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I just played out the vocal part on the keyboard and the keys are A E F(Taaaakeeeee ooonnnnn meeeeee) then A Ab A (taaaakkkkeee meeee oooonnnnn). Its not almost exactly, it is literally the exact same as the Black Panther theme. Again not saying chord progressions arent used over and over, but this motif is too similar in tone for me to pass off as artistic liberty..

So how did Shelley and Devoto take their first steps as chroniclers of modern romance and post industrial angst? Time Up is that rare artefact; a piece of work that was never meant for human consumption and yet it provides a crucial link between the real roots of English punk and what was to follow. On one hand we have Shelley penchant for seemingly simple love songs that come with barbed sarcasm ( Of Mine and Love battery and on the other Devoto odes to ennui as a truly modern condition ( Up ) We also get early versions of the wry look at onanism that is Addict and Devoto first attempt at re tooling Captain Beefheart Love You, You Big Dummy Shelley was prone to cite krautrock as an influence, Devoto would name check Dostoesvsky. It was a doomed partnership from the start, but this document captures a brief period where snarling Gibsons and brutally basic drums were the perfect soundtrack to a generation that had fallen out of love with itself.

39 points submitted 3 years agoI had to sit through a choreographed bridal party dance. Where the bridal party was visibly embarassed and awkward. The second hand humiliation almost knocked me off my peep toes. Bradley Manning signed the same papers and received the same indoctrination I did when I became part of the intelligence community only the dates are different. I was honorably discharged in 1974. At that time I had a healthy respect for the UCMJ, perhaps it could be called fear.

I don’t care how you want to sympathize or empathize with users, it’s all a matter of life choices. Only people I have sympathy for are children hurt by this. That goes for guns as well. He had to “think about why he did that” and said “you didn deserve that” and “I saw the look on your face and knew you didn like it but just kept going.” He had this mask of contempt, lust and rage this glitter in his eye which was extremely disturbing, but I just dissociated, and I didn even realize I was doing it, I was so used to being mistreated that way by men. He curled up and refused to let me touch him and asked forlornly, “is this the beginning of the end?” Moments before I had read him a very astute, very sad, very romantic love poem. I had curled up and begun to cry and ask why men had done such things to me.

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Under California’s Welfare and Institutions Code Section 5150, a person must be a danger to himself or others before he can be held for 72 hours for evaluation, and the standard is even higher to mandate treatment. The reason had nothing to do with gun laws. It had to do with the commitment laws in California..

Today it does. I now know why bands say ‘It’s good to be back’. It may be a cliche, but it’s also very true.. It does to my mother. But then, she takes on husbands the way other people change their hair color: out of boredom, listlessness, or just feeling that this next one will fix everything, once and for all. Back when I was younger, when I asked about my dad and how they’d met, when I was actually still curious, she’d just sigh, waving her hand, and say, “Oh, Remy, it was the seventies.

When oil prices were high, oil companies began researching algae as a fuel alternative. Now that oil prices are low, companies may be looking for new uses for algae. “If [oil companies] could construct and deploy large biofuel farms, that could be one solution to the electric car since the infrastructure is already in place.” Algae biofuel is, of course, carbon neutral..

Hynes strongly denies the allegations. In 2009, he established a program and a hotline to help victims called Kol Tzedek (“Voice of Justice” in Hebrew). But critics are outraged because he refuses to disclose the names of the men arrested through the initiative.

Either for him or against him. You can accept half of what he says and just let the rest go. You have to do all, believe all or accept non. In 2001, the Law Lords decided that the Reynolds Defence was a valid one, subject to certain conditions. Crucially, for the defence to be successful the journalism had to be careful, its tone sober, its subject important and of urgent public interest. In other words, it had to be good journalism.

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Them: “So Bob and I are in a polyamorous relationship, but I his primary, and Susan is his secondary, and Alex is his tertiary, and the rules are that he can make out with all of them, but he can only fuck them when he drunk, and only if I not available, since I have dibs on the D. He can text them, call them and hang out with them whenever he wants, but I get one night a week all to myself where he can talk to any of them. BUT LAST NIGHT, we were at a party, and we were all drunk together, and he went off with Susan without asking me first, so I started crying and got mad at him, and he said there has to be another rule that if we all drunk together, he gets to choose who to sleep with without me getting upset, and I just not sure if I like that rule yet.”.

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“Most of our problems are young people coming here with guns,” says Hassan Said, co manager of the El Sharara field, jointly operated by Libya and the Spanish oil company, Repsol. He is an English speaker from one of the Fezzan peoples darker skinned Arabs who occupied positions of relative privilege under Gaddafi. “If they belong to one militia or another tribe they don’t get along.

Mr. Cooper, please help. The Philippines, particularly the island of Leyte, is in terrible shape right now. It will be going deep into the night, and sometimes through it. By Wednesday, when the ministerial meetings begin, the word by word negotiations need to have produced a document that politicians can fine tune and agree on by the end of the week.No one wants failure, but there are 190 or so countries represented in Bali, each with their own national interest to protect and forward. The question for the week is: can the global interest score some points?Just today, the UN Environment program released yet another warning.

Women on the jury have children and they have to think that could be my child. This could be anybody child. And that what so troubling about this case and that why it so emotional, Piers, he told the host. Manoharan and Rosetti set out to determine the base metabolic rate (BMR) for the elves and hobbits of Middle Earth if those humanoid species were actually real, of course. In other words, they set out to gauge the amount of energy their bodies need to function at rest. They did this by modeling each race as a mammalian Earth species.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileCharities in Manitoba will start five months of door to door fundraising campaigns this week, but the Better Business Bureau thinks the practice should stop.Amaro Silva, executive director of the BBB in Manitoba, says charities should find other ways to raise funds because door to door campaigns have become tainted by scams while residents have become cynical about them.”People are shying away from that type of solicitation because of fears that they’re not dealing with somebody at the door who’s legitimate,” he said. “And we’re concerned for the charities.”But some organizations disagree.Although Lorraine Decock, spokesperson with the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba, admits the door to door practice isn’t as successful as it once was, she still believes it is a worthwhile effort.Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests.

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Grylls willingly jumps into quicksand, icy lakes or roaring rapids to show how to survive a variety of circumstances. Another change from “” is that Grylls will interact with the indigenous people of the region he’s in. In one episode, he accepts the gift of a dead camel in the Sahara Desert then promptly demonstrates how to survive a sandstorm.

I didn realize you were the one who responded to my post, but real life or not MFA is a forum that should be accessible to all without any fear of being insulted talked down to buy some prick who doesn seem interested in helping them.I actually was wearing a very similar outfit today navy sport coat, light blue shirt, caramel chinos, brown shoes. I went with a chocolate brown wool tie from my limited repertoire. What you got is about as versatile and easy to match as you can get.

You know, people flying all over the world and asking me how to have a better life, explained Ray. Tends to go to your head. You know? You tend to think you got all the answers, and so you get humbled. Hillary Clinton, while obviously more prepared and credible, found herself on defense from the outset over her handling of classified information and the military intervention in Libya she supported in the Obama administration. Hillary Clinton vowed not to send American ground troops to Iraq ever again and Donald J. Trump insinuated that he had learned shocking new information involving President Obama without ever revealing it as the two candidates made back to back appearances Wednesday night at a forum that foreshadowed their highly anticipated debate later this month..

The thing is, both sides don trust each other and the Palestinian side does not think that Netanyahu really wants peace. Netanyahu himself said that there won be any two state solution while he is in power and he himself supports settlement expansion in west bank. The palestinian side is looking for international help to be able to have negotiations on more equal footing..

Arthur Travers Harris was born on 13 April 1892 in Cheltenham. His father was in the Indian Civil Service. Harris went to boarding school in England and then settled in Rhodesia in southern Africa. It been way too long.There technically no clear sign these 2 features are coming very soon, but my educated guess would be based on the following:Bahamut summon is now permanently available, meaning that except for Diablo, all of them are permanently available now. It is possible they decide to re release Diablo next month, but since we have already covered all elements, I very much doubt they can keep the public interests up if they release yet another summon that won beat Bahamut/Sylph/Chocobo/Pandemona. Maybe Carbuncle as a support summon? So between 1 3 months from now on, no later?We will only know the exact details tomorrow, but it possible the maximum CP 5 star artifact passives can reach higher levels (A much higher minimum going up to 20CP?).

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Right now the BBC is, essentially, hounding an almost certainly innocent person in Portugal and then they have the temerity and grotesque insensitivity, to ask why he’s upset!And why? Because he was arrested by the police! Big Deal. How many people have I read about who have been arrested by the police on the basis of absolutely nothing the Hamiltons for example accused of kidnap and rape while playing bridge at the time! This creeping cancer of intellectual dishonesty is even infecting radio where the object of the exercise is not to report the big story of the day but to hype up or exaggerate the story of the day. Jeremy Vine is the guilty one here.

It’s it’s pretty striking how there’s not too much conversation about the president’s actions possibly contributing. That’s moderate it was very interesting listening to the president. Dismiss the idea of instability and on the press he said that the press portrays him in Iran lightened he’s actually.

Because we do have issues that we have to work the rim minority communities reluctant to violence and everything else but I haven’t seen any of it. On the law enforcement side where we stick to the narrative regardless of what the evidence shows us. And yes there are biases that we bring naturally as human beings to the job.

Actually only you brought up a fetish, he never mentioned anything about it his dick hard as you so eloquently put it. Your aggressive and hostile attitude is completely unwarranted right now. All he said is the squirt does not come from the urethra, and logically that would mean it isn necessarily pee.

In that regard, the IPU had contributed to the preparation of the United Nations survey The World’s Women 2000: Trends and Statistics, which would be presented to the General Assembly in June 2000.Introduction of DraftKAMALESH SHARMA (India) introducing the draft resolution on the cooperation between the United Nations and the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU), said last year he had spoken of the important work being done in the IPU and at the national level in India, for the empowerment of women. For that reason, he was pleased to say that this year, the Deputy Chairman of the Upper House of the Indian Parliament had been elected as the first woman President of the Union in its 110 year history. He announced that Australia, El Salvador, Eritrea, Mauritania and Swaziland had joined the list of co sponsors of the draft, bringing the total to 138.

We are headed for a depression that will be more similar to the 14th centuary than the 20’s. You have turned a blind eye to each stage of the set up for this. They stopped the M3 index, you said nothing, They flooded the market with liquidity, you said it would help (when it is equivocal to throwing fuel on the fire).

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Plastic containers, moulds and mixing tools used for resin should never be used for food and should be kept away in storage. Track your stuff and store them properly. Establish a proper inventory of your equipment and materials. I remember the movie Monster, with Charlize Theron (who only wins awards when she uglifies herself, although she always a great actress. I think it hard to be taken seriously when you that beautiful, but there the Catch 22 of Hollywood for women to get a foot in the door, unless they comedians a recent trend they have to be beautiful; to get taken seriously they then have to go to great lengths to downplay that beauty). I liked that the movie showed that she was raped and traumatized by her first john and obviously snapped.

New furniture is arriving then, so I don have much of a choice, but to empty my current death pile room. Listed almost 70 items last month. Looking to do another 50 or so and I officially done with being behind on listing.. As the only father of my non biological son, I am surprised at the blame being directed at the adoptive couple. In my case, we tried every available legal avenue to determine the name and location of the birth father, prior to a judge finalizing the adoption. Maybe, it is best if he be a part of her life rather than breaking the bond and imprinting of two years.

At some point and we reached that fairly quickly in this instance it just makes common sense to stop inserting those words.This is not to say that it necessarily hurts to be cautious and slip in an or But as we discovered now several times, at some point it begins to raise more questions in listeners and readers minds if we keep using such words when it become obvious that the person responsible has been identified and is dead. A reasonable consumer of our news might wonder if we implying he didn do it.What about a person who still alive, such as the young man who will be tried for the Boston bombings? He has not been convicted. Obviously, we can declare he guilty.

If it works in the real world, why not in a simm?Posted: 2008/01/22 at 12:59 PMI agree David. There are people out there who take Sim Racing seriously. There are many different kinds of Sim Racing Leagues out there, with their own sponsorships to pay to have a server to hold about 30 40 people to race at once, with minimal lag.

I point out the potential health and safety hazard. He gets up and kicks it out the way. “I don’t want you to break a leg,” he tells the waitress.. Lol nice try there bud. You actually do far more of a disservice to women than you realize. It the same reason that I, a black woman, could never have voted for Al Sharpton, he just doesn have what it takes.

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While forced sterilization seems akin to Nazi policy, I do believe that there are huge numbers of Americans who stupidly and recklessly pass on serious illnesses, deformities, and genetics to their children that humans would breed out of any animal by not letting those . All this does is increase medical costs to all of us by a significant amount, and further undermine the human race as a whole. If people cannot practice some common sense and discretion about reproduction, maybe it makes sense for someone else to make that choice for them?.

23 points submitted 1 month agoThat unfortunate you feel that way and I totally understand that my wallets aren for everyone one and that opinions may vary. We live in a pretty awesome time where the perfect product for any customer is usually just a click away and while I bummed my product isn up your alley, I understand and respect your right to your opinions.That being said, I really don think it fair to call the quality of our products a “Complete roulette game.” We work very hard to make sure each wallet meets a certain standard and while mistakes happen on occasion, I am very proud of the quality and consistency of the vast, vast majority of wallets that we ship.For the possible one in five hundred or so wallets that ended up slipping through the cracks, I have made every effort to do anything I can to right the wrong from replacements to refunds and quite often combinations of the two.Your opinions on our stitching and overall design are yours to have. I willing to agree to disagree with you there but comparing our consistency of quality to that of a gamble just seems basless and unnecessarily exaggerative.

The man is demagogue and a bit of a fake but entertaining nevertheless, his hairstyle (if one could call it style) says it all. He is as street smart as a guttersnipe, but that how most Americans make their money. Even though he is not very intelligent, fair is fair, he does know how to promote himself.

Just a few days ago my girlfriend was being taken to a special treatment facility after a suicide attempt. It was about 2 in the morning and I was rushing to meet her family there. Apparently the speed limit on that particular highway went from 70 to 50 at some point which I wasn paying attention to for obvious reasons.

I cleaned my fermenter really well (no soap, just hot water) and just poured the four bottles into the fermented and left it in a top cabinet for a week. After about that time, a thin, creamy layer of scoby started forming. Then I added maybe a gallon of sweet tea to it and left it another week..

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I have the 6D with the 24 105L and it has taken really good photos for me. I recently just got a 17 40L used in Craigslist for $400 and gave me the slight wide end at a good price I think. I had a t3i before so shooting in low light has been the major point for me.

Brought back a lot of the memory of those initial days. Reporter: Also unlike the papinis, Smith believes he knows what happened to his daughter. We’ve known since the very first night. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe study was conducted by Sysomos, a company based in Toronto that mines and analyzes conversations from online social media such as blogs, Twitter, social networks, messages, boards and wikis.Based on an analysis of 11.5 million Twitter accounts, the study determined that Toronto has the third largest number of people using Twitter in the world. Only Los Angeles and New York have more twits, with San Francisco ranking a close fourth.Kidding aside, what does this say about Canada’s biggest city? Are residents really twits in both senses of the term? Are people in Toronto tweeting what they ate for breakfast, as the stereotype goes, or are they using it in a more enlightened way?Of course, the internet has an answer to these questions also. As this blog entry goes to press, the top five topics are:Honey jam, an all female hip hop festivalNet Change Week, a week of talks and events about social media and social changeGreen tea.

Sacramento falls under drivers that don know how to drive. They are all over place on the road. When I was in Houston, the drivers there speed and will cut you off like no tomorrow, but while driving there, you do not feel like they are going to crash and put you in danger, no matter how much of an asshole they are..

If people want to save money over the long run by buying a fluorescent light bulb, that’s fine they just don’t want the government to force people to do it.When it comes to reducing pollution, critics say cutting down on pollutants like sulfur dioxide that cause acid rain or asthma is a worthy cause. But they argue that going after carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that scientists believe causes global warming, is a waste of time.Most of those who want to overturn the ban do not believe in global warming, despite the consensus among the scientific community.”The evidence that the earth is warming up just isn’t there,” said Ebell. “It can’t possibly be a crisis.”First Published: July 12, 2011: 8:44 AM ETContact UsClosed CaptioningSite MapMost stock quote data provided by BATS.

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Trump has straight screwed Russia economically. NATO and the UN are both a joke. Why not just call them America 2.0 with sometimes 100 soldiers from other nations? America is already getting the short end of the stick in trade deals. After dinner, once the dishes were cleaned up, we might get an hour or two (depending on how old we were) of TV before cleaning up and getting ready for bed. Pre school? 8 8:30. Even up to Jr.

If they about 5 7, I show them Jurassic Park. If they 8 11, I show them Ghostbusters, Frankenstein, etc. 12 15 they can probably handle stuff like some bloody animes and b horror stuff like Jason, Freddy, Evil Dead 2. What could seeing his application prove about him attending those schools? he asked how Obama was apart of the Harvard Law Review. Uhhh no it was not affirmative action. That is an elected position.

But no way can it look better, the GPU just isn’t as good as the 360s . Ports or not, the 360 is the winner for this gen, as far as graphics are concerned.Xbox 360 = Better GPU, great processor.PS3 = Lesser GPU, and a processor capable of doing more than the 360, IF the developers can even write for it . It’s highly known that the 360 is MUCH much easier to make games on than the PS3.You ask me, with the games that are already out for the Xbox 360, plus it’s live/internet support, it is currently stomping the PS3s.The Xbox’s GPU turned out to be anywhere from 20% to 30% faster/more powerful then the PS3’s GPU, and lets face it, the GPU is what dictates how good graphics looks, not the CPU.Posted: 2007/09/20 at 6:24 PMI’m not surprised that demand for the PS3 is slipping.

Nixon’s address was a Hail Mary attempt to keep his spot on the Republican ticket with nominee Dwight Eisenhower in the wake of a major scandal. Having been accused of misusing campaign funds to fatten his salary, Nixon looked directly into the eyes of the American public and told them he’d never accepted a gift. Sitting next to his wife, and telling a heartwarming story about a dog named Checkers that a supporter had given to his children, Nixon won the viewers over.

Don get me wrong, I not saying coffee doesn go stale or it doesn have gas in it, but it not nearly enough to create visible bubbles or “degas” when blooming. That a myth. The point of blooming is to make all the grounds evenly wet (ie letting water seep through and make the coffee puff up when it absorbs it) before adding more water, for a more uniform extraction..

Everything is pretty up to date other than the rear shock, I recently set up some new Magura MT 5s this season as the brakes were the other area I felt could use attention. I have thought about doing a 1x as well as I don utilize the front derailleur often enough to justify it. I am also happy with the wheel set up, they have held up to some abuse..

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Members of the university Chi Omega sorority chapter celebrated Halloween at a Mexican themed party. They wore sombreros and ponchos and pasted fake mustaches on their faces. They held signs that said: mow lawn for weed + beer. The fact the the killing occurred within a week of the vacation indicates a likely connection. Could have been blackmail, or just the knowledge that Skylar might not keep quiet about something that happened while on vacation. Can be dangerous influences for teenagers; sometimes you never figure it out until it too late..

There is the new divided Ashburn that looks like America new normal. An explosion of growth in the last two decades turned this place from a largely white conservative constituency to one that is darker skinned and comprised of more professional women. They call themselves progressive thinkers and are a big reason that Obama in 2008 became the first Democrat to win here and in the state of Virginia since Lyndon B.

I think the media has done a fantastic job in scare mongering the general public into thinking that all hell is going to break loose at Euro 2000. Every time I see a news programme or pick up a paper there seems to be regular hooligan updates. Every journalist worth his salt will be at Euro 2000 trying to find that ‘hooligan exclusive’ that their editor demands.

I find it disturbing what they did however. Sure, he was a menace to society and the police force, sure it was time to get him off the street when we allow the police to be the judge, jury, and executioner (literally) we have a problem. They should have gone in, taken him down and taken him to prison.

The temple as it stands is the work of many more hands than just those of the original sailor. The design has changed several times, but each time, it seems that accommodations for the new design have already been built in previously. Rumor has it there are beginnings of a corresponding Deep Sashelas face carved into the inland hillside; details are impossible to make out at this stage, but it not quite human..

Kim Appleby says: can wait to join forces with Midge to prove that 80s pop was revolutionary in musical history. We be visiting every area of the country to chart the change in the British music scene and discovering musical influences across the nation. In the days before streaming services and the ability to hold your entire music library in your pocket, the series promises to be insightful, interesting and rather nostalgic.