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I applaud Piers for taking Goldberg to task. Republicans just have to get over the fact that Bin Laden was killed on Obama watch. President Bush had 8 years to accomplish this and failed. It helps that he also a little controversial. There no doubt that Max will have a long, and very successful, career, but for all intents and purposes, Ricciardo will too. It clear that Max has a little edge in raw pace, but Ricciardo strengths shine more often on race day.

His manner changes when he talks about China and politics. He gathers himself physically, his eyes narrow, his stare becomes more intense. He speaks even more quietly. I don believe this level of craftsmanship could be busted out in less than a day unless they had significant help. I almost would have to think that this is a side job for this person (maybe not so now, as it is on the front page of reddit). Highly reccomended..

Too much time is taken analysing art, assessing the spaces we all move through on this great journey into tomorrow unknown, blah blah. Sometimes it great, sometimes not, but it always serious. Seriously serious. Am I turning into an old man in regards to porn? Every single video is incest. It seems like 90% of the hub is incest videos. Not that they are bad or anything, it fine, and I watch them, but mainly because every single video on most popular, highest rated, ect are incest..

As for the man up top and the proclaimed religiosity, there must be some underlying emotional issues that caused him to isolate from family in order to develop scientific ideas. Einstein thankfully had a smart wife and both were atheists. (Oh please don’t go citing the Einstein god schtick) it is taken out of context.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileAbout 83 per cent of Canadian households have a computer and one third have at least two computers. Such is life in the internet age. That’s what makes figures from a new study of children’s online safety habits by Microsoft Canada and Ipsos Reid so disturbing.According to the study, among children between the ages of 10 and 14:70 per cent think information they post online and e mail to friends is private37 per cent of girls and 22 per cent of boys have e mailed their photo to someone25 per cent would feel comfortable meeting in person someone they have only communicated with online17 per cent say they have used the internet in the middle of the night15 per cent visit sites their parents say are off limits11 per cent have been asked online by a stranger for personal information such as their name, address or phone number.Microsoft offers internet safety tips on its website and is sponsoring a series of safety advisory talks by the former head of the Toronto Police child porn unit Paul Gillespie.Microsoft often receives criticism for being a high tech evil empire but its social and community work is often overlooked.

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Catholics set to pass Anglicans as leading UK church that was the lead story in the Times on Thursday the story was based on a report from Cambridge University into the lives of Catholic immigrants, which also predicted that the number of regular Catholic churchgoers will soon overtake Anglicans on present trends. It was not a story or rather a prediction that got much coverage on the BBC. Why?.

If they only risked detention that be reasonable in some cases( and here comes the”but”), but in some schools they face automatic suspension or even expulsion. This can severally damage then academically and socially. There are real life effects to these reactionary punishments.

The consolation for Lineker was that his six goals brought him the Golden Boot and a lucrative move from Everton to Spain’s La Liga. “It changed my life dramatically,” he told me. “When I went to Mexico I was known a little bit in the UK, but I left known throughout the world as the top scorer in the World Cup, which is why I could go to Barcelona.

I noted that your coverage from Baghdad went down as soon as the ‘surge’ started. In your piece here you mention several incidents occurred in Baghdad which killed 15 people. This is very sad but it is a massive reduction in the level of violence compared to December06/Jan07 when thousands of people were being killed in the sectarian violence..

Age: 28. Employed making 120k yearly. My objectives are both strong short term and long term growth towards buying a house, retirement, etc. Comment number 8. At 09:38 20th Nov 2008, William Crawley (BBC) wrote: Let me explain the inverted commas in the title of this piece, since they’ve become slightly controversial in this thread. The inverted commas are used to signify a quotation from another document, in this case the BNP list (where some individuals have described themselves as ‘Christians’).

Deceitful politicians and the concomitant chicanery. If you were expecting altruism or any form of integrity from these individuals, you were far too naive. I usually empathetic towards people who are susceptible to manipulation, their desperate desire for change induced a malleability that these politicians had no compunction exploiting but and it a but with a large implication the Remain side tried to educate people on many of us were not educated to make such a decision.

That what music is supposed to do, is make you feel. That what music is supposed to do, and you can either love it or hate it. That everyone right to do so, because it art, he said, before referring back to his daughter provocative VMA outfit and dance routine.

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I thought about it pretty good Roscoe and I’m not alone I’d like to see the original fortress are critically nothing says a lot of so called art experts are taken in by the The great collectors of goes the greatest connoisseurs of Roth goes. Lot of them when they first saw them until they found that there were forgeries. The Times Square copycat also target of the works of Jackson Pollock whose technique of drips splashes of captivated the art world.

It’s a lot more difficult (sometimes near impossible) to clean up a spill after it cures, so clean up quickly! Keep your work area clean and uncluttered, with a lot of surface area to work on. Wash off resin that gets on your skin with soap and water. Dispose of spillage properly.

The time my spoon the officers again good and decent men and women. As one officer said the reality for me is what my I know my job is to protect and serve. But in the day my job is to makes remind men and women get home safe. She followed up its standout cuts, like New York and Werkin’ Girls, with a second mixtape of 2012, Classick. Its lead track, Cleaning Out My Closet, was a striking account of the sexual abuse she suffered growing up. Clearly unafraid to open up, Haze real name Raykeea Wilson is a talent with breathtaking potential..

I don want to cut corners because an indie game I want people to play my game and feel like they are having an adventure. Feel involved in the story and world. Listen to the soundtrack in their free time. “events highlight the dynamic between Best Buy and Future Shop, which continues to get more interesting as time goes by”????? Please!FutureShop and Best buy are nothing more and nothing less than the worst example artificial competiton right down to the weekly competing flyers! At least back in the day when Bell held us all ransom through monopoly, they didn’t try to create the illusion of selection! The incestuous relationship between these two electronic giants (oops, I mean ONE electronic giant) is replete with the potential for price fixing and sale collusion. Yet we go on pretending that we are being presented with a choice!Find a small local electronics/appliance retailer (if you can still find one) and give them your business.Ofcourse they probably won’t be teaming up with Sony to celebrate extreme violence.Posted: 2008/04/24 at 11:34 AMPeBo, this is a blog, not a news article.If you don’t like the game, don’t play it. It’s that simple.

Homosexual men who are in the fashion business,find super skinny models, whose bodies resemble young males very attractive. Heterosexual men don buy fashion magazines. Men go for the voluptuous, curvey, sexy models in Play Boy. Its not really even the getting off part for me or for him. Its just that he lied to me about it. Or when i ask for something (I dont ask often for like full on sex) it just seems he doesnt want to.

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It not really weird at all. It just one person out of hundreds he probably met in different countries. And you don talk about the times you don bump into someone you already met. He then fired at the target using only the front sights and ended up shooting the floor. I had to get another one of my friends to help him because he was stressing me out just too much. 10/10 would not do again, I don know how instructors manage being around people like this..

I have a moderately high risk tolerance due to age and income. I have a car paid off and no other assets. I live with my girlfriend, rent is inexpensive in my city. Regrets at all, especially since it clear that the thing would have ended up the same way anyway, recalls the 76 year old. Press did extensive research into what would have happened, if what Al Gore wanted done, had been done, county by county, and he would have lost anyway. The clip, and listen to the interview, then tune in this evening as the man described as intellectual anchor of the Court conservative wing is joined by Professor Bryan A.

When I was working federal security, a Col’s son came driving up to the ACP one night when there were 3 of us security officers and an MP on the post. He seemed drunk, like surprised he was walking, incoherent but mostly compliant. Get him out of the car and get another MP inbound.

“The earth,” he adds, “is slightly elastic.” Duncan is a geophysicist at the Cecil H. And Ida M. Green Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics (IGPP) at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego.. Just own it. You advocate a child getting a beating every now and then when the parents can think of anything else. You fine with the fact that these beatings occur every day in America under circumstances you support.

Hateful, racist, fear mongering people fail to realize this. I am thankful for people like Piers Morgan. Except he actually went further than that. As it happens, that’s not quite the case. Though as a rule of thumb, it’s not a bad one; the 1981 Contempt of Court act makes it an offence to “seek or disclose information about statements made, opinions expressed, arguments advanced, or votes cast by members of a jury in the course of its deliberations”. And a 1994 House of Lords ruling made it clear that the intention of the act was to keep “the secrets of the jury room inviolate”.

The reality of writing about any subject which engenders passions and technology is definitely one of those is that no matter what one writes about, there is always someone who believes we should have written about something else, or written it differently. But this issue is not about Apple; it is about the editorial process itself. Every day, my colleagues and I on the technology section spend time questioning ourselves about the legitimacy of any story..

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My MOH asked if we could do one because she wanted to and her husband wouldnt allow it at her wedding. I felt bad and we did one. I wanted a very laid back drink and dance on your own accord style reception. Know that what the main goal is, the big goal is, is to transform the quality of life for people, said Kutcher. Moore added: in doing so it does that for us. Asked if Kutcher is romantic and Moore said ye: have post it notes placed in various locations all with messages of encouragement or love or just thought.

Is this oldschool now? . Stay strong leanFIRE. Don go down like them. Not only this, but the government needs to crack down on “eco friendly” products that aren For example, if you go to any pet store you find a dozen different brands of dog poop bags that are labeled as “eco friendly” and biodegradable. But they not. They still made of plastic, albeit with a chemical to help them break down in the presence of oxygen and/or sunlight.

As a DJ and programme director, I dealt with “CanCon” daily. Some radio formats were easy to find good CanCon for, while others were much harder. Selected by the PD and music director as fitting the format, then it was guaranteed lots of airplay. It had many members of the audience laughing so hard they were gasping for breath.The rest of the presentation? Not so much.We saw Microsoft’s now famous tabletop computer and were shown how our mobile devices would soon understand our context and location whenever we hop online to search for information.Gates elaborated on “simpler ways to interface,” including touch, voice, and visual recognition.He announced that Microsoft’s operating system Windows Vista had reached the 100 million users milestone, and that 420 million people now use Windows Live services such as Photo Gallery and Messenger.We were told about Microsoft’s online television offering called Silverlight, how Samsung and Hewlett Packard are about to bring to market new Windows Media Center Extender technologies, and shown minor innovations made to the existing Ford SYNC voice activated automobile software. And the Xbox 360 was hailed as the reigning champion of the console gaming scene (based on Microsoft’s claim that it raked in more money in software sales than Wii and PlayStation 3 games combined during the holiday shopping frenzy).In other words, it was all old news.Or at least most of it was. To see a release of the Zune Microsoft’s portable media player and online music service designed to compete with Apple’s ubiquitous iPod players and that it would likely arrive sometime this spring.

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Initial subscribers can buy the two pieces together for $400 US. A $10 monthly fee will be charged for the service.The XStreamHD setup also supports VoIP calls and a PBX phone system. Calls between subscribers would be free.An announcement will be made regarding American partners in the spring, with Canadian ones expected in the summer or fall.The media server device will have 3 turners.

When you in the ring or on the mat there is that subconscious thought implanted by sparring and training, and that is that there is someone around who will look after you and your opponent a ref, a coach, teammates. There is no such thing on the street. Most of us bust our chests and give you crap for the way you handled your situation, but none of us can tell for sure how we would reacted..

And if you act like a child, I respond in kind and will treat you like one. OP was acting like a disgruntled 15 year old kid angry at his parents, the world, his priest, etc so I was trying to give him motivation to improve himself. If he gonna troll, he needs to do it right.

By Oklahoma law, V would have never been allowed to leave the state had the paperwork been accurately completed. Mom admitted knowing that could derail the adoption plan. The adoptive parents How about protect natural parents, especially fathers who have little to no rights to their children, and protecting children from the numerous deceptive adoption practices; from the so called errors that are far too COMMON but have life altering effects on all 3 sides of the adoption triad.

There are many people in evry race that don vote, work etc. There are many false lies told in regards to all races. There are many people that are still not accounted for in each and every race census wise. 2) Jeans/trousers. I have an H pair of plain black jeans, and pairs from Next in blue, grey and “worn” black. Looking at getting some Levis as a step up should I look at any other brands? Also when looking at colours, people recommend indigo which I’m not sure I am a fan of. Stuck between plain black or worn black. Is plain black considered smarter, and is there really any difference between cheaper jeans than Levis (as Levis are 80+ in the UK) if I’m not going for worn/distressed? Really looking for jeans to cover all bases, and not sure I’m settled on what looks best blue wise, as my blue pair are getting pretty light by now but I prefer darker kinds. Just maybe not indigo.

It annoying because all the low rank killer mains are saying SC is broken when it IS balanced and their main argument is “it overused!” I agree about Nurses, BBQ and Ruin are the most ran perks I see on killers when they have MANY good perks to choose from, where as survivor there a small handful you can run together, especially with the exhaustion. Self Care is useful and that why it ran, OP? no. You can heal yourself in the middle of a chase unless the killer is awful.

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What could seeing his application prove about him attending those schools? he asked how Obama was apart of the Harvard Law Review. Uhhh no it was not affirmative action. That is an elected position. I could see some good satirical moments as an executive for Target or some place gets it in his head that this is a great idea, then tries to make it work. I’m picturing some PSA looking advertisements where they’re trying to sell their customers on zombie labor. I could see gas stations using zombie cashiers in dangerous neighborhoods since they can’t be shot and killed.

Based in Arlington, Va., AWRAC was created in 2002 to monitor official websites. Its mission was expanded in August 2005 by order of the Army Chief of Staff to include unofficial sites written by servicemembers. Department of Defense and the army did not respond to its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests..

However, there is nothing wrong with our creativity, quirky sense of humour and technical ability. British films at their best when we play to our strengths remain amongst the best. Moreover, not all of us want our entertainment and culture to be US based.

I in the process of looking for a new job (currently employed so hard to apply at work). I have a masters. For fun, I have my mother applying to a few places for me while she off work (she a principal; summers off). Pleasantly surprised this morning. I was at Newark airport on a business trip, and went up to one of those iPad kiosk things to order breakfast. Since I have a travel allowance I loaded up and got $60 worth of food.

Mr Malik insists he did not breach the ministerial code and he was “pleased” to have the chance to clear his name.Prime Minister Gordon Brown has asked Sir Philip, his official adviser on ministerial interests, to investigate the claims as quickly as possible and his report could come within days.Mr Brown’s spokesman stressed the expectation would be that Mr Malik would return to office if he was cleared and said no replacement was being appointed in the meantime.The Daily Telegraph alleges he claimed the maximum amount allowable over three years on his second home in London but obtained a discounted rent of a week on his main family home in his Dewsbury constituency, which he paid out of his own pocket.Mr Malik has described the claim about his rent as a “fabrication”.But Mr Brown’s spokesman said it had to be investigated because, if true, it would represent a “potential financial benefit” that had not been part of Mr Malik’s ministerial declaration and “this could represent a breach of the ministerial code”.It comes amid a rising tide of public anger at MPs from all parties, with former police chief Ray Mallon, now independent mayor of Middlesbrough, making a formal complaint to the Metropolitan Police and the Daily Mail launching a campaign to mount private prosecutions for fraud.The scandal claimed its first victims on Thursday, with Labour former minister Elliot Morley being suspended pending an investigation into his expenses and Tory Parliamentary aide Andrew McKay quitting his post.Writing on his Twitter page, Mr Morley said: “Dreadful day. Can’t wait to put my side of the story.Conservative MP David Davies said he believed many MPs are considering quitting even if they have done nothing wrong as they feared they would be seen as “a thief on the make”.”This whole thing has completely undermined the reputation generally of every single MP,” the Monmouth MP told BBC Radio Wales.”A lot of people are saying ‘What’s it all about, should we get out, have I had enough?'”And I think a lot of them will find the public will be helpful in pushing them in that direction anyway.”Less than an hour before he announced he was stepping down, Mr Malik went on the offensive to claim endless media stories about expenses were in danger of “decimating” democracy.’Angry and horrified’Speaking from his Dewsbury constituency, he insisted he was “as straight as they come”, and said he had asked the fees office for guidance before submitting claims and had stuck to the rules.He said: “I have absolutely nothing to apologise for. I have done nothing wrong.”I have not been at the periphery of the rules.

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileAll throughout September, Here and Now food columnist Sarah Elton has visited shiny new supermarkets in the suburbs and has talked about why we are drawn there to do our grocery shopping. We’ve also heard about how these new supermarkets are challenging the big old Canadian supermarket brands. For the last installment, Sarah has ventured into one final supermarket one that the some believe might be just the kind of place most of us will be shopping in someday soon.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileSadly, 17 per cent of 1,439 respondents said they “never really stop working” and nearly one in four one check e mail and phone messages while purportedly relaxing.Another 17 per cent are on a long leash they’re available for emergencies. Only 43 per cent don’t work at all.The many Canadians who take a “nocation” are missing the point, said Monster Canada GM Peter Gilfillan. Real relaxation requires a real break, he said.Of course, there is a gaping hole in the crazy busy story: another Monster poll shows that one quarter of people completely organize their vacation at work, from research to booking, and another quarter do some vacation planning on the job.Besides, it Canadians are so busy, where did we get the time to answer an e poll?Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

But the Beatles were a long time ago and does the audience care? It may not be the best Radio 1 story ever but the fur trade, fashion, music, money and love splits go a long way to whetting the audience’s appetite and while we’re on about the money, at least Heather will be making some more of her own when her new book comes out next week. It’s all about the key to a balanced and stress free life. I think I’ll get a copy..

Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device. (Toronto Sun)The Toronto Transit Commission is coming under fire after the emergence of a picture. Continue reading this post.

Cheap sunglasses are just darker. They do nothing to clarify or allow you to see just as well as the naked eye. If you are prone to losing sunglasses, take better care of your stuff. You also don want every weapon to be able to do everything, or you remove the individuality of your weapon classes and take away their personality. Your cell slots limiting usage of certain cells is good and helps this a lot. Seems solid..

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Not being upfront about it with your insurer is like selling someone a slice of pie for $5 and then showing up with a whole pie and asking for $20 it way more than they agreed to cover. Unlike some people, your insurance company won just suck it up and pay the bill, they tell you tough luck. Since you misrepresented what we were on the hook for, we not paying for any of it..

Spotting flair and encouraging it. Spotting bad habits and discouraging them. Knowing whose case you need to be on, who you can cut a bit of slack. I hope I dont have to rite to much of these progris riports because it takes along time and I get to sleep very late and Im tired at werk in the morning. Gimpy hollered at me because I droppd a tray full of rolles I was carrying over to the oven. They got derty and he had to wipe them off before he put them in to bake.

R2D2 and a group of stormtroopers waiting in Houston will then escort the prop to a waiting line of Hummers to whisk it to NASA’s Johnson Space Center.And this is all months before the lightsaber even leaves orbit.Compare this to the story of Canadian actor James Doohan, who had his ashes launched into space, and then briefly misplaced, during a private launch. Perhaps Doohan, who played Scotty in the rival science fiction franchise Star Trek, could have invested in some extra Klingon security guards to see to his safe passage.Posted: 2007/08/30 at 2:52 AMAs a once avid fan of Star Wars who now severely despises Lucas for over commercializing the subject, I think the only thing that will be generated by the lightsaber stunt is an all out fanboy/fangirl auction war for the right to own said lightsaber. You want to really catch the imagination of today’s youngsters with a NASA commercial ploy? Decorate one of the shuttles with a Pokemon motif like they did with that 747, rename it Pikachu and launch that sucker.

I would suggest you call the most recent person who interviewed you (hopefully not an HR person but a dean or VP/President) and ask if this is just a technicality/formality or if there is any chance or reason the board may veto this. I did that, and the dean reassured me that this was a formality, that the board had never voted against approving someone the search committee recommended, and that things would be fine she just wasn allowed to officially make the offer without the approval. With that information and reassurance, I felt a lot better (I did wait to say no to the other place I was interviewing until I had this offer in writing, though).

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I lukewarm on this. Procreation is indeed important to continuously drive a society. However, no one is forced to have children. I will be posting the update here instead since I am still receiving PMs to update what happened. I am not allowed to post in relationships (mods told me I am not allowed to post an update thread there) so I got the advice from someone to post the update here instead. This is the post I posted about 2 hours ago on relationship.

Not very much trusts in quote the media. So now people are going to select places to get your news and as a whole question about what is true that one is not true and what we’re. I think in a very critical moment where the American public and we are going to have to help them discern between what’s legitimate.

He looks into one of the biggest health crises facing young people: depression. The number of children in Britain being treated with drugs for depression almost doubled from 2005 2015. Chris wants to know why so many children are being given these meds and whether they actually work.

Well run companies run backups, some keep them a really long time. If you don want it known, don put it in writing. You probably shouldn say it aloud either. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe consensus seems to be that there’s nothing wrong with it (except if you have a Palm OS based smartphone or run one of a handful of programs Snow Leopard doesn’t like), but its improvements are subtle. Other than support for Microsoft Exchange, allowing you to sync mail, appointments and address books, there aren’t any new features to speak of.Then again, it is only $35. We’re not as bad off as the Europeans, though, who’ll pay 29 euros, or about $45 Cdn.)Snow Leopard is also a leaner operating system, freeing up up to seven gigabytes of hard drive space and running faster than Leopard on the same hardware.

I went and test rode the Harley Road and Street Glides and felt like I was forced into a weird slouch it wasn entirely comfortable. I don want a radio either. I have to really modify some things on the bike to make it comfortable like the seat and handlebars, and probably the windshield as well..

So I read the accompanying news article that the site listed as it source and it was a man in his 70 shooting his wife. However there was mention of his granddaughter in the story and the site (whatever its methadology) picked up on that and decided it was a shooting of a child. Then people put those numbers out as factual and we have people believing that nonsense..