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But you know who will be playing for the Jayhawks for the next 2 4 years? The guys on the team already. Doesn do a lot of good to tell kids over the summer that they fired the coach and they have some new dude coming in during fall camp.Recruiting. Yeah, yeah, not exactly applicable to Kansas here, but it does mean something to recruits if an admin clears out everyone during the recruiting process, especially before the season starts and OVs are around the corner.

I think earlier comments suggesting hypocrisy in the BBC’s langusge miss the point. Yes they may have used the word “kidnapped” when reporting events Sierra Leone 6 years ago but they have learnt since. More importantly, in the current situation there is far more globabl interest in the story and it is more significant if one side is misreported.

They also engaged with representatives of civil society, and development experts and practitioners from different sectors.In line with the Secretary General’s call for independence, transparency and inclusiveness, Panellists aim to conduct a wide variety of consultations on the sidelines of plenary meetings and in between. The Panel will also consult with the open working group of experts tasked to design Sustainable Development Goals, as agreed at the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June. The Panel will submit its report to the Secretary General on 31May 2013..

Those people that they sort of mealy mouthed, panty waist, non patriotic gun haters. No, they not. They sensible Americans who see that there a situation that out of control and don want the national debate to be controlled by extremists. F is a great example of their accomplished mix of tempestuous noise and cooling comedowns as Sykes screams bloody murder, You Me at Six Josh Franceschi backing vocals persuade the subject of the piece to “come a little closer, tell me those three little words”. At its centre, it a love song; on the surface, a riotous rant of lust: “Let f our hearts give up”. Similarly impressive are Anthem, which pairs holler along gang vocals with riffs so raw the UK mainstream heard nothing so savage since Gallows breakthrough debut; Visions, less a call to arms, more a full blown casus belli; and the 65daysofstatic style electro glitch flourishes of opener Crucify Me.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileA good friend of mine got fired from his job today. So today, I am inspired to talk about a different kind of marketing marketing yourself instead of the more typical marketing of a business’ products or services.Marketing yourself as a person to prospective employers, for some reason, seems far more stressful than marketing other things. But in fact, it’s almost identical to marketing a business if you do it right.

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The only other option would be to launch with a different name. Clearly Apple is not going to change the name they have too much riding on the brand identification. If Comwave refuses to make a deal, what else can Apple do but stay out of Canada?Posted: 2008/03/17 at 1:31 PMI buy American magazines, watch American TV shows, shop in American clothing stores, drink coffee from an American coffee chain .I like my magazines, my TV shows, my clothing, and my coffee .Canada must stop being anti competitive and let these foreign companies in.

Take out a roll. Butter that fucker. Take the onion off and remove the charred layers, slice thin and mix with a dash of soy sauce, dash of vinegar, salt, pepper and mix; put in the bun.. I think it vital to remember that we only seen what is essentially the first part of BfA. If we going to liken Sylvanas in BfA to Garrosh in MoP, we have to keep in mind when Garrosh finally became the “bad guy” to the Horde. It wasn right away.

Poet and storyteller Ian McMillan uncovers the forgotten story of another shipwreck, which held Britain transfixed at the outbreak of the First World War. For two days in 1914, more than 200 victims aboard the hospital ship Rohilla fought for their lives within sight of the Yorkshire fishing port of Whitby. Mary Roberts, one of those rescued, had survived the sinking of the Titanic two years earlier, but said her experience on the Rohilla was even worse.

This year Vauxhall identified a potential fire related issue with a specific Corsa D variant equipped with the 1.4 Turbo petrol engine. Two cases had resulted in a fire. A Safety Recall to address this issue was initiated in April 2016 for the 2,767 vehicles affected.

To gray it out now they have to check every time you open a person menu even if you are not interested in their profile. And should they stop the menu from showing up until they know the profile is private or not (the data has to load first)? Or does the menu come up right away but the profile option is missing and pops in if it is pubic? That would look weird. Or maybe it starts grayed out and goes white if it is public, or starts white but goes grayed out if it is private.

Thank you Piers for this interview with Bill Clinton. I could listen to Clinton for hours. And world affairs. HHDThe real lesson is cmnoig. It has nothing to do with this blog you find pleasure disagreeing with, and everything to do with The School of Hard Knocks . No one is exempt and everyone learns humility on its steps.

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“Because nobody themselves actually sees the picture the same way. There are big picture thinkers, there are detailed thinkers. We need them all. Stand you’re ground, Google, because this heisty battle has only just begun.Posted: 2008/02/05 at 2:20 PMI’m not sure why anyone would be worried about and email/IM monopoly . There are hundreds of email providers, and more than enough IM applications to choose from. All this merger would do is cause everyone with a yahoo account to get used to hotmail, or at worst some new hybrid.

So you are justifying it because Trump was open about it? You still failed to provide evidence that Obama wanted to separate the kids from the parents in the same manner that Trump is doing. You also ignoring the fact that no republicans backed the bill to keep the families together. That really sweeping it under the rug I guess..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIntel co founder Gordon Moore said the rapid doubling of computer power the technology industry has taken for granted is coming to an end in the next 10 to 15 years.Speaking at the Intel Developer Forum this week, the retired computer chip pioneer said the principle commonly known as Moore’s Law is coming up against the laws of physics.The popular version of Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a circuit and therefore the computing power doubles every 18 months. The principle behind the “law” first came up in an observation Moore made in a 1965 article about the progress of transistor technology, but it soon proved prophetic.The problem now, however, is that transistors are running up against two physical constraints: the speed of light and the atomic nature of matter.”Another decade, a decade and a half, I think we’ll hit something fairly fundamental,” Moore said.It’s not the first time Moore or others at Intel have predicted the end of Moore’s law. It will be interesting to see though, as we get closer and closer to that time, whether research into quantum computing or other areas can keep Moore’s Law alive.

The basic premise is about built heritage. We’ve got such a wonderful range of buildings and heritage sites around Wales. Whatever your taste or interest there’s something to suit all everyone.. Emergency press conferences are held in response to a crisis or disaster. During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the mayor of New Orleans, the governor of Louisiana and the president all held multiple press conferences to keep the country abreast of events that occurred, as well as the steps being taken to resolve the situation. Emergency press conferences serve a dual role as both public service and public relations, since those responsible for the crisis can use the press conference to regain public trust..

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Les autres divisions sont apparues ds l’installation de la nouvelle administration amricaine enjanvier. Trs vite, les ont exprim leur scepticisme sur le respect par l’Iran du Plan d’action global commun adopt le 14juillet 2015 et entrin par la rsolution 2231(2015). Ils sont aussi revenus sur leur vote d’abstention qui avait permis l’adoption, en dcembre 2016, de la rsolution 2334(2016) condamnant la colonisation isralienne dans les territoires occups.

I have never seen so many old, fat, and sick people in my life. If I get to looking and feeling like my high school friends I will be headed to this doctors office to let him help me stay in shape. My wife still wears the same size dress she wore to our wedding too..

So with that said, the media, NON Milts, and those that choose to NOT educate themselves on the HISTORY of our school, please LEARN about what MHS is and who they take care of before you speak! Also MHS has had numerous students that had cancer and they took care of their medical bills. Because cancer is not a communicable disease and they were already enrolled there. You have to have a certain IQ to qualify enrollment, not be on certain behavior medications, or certain pre existing diseases.

We’ll be listening to what you have to say.I find all the racial discussions interesting but limited. When an American boy of Mexican heritage sang the nationa anthem at the Spurs/ Heat game the hate was all over the internet and was primarily from the Black community and that was ignored by the media and black leaders. Racism in the black community is rampant and ignored by the politically correct.

I agree with a lot of the comments below. Maui Jims are nice but pricey. There are a bunch of companies out there making similar style for less money. It is an allocation of resources. I am happy to let the politicians fight over what we spend our revenues on just live within our budget (oh I forgot we have no budget) and don take on more debt to fund programs we can not afford based on our revenues (no deficits). It is NO not YES.

This Saturday BBC News launches a new programme aimed at issues in the news which affect teenagers. We’ve called it “Revealed” and it’s part of the BBC Switch zone on BBC2 on Saturday afternoon. Presented by two new to TV presenters Charlotte Ashton and Anthony Baxter, produced by Amy Burton who’s come to us from Newsround, our first programme explores the negative public image of teenagers in the press and the rest of the adult media..

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The techno singularity has already occurred. Had access to all of our gathered surveillance data. Videos, voice recordings, and meta data. Represents several millennia of peaceful coexistence between its diverse peoples. Neither the construction of a temple nor a mosque at Ayodhya will bring the troubled people of Gujarat and closer to their Gods. Focusing on faith without concern for goodness or wisdom is an affront to the Gods to whom Hindus and Muslims pray.

Don give up! Once you start getting better and master your carves, a whole new world of snowboarding will open up for you. And learn the right techniques of how to initiate turns and how to fall by taking lessons!Everyone learns their own way to some degree. One thing that really helped me when I first started was facing the way I want to steer towards and not looking down on the ground.

She took bday boy’s and my mom aside to give them “a talk down” because girls and boys of a certain age should not be naked together. Jesus fucking Christ, we weren’t even teens at that point and were just having fun. Both bday’s mom and my own basically told the lady to settle down, and if she was sexualizing children, then she was the one with a problem.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My Profilewas yesterday, which is particularly appropriate in light of news that the prospect of thin, lightweight, (and likely flexible) displays that could do double duty as solar cells is inching closer to reality.As we noted in a news story last week, researchers are working to make OLED technology commercially viable for use as devices that range from display screens through to solar cells.This week gadget blog CrunchGear pointed us to a PatentMonkey post that suggests Motorola could make the technology available sooner rather than later if they can bring the cost down.Suddenly, the iPhone’s all screen design doesn’t seem so silly.Of course, as our earlier article notes, the benefits of commercializing OLEDs could extend beyond devices the way we traditionally think of them to clothing that employs the thin displays.For those who can’t wait that long, there’s always the T Equalizer, or our favourite: the Pong T.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates.

Been a lot better recently. Was a shit show for a while. Manager less for 3 months, new district manager was horrible and made me feel like garbage 24/7 even though I was over performing and doing things out of my pay grade, got a new manager finally who wasn’t great and kinda ran us into the ground more (great guy with a great work ethic, just wasn’t a good fit), DM got demoted to our store manager and she’s much better only managing one store and shows me nothing but appreciation now and has been nothing but incredible with helping me through all the shit I’m going through right now and has been crazy flexible.

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They need the support that the authentic SW purchase affords them. I’m actually suprised the Microsoft actually does allow known “cracked” copies to download securiy updates. I guess they’ve done SOME homework on the subject.The “library” argument you used is actually very similar to the ruling in a Cdn court case a few years back.

I know a guy who had one. She was a great dog. She hated men but for some reason she loved me. Quanto ao aumento salarial compreendo que seja complicado (estando o setor da saude tambem na merda) mas no te esqueas que foi prometido pagar os salrios congelados. Imagina que trabalhas para o uma empresa que est a passar um mau bocado e que te reduz o salrio dizendo que o vai repor uma vez que tenha capacidade. Se essa empresa no cumprir a palavra o que acontece? Eu gosto muito de Portugal no defendo aes destas de maneira nenhuma..

As long as you not stupid and pass out at noon in direct heat with no shirt you fine. I also sick of showing up at group rides being the only one without a helmet and all the special gear. I not down with the whole modern trend of acting like everyday activities are hazardous.

Have you considered that it may be potential players making accounts/logging in, seeing it dead and leaving? 100 unique users each month isn meaningful if they never come back after their first visit. Also 1000 unique players this year isn great, that in a 7 month period. It should be 5 10 times that..

A simple way to get around this geofencing is to use Tintape or aluminum foil on the top of your phantom 3. Make sure you have the phantom in flyable airspace (so it let you take off), then apply the tin tape in an over the center of your drone. Then shutdown your phantom and take it to the location without letting it get gps signal.

Well, if I am reading the paper correctly (which I may not be; it is long and I have not read all of it), ecigs are among a number of other products hookah and pipe tobacco, namely that are being reclassified under FDA jurisdiction as “tobacco products”. This is an FDA power grab over all consumer products that contain or deliver nicotine. With this qualification, ecigs are indeed “guilty” but the extent of the control they will exercise over them is variable..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileLOS ANGELES Game developers with as long and as varied a history as Capcom often face the accusation that after creating a number of successful properties, they choose to only ape their past successes by simply adding barely different sequels and spinoff titles endlessly, secure in the knowledge that they’ll sell to their established fan base.The crazy thing is that this year, Capcom is being lauded for transparent attempts to recapture its previous glories with the new iterations of the Street Fighter and Megaman franchises.Each title has been created quite obviously with their series’ “original sequel” in mind Street Fighter II and Megaman 2 with a near fetishistic attention to detail. Street Fighter IV painstakingly recreates the famous characters and stages of Street Fighter II in impressive cel shaded 3D, and Megaman 9 goes even farther by accurately recreating the original title’s NES graphics.Though it’s the legendary title that introduced me to one on one fighting games (at the tender age of 10 years old) I’ve long since passed the point where I idolize the original Street Fighter II. To me, the later titles, notably Street Fighter III, introduced new concepts (and especially characters) to that far surpass the original’s.But Street Fighter IV delivers.

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No. It not homophobic unless you make it homophobic. You keep dragging gay people into this. Asmodee revenue last year was about 400 million Euro. They estimate the losses from counterfeiting to be 4 8 million Euro. That 1 2%, which is definitely still a big problem, particularly if it becomes rampant in the European market as well, but it currently still nowhere near the levels of counterfeiting in fashion and electronics markets (the effect in the fashion market I often see quoted as 10%).

Now in the last 3 weeks we have had 6 grand mal seizures. I am ready to drive to Colorado to find Charolettes web. I was uneducated on the different types of marijuana concentrations, and forms of administration. “There are a lot of great talkers running for President already. But none of them, not one, can match our record of actually shrinking the size of government,” he said. “We’ve had enough of talkers, it’s time for a doer.

Trim the fat and you be left with a cracking EP’s worth of material.We Have Love and I Feel Better are particularly exhilarating: 90s house stomps that precisely summon up the spirit of Black Box and S’Express. Elsewhere, the album’s title track is pure pop done perfectly. These successes make the odd missteps all the more irritating it obvious Hot Chip can craft the finest fare, but have the band been getting a bit too acquainted with their pipes and slippers?This is an imbalanced record, and one that leaves you frustrated rather than elated.

It is Second Lieut. Olivier Tremblay calling from the bridge, asking if Lauren is there.”I don’t think she is,” I say.Tremblay explains that Lauren asked him to call if there were northern lights.”And they’re happening up there now?” I ask.So even though the phone message is for someone else, I jump out of bed, throw on my clothes, and tumble out the door. Tremblay and I nearly collide at the foot of the stairs.

One concern for some women is the allowance of gel or water filled bras, and the sensitivity of airport scanners with regard to underwire bras. Currently, you are allowed to wear these types of bras onboard an airplane. If you are in fact pulled aside for a handheld scan, be sure to mention it discreetly.

Not that the researchers are wrong, that’s just their perception. Regardless we can all appreciate what it has taught us growing up. A movie featured in 1939 is still being watched, researched, discussed and loved 70 years later! Amen to that!. I know how you come to where you are mentally and why you considering murder and suicide and things like that, says Cooke, who has famously cited the film Matrix as the trigger and inspiration for his violence. You been abused like I was or bullied in school or been rejected by girls and maybe you maybe you addicted to go these violent video games and things like that, but you don know the pain that you going to cause with this type of shooting. You think you do, but you don in Craigsville, Virginia, tonight conversation with Morgan marks Cooke first ever television interview since the 2003 double murder.

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And it a browser exploit so add another couple of millions. Also she is looking at a JPEG. That a picture file, not video.. Plus you know being a Peasant conspiracy theorist, the Praetorian Guard is about the only government factions still trustworthy in this country. Then, with your guidance and compassion, we will whip them until they are Young, Healthy, Rich, White, Christian, Male, and Straight. Or until they are dead.

Perhaps because of the level of interaction with the product, computer users feel an extra connection. In that sense, Dowling is in the minority.As he says: ” I am a PC owner, not a PC lover, much in the way that I am a dog owner rather than a dog lover happy to complain, not quite willing to admit my mistake.”Posted: 2007/02/07 at 1:50 PMApple Inc focuses on a number of specific market segments; they have superior offerings in the areas in which they effectively compete.This column mentions the home/consumer space, a highly competitive area. Apple’s strengths in this market stem in at least in part from thier unmatched integration of innovative products and services that real people actually use.Knowing computers is like being able to read people feel insecure and don’t want to thnk they need the knowledge, but many just never seem to learn.

Brain Age 2 will launch an Aug. 20, and Nintendo also introduced a vision training game called Flash Focus, a spelling and vocabulary building game called My World Coach, and My Life Coach.Nintendo unveiled three new peripherals for the Wii: the Wii Zapper light gun, which will be compatible with Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles (Capcom), Ghost Squard (Sega), and Medal of Honor (EA); the Wii Wheel, which will be packaged with the Wii version of Mario Kart; and a peripheral dubbed the Wii Balance Board which works with the Shigeru Miyamoto developed fitness game WiiFit to assist in yoga and pilates moves, step classes, and balance improvement exercises.Posted: 2007/07/12 at 11:42 AMPsychological barriers between veteren and novice gamers? While some people may still consider video gaming strictly for kids, I don’t believe thats the prevalent attitude anymore. What Nintendo has done with the Wii is allow people of all skill levels to play games together because of the simplicity of the controller.

I just experienced this with my girlfriend this past weekend and it was eye opening since I never really had someone who is unafraid to admit to their faults. I did something stupid which affected her (unintentionally), she was a bit rude to me for a day but then she apologised to me for being short and felt really bad about it, saying it was unnecessary and unfair to me. She promised she work on her attitude in the future..

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Reggie looks a little less sure. And when I say less sure, I mean ‘imagine how Abraham Lincoln would look if he was dropped into a 1978 block party and saw Cool Herc in action’. Baffled is probably a good word.. But here’s a radical idea: How about we demand those families stop crossing the border illegally?! Then they won’t be separated. Pretty simple. Border policy includes some of the world’s most repressive countries and regimes.

I couldn find an oven in any of the places I looked at near the university, and the one place I did find one in had a disgusting kitchen. The furniture in most of them wasn much better. I just felt the apartments there really were only geared to university students who didn give a shit about where they slept at night.

Pools are fucking heavily chlorinated and filtered by the way you asses. Someone didn wipe off the weight bench in the gym. Someone Uhaul is in their favorite unassigned parking place. We are talking about a European Super League, or “an NBA of football” as Seedorf puts it. As he explains, the principle would be for fewer matches each season for the top players, but of higher quality. Crucially and undoubtedly controversially it would involve the biggest clubs leaving their domestic leagues to take part..

Good point, but you might also look at the scholarship offerings and the total cost of living over 4 ish years. Will the difference between tuition costs be offset by the amount you be paying for rent, etc? Do the other schools have work study options (of that interests you)? I don have those answers, but the school counselors should. Lastly, while the quality of education is pretty similar across most schools, do they all provide the same clinical experience?The retinae are two square inches of vascularized tissue where you can see that happen in the nerve fiber layer flame hemorrhage, cotton wool, microvascular anomalies, scarring, and neovascularization..

Goodyear’s deflection suggests he does not believe in evolution, which raises some questions. He owes Canadians a straightforward answer about his views on evolution because he is the minister of state for science and technology. If Goodyear thinks his personal views are not relevant to his conduct as Minister, he ought to be reminded that he is an elected official and he has a constituency that is entitled to know his views.”.

Lucas, I sense alot of anger in your comment. I agree what happened in the past was horrible but it is now time to move on, but not forget. ICWA when put in place was relavent, not anymore. Guy from my school dropped out of Harvard to run a company with his brother (Who dropped out of MIT) and both are billionaires. But they were already millionaires (self made) before the younger brother even went into Harvard, and they both had qualified for scholarships I think. The guys were ridiculously smart and hard working though..

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Everyone has a line. For some people, even invading their personal space is crossing it. For others, a cheeky kiss may warrant a m snide comment but won’t ruin their day, others still may be comfortable with a grope during a night out as long as it’s not too aggressive.

So day two is over. What can I tell you? I think Mike and I are gonna have to duke it out before tomorrow ends. The unrelenting sarcasm is reaching meltdown, made all the more infuriating by the fact that during Fearne and Reggies show the Guitar Hero ‘Sweet Child O Mine’ competition Mike beat me by a few thousand points.

Sold to Washington in 1928, Sisler played just 20 games for the Senators before finishing his career with the Boston Braves. His son Dick hit a dramatic three run homer on the final day of the 1950 season to give the Phillies the NL pennant. Sisler other two sons, David and George Jr., also became professional players.

Siberia. Why would Microsoft pick a place that’s synonymous with isolation to build a data centre?According to a report by Russian daily Kommersant, Microsoft is building a data centre to house 10,000 servers in Irkutsk (pop: 593,604), the largest city in Siberia. Microsoft Rus chief executive officer Birger Sten said the company chose the location because of its proximity to stable energy supplies.The Kommersant story is sketchy on further details of the plan, but says unnamed market players have called it a “fantasy” and that there is no need for that kind of storage capability in the region.There may be something to that.

Frankie travels to Russia’s most hardcore town to play an unusual game of football with a team who play the game at high speed on motorbikes. Thankfully their post match antics only involve being whipped with twigs in a sauna. Frankie then goes to St Petersburg, which is hosting one of the World Cup semi final matches, to meet Russia’s leading football historian and biggest collector of football paraphernalia, where he discovers that football arrived in Russia 120 years ago via the Scots.

Joined US Navy 1985 to train at the Undersea Medical Institute Groton, CT and certified as Deep Sea Mixed gas Diver, at Panama City, FL. Served as Undersea Medical Officer, USS Orion, based at Sardinia, Italy / Assistant Surgeon, Sixth Fleet, Naples Italy / Medical Officer USS Arkansas / served on the Command Ship USS Coronado / staff Emergency Physician National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD / created the Department of Military Medicine, National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD / earned Master of Public Health at Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD 1990. Residency training in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine at University of Hawaii School of Public Health, Honolulu, HI 1992 / Epidemiologist, Navy Environmental and Preventive Medicine Unit No.