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Ok, I get you. I will say in this particular instance it hadn rained for about 5 7 days, I think the ranger was being a little uptight, I just wanted to get another opinion because everyone in my foursome was also wondering why he said that, and what exactly he meant by that. When we came around on 17 he was riding all over the fairway and up in the rough, and sat there and watched us all play the hole.

Here’s a worst case scenario for you: You’ve been separated from your day hiking group late on a chilly fall afternoon and find yourself alone in the woods. You have no tent or sleeping bag, and night falls fast deep in the forest. You call out and hear nothing but the cold wind.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileToday’s the day that 100,000 invitations for the preview Google Wave go out to a lucky few. Google has quite clearly stated on its blog who will get beta invites, but that hasn’t stopped everyone else from begging for their golden ticket.No one has any invitations yet, though. They’re coming out later this evening in North America, when working hours on Thursday start in Australia, where the Wave team is based.Mashable is reporting that a Wave invite posted on eBay (remember, they aren’t out yet) was going for $157 dollars before the auction was pulled.

The president tried to paint a rosy picture of jobs. And you know, he’s right. If you’re a Washington lobbyist, if you make your money in and around Washington, things are doing great. It is exactly the point. The Arab media/leaders use this conflict as a means to distract the Arab people from failing of the Arab world in regards to building a functional economy society. By constantly over reporting on the conflict providing one sided editorials, BBC supports this notion.

Yet that speculation is growing in the last couple of days on social media and 24 days since anybody has seen the First Lady in public but her office says. She doing well and that she’s holding meetings in looking at planning for events that are coming up in the next couple of weeks here at the White House. But her off also said over the weekend that she will not be attending the G 7 world leaders summit with the president this weakening Canada.

There is the new divided Ashburn that looks like America new normal. An explosion of growth in the last two decades turned this place from a largely white conservative constituency to one that is darker skinned and comprised of more professional women. They call themselves progressive thinkers and are a big reason that Obama in 2008 became the first Democrat to win here and in the state of Virginia since Lyndon B.

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His mom and sister had both died from this disease. He however has survived and to this day is healthy. He is 26 years old now. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileCBC Radio’s World Report crew, from left to right, field producer Sean Brocklehurst, senior producer David Michael Lamb and host Peter Armstrong. (CBC)Fans of the “beautiful game” are descending on South Africa to witness history: the first time the soccer mad continent plays host to the World Cup. And CBC, one of the official sponsors of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, will be there throughout the month long tournament, covering stories on and off the pitch.Host of World Report, Peter Armstrong and his crew have been out to one of South Africa’s oldest soccer development club’s where they played a game of pick up with a group of kids.

Yes, you welcome here if you come legally, stay legally, try to gain citizenship, assimilate to our culture, our values, respect our laws, our constitution, our history and that we know what the hell we doing (most of us, most of the time).We also ask, on an individual level and on a national level to be left alone.Yes, I am sorry there is a ban on certain countries, and honestly I wish that weren so, but I also respect that it is in the best interest of national security. I can wholeheartedly understand how downtrodden that could make someone from one of those countries that just wants to be somewhere they can be free.The bad rap the Beretta 92 gets is highly undeserved. While I would agree with 99 of the people here on Glock as well I would prefer a Beretta 92 any day of the week.

An SVP/C level executive at one of the biggest CPG brands in the world who is married, with his wife, is on site. He is rather uncomfortably open about the fact that “The only way marriage works is if I am able to fuck other woman.” And “I spend maybe 24 hours a month with her.” “I don even know why I am married to her.” and other horrible things. He says this.

No wonder there are shout outs to everyone from Sade to The xx and Neon Indian on the sleeve the atmosphere of sumptuous somnolence is interrupted by unexpected drum detonations, guitar bursts and keyboard spikes. This is less chillwave than illwave; Karaoke and The Resistance are like the loveliest muzak, only tortured and twisted by Autechre.And it never lets up. Credit to all concerned for maintaining it for a whole album, which, if you can buy into Drake rich boy blues, ranks with the year best.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

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If you a reader, I definitely suggest “Like a Mother” by Angela Garbes. It really isn an book like “From the Hips” (though that definitely my favorite book) or “What to Expect,” it more of an examination of pregnancy and motherhood mixed with a lot of research, but it been a big comfort read for me and has a lot of information that has been very helpful. So much of pregnancy advice is based on fear and moralizing, and this is just an examination of pregnancy that calls out that kind of stuff for what it is: fear and moralizing.

It would take a massive effort by all parties to remedy that situation. Cooperation between the Organization and the Union should be further reinforced to unify the international community, the nation State and its people.The representative of Germany said that the 102nd Inter Parliamentary Conference held two weeks ago in Berlin had shown the need and will for cooperation to promote important issues, including international humanitarian law, and the peaceful coexistence of ethnic and religious minorities. That could be considered an asset in the relationship between the IPU and the United Nations.

I applied for two jobs at the exact same time, one for a higher grade and one for a lower grade. My resume where reviewed by two different OPM branch offices. The one for the higher grade found me qualified, the one for the lower grade found me inelligble due to lack of experience.

They also requested that media members present in the locker room after the game check their cameras to see if they captured video that could help with the . Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said Wednesday that his department had found rape reports by Latinos were down by 42.8 percent from last year, according to the Houston Chronicle. Violent crimes reported by Latinos were also down, by 13 percent.

And you know we’d like to make an ABC news that we have a stellar brand of journalism so I think that can be promoted the other thing is I think. You have to again break down to people. The differences between the various forms of journalists recently if you take a New York Times or Washington Post there’s going to be.

“But it a good reminder for me, obviously, you know, people are always fascinated to see the pants. It a great visual aid. And especially when I talking to kids, he tells Morgan. First I tell them to knock it off. I make sure it clear that if they let their cheated knowledge play in where their character doesn know that same info, they have to leave the table for the sake of the rest of the group. I know as both a DM and a player if someone in the group knew every puzzle, every line of questioning to get the quickest answer, kill BBEG the fastest, I be bored out of my mind.

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Happen happening on Capitol Hill you know his his White House and and he is well site that he of their yesterday talk about. On the budget to talk about his tax plan and a show of unity. So the move over here in terms of those two senators. Ok, thanks! It amazing the different technology they have. I have some $20 cheap polarized glasses from Walgreens. My husband has some yellow polarized sunglasses he bought from Academy.

So I arranged to meet up with a girl I met on a night out. We went on a couple of dates but I didn know when to bring it up. After our second date she asked me to come inside after I walked her home and kissed her goodbye, but I refused. Also a fun fact, the level designers used to put in trees in batches with a tool and then “drop” them on the terrain until they collided with the level. I was trying to figure out when rendering the zone why the whole bounds for the zone were so massive (around 10x larger than the zone). Turns out that the level designers had a large number of trees that “missed” the geometry and fell down until they hit the minimum height.

It’ll be interesting to see how so many of these artists can follow up the acclaim of their debuts (The xx managed a placing of 11 for their ahem sophomore effort). There’s a lot of coverage of a lot of bands out there, and the concept of slowly developing over several years before being seized upon is long dead. But conversely artists are being forced to look further afield for influences and break more rules in order to get noticed and it fair to say that the potential shown in the 6 Music Top 15 could result in an increasingly multi faceted and interesting 2013..

Since I have very little knowledge of this subject as a whole I only write about what I know about the age related vision loss: the presbyopia which is the gradual loss of the ability of the eye to clearly see objects at different distances due to loss of elasticity in the lens of the eye. It typically occurs in middle and old age and is very common. And the focus will be about the small things a first time buyer of eyeglasses need to know and sums up what I wish I had known before I started to use eyeglasses for the first time..

I live in Meadowvale so you could understand my frustration, right?I feel like most people have trouble with toe side because they afraid of falling backwards and aren able to brace for impact. Perhaps you could invest in some pads if you afraid of falling so you more confident in going toe side. With that being said however, falling is part of the learning process.

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I love to talk about them. I love to see old ones. I love to talk about new ones. Elba’s response? “We have a man who has a flying hammer and wears horns on his head. When Kenneth Branagh tapped his fellow Brit to play Heimdall, some fans complained that a black man couldn’t play a Norse god. Elba’s response? “We have a man who has a flying hammer and wears horns on his head.

I recently counted all my assets, which desperately needed doing. Money saved as a kid, from when I sold stuff online in my early twenties, etc, and I have a lot more than I thought. A lot more than my brother who has a really good job but tons of bills and student debt.

Justice for Trayvon. We, in all of our colors, are his voice now. He should be with us today. He smiled now and said in a very deliberate, almost staccato voice: single worst moment of my life. Was the moment I was born. And, we had officially begun my sit down interview with Dr.

They are academically focused, but they also emphasize art, drama, and music. Two cool things about the preschool one class is social studies. It isn’t civics, the teacher teaches the kids how to be social, like being a good friend. Cammie, you bring up an excellent point I don think anyone has mentioned before. He absolutely could have stayed within the safe confines of his vehicle and drove around the complex to see where Trayvon was going if he was that concerned for his safety. If I thought I saw a character lurking around our neighborhood, the LAST thing I would do is follow him.

He put Bran into bed, covered him with blankets, and blew out the candle. For a time Robb sat beside him in the dark. Bran wanted to talk to him, but he did not know what to say. Keep in mind that you don get a lot out of this “hike” since most people you will be with will have absolutely no experience on the ice. I visited some glaciers in Patagonia and I really enjoyed the ice climbing on Viedma glacier. I don remember the price but it was something like $180 230.

That is next level retarded. We have the same technology to transport it to our military yet every time we hand out a single MRE it costs 8 10 dollars. But I guess I don even know why anyone would worry about this other than repuplican assholes using it to rile up their base and distract from actual issues and abuses.

After connecting, I usually run “qwinsta” or “query user” or query the registry. However, this is clunky and less than ideal. Thoughts?. It is Turkey and our desire to keep them as Allies which will prevent the formation of any Kurdistan in any part of Iraq. The Turks and Iran are both adamantly opposed to a Kurdish State as both have large Kurdish populations. It is this balancing act that we attempt to maintain primarily to prevent any one of these populations from allying itself with Russia and yes control of oil in the region.

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People are responsible for there own actions and choices. Those boy chose to assault and take advantage of Savannah, know matter how precarious or outright dangerous of a situation she put herself in. Also having court records sealed because of someone being a minor is one thing.

The best thing you can do is to stop using the rake. You using it wrong. You can learn how to use a rake correctly if there only one leaf on the ground. Anyway, through all of this, I never once saw an actual mouse, dead or alive. Not in the nearby grill or patio or in the house. They didn get into the attic.

Can you help me get a reasonable deal on a sail for my Hobie 18? It been sitting in my backyard for 8 years now. I bought it to spend time with the kids and realized afterwards that the guy who I bought it from had actually cobbled together a Hobie 18 and Hobie 16. I found a proper mast and boom and other stuff for the 18, but I missing a proper sail.

Such a personal choice. It really depends on your style, and what you carry. I found a Filson bag on sale, and am loving it. We did miss out somewhat on being people as kids and teenagers, but we knew that being successful is important. Sports and musical instruments were wastes of time to my parents. Friends were a waste of time to my parents (though they had friends as adults of course)..

AC, thank you for tackling this subject. As a public servant, I see mental disabilities daily. Until doctors, insurance companies, and society see mental illness as of the brain like diabetes is an of the pancreas nothing will change. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileApple CEO Steve jobs will be taking the floor any minute now at the Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference in San Francisco, and maybe it’s just us but it seems curious that there is no live video of this event. For people wondering what the influential Jobs will say and introduce, they will have to rely on the dozens of bloggers who will be blogging and twittering his every word to like minded readers.Which is good for the bloggers, but also kind of weird that news of a device designed to stream the internet and watch video with greater ease wouldn’t be available as anything other than a text feed.It makes us wonder how much Apple could get if they offered the speech for download on iTunes? Would Apple fanatics make it a best seller that day or would it be dismissed as a cash grab?Perhaps the danger of streaming the video live has to do with the current 2G iPhone: not only would it be potentially slow to watch, but the owners of said devices might also be overcome by the feeling that, once again, they were paying the price of being early adopters.UPDATE: One hour into Apple’s presentation, which so far has been an ongoing parade of interesting but hardly revolutionary new applications for the iPhone, the company’s stock has dropped by $5. It looks like investors may be getting worried that nothing of substance is going to come of the much ballyhooed event.UPDATE 2: We stand corrected: there is video of this thing.

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We need sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of military style assault weapons and high capacity ammunition feeding devices because governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.

The Good: This watch is SOLID GOLD BOI. 10k yellow gold so great for someone looking for a vintage gold watch and doesnt want filled/plated. The movement is running excellently although the service history is unknown. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileSoftware giant Microsoft has apologized after it was discovered that an ad on Microsoft’s Polish business unit had altered a photo of a group of three people sitting at a boardroom table, changing the race of one of the people from black to white.The ad featured two men, one Asian and one black, and one white woman seated at a conference table. In the Polish version of the ad, the black man’s head was replaced by a white man’s head, though the colour of his hands remained unchanged.”We are looking into the details of this situation,” Microsoft spokesperson Lou Gellos said in a statement Tuesday. “We apologize and are in the process of pulling down the image.”Bloggers have criticized the ad, with some arguing Poland’s ethnic homogeneity might have played a role in the change.

‘Justice for Tommy Robinson’ protests cancelled because of clash with England v Sweden quarter finalA planned ‘Justice for Tommy Robinson’ protest has been cancelled because it will clash with England’s quarter final match with Sweden. Leeds for Britain have announced that a scheduled protest in Leeds which would have been on the same date as the 7/7 London bombing anniversary will be scrapped. The march was due to go ahead in Leeds, outside of Leeds Crown Court at 2pm on Saturday, July 7..

I was stopped and frisked in NYC in the mid 2000s wearing skinny jeans, a college sweatshirt, and a lanyard ID three blocks from my campus for fitting a description. They were insulting, threatening, and dismissive. I am a middle class straight and narrow and there is absolutely nothing menacing about me.

Also, my husband has arguably seen me from my very best dressed to my worst dressed and the hundreds of outfits in between. One outfit doesn make a meaningful impact. But if someone sees me 3 times a year, and I looked like crap 2 of those times. More than a few guys were disappointed to find that the ad was placed by the local Humane Society and the beautiful blonde was actually a dog being adopted out.I guess some people fall for scams because they’re lonely.Posted: 2007/08/17 at 9:58 AMWhy are people dumping on this poor guy? For those of you who don’t know, the interior of Australia is a wide open expanse that is hardly populated except for some native tribes and farmers. There is little in the way of luxuries and amenities, and for a guy trying to find a mate that would be willing to move somewhere so remote, it isn’t easy. Perhaps the internet was the only way this guy could find someone, someone who did not mind the distance, the solitude and the isolation.

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The investigation, which is being led by the Houston police department Major Offenders division, has so far not turned up any leads on who swiped the jersey, Houston Police Executive Assistant Chief George Buenik said Tuesday. The Texas Rangers, the state top law enforcement officers, are assisting in the investigation along with the NFL security department. Brady jersey was taken from the New England Patriots locker room at Houston NRG Stadium after the team 34 28 victory over Atlanta in the Super Bo..

Several times we have said the so called bathroom bill in North Carolina is about whether transgender people should be able use the public bathrooms of their choice. This case, “choice” is a loaded word. Proponents of laws restricting bathroom access to the sex on someone birth certificate say transgender people want to which bathroom to use, which also implies that being transgender is a But transgender people say choice isn’t involved; that that this is about people using the bathrooms that match the genders they identify with.

Comment number 1. At 17:27 7th Aug 2009, Padi Raki wrote: What I find totally astonishing is that the gov’t is going to stick another 50B into the banking bottomless pit, where that money is physically coming from is beyond me, have we got hiddeen funds stashed away or is it yet more reckless lending by the Gov’t. Nobody on the public side of the banking fence will see a single penny of it AND at the end of the day, it WILL come out of our pay packets.

A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates. Continue reading this post. Absolutely. I have a Nikon d3100 that I had for years now, and people with much nicer/newer cameras than mine will ask me what camera I using to get a certain picture, assuming that it new or top of the line. Over the years I been adding to my set up by investing in lenses and other items (remote shutter, nd filters, speed light, reflector set, etc) rather than taking the plunge on a new body.

As well as the practices mentioned above, I always find the library pictures that accompany news items very silly. For example, when an item is about schools, we cut to a picture of a class of schoolchildren; when it is about the NHS, we see pictures of patients in a hospital. Why are these images required? Do the news editors believe we won’t understand the story unless there is an image to accompany it? Are they afraid that the audience will get bored if all they see is a newreader presenting the story.

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Whether you want to be fashionable or comfortable, it is all up to you be an informed passenger and try to minimize any accessories or embellishments in your hair or clothing that might set off an airport security scan. You can still express your personality and individuality without causing yourself or someone else a delay. Use color and clothing shape to distinguish yourself from other passengers in a good way..

Asians’ appreciation for President Obama echoes that of western Europeans half or more of the publics in nine of 11 Asian nations surveyed have confidence in Obama to do the right thing in world affairs. Such pro Obama sentiment is particularly strong in the Philippines (89 percent) and South Korea (84 percent). About half of Chinese, meanwhile, now approve of his conduct internationally, up 20 points in the last year.

When I used to guide kids we would have 2 instructors, one in front, and one in back with the first aid kit. When I was in back with the walkers, I be on my bike the entire time doing track stands and trying to get up obstacles that required way more momentum. It amazing how much this helps in your overall mountain biking game..

Our son would become very withdrawn and play his guitar, he would write a lot in his journal, he would sometimes lose his temper for no apparent reason. He has now been missing since Oct. 9 and we are scared that something terrible has happened or will happen to him.

I say experimenting and exposure are the most important aspects of this. Variety, trying on clothes, taking chances doing something bold, making mistakes and getting wrecked for it (kinda sucks but) it help you so much in the end. Also looking at websites/lookbooks and products, and seeing how they intended to be worn has made a huge difference for me.

Definitely follow up with a hairspray. I use the lightest version of L Elnett Satin Hairspray for everyday stuff, but would suggest a medium/strong hold for something like an evening out. Texture spray, whatever), because anything that adds more weight without hold is likely going to ruin the curls..

The fight that changed boxing foreverOn 13 November 1982, reigning WBA lightweight world champion, Ray ‘Boom Boom’ Mancini was due to defend his title against challenger, the South Korean Kim Deuk koo.In Mancini’s words it was going to be an “action fight” in front of a 15,000 strong crowd at Las Vegas’s fabled Caesar’s Palace venue. Millions more were tuning in at home on TV.It was a fight that Mancini went on to win but his opponent suffered fatal injuries that would cause great controversy and change the sport.Thirty one years on from that fateful night, Ray Mancini talks about the fight.Witness is a World Service radio programme of the stories of our times told by the people who were there. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

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Even his story has a really bizarre message behind it because the scholarly nice guy ends up with nothing. Not to mention Lyon kinda sucks balls in FEH. Give the guy a break.Either way, no one should be salty over this. Are available in different materials, colours and width. If you feel that you have a thick waistline, use belts that match the colour of your outfit. If your shoes and bags have different colours or do not match, make sure that the colour of the shoes are lighter than the colour of the handbag you are carrying.

I started the long trudge across the fields and had gone some distance before I paid any attention to the soft and muddy ground, which was dooming my city shoes. I didn’t stop. Near the center of the fields there were thin lakes of muddy water which I had to make my way around, my unrecognizable shoes making obscene noises as I lifted them out of the mire.

I grateful that there was coverage on this trial of Kermit gosnell, but I disappointed that it not primetime. This story should be out there. Whether you are pro life or pro choice, the public has a right to decide. And coming in at number eight just after the Nintendo Wii was the iPhone.Not bad for a product that isn’t here yet.Posted: 2007/10/11 at 10:06 PMActually, although the concept of Holt Renfrew carrying the iPhone was somewhat ridiculous, the idea of a $799 price would not have been unreasonable if Apple were to actually sell the iPhone unlocked since unlocked cell phones have traditionally carried a higher price due to the lack of any carrier subsidies (although AT doesn’t subsidize the iPhone directly, they do pay Apple a percentage of the iPhone service plans, which is an indirect subsidy).Of course, in light of the rumour that Apple isn’t even talking to French telecom providers due to the laws requiring an unlocked version be available, it’s unlikely that they’d actually consider such an approach.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates.

(full name: the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam). This rebel group fought a long and violent campaign for autonomy in the north and east of Sri Lanka. Most of Sri Lanka majority Sinhalese are Buddhist. He is vindictive and foolhardy in regard to his ability to govern. I didn vote in the last governors election because both candidates were for the lack of a better word incompetent. We aren sending our best is what im saying.