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Whats funny is both aliexpress and AOOKO had this flaw on the right arms. But the left arms sit flush and look fine. Coincidence?. Don get me wrong though, I wish everybody who still watches the MCU much fun and enjoyment in the movies still coming! I am not that kind of person, who doesn like something and then hates and rants about people who do. Just wanted to say that there are actually people like me who got tired and are not riding the train anymore. Personally I wish they had done a few less movies until they get to Infinitiy War..

Comment number 2. At 19:09 2nd Dec 2010, Patrick Friar wrote: The bonnie brouket Bairns great show. It was grate to hear the language that my grandfather useed all his days and my parents and teachers tryed to discourage. This would make the cargo wagon able to carry 40k fluid per wagon, which I would find acceptable for the amount of extra effort you have to do.The weight of the fluid wagon I find ridiculous, 3x weight of cargo wagon is pretty stupid if locomotive is x2 and artillery wagon which is trying to be heavy is just x4. I think setting the weight to be the same as a cargo wagon is appropriate, and consistent.remove ability to split into 3, same functionality as 3 wagons, does not require really messy GUI, and if you want more fluids you have to pay with more trains, longer trains, or effort in barrelingfluid wagon capacity 75k > 25k to work literally like a storage tank on railsfluid wagon weight 3000 > 1000 to be consistent with cargo wagonreduce barrel capacity 250 > 100 so that the difference to cargo wagons, belts and bots fluid capacities is less drastic . MAYBE even 250 >50, but increasing the maximum stack size to 20.I don want to assume bad things but I feel like many people are upset because a number is being nerfed, but making the game better and more fun doesn always mean just increasing numbers..

First mistake: an effort for those in the intelligence community to be able to share information with one another, there was an enormous amount of information concentrated in one place. It creates too much information in one place. Then comes the Former top cop Mr. Bratton, with claims that he cannot recall him Really, you think people are stupid sir? That is a hint how you were a part of the very problem Christopher tried to address. Oh! no he did not deserve to be heard, he is unstable, drenched, Crazy, a domestic terrorist etc, etc, really?.

I mostly amazed that they are able to get people to hypebeast over pretty generic chinos/shirts. Every review I ever read from them say they are upper mallbrand quality but at lower mallbrand price. The fit even seems to be different every year. He steered that positivity well, and it went viral. The incredible payoff his campaign enjoyed last night has more to do with disciplined messaging, consistency of tone, and great design than it does with space age toys.In rebuilding their party, Republicans may be tempted to blow obscene wads of money on new gear, new sites, and new Silicon Valley hires. But you can’t buy a network like Obama’s.

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The film also explores the identity and motives of the suicide bomber. Featuring interviews with counterterrorism police and Manchester residents, the film sheds light on what may have led Salman Abedi, a 22 year old Manchester boy of Libyan parentage, to target a group of children attending a concert celebrating the independence and empowerment of young women. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

If it was just crawling across the top of it it probably nothing to worry about, particularly if it was a powder product and you had it sitting open on your vanity/counter before you noticed it. If the product itself doesn show any signs of having gone “off” (new/different smell, color change, texture change, etc) it most likely was a one time thing. I found an ant or two where I leave my shoes by my door before, but that doesn mean I have ants living inside my shoes or apartment.

Tinsley and Bethenny are going at it about the coffin/dress. Bethenny, while putting her hands in the air goes something like, “who cares if you try on a wedding dress (to Tins), if you have a crest on your shoe (gestures to Sonja).” In a blink of an eye, Bethenny goes from having to defend her coffin comment to punting the table conversation to another argument between two women where she knows one will look like an ass. Bethenny Frankle is that producing bitch!.

For the reporting! Please apprise [insert name of NPR staffer here] of the difference between lay and lie. It should be everybody is lying low not low. For the reporting! Please apprise Mr. A good player will time it in chat. A great player will just memorize the times. If you write the times down in chat, you be standing still and away from the action and the enemy bot lane will probably initiate when they realize your attention is drawn away from something..

It hasn been for decades. Network admins can usually see any e mail. Never mind the keyboard loggers used to keep employees on the straight and narrow. Government finance experts were aghast. Continue reading this postKira Vermond: Humour on the jobHey, have you heard the one about the employee with a great sense of humour? Maybe he’s on to something. Numerous surveys and studies tell us a good sense of humour is an asset on the job.

The first British Colonists introduced the actual slavery trade to America in 1670 despite Spain bringing them here sooner. Slavery wasn really ended in Great Britain until 1838. America followed suit about 30 years later. It is sad that this is the way you choose to present the news. The explanation you are giving above is not convincing in any way. It seems as the BBC is always happy to show any collatarel damage done by Israel in front of the news.

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We spent many hours discussing the situation at home. I was so proud when my mother joined the mother committee to re open the schools (the high schools were closed for a year). I knew that this did not make us very popular in the neighborhood, but it was the right thing to do..

I had the experience this week on Newswatch. And it was both scary and salutary. I was invited on to talk about the CoJo’s plans to help BBC journalists with basic English. The adoptive parents have the rights right now, but how is this little girl going to view them when she old enough to start asking questions about her biological parents? She going to be able to find all of this information about how much her father fought to keep her and how hard they fought to take her from them. I guessing that he gave up his parental rights because he had no way to care for her, but looking at the rank on his uniform, he hasn been in the military very long. Judging by the girl age, he probably sought financial stability from the military.

5 points submitted 1 year agoLeases generally make you “joint and severally liable”, meaning that there is no “his rent” or “your rent” there just the rent, and you all figure out how to divide it.When you agreed to let him out, you agreed to assume the full rent. That how the lease works. If you don pay the full rent they evict all of you.

Mr. Abbas warned the ‘s annual debate that past decades’ experience had shown that the policy of delaying settlement to regional conflicts the policy of trying to merely contain rather than resolve tensions and mistrust further complicated the situation, which risked escalation into regional war.He called on the international community to promote understanding, saying that attempts to manufacture a clash among religions and cultures were dangerous. That was what made the United Nations led “dialogue of cultures, religions and civilizations” necessary.

Emergency press conferences are held in response to a crisis or disaster. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the mayor of New Orleans, the governor of Louisiana and the president all held multiple press conferences to keep the country abreast of events that occurred, as well as the steps being taken to resolve the situation. Emergency press conferences serve a dual role as both public service and public relations, since those responsible for the crisis can use the press conference to regain public trust..

In regards to the Competition Bureau, our Bureau consciously ignores all anti competitive behaviour from Bell. When Bell started throttling its retail customers, they lost a large number of subscribers to DSL wholesalers. Bell then unilaterally and magically decided that their network was congested because of wholesaler traffic and started throttling their wholesalers.

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My Profile The Nain Transition House says a lack of safe shelter in the community is putting some of its clients in jeopardy. Heather Angnatok is the Chairperson of the Nain Transition House. Let me tell you about my visit to the Waterford Hospital Friday afternoon and a visit with Psychiatrist Dr.

Walk off of Kensington Avenue and on each corner you will find entrepreneurs selling various imported products of only the finest qualit. If you let them know you a newcomer, they might even cut you a deal!After you done this, get back on Kensington Avenue there plenty more to see and do! Get that check cashed, grab some Chinese food (local tip: it not good unless there bulletproof glass), get a $6 haircut, or check out the Free Library of Philadelphia McPherson Square Branch. When you ready to leave, you can hop back on the “Elle” westbound, but believe me, you won want to!The old way: electronic monitoring of adults, they were allowed to live in us till trial, kids could attend school, minimal tax payer money spent.

The two have going now (thyme and rosemary) are doing. Okay. I hoping this method will help. 1 point submitted 1 month agoI feel like it has good areas for both there a lot of tunnels inside, and a rather large outdoor area as well with the central area for longer sight lines. Sometimes people will all be in tunnels, sometimes grouped up outside, just seems kinda random to me.I still almost always in the top 4, so on first impressions I think JR does well enough on the map, but I admit it still relatively new. Even when I winning, though, I get a lot of inactivity warnings.

So tread carefully. Conduct yourself online just as you would in any other public circumstances as an NPR journalist. Treat those you encounter online with fairness, honesty and respect, just as you would offline. They picked the fattiest, one they could find, who isn smart enough to know she being degraded. I wish her mind was a beautiful as her face to know the people in Mississippi who appointed you are not interested in her real beauty. They are only interested in the attention they get for appointing a fat black woman as the first homecoming queen.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThere’s going to be an interesting battle of robots in the next year or so, and we’re not talking about the Transformers. A number of manufacturers are going to be pushing more robots further into the home and will be fighting for consumer dollars, which means their products are going to get better and cheaper.La Jolla, Calif. Based WowWee, maker of the successful Robosapien toy, is releasing a robot called Rovio for the Christmas season.

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Because once you have a matrix of size 100 million by 100 million or higher, doing Gaussian elimination or finding eigenvalues, eigenvectors, eigenspaces, or something else is pointless and computationally inefficient. You run out of processing power before you complete your task! Thus, mathematics has developed ways of generalizing ideas for extremely large matrices through proofs. Sometimes, special structures in matrices can be exploited, thus, drastically reducing the computations required.

If he’s brazing a joint with a narrow clearance, he may choose a filler with a small brazing range, which results in a “lively” flow of filler metal in the gap. If he’s brazing a joint with a wider clearance, he may choose a filler with a larger brazing range, which results in a “sluggish” flow that can adequately fill the gap. And, of course, he must be acutely aware of any hazards associated with the alloys used in the filler.

Etc. Peppered in with action other things to keep us on a roller coaster of emotion. It legitimately did not give me a chance to relax and enjoy it.. And the idea of “don blame illegals for your lack of employment” is ridiculous. Just attacking a working class person for not going to college or choosing a different career. Not everyone wants to work in an office or has the same opportunities to have a career like that.waterlung 1 point submitted 7 days agoHelp me feel less bad about sizing mistakes.

No qualified individual has ever been denied a drivers license or car ownership because of the process needed to own and drive. Give the second amendment a rest an overwhelming majority of the NRA membership favors stricter control over gun ownership. None of those folks see the oppressor taking away their rights as you apparently do.December 21, 2012 at 6:11 pm Not one shoot was fire in New York City , Ok City , question how many went up in smoke when that bomb went off , or those planes crashed in to those buildings ! It no the guns that is the problem it the owners , any taking of a life with a military weapon or the participation in take a life with those weapons should be a punishment of death , and if a person is found insane , they should be committed until found mentally Compton and then once that happens the should serve the rest of the life inn a prison and throw away the key !!!!!!!!!!December 26, 2012 at 1:07 pm If you live more than a femtosecond, on a cosmic scale, you have experienced oppression.

Oh absolutely certain lifestyles might restrict it feasibility. However I pose an anecdotal situation. Union worker who wakes up at 4 has two cups of coffee. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileBack when the internet was first taking off in the mid nineties, one of its first uses for male teen and university aged students, anyhow was the seeking out of pictures of their favourite female celebrities in, shall we say, a semi dressed state. A pretty hot trend at the time was the use of Photoshop to cut and paste a celebrity’s head, say Teri Hatcher (now on Desperate Housewives, at the time a hot commodity on Lois Clark) onto a significantly less clothed model, resulting in what was known as the “fake nude.” At the time, many of us wondered when technology would evolve to make the fake nude possible in videos.Well, it’s not too far off. Never mind advanced computer graphics, there are at least two examples on the web right now that use simpler video editing technology to acheive some pretty mind blowing and seemingly very real results.

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SomaliaUnder Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator John Holmes today expressed alarm at the growing number of civilian casualties in Somalia and the increasing targeting of humanitarian workers. “All parties to this conflict have an obligation under international law to protect civilians and to refrain from indiscriminate attacks,” Holmes said.He noted that far too many of those killed are women, children and aid workers, who have no part in the conflict. Bomb and mortar attacks in Mogadishu have claimed the lives of dozens of civilians in just the past week, including 20 women who were participating in a food for work supported street cleaning programme.At least 70,000 civilians have been displaced by fighting in Belet Weyne.

It is a sad situation, sorry for the poor child that took her own life. Sorry for the mother and family. Bully is something that we always should be aware. I never said it was a fantastic game or that it was even good. Im not going to bat for Ubisoft and I think this game does have its fair share of bugs. But if someone is going to specifically compare to other AAA games at least recognize that AAA games, especially by Ubisoft have been absolutely bug ridden and many even unplayable on release..

That mess of spray foam insulation by the stack may have been a misguided attempt at sealing the leak, causing the water to find a different path out. Have someone inspect the stack vent flashing on the roof. Secondly based upon how bad that area looks I suspect you have rot and probably insect damage to the sill plate in that area.

Wrote papers and offered advice. Confronts China and Russia about human rights, but I don know why they can tell the Saudis to clean up their act on this issue, he said. Is not a small country like Panama with no tools to force change. It like he struggles to find a good balance without someone to reign him in. It either over the top like the Globes, or way too mawkish. Derek was so blatantly sentimental I found it hard to enjoy.

You are letting a bad situation just get worse. You need the help of your family and the help of a professional therapist to guide you through this. We really can do much to help you in this sub except give you emotional support. Wreckage on seafloor? Yesterday, the first wreckage scraps and a few bodies turned up; today,. It not confirmed, but one official says he thinks sonar spotted debris on the floor of the Java Sea. Rescuers also found at least one more body.

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I wish to thank Speaker Berri for according me this privilege.This building and its magnificently restored surroundings are a fitting symbol of the indomitable spirit and resilience of the Lebanese people.I thank you for this honour to speak to you here today.I come here at a most difficult time for the region and the world. I have visited several countries to help find solutions to the tragic crisis in Gaza.The goal of my mission is to step up the pace of our joint diplomatic efforts to achieve an immediate ceasefire, to urge implementation of Security Council resolution 1860, and to ensure that urgent humanitarian assistance be provided, without restriction, to those in desperate need.The level of violence in Gaza is unprecedented in recent decades.The Israeli aerial and land offensives against Hamas targets are inflicting heavy civilian casualties, widespread destruction and tremendous suffering for the entire population.More than a thousand Gazans have died in less than three weeks. More than 5,000 have been wounded.

The thing about Samantha is she had a lot of help her first day of existence. A stylist, Sofia Fitzpatrick, dressed her. A make up artist, Stephanie Tetu, did her face and hair. It’s that imperative of eyewitness reporting that goes to the heart of what we do. It’s why we maintain a network of more than 40 bureaux around the world. So in addition to Alan in Gaza, as the crisis over Cpl Gilad Shalit deepens, we now have reporters with the Israeli military, in Jerusalem, in Ramallah and in Syria where the Hamas military leadership is based..

It did cross my mind that he pretty young for this kind of declaration but I felt I rather just be supportive of how he feels now and if it turns out that it was for attention or any other reason, he still knows that I love him and support him. I not going to treat him any differently as far as day to day, he still the same kid but knowing the bullying and suicide statistics, I want him to know that he loved and supported no matter what the case may be. If it turns out he is straight or bi or whatever, that fine too.

The completely adjustable, stylishly designed two piece magnification system features a 19.5″ (L) X 15″ (W) 360 degree rotating base that sits underneath any 13″, 15″ or 17″ PC monitor, an adjustable swivel arm that extends over the top of the monitor and an adjustable 6″ X 8″ acrylic optical lens that weighs only 25 ounces. The PC Magni Viewer may also be particularly helpful to aging “Baby Boomers” who now require bi focals to see and read at a closer distance.An Advance In Ergonomics Provides An Optical Solution To An”The Bausch Lomb PC Magni Viewer represents a major step forward in personal computer ergonomics,” James A. Goff, vice president and general manager of the Bausch Lomb Vision Accessories Group emphasized today.

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Jp20sd I think I get what you are saying, and if I am right about your implication, I totally agree. If Christians are doing foolish and evil things and then using the Jesus card as their license to act stupid, I agree that they deserve a sarcastic response, but please help me understand what you heard in this young ladies interview or blog that made you feel she deserved such a response. Scott, hope your bowel movements are regular, but I think that this began not by someone trying to prove the existance of God.

Well that and the fact that the rate you pay if you don have insurance is about 20x higher than the contracted rate. So this $10k bill would probably only be about $500 if this was in network. 1,541 points submitted 1 month agoIt wouldn make a big difference.

“Yesterday, as I received the Eucharist and heard the words, “The blood of Christ,” I was just blown away. I heard the words so many times but for some reason yesterday it just hit me. Who am I that I get to receive the blood of Christ? Wow. There is only one distinction between the real and a fake. The engraved Oakley logo is very defined on a pair of real Oakley frames, whereas the fake frames look as if it is stamped or printed instead of engraved. This is something that you must have a trained eye to spot..

It’s a 36, I feel like the shoulders might be a little too large, might try a 34 instead and see how that fits. Plan on wearing a black 3 piece suit, black tie, maybe a pocket square and tie clip to match date’s dress. I should also say that the shirt i’m wearing in this photo is a little too big so the sleeves are too long, also planning on wearing a white shirt instead of black.

Hear Latino voices saying. Has not delivered, says David Damore, a University of Las Vegas political scientist. But that disappointment is more likely to translate into a attitude as is the case with Monteolivo instead of voting GOP, even though Romney has tried to hit home with his message in Nevada..

Raising big questions about race justice where we are as a country right now how to move forward. That’s we’re gonna talk about today here on FaceBook want to begin by me getting the answers people across the country we asked them how race is affecting their personal interaction with police. And here.

Nothing that has been said by Obama camp about Romney is untrue. Romney cannot have it both ways. On paper with the SEC he was sole owner and CEO of Bain until 2002, even drawing a paycheck, but insists he had no involvement. But the BBC, through its pioneering media development charity BBC Media Action, is able to offer training to editors and journalists to teach them what independent journalism is. Even officials from the Ministry of Information, the former censors, asked if they could go on BBC journalism courses. Alongside the desire for training, the opening up of Burma to international broadcasters is naturally to be welcomed..

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One thing I learned when I was getting my F 4 is that the responses you get from the consulate workers won be consistent. If you fill out the forms and turn in all the required paperwork, one worker may tell you that you too young or you missing something and will need to apply for another type of Visa. But then if you go back the next day and talk to somebody else, they take the forms and you get your visa..

It doesn’t change the fact that we’re generally parasites, but at least we’re trying to be the toxoplasmosis over the tapeworm.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates.

Comment number 1. At 11:05 9th May 2011, b223dy wrote: Why is he so popular, you ask?? Well, he has (shows) no ‘british ego’. He just showcases his talent, and is deservedly respected for this, unlike most others who crossover, get an agent to market them for more than they are ever worth..

Tip:Create a file in Notepad of names, titles, accent marks and other verified facts that come up often in your reporting. ET:A conscientious editor correctly suggests it important to emphasize that Web versions of court documents, police reports, bios and other official records are not always error free. So, we repeat, “copy and paste” is helpful especially when it comes to accent marks.

They’re already used extensively in places like retail stores and libraries to track inventory and discourage shoplifting, but in recent years, as the capability to miniaturize them has expanded, their use has expanded to things like credit cards and passports. Toll Highway 407 outside Toronto uses RFID technology to identify and charge customers using the highway without need for cumbersome toll booths.There’s even been baby steps made toward RFID implantation into humans, which has been met with a predictable outcry over just how much Big Brother would be able to know about you the day we’re all walking around with microchips embedded under our skin.That Apple is aware of RFID’s potential is nothing new, but as Apple’s pitch for an RFID transponder embedded into next generation iPhones suggests, the move towards mobile devices becoming more of an extension of our lives, as opposed to mere implements of technology, is well underway.On the other side of the security spectrum, a hints that Apple sees potential in devices that can be uniquely tailored to work for individual users. A touchscreen that could distinguish fingerprints could theoretically be used to “lock” the device for use only by specific people, to use the most obvious example.But perhaps even more interestingly, the application opens the door to the possibility that in a certain mode, the device could be trained to identify the prints of individual fingers to perform certain tasks.

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In accordance with our mandate as the public broadcaster, CBC/Radio Canada allows you to access a variety of public interest content, for your information and entertainment. It also makes available a digital public space for sharing ideas, comments and creations, and for participating in the community through interactive activities. CBC/Radio Canada is responsible for the content of its own productions and those it commissions..

So I heard about all the Aegislash drama yesterday and I want to make a “short” (yeah not really short lol) post about it now to try and calm things down a bit until I get home from nationals and have a chance to make a longer post/upload this video someone suggested which I mention later. I not going to talk about my opinion on whether there anything wrong with a legitly bred dream ball Aegislash that doesn affect games at all because that just opinion and it won change anyone else opinion and that something I respect. Basically someone who I not going to mention because people might troll them over this and I don want that to happen, unknowingly bred a presumably hacked dream ball Aegislash and the ball passed down from one of the parents, so the completely legit baby Aegislash ended up having a dream ball too.

Secondly, they are not the 1975, they have a few licod that sound similar to them and their own weird gothy image. The only similarity I can see is that their vocalist isn the greatest and neither was Matty at the start. And I like her whiny voice! It funny, other people take music so seriously but she seems to just yodel away even if it out of key and I grown to love it..

Later in the program, New York Times Frank Bruni sat down with Morgan and gave his perspective on gun control. Feel like there a degree of heartbreak and there a level of outrage right now that is bigger than I ever seen, said Bruni. Were gonna see right now whether we willing to do something..

Submissions must be related to Calgary. Please ensure all submission topics are pertinent to the local area. That means anything inside of the Calgary Metropolitan Region. Getting the balance right is every editor or reporter’s dream: the more experience he or she has the deeper the editor is able to delve into memory lane. It is incisive reporting which gives the BBC the edge over other broadcasters. The search for the truth could be exciting rewarding experiences for the editor,the reader, listener or viewer..

Markham (3) on the “cute animal” story. As I explained before when you’ve objected to “cuddly animal” stories, the decision has nothing to do with ‘Quinn’ (though I know her as Carolyn). The editor decides what goes in the programme. Anyway the Aegislash is bred completely legitimately, as is every other pokemon I ever used in tournaments. There is no cheating going on whatsoever. I don read these pokemon forum sites like reddit, gamefaqs, 4chan, etc so I only hearing what they saying through others who do read those sites.