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Producers feared backlash if they cast then unknown English actress Vivien Leigh in the role of Scarlett O’Hara. To bring Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone With the Wind” character to life, Leigh would have to adapt a Southern accent and demeanor, and there was also the matter of her scandalous relationship with Laurence Olivier. To bring Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone With the Wind” character to life, Leigh would have to adapt a Southern accent and demeanor, and there was also the matter of her scandalous relationship with Laurence Olivier.

Mr Sarkozy is hated by the left as a reformer who many fear would change the French way of life by making the nation work harder and longer and by cutting back on its generous welfare state. This is nothing new. Perhaps the only suprise should be that the corruption is far more open than that in our own so called “civilised” countries.

You don murder your best friend just because you don want to be friends anymore. And I also agree that they should get the max for punishment. They did the crime and there is not a doubt about it so they should pay for the crime!. Don’t wear a mini skirt in Pakistan.Today we are talking about the cholera outbreak in Haiti. Sometimes it’s hard for people here to imagine what they can do to help. What would you say to people here about how they can do something about the situation in Haiti?We live in a materialistic, individualistic society.

His five years with the department, Karl has distinguished himself as a lawyer of unparalleled intellect and integrity,” Holder said in a statement. “His guidance has helped the department navigate some of the toughest legal challenges of this administration. I grateful that he has agreed to lead the Office of Legal Counsel and look forward to continuing to rely on his superb judgment as he assumes this new role.

In the PhotoBrown and PhotoGrey products made by Corning in the ’60s, the lenses were made of glass, and the molecules are distributed evenly throughout each entire lens. The problem with this method became apparent when it was applied to prescription glasses, in which different parts of the lens can vary in thickness. The thicker parts would appear darker than the thinner areas.

I had first met Sophie four years earlier, at the beginning of the summer after sixth grade. I was at the neighborhood pool, standing in the snack bar line with two damp dollar bills to buy a Coke, when I felt someone step up behind me. I turned my head, and there was this girl, a total stranger, standing there in a skimpy orange bikini and matching thick platform flip flops.

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Day 1 wash hair with medicated shampoo, detangle with conditioner, deep condition with deep conditioner and hot oil treatment (just apply hot oil to your scalp) for 30 minutes to an hour. I comb the product though my hair and scalp, which helps it a lot. Rinse out and style with leave in conditioner, styling cream, and gel..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileWe’ve been talking non stop about the economic downturn for the past few months, but for many people it hasn’t really sunk in yet. Sure, we’ve seen the numbers go down on our stocks and mutual funds, but we’ve also seen the prices fall at the gas pumps. So, for many, some long term pain is a trade off for a little short term gain.But now the chickens have come home to roost.

I recall learning in 3rd grade politics includes a heavy dose of compromise. Obviously that no longer applies. What a joke. His take: In the spirit of the bipartisanship that Americans long for in their foreign policy but typically don’t see, two presidents rate as most successful in foreign policy: Franklin D. Bush. With the destroyer for bases deal, the Lend Lease Act, and other actions, FDR secured critical support for Britain during its darkest hours and against intense isolationist head winds at home.

TIL that Nikola Tesla predicted the modern cell phone in 1926: “We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance. Suffice it to say that had the map you linked to been made about 700 years ago sub Saharan Africa would likely have been one of the highlights and England would be towards the bottom of that list. Intelligence is a complex combination of genetics and environment.

The monsters, so far, are the most gruesome and vile things I have ever seen in my life. Heres hope for a more developed main character (something the second one didn’t have at all.I agree with you Walter that 2 was one of the most unscary ones but doesn’t change the fact that there were some points where you had to jump out of your seat.On that note I say 3 and 4 are the scariest.3 When you are in the hospital and there’s a room with a big glass wall and blood leaks out of it and infests the room and you, which I beleive is on the 2nd floor4 When you’re in the hospital. Again.

There’s a larger story too: the pressure that regulators are, rightly or wrongly, putting on broadcasters to avoid offensive words and phrases in music and the greater public scrutiny that broadcasters are under. There’s a big debate going on about violence, lyrical content and sexism in hip hop lyrics and homophobia in reggae dancehall. Again, it’s for you to decide whether this scrutiny is right or wrong an infringement of artistic creativity or a justified defence of minority interests or perhaps just meddling by journalists? That’s a debate for another day but this debate is helping to shape the landscape of modern music broadcasting..

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“It just didn’t sink in at the time,” Zidane said recently. “At the final whistle I said to myself ‘Wow. World champion? When I saw the World Cup, I knew I had fulfilled my dream to hold it in my hands one day it was mine. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileWhen Google launched a beta version of its Patent Search, it looked like another fine way to kill time reading about monkey shaped camera bags and the like. But who has the time? Over at Engadget they’ve found someone: the blogger at Ironic Sans, who used the tool to track down a list of patents by celebrities.Eighties rock shredder Eddie Van Halen has a patent for a musical instrument support, designed to allow him to use both hands on the frets while he remains standing. And Michael Jackson and his team apparently patented a “method and means for creating anti gravity illusion”: a shoe design that allows him to lean his entire body without falling.There are some useful inventions mentioned as well, including actress Hedy Lamarr’s patent of a frequency hopping secret communication system that served as the basis for modern communication technologies like Wi Fi and cordless telephones.We’ve always been able to tolerate celebrities being richer, more famous and, with the exception of Iggy Pop, better looking than we are.

Had the self check out babysitter come over and try. Same thing. She manually entered the barcode. I know Carolyn, for example, has been playing for about as long as I have and she has a wonderful sense of humour. She may have a penchant for killing virtual ducks but thats no big deal. She works, pays her bills and contributes to society.

Rajini jumped back in as eyelids sagged under the weight of the citizenship lecture. “Yes, sorry to interrupt. I think the thing is, they know that’s the case, but they say if you want to be a credible prime minister, why not just go to the polls?”.

Hi xxcmw00xx! Thanks for posting to /r/aww. Unfortunately, your submission has been removed for the following reason(s):Your title must be “100% happy”. No mentioning death, injury, RIP posts, finding abandoned animals, sick/survived cancer, pets being put to sleep, “I miss.”, etc.

Around 1 pm I called a taxi and went to stay at a hotel around 100 km far from my city. I didnt leave any note or pictures at home, I just left. I am planning on leaving to stay with a really really close friend who lives in a town about 300 km away, but i just needed the alone time in the hotel for some time to think everything through and process whats happened..

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“Ruining the Laurier Rotisserie after so many years of service? I hope not.”But mixed reviews on foodie Web sites such as Chowhound, Urbanspoon andHomerun Web journalist Tanya Birkbeck asked co owner Danielle Lord a few questions:What did Ramsay eat when he came to the restaurant?He was in a big hurry, he had a plane to catch. But he tried a portion of fries, some chicken, some of the sauce. We showed him the cakes.

I also used to work for a smaller brewery where we did some bottling of bombers on a home made rig. Their sales were poor, probably mostly due to the bottle format, especially considering they were just regular beers and not high alcohol special releases, and the poor sales compounded when they sat on shelves and went stale. They now do most of their packaging in 12oz and 16oz cans.

You are hungry. Constantly. The more powerful you get, the more hungry you are. But such drama lies in the richly textured nuances that this album ultimately plays like a movie you never dream of breaking from, whatever the reason. Set fire to the theatre and The National will play on, those who paid attention earlier again foregoing comfort for captivating beauty, until the final flames flicker into stillness.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. If you choose to use this review on your site please link back to this page.1 Terrible Love 2 Sorrow 3 Anyone’s Ghost 4 Little Faith 5 Afraid of Everyone 6 Bloodbuzz Ohio 7 Lemonworld 8 Runaway 9 Conversation 16 10 England 11 Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language.Contributors Produced by Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner and Peter Katis Design/illustration by Mark Fox Programmed by Mads Christian Brauer Photography by Keith Klenowski.

You name it, she destroy it. She never paid rent on time, and turned on the waterworks about being a single mom every single month. Eventually the state board of health kicks us out. That’s where extreme eating disorders are born. Reporter: According to the “Ladies’ home journal” the idea weight for a a’5″ small frame woman is 114 to 123 pouchdzs. Based on that recommendation Frederickson is nearly ten pounds underweight.

Over the past decade, several women like Mariza, Ana Moura, and Misia have helped re invigorate the music and spearhead a new interest in the genre. More than 30 years back. “Eyes Of Love” was recorded in an infamous facility in Richmond, Virginia, by 9 inmates who called themselves “Edge of Daybreak”.

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Gates sits on the Microsoft board with James Cash Jr., who was a faculty member of the Harvard Business School alongside David Yoffie, who sits on Intel’s board. The CEO of Intel, Paul Otellini, sits on Google’s board. Google’s CEO sits on Apple’s board alongside you guessed it Steve Jobs.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileHaving solved checkers, University of Alberta computer programmers led by Jonathan Schaeffer are now taking top professional poker players Phil “The Unabomber” Laak and Ali Eslami at the First Man Machine Poker Championship in Vancouver this week.And so far the poker playing computer program Polaris is winning.The contest, run in conjunction with the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence conference running Monday and Tuesday, consists of four 500 hand duplicate matches. In each duplicate match, “the same series of cards will be dealt in two parallel Man versus Machine matches, with teammates playing the opposite hands in each game”, according to University of Alberta’s web page devoted to the contest.Polaris narrowly finished ahead in the first match which was ruled a draw before convincingly winning the second match. Vancouver time.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

Would say nervousness is not nearly the term what do you call it when you wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning with your eyes wide open thinking, I have the lines in scene 110 down the way I like them to be? When Laura comes out on the bed, am I supposed to come.? That’s where the nerves hit me about 5 o’clock in the morning. The clip, and listen to the interview, then tune in at 9 for Piers Morgan sit down interview with an actor considered to be the highest grossing box office star of all time. Follow Morgan Live on Twitter.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIn case you missed it, the site that gave this whole blogging thing legs added a bunch of features yesterday. Blogger had slipped behind more feature rich competitors over the years but software engineer Lexi Baugher reeled off some of the new functions in a post to Google’s blog. The internet search giant owns Blogger.The changes include the ability to:Add images, feeds and other elements to a blog without having to know HTMLMake your own template without needing to know anything about CSSUniverse hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

I probably would have made 6 10$ for this fare. I was having a rough week and the money would go a long way so I said fuck it. His destination was only about 20min away and we began talking because I was curious why he didn want the app running. On a Bell 212 piloted by Mike McNulty and Claude Marchand.First, we pass over the brown cliffs at the southeastern tip of Banks Island, horizontally striped walls of rock that plunge straight down into the ice of the gulf. The top of the cliffs and the rest of the island’s surface is covered in snow and smooth, worn rock that looks as though it has been sitting at the bottom of a rushing river for centuries.It’s hard to tell how high up we are until Julien motions for me to look out the window on the left side. Down below, I see what looks like a group of maybe 15 dark brown ants gathered together on the ice.”Muskox,” Julien yells at my ear protectors over the din of the helicopter’s rotors.Finally, we reach a flat part of the strait and the helicopter lands on the ice.

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Brown people dancing, the colors, the story. It was the first film I can remember seeing, and that was it. I was hooked.. One day after coming home from a really long shift in which several children insulted me for still having braces I log into LiveJournal and see several old friends posting that Jordan FARMER had been drafted to the Lakers. My Lakers. The worst part is that he now going by Jordan FarMAR.

In what might be among the loudest wildlife events on Earth, the spawning chorus of a marine fish called the Gulf corvina (Cynoscion othonopterus) is so loud it can deafen other marine animals, like the sea lions or dolphins who are attracted to the area to feed on them as they spawn. Corvina congregate in the Colorado River Delta off the northern tip of the Gulf of California each spring to mate in huge groups consisting of more than 1.5 million fish over a 17 mile (27 kilometer) area. And sure, that’s a lot of fish, but fish are typically not known for being particularly noisy.

Aww, man. I’m sorry that happened to you when you were asking for advice. This place can be a wretched hive of scum and villainy. They’ve got to install five 6.5 tonne nodes, or power transformers,more than 200 interactive sampling instruments and sensors, as well as video cameras. That will take up most of next summer.When it’s fired up, we’ll all learn more about earthquakes and tsunamis, sea life,gas hydrate deposits, and how a changing climate is altering the oceans.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

My mom was a church hopper (baptized 7 times in my life, I fucking set, bro!). Anyway, we went to a church like this for two years and everyone in the audience is totally into it. Although the one I went to was really strange. Racial profiling, racism and hatred for Blacks has got to stop in amerikkka or there will be blood shed like never seen before in the history of man. Enough is Enough already! Our children deserve to live just like any other race of children do. Woe unto this nation when the sleeping sons of Judah AWAKE!.

News as is the nom du jour, and other misinformation is rather a scourge of modern journalism and social media. As the moderators have quite correctly highlighted above, there are a number of defences against libel and perhaps the most obvious one is truth. If we were all a little more careful to only post and share that which we could prove to be true, discussion across the entire Internet would probably be a lot more constructive.

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They make it from all the sweet sticky nectar collected from flowers after long and complicated foraging trips. This nectar is then mixed with enzymes from glands in the mouth and stored in hexagonal wax honeycombs. Once the water content has reached around 17% the cell is sealed with wax until the bees need it..

For these reasons, developers had to make numerous modifications to existing cell phone designs to create a complete, working cell phone implant. Rather than using a single piece inserted under a person’s skin, cell phone implants are modular in design. Implantation requires several small, separate incisions and local anesthetic.

Furthermore process, webmasters sometimes formulated you web site expressly to accommodate reciprocal connections termed as backlinks to your site web. It utilized everyday everyone putting together reciprocal web resources to higher seek out the website from search motor outcome although presented not a true content material. Frequently, reciprocal backlinks to your site seemed to be quite possibly replace between sites that had not a steer meaning to each other as well.

Let’s take East Timor first. In 2002, it became an independent, sovereign nation after a lengthy UN sponsored transition from nearly 25 years of Indonesian occupation. It was heralded as a wonderful example of how concerted foreign intervention can end oppression and facilitate self determination.

Clothing was so much harder for me at 12 14 than it was when I was wearing a 0. Sure, some stores and styles were always big, but I never had trouble finding clothes. At EVERY size there are issues with fit. Of course, we live in an imperfect world and not all surfaces are smooth. When light strikes a rough surface, incoming light rays reflect at all sorts of angles because the surface is uneven. This scattering occurs in many of the objects we encounter every day.

If we don allow Zero Rating, then we are pushing for no caps with no clear path. If we do, then we push for competition where the best service with the cheapest and most leniant “zero rating” gets our business. Eventually someone will just have to offer “everything is zero rated” at a competitive price or they will all fall behind..

This includes posts for people you know, your friends, your family, etc. A third of these glasses are sold out. Sure, they put little ribbons on them that say “sold out,” but why not just remove the products from the page? And I’ve tried to purchase other products that didn’t have that ribbon, but when you select a size or color it says sold out.

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Count to A Trillion is terrible, poorly written shlock, starring the Smartest Man On Earth. It written by John C. Wright, a stupid man who thinks he smart, and is about how said Randian supergenius would totally take over the world and make himself space king with a beautiful virginal space waifu to marry and rule over the planet with his perfect brilliant future libertarianism..

2 points submitted 2 years agoDrop in hours are 5:30 9:30 on Tuesday, but I am pretty sure you can drop them off in a bag outside there door tomorrow if you can make it those specific hours. If you need the address you can google it or I can pm it too you. It at the end of the the small mall walkway, toward the side with no doors leading outside.There is also a drop in time on Fridays if you want.

I was shocked to hear one of your guests say there is no solution to the problem of hazing. Of course there is: treating people with respect, dignity, and kindness needs to be taught and reciprocated. It needs to be taught and reinforced as ferociously as any curriculum.

Of that X, 37% have tattoos. Of the ones without experience, 23% have tattoos. Assume that we have 100 random people. TLDR: It great software and obviously cloud ready. That huge. Minor issues slow adoption, and old timers don give buy in. We retained a lot of principles that had served us well with Flip, such as having a multi tenanted system. We also formalised a new principle of “devolved development”. We didn’t want a big centralised content management team who had to do all the work setting up projects and modelling content types, because they would inevitably become a bottleneck.

The title is to be taken literally. Multi reedist Peters, a consistently adventurous presence on the UK scene for the past decade or so, returns with a project in which the application of neuroscience, specifically, the Brain Computer Interface software, enables him to “think music into being”. In other words, ideas equal sound..

Next, we’ve got to connect the dots between mental health records and National Instant Background Check. In 2014, Mayors Against Illegal Guns released a report calling for states to close this gap. It found that 11 states and the District of Columbia have no reporting laws, and another 12 states have submitted fewer than 100 mental health records to the national background check system..

I am not anti Israel, but I do think they have behaved badly towards the Palestians in annexing their lands. They have been condemned in the UN for this but have shown no remorse for their behaviour. Why should they, while USA/UK support them? This needs to be put right soonest.

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2017: Drake calls Pusha T a fake drug dealer and aims several lines at him on his song Birds, One Stone Drake also dissed Kid Cudi for having depression/suicidal tendencies on this track. Yeah, a cunt move here on Drake behalf. Why is his money fucked up? Because Birdman has Lil Wayne and Drake in unfavourable contracts, so really, Birdman is the even though Wayne and Drake are the superstars.

I talking extreme sensitivity to ALL senses, movement etc. Vomiting and nausea, visual artifacts, not to mention the most excruciating pain you probably never felt. Last february, I had one that lasted almost a month and a half. Whatever your character was when you put this mass going to be we’ll good you would now magnanimous trying to save the world. But if you were evil. Or review war.

In Stamford, Glenbrook is a nice area, especially as you get close to Darien. North Stamford is very nice but probably the most expensive part of town. The downtown area near UCONN is fun if you into partying on weekends, but therefore can be loud at night if you like sleeping.

The horrific death toll paints a picture of trench fighting as a four year long bloodbath. But the facts and figures tell a very different story. There were terrible days of grim violence when thousands of lives were lost, and half of all British soldiers on the Western Front sustained some kind of injury.

Arthur Maddox was fired from Metro Transit in 2001 but got his job back the next year. Now, the Symonds family is speaking out about the incidents they’ve only recently learned about. The CBC’s Elizabeth Chiu spoke with Ranyd’s widow, Marie Symonds, and his 18 year old daughter, Carol..

In the first, I trapped inside a telephone box (specifically this type) in the middle of the local swimming pool I went to as a kid, with the water slowly breaking through the gaps in the door. Pushing and pulling the doors does nothing and the person perspective I tend to have in dreams shortly zooms out and begins whirling in a circle. I can see American style sports field bleachers surrounding the pool, filled with grey cowled figures watching me struggle from every angle..

I try to let them know how much I appreciate them and to encourage them for what they are doing. Your positive relationships with kids are imnotrapt for the children and imnotrapt for our whole culture. Yes, the laws are pretty much clear on these sort of hate meognr articles.

They’re also looking at Darwin, the credit crunch and how it might affect the building of new science laboratories at the school Red Nose Day, David Beckham’s 108th cap and a successful cross country runner from the school. Lauren, 13, is the girl in question. “I’m writing about how I won the Lancashire School Cross Country, how it was cold and what the atmosphere was like,” she said, adding that she’s enjoying “how we get to choose a story of our own.

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The year Buttercup turned ten, the most beautiful woman lived in Bengal, the daughter of a successful tea merchant. This girl’s name was Aluthra, and her skin was of a dusky perfection unseen in India for eighty years. (There have only been eleven perfect complexions in all of India since accurate accounting began.) Aluthra was nineteen the year the pox plague hit Bengal.

A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates. Continue reading this post. Smigus Dyngus is suppose to be a merry tradition. There used to be lots of pranks (often rather silly) and some serious water pouring on others. Some roots of those traditions go to pagans time and springtime/fertility/new life after winter celebration.

I had a hard time understanding it but she really had a tough time reconciling motherhood and wife for a while. She didn’t like how she looked, was exhausted all the time, and just didn’t feel sexy at all. I still thought she was. And yet Mitzenholzer saw it, clear as day, the dark patch spread out over the walkway like a growing shadow. For many that day was relegated to rambling stories or local legends. But he been there, and his memory of that day kept it firmly within the real..

He has done well, given the extraordinary challenges he had inherited from George Bush. He never had a good team at his disposal for a longer period of time to work for results. Every nomination was delayed. Am not going to sit this one out. Mr. Donner might be dead, but the grievances he aired have not been addressed.

Measuring impartiality is less about mathematics and more about good judgement but let’s just look at the maths for a moment. In the recent European election, the BNP won more than 6% of the vote across Britain approaching a million people. In some regions it was close to 10%.

Ive noticed the same IDK why this is so downvoted, a lot of people generally understand the cyclical nature of tv shows, and Dan Harmons story circle is extremely similar to “A heroes journey” which is a writting format taught in most schools these days. I think Dan Harmon sort of rebranded an old idea, but I do think hes right it generally leads to a cohesive story. I agree with you this show a lot of times doesnt stick to this format, which could be why it feels fresh compared to a lot of other shows, and kind of similar to the simpsons you cant tell where the episode is going to end up, may start on one topic and move to another seamlessly.