennsylvania is that broader jurisdictions are not allowed to police inside of smaller jurisdictions Allegheny County has a Police force but they cannot Police inside of a town or borough. Same with State Police. Some boroughs get around the funding issues by entering into “mutual aid” agreements where they pay a certain amount of money to a neighboring (usually larger or higher tax base) municipality to provide services to them.

2. Turning 60 has got to be about Family. I am very fortunate in that my mother is still alive. Aprons were at their stylish peak during the 40s and 50s. Prior to that they were a mostly utilitarian garment but during those years a homemaker often had one apron for working in the kitchen and one for actually serving the food. It was a sign that she was an experienced homemaker, could afford more than one apron, and good at her job..

As with all companies, Brian, there are some things in ow history we may not be proud of. Reporter: Are you under the provisions of the injunction? We are and we are fully compliant with provisions. Reporter: In its training materials the company tells distributors not to stay herbalife can treat, cure, prevent any disease.

Am new but need to vent. Please, for the love of all that is holy if you are done using a machine, get up, quick wipe down and walk away. People who sit on the leg press machine just fucking staring at Facebook or taking Snaps drive me up a fucking wall.

Morgan was a part. I enjoy the fact that his ratings has dropped 14% this month and, hopefully, this will continue.May 1, 2012 at 9:28 pm Report abuse Beth, what precisely came out of Jonah mouth that was crap? For that matter, what came out of his mouth that was even a complete thought? Piers method seems to be Ask question Allow 75% of an answer Interrupt with another (possibly related) question Continue till time is up. Certainly there were little things Jonah was able to answer, but his big points were interrupted every time, before they were able to have an impact on the audience.

A detachment of 80 soldiers under Major Stuart proceeded to clear the line, again at bayonet point. The crowd, rather than disperse, surged up the embankment and stood, hurling abuse and the occasional stone at the military. And then, with the Riot Act being read the last time it has ever been read in mainland Britain Major Stuart ordered his troops to open fire..

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Douglas Adams did not enjoy writing, and he enjoyed it less as time went on. He was a bestselling, acclaimed, and much loved novelist who had not set out to be a novelist, and who took little joy in the process of crafting novels. He loved talking to audiences.

Anyway the best tips I see/personally found was to track your calories via MyFitnessPal so you can get an accurate gauge of how many calories you are actually eating. Guesstimating is often incorrect and you could be easily eating a lot less calories than you think and not have the surplus needed to grow muscle. Since eating at a surplus is hard, protein shakes are your best friend.

Cut too slowly and our creditors become impatient and demand higher interest rates for their loans, or worse, refuse to lend to us at all. If that happens, we shall be forced to cut MUCH harder and faster, and will have the worst of both worlds. In short, there is far more danger with cutting too slowly than too fast..

I also support free market enterprises in those areas. I am for decreased spending, taxes, and waste. I want an overhaul in both public healthcare and public education to rival lean sigma production values. I do not believe the Jury did a good job of sorting out and considering the possibilities of other things that could have happened and the prosecution did not give them enough doubt to think it through. What is Zimmerman approached Martin with his gun drawn and Martin tried to take the gun away and they fell to the ground? That could have been the way Zimmerman got his head injuries. The can of soda in Martin jacket could have bumped Zimmerman nose and caused his nose bleed.

These lenses tend to be lighter and are more impact resistant. Glass lenses are heavier but are much more resistant to scratches. Here’s an easy way to tell if the lenses in a pair of sunglasses are of good quality. I urge the taxpayer funded FCC to undo the terrible regulatory burdens that ex FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler imposed on the internet. After 20 years, and trillions of dollars in infrastructure investment, there is no reason for the government to come in and ruin what has been a thriving tool that has changed the way we all live. Chairman Pai proposal to repeal Title II regulations will ensure the continued growth of a dynamic, open internet for all American consumers and taxpayers.”.

Who gives a fuck that he said EXACTLY the same thing now as he did during his campaign (while picking an AG who has the single strictest stance on Marijuana of Anyone currently in the government. Not to mention this is an issue Trump can’t control. Congress makes the laws and trump knows that he can sit on his ass and do nothing but say “YAAAAY 420″ and his loyalists will cum their pants”.

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Ahhhh my home town. Picture taken just outside the job centre, around the corner from the bus station(another spot for drug use) and just infront of the Tair Pluen pub, again another spot for drug use, but this one has a roof over your head. Its a shame, the surrounding area is beautiful, great beaches, sand dunes, castles, lush fields, windswept valley, the town? Just depressing.

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Yes, that is exactly what he should do. None of the information given about N suggests he dangerous and maybe she would actually learn a lesson that way. Him going along with it is enabling her overly submissive behavior. Being recently retired, I had the time to follow the primaries very close. Initially, I only had decided to vote democratic. I read Obama book, and decided to give him serious consideration.

There is such a thing as colloquial understanding of language. Your original statement is a non statement when using your cherry picked definition. It like responding to somebody saying “I only like quality things.” and you responding with “All things have qualities.” While you technically correct, you wilfully ignorant of the original person intent..

La nueva lnea Titanium incluir cuatro formas de monturas, marcos o armazones: curvo, delgado,splity atrevido. El exterior de los marcos de titanio es de color gris, pero hay cuatro opciones para los colores dentro de los marcos. tambin est agregando tres opciones para las gafas de sol diseadas por Maui Jim, que costarn 150 dlares..

Of the more than 70 species of rockfish living off the United States’ west coast, the bocaccio rockfish is one of the most endangered. While this 3 foot fish reaches reproductive age sooner than many overfished species as early as four to five years its larvae have a very low survival rate. Changes in ocean currents and temperature since the 1970s mean that large numbers of bocaccio larvae live to become juveniles only once every 20 years.

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The 5D Mark II (suggested price $2,699 US, body only) is a professional still camera but has limitations as a video camera. The shutter speeds is locked between between 1/30 and 1/125 of a second to get 30 frames per second video standard, and according to early reports, the ability to manipulate the 5D aperture is limited in video mode, so it doesn’t have full flexibility of a good video camera.The 5D Mark II comes with a built in microphone, like many modern digital cameras, but also comes with a microphone jack to record better quality sound.The dual use technology has still not been perfected. Most dual use video cameras on the market today require the user to switch between video and still mode.

When I hit the center button a message pops up and says: “ATTENTION: failed to sign in. You must be signed into continue the game” and gives me the option to select “OK”, but I can’t select it because no other buttons are working. Then if I hit the center button again, the screen is no longer dim, and I am able to select “OK”, and it sends me back to the “press any button” screen.

As far as conservatives go, he is extremely popular in their districts. He has a lot of leverage and the white house knows if he loses on this, it puts in jeopardy the rest of his anyone da. Jon and Dan, thanks. Comment number 1. At 09:07 7th Jan 2012, rmacmhor wrote: I remember my grandfather telling me about the Bentlass Ferry disaster Phil. He was only a young boy at the time but could remember the gloom that descended on the waterside communities around that part of the Haven when it happened with the grown ups talking about it in hushed voices.

Wealthy foreign investors are treating our houses and condos the same way you would treat gold, stocks, bonds, any investment really. Thousands of properties are owned by non residents who are so wealthy they can even be bothered to put the effort into renting. Some properties are owned by people that only live here less than 100 days per year.

Speaking of which. Maybe the whole thing was a very clever marketing ploy to get people talking about the X Files again. The new movie hasn’t been doing so hot at the box office, after all.Posted: 2008/08/21 at 1:32 PMI think all the attention was mostly due to the “what if.” factor.

The OECD study found that medium users in Canada paid the third highest rates, next to customers in the United States and Spain. Canadian carriers said the study used flawed methodology, which was based on European calling patterns. They cited Merrill Lynch’s matrix as proof that prices were low indeed, among the 22 developed countries rated by the bank, Canada had the fourth lowest per minute rate (about eight cents US).

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Do not file taxes or report it as income. Just ask for cash and spend it as such. Realistically, as a physician you will be paying the government a third of your income as tax for he rest of your life. The thing that’s really generated interest is the way children with special needs are catered for in our education system with many people offering moving personal stories. It’s part of the brief of The World Tonight to offer a different take or angle on the big stories to our Radio Four sister programmes, Today, The World at One and PM. They had already looked at the political side of the story, so we decided to look at the substantive issues relating to special needs provision highlighted by Ruth Kelly’s case (you can listen to the programme here).

Rubik cubes, the rise of 1980s hair. LA Hair Metal and the death of Punk, the original Live Aid concert. Big shoulder pads, thanks to Dallas which also started the “I Shot JR”. CNN requested an interview with Rico Gray for this story. He agreed but later declined through a family friend, saying he was concerned that speaking publicly would put his life in danger. On Sunday, he resumed contact with CNN, offering an interview to who would like to pay.

We appealed their decision to ban us. Amazon associates reps would take about a month to reply, sometimes they wouldn reply and we have to send a second or third email to get a response. In the end I was able to chat on the phone with the head of the department and he told me it didn matter what we did to fix the issue, Amazon did not want to support my business model..

Yes your point stands that they have incredible talent surrounding them, but that shouldn’t take away from what Wentz accomplished this year. I don’t know how much footage you’ve seen but his ability to extend the play is so incredible. 2 points submitted 4 days ago.

I point out the potential health and safety hazard. He gets up and kicks it out the way. “I don’t want you to break a leg,” he tells the waitress.. When my father was admitted to the bar, he returned to Maycomb and began his practice. Maycomb, some twenty miles east of Finch’s Landing, was the county seat of Maycomb County. Atticus’s office in the courthouse contained little more than a hat rack, a spittoon, a checkerboard and an unsullied Code of Alabama.

Skimpy skirts, go go boots and overdone makeup are still the de rigeur uniform of the booth babe among the industry’s smaller players.Mind you, at a predominantly male convention, this sort of thing has its fans, as evidenced by at least one website.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates.

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If holiday mornings are probably going to be spent reclining on the sofa watching black and white movies or prepping lazy brunches at home, this iconic loungewear is a must buy for your favourite reclusive guy. Get one for yourself while you at it. Twinsies! Sorry.

Sometimes he tempted to walk into dark alleys and hurt anyone who tries to mug him, sating his sadistic thoughts with staged self defense. Instead, he calls us up and just talks it over. He doesn need medication or a psychologist lumping him in with terrible people who are also sadistic.

First off, gram positive bacteria are less likely to be antibiotic resistant. So even if there was a mutation causing bacteria that is typically gram negative to become gram positive, and that was and the mutation happened to be more likely to survive, it would be LESS antibiotic resistant. But the fact remains, gram positive bacteria are only slightly more resistant to alcohol.

He knows already how to speak and has big balls. Do you have a girlfriend (Novia might be the wrong gender, maybe boyfriend), or still not? And you, how do you pass your time? Do you have someone to keep you company? Next I have to tell you how this page is too small. Give everyone a strong hug.

As a natural protection mechanism, the cornea of your eye absorbs all of the UV B and most of the UV A light. But some of the UV A light reaches the lens of the eye, and over time this absorption can lead to cataracts. The small amount of UV A that gets past your cornea and reaches the retina can eventually lead to macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in people older than age 65.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThat’s right, for a mere $2,700 US, Star Wars fans everywhere will be able to get their geek on in superior fashion with this completely unnecessary but oddly appealing projector that has built in 20 watt speakers, a DVD player, an iPod docking station and an image resolution of 1,360 by 768.The image quality isn’t anything to write home about, and I have no idea where I’d put the two foot robot (or the large, exquisitely detailed Millennium Falcon shaped remote that comes with it), but I am ashamed to say that I really want one. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates.

It’s all very well and nice to wax prose about climate hypotheticals. The reality is it will not a affect the people making the decisions during their lifetime. It has affected the people dieing today due to the effects of our historic lack of action.

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All things considered, I say it not too bad.Notes: I wore these mostly with socks to try and stretch them out, but I did wear them a few times sockless. These have mostly been sitting on the shelf, as they were one of my earlier purchases in this GYW addiction journey, before I had an inkling on my sizing. They black looks really rich after a good conditioning and brushing wish I picked them up in an 8.5 E/EE.

El Reto del Hambre Cero fomenta la participacin de un amplio conjunto de organizaciones, de movimientos sociales y de las personas, alrededor de una visin comn. Estas promueven estrategias eficaces, mayores inversiones y ms cooperacin para el desarrollo, en coherencia con los acuerdos nacionales e internacionales existentes. Luchan por alcanzar resultados y por rendir cuentas de sus esfuerzos particularmente a aquellos que sufren de hambre..

The other issue is weirder. When I add something new (sometimes) all my Z wave stuff comes up fine, so the USB is okay, but the new device will have the same name as another Z wave device (even if it a totally different product) and not all the attributes will show up. But a couple of reboots always seems to fix it..

Tony Scott will direct romantic thriller Deja Vu for megabucks producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Casting has yet to begin on the story of an FBI agent who travels back in time and falls in love with a woman doomed to be murdered. Disney Studios bought the spec script by Terry Rossio and Bill Marsilii last year for “several million dollars”.

A single plastic bag can take 1,000 years to break down in the environment. In 2016, California issued a statewide ban on stores handing out single use plastic bags to their customers. A year later, 13 million plastic bags were kept out of landfills and the environment, and everybody survived.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileA report by a United Nations panel suggests the world’s population should shift away from a meat based diet and cut fossil fuel consumption in order to make more sustainable use of the world’s natural resources.The International Panel for Sustainable Resource Management says billions of people have to take action in order to reverse some of the damaging trends harming the environment and depleting resources.”Two broad areas are currently having a disproportionately high impact on people and the planet’s life support systems,” said Achim Steiner, UN under secretary general and executive director of the UN Environment Programme. “These are energy in the form of fossil fuels and agriculture, especially the raising of livestock for meat and dairy products.”The report calls for a significant shift in diets away from animal based proteins toward more vegetable based foods.The panel also noted that there needs to be a dramatic improvement in how energy is used in the home particularly for heating, cooling and electronic gadgets and for travel.Read more.Would you eat less meat and/or use less fuel to help the environment? Let us know if you’ve taken any steps to live more sustainably.Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests.

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They don want to hang out with me if there are girls involved because I will “take all the girls” (which I never do by the way, if a girl my friend really likes goes for me, I reject her); and they don want to hang out with me if there aren girls involved. I think they just shitty friends. I made far too many sacrifices for them, I been TOO good to them if anything..

I had a test today. I think I faled it and I think mabye now they wont use me. What happind is I went to Prof Nemurs office on my lunch time like they said and his secertery took me to a place that said psych dept on the door with a long hall and alot of littel rooms with onley a desk and chares.

In the days leading up to the NATO summit, the president and his team have sent mixed messages. Ambassador to the alliance, focused on the positive, touting the biggest increases in defense spending by the allies since the end of the Cold War. Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman pledged that Trump would “continue to hold Russia accountable for its malign activity.”.

With a decently sized fun and engaging storyline, the game will feature numerous endings judging by the actions you take during the story and is being developed in the Unity engine. By pledging, you will greatly help fund the development as I am currently working on it on my own as a full time job with absolutely no profits, so funding development is going to hard on my own. The game will be free to play and will be available on Steam.

Shunning the bright lights of prime time exposure (believe me, she could win any such show), she developed her songs over a lengthy period of time, working menial jobs to make ends meet. Now, deservedly, her breakthrough has come. More improbably, her producer here is Steve Brown, who appeared on the Alan Partridge helmed Knowing Me Knowing You series.

“60 MINUTES””60 Minutes,” the most successful American television broadcast in history, offers hard hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news. “60 Minutes” has won more than 100 Emmy Awards more than any other primetime broadcast, including a special Lifetime Achievement Emmy. “60 Minutes” premiered on CBS on Sept.

A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates. Continue reading this post. I agree with you, others dont because it wont fit their agendas. However pot makes different people react different, even without the pot this young man has a voilent past and anyone who says no isnt facing the truth, racheal stated tm was behind his house and wouldnt run, she said he told her im not running, im not running again. She also stated that tm confronted gz and asked why are you following me, to which she gave a few different answers, and 2 n the stand, first she said gz said what are you doing here, and 2nd she said gz said what are you talking about.

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The headlines of the day could have read “Tomb empty!” or “Dead man alive again!” Those are the Easter headlines proclaimed by the church through the centuries. Those are the headlines which shape the lives of one third of the people of the world (the Christians). Those are the headlines for which martyrs suffered persecution and death, and for which Christians are still imprisoned and tortured and murdered in some countries today..

Typical Georgia. Don believe that it just Emory or that it over with, either. I live here and the air is thick with a straining, simmering race hate. I don have brothers and sisters. I had a sister that I loved and she was developmentally challenged, I guess, is how they put it. Her annual Walters 10 Most Fascinating People list to be revealed as part of a television special Wednesday evening, the interviewing queen continues to prove a polarizing media force, even as she looks ahead to her forthcoming retirement..

The second time I had a psychiatrist who didn’t work for me and was actually making me feel a lot worse than I already was. I used to come out of every appointment crying because of what she said to me, on top of all the other stuff she did. I wasn’t comfortable at all in telling her how she made me feel.

We probably have done rather too much on the Democratic race and too little on McCain on Radio 1 and 1Xtra, so far. That’s not down to a left liberal bias it’s simply been the most compelling news story up to now. Now, the campaign proper starts that’s something we’re going to have to correct by getting our reporters, Iain Mackenzie and Sima Kotecha, out and about into small towns and settlements.

Tomorrow, March 1, represents the last day AOL which bought Netscape in 1999 will provide support for Netscape Navigator, a browser that’s market share has slipped to 0.6 per cent.AOL recommends users update to either Firefox, the spiritual successor to the once popular browser. For nostalgic users, AOL recommends downloading Mozilla Firefox and then adding on “the Netscape theme and Netscape extensions” available on its site.Netscape’s rise and fall was typical of the first dot com boom: the company had a huge initial lead but squandered it and allowed Microsoft to take control with its Internet Explorer browser, especially after Microsoft started bundling IE with Windows 95. That later versions of Netscape were notoriously buggy didn’t help, either.But since we’re feeling nostalgic, we want to ask you: when did you make the switch from Netscape to another browser and why? And if anyone knows of someone who still uses it, we’d be curious to know how that’s working out for them.Posted: 2008/03/03 at 9:13 AMI switched to IE when Netscape 6 was released.