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Numerous surveys and studies tell us a good sense of humour is an asset on the job. Continue reading this postEllen Roseman: Beware of internet scamsYou get an email from your bank, saying your account has been compromised. Do you clink a link to get more information? No way.

“So nigga with an on the end, said Limbuagh on his show Monday. That the point? Because it not racist. That the point. His father, Elmo, a huge St. Bernard, had been the Judge’s inseparable companion, and Buck bid fair to follow in the way of his father. He was not so large he weighed only one hundred and forty pounds for his mother, Shep, had been a Scotch shepherd dog.

Oh, yes, for sure. They know jack shit about actual open warfare tactics. I guess that since they have been isolated for too long, they never actually had large scale battles and never learned the lessons our military learned literally a century ago.

You watching me and you contemplating multiple murder, mass murder, I want you to know something. I understand you. I been where you are. This feature looks too fresh to already judge how good/bad the inability to retrade truly is. Niantic might change their minds too by then and loosen up, or even make the rules even tighter.Indeed we do. It quite usual to see 3000CP Blisseys in front of the gym, regularly fed (not even speaking of other monstrosities in the rest of the gym, Snorlaxes and Slakings at level 40 also come up but aren quite as agressive and hard as Blissey is).

“Everybody knows that Anthony Weiner’s sex scandal has not hurt him up till now. In fact, it may have propelled him into one of the top two seats, says the political commentator and media personality. Sex scandal actually has helped him because everybody knows who he is.

Whether or not that matters for humanity, I think is still a question. Our study is suggesting that maybe it does.”Posted: 2007/11/12 at 8:43 AMAnd Canadians have elected a shrub (little bush) who sees slashing funding for environmental groups and objectives as his dictatorial prime directive. Unless citizens get serious about the environment, and elect representatives that ACTIVELY support conservation, instead of contributing to increased CO2 in the atmosphere by POSTURING conservation, there will be no hope for the next generations.

My other concern is that a huge amount of media time is being spent on the and yet the comments about blacks is practically lost in the process. Clearly I believe that the issues of race which were espoused in his comments should have, by now, been settled on both sides in this nation. Phil never called anyone by name on the issue,merely stated it was his belief.

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileYesterday Google announced that it was experimenting with GMail yet again, this time integrating the free email service with Google Translate, in what they say is a “step towards automatic email translation between 41 global languages.”The tool isn’t perfect, but Google said they hope they can keep tweaking it to improve the quality of translation.I ran a quick test this morning, asking for the French translation of this sentence: “My name is Paul Jay and I enjoy a piece of toast every now and then.”It spit back this: “Mon nom est Paul Jay et j’aime un morceau de pain grill de temps en temps.” Hey, that’s not bad.Let’s see what happens when I translate it back: “My name is Paul and I like Jay a piece of toast from time to time.” Uh, oh.This got me thinking about a conversation I had with Ryan Naraine over at Kaspersky Labs a month or so ago about why spam is so full of bad grammar.One theory, which his employer Eugene Kaspersky offered during an interview last fall, is that since spam is so successful, there is no need economically to invest in making spam pitches more believable.Naraine offered another theory: sending out a spam mailing can involve criminals from disparate parts of the world. Could be selling a product, but it could be a guy in Brazil that writes the malicious code and a botnet owner in Bulgaria who actually sends the message. At any or all of these steps, he says, the message could be created or altered.So I thought I’d see how Google Translate would handle one of these messages.

My girlfriend is also a highly athletic type 1 (she does a collegiate sport along with intense exercise daily). She likes to keep her pump either clipped to the waistline of her pants, or her bra depending on what she’s doing. Assuming you’re a guy and don’t wear a bra, it’s actually extremely sturdy on her waist, as the clip has a somewhat “hooked” end that snags on the bottom inside seam of her pants.

Microsoft has been touting the anti spyware and anti phishing features of its Windows Defender and Internet Explorer 7 software that ships with Vista (which are both available as free downloads for Windows XP) so much that it can leave a distinct impression that it’s a one stop shop for all of your computer security needs.In short, Thompson was doing his level best to counterspin and make sure that people remember that there are other security tools besides the ones Microsoft offers.But Thompson’s arguments may also be justified. Microsoft issued a dozen fixes for security problems with its software including Windows today, although none were for Vista.But that may be just a matter of time.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

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You tell jokes, lighten the mood and enjoy a bit of banter. Coworkers feel closer when they share inside jokes.Then there’s self enhancing humour. You see the world and its tribulations as funny so you don’t sweat the small stuff. I had a few myself, like the old guy that sat on the edge of his desk touching his balls all day and putting the kids struggling in math in one corner and calling them stupid and worthless and constantly embarrassing them in front of other students. Yes it is ok to point out the other side but you sounded as though these students were just playing a race card when they are problems. You do not know that to be true but obviously your mind goes directly there.

You can get good quality steak pretty cheap if you have room to freeze it. I buy a whole side of ribeye or NY strip beef from Costco. I pay $7 9 per pound for steak that beats Whole Foods grass fed organic steaks in the $20 30/lb range in blind taste tests with friends..

I forced my roommate to watch GOT with me. My second time watching, her first. She talked through SO many episodes despite my polite indication that she’s missing critical info by asking too many questions. Don I don know if you are smarter than me. Don really think it matters. Not sure why you are so concerned about that.

(Privacy Policy)AppNexusThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)OpenxThis is an ad network. (Privacy Policy)Rubicon ProjectThis is an ad network. And 16 hours might be too much. But I say start with an achievable goal and do that two or three times a week. Then bump the time up more..

Ultimately, my main issue with your comment is saying that someone with a 4K TV would pick a One X over a PS4 Pro and that just not the case. I actually have both systems and it depends on the game which system I get it for. Most games run identically on both platforms and when that is the case, I get the PS4 version.

Also, if no one in your team is good at sales, hire a consultant to help craft your sales strategy. There a lot more than just demoing your software and hoping the customer is “wowed” by it. Especially in B2B it a very unique craft. Although seemingly abundant, only a tiny amount of the water on our planet is easily available as freshwater. We live in an increasingly water insecure world where demand often outstrips supply and where water quality often fails to meet minimum standards. Under current trends, future demands for water will not be met..

Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device. (Toronto Sun)The Toronto Transit Commission is coming under fire after the emergence of a picture. Continue reading this post.

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Too often, doctors found themselves saving the lives of a mother and child only to later lose the baby to sepsis, or treating war wounds only to see patients die from infection weeks later. “Doctors are running out of options,” she said, stressing that antimicrobial resistance was a medical emergency and should not be portrayed simply as a security threat. Indeed, the issue was a public health failure and, therefore, a public responsibility.

Samuel Ziff was a practicing optometrist in 1971. He felt that the sunglass product category, which was very strong in his South Florida based practice, was not sufficiently well merchandised in the available retailers at that time. Dr. Here we have a Keltec Sub2000 that takes G19 mags. Fitted with a Primary Arms gen 2 compact weapon light and a UTG 5 position foldable foregrip. Due to the lack of ready accessories and funds on my end, I drilled out some of the rear sight for a larger sight picture, melted electrical tape on the charging handle for a slip free grip, and took four glock assisted loaders and strapped them down with steel zipties to mount two 33rd sticks to the sides.

Considering the implications of this divide in conflicting values, I would have preferred Anderson look at this multifaceted issue more constructively with the Senator. Instead, it felt like he was trying to corner the Senator into saying something he would have to apologize for. Although to be fair I think the Senator was so concerned about being cornered that he could not participate in such a constructive dialog anyway..

Dad took us kids in the room and locked the door. He read the bible until we fell asleep. I woke the next morning with them in their bed. About: I in high school and I enjoy hunting and fishing. I enjoy photography. I like fixing things, salvaging things I can fix, and destroying the things I can salvage.

I be frank with you, glasses are just glasses. They either made of plastic or metal, once you reach a certain price level, the differences aren really much. If you like how a particular pair looks, then buy it. I see lots on quality time so I chime in with something slightly different: make time for you and give your partner time for themselves. It okay to want 30 minutes to yourself to just unwind or have your time. It okay to let your partner watch the baby while you go for a drive with the windows down to get some snacks and you do the same in return to make sure you each have a little time.

A number of flooded communities and roadways and the medical and our ABC’s upended that Tuesday by an incredible scene there you’ll have a live report. The big island of Hawaii there if going with the hottest and fastest moving lava yet from the latest eruption of the Delaware volcano if you wolf car will bring us the latest. But we begin with breaking news and Arizona where we have learned that police have been on the hunt for suspect behind several killings including a prominent forensic psychiatrist.

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By and large you’re talking higher income or net worth individuals. You’re obsessing on the dollar figure (literally mentioned it every single post), but a lot of these people don’t care. They’re successful and consider it a worthy trade off to pay more in exchange for logistical support, services, and their time back..

When are we humans going to look beyond the melanin and see one another for who we really are members of the same species. I really beginning to think that people with racial views may have some kind of mental disorder; having a very limited and skewed view and unfounded fear of others who are different. I can only imagine the hell they live through everyday, which results in them putting others through hell as well.

They’re kind of like they’re not that spicy, it’s kind of like a spicy raisin, a little fruity, a little heat from them. I make a puree. Let’s move down here and the chiles thicken it up. Stern is far below the level that I expect from Morgan. Last night GREAT. Tonight not so much but you didn have a chance with that idiot on.

Especially when every single important event in the story by an Ironborn is already reported to other POVs in other chapters, further reinforcing that they’re literally just nonsense, bland filler. Seriously, try reading all the books over again but skip every Ironborn chapter including Theon. You literally don’t miss a single event, and the books are more fun to read.

They typically contain water, electrolytes and sugar. Energy drinks have added caffeine and other ingredients that their manufacturers say increase stamina and “boost” performance. They’re designed for students, athletes and anyone else who wants an extra energy kick..

GIANFRANCO ROSSI, of the International Association for Religious Freedom, said religious extremism was a phenomenon that was connected to all the major religions. However, in recent years, the most dangerous and terrifying manifestations of this phenomenon had been visible in Islamic movements. One only had to look at what was taking place in Algeria, where an estimated 50,000 innocent men, women and children had been killed in the name of God.

Unluckily, most of the time, news are passed on from governmental sources without journalistic research. Governmental sources lack transparency and provide evidence of part. It is easy for us readers to perceive it is not true, that it stinks. Many people are pretty good at it and do this in a sort of mechanical way. But I think it looks as a rather nervous behaviour because their hands are constantly moving and they hold the glasses in their hands and almost use them as a pointer. Your glasses will be everywhere: on your head, in your hand and on your nose.

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Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, Apple, Ray Ban and Nike all have storefronts. The site is even built like a mall, with departments on different “floors” of the website.Related: China’s Alibaba files for landmark IPOChina is already the second largest online retail market in the world, and the fastest growing. The industry brought in roughly $210 billion in 2012, and is expected to hit $650 billion by 2020, according to McKinsey.CNNMoney tracked down a few of Alibaba’s top merchants.

Where an item is sold loose, we provide small, recyclable bags which act as a barrier to potential contamination.regularly review our processes and make improvements where necessary. Where issues are identified, our colleagues will always act quickly to put this right. Have a As You Go policy to ensure trolleys and baskets are cleaned and rubbish removed by colleagues throughout the day.

Someone said Zimmerman was not white, as in, so he woulld not commit a racial crime. They dont study race related problllllems to any depth, one thing people of race suffer from is other people of race discriminating against them because they are darker then them. I know of a mother whose first reaction on the sight of her baby was, he is darker than me and that same baby grew up to be a paki basher in london.

According to internal documents, Officer Sweatt left the scene and filled out a report at a local store. He says he was concerned about overtime and was under the impression other officers were arriving to Paz’s home. Houston Police Chief Charles McLelland fired the officer for negligence after complaints were raised by detectives who were investigating the rape, saying he didn’t show regard for the victim..

He said Kosovo Albanians had autonomy from Serbia that was “broader than any currently enjoyed by any region or a federal unit in Europe”, and recommended that this situation continue.He added that there must be “an end to seven years of discrimination against the Serbs, as well as other non Albanian communities”, before Kosovo’s status could be determined. The Serbian leader also emphasized that, unless they improved their levels of cooperation, countries of the Balkans, which had been beset by war during the 1990s, would struggle to make progress in joining the European Union, NATO and similar groupings.Also speaking today were the Presidents of Malawi, Mozambique, Madagascar, Comoros, Senegal, Lithuania and Andorra.Others taking part in the general debate were the Prime Ministers of Canada, Portugal, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Mauritania, Lesotho, Samoa, Slovakia and Mongolia, as well as the Vice President of Sierra Leone.Also speaking were the Foreign Ministers of the Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Spain, Egypt, Mali, Niger and Angola. Tomorrow, Friday, 22 September..

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Reporter: And now, some roadside assistance. If you’re going to leave, just leave a note for this guy because we’ve got like ten people there that have been looking at you for the past ten minutes. I’m going to take license plate, and if you say that wasn’t you, that’s up to you.

For casual looks I subtract the tie, add some high waisted linen trousers and loafers without socks. I haven’t worn a T shirt in years.I buy most of my suits at Suitsupply its house cut perfectly fits my body. On Saturdays I also work at Sons of Savile Row, a made to measure store in Dsseldorf, so I have hands on experience of fabrics and styles.

They tend to come in waves with months in between of maybe fifteen or so in three months. Then BANG! I’ll start getting seven or so a day from companies wanting me to get penis enlargements (I’m a woman) and to invest in mortgage payments (I live with my folks still). I just junk them and make certain the address is blocked, forcing them to don a new address each and every time they try to spam me.So far, it’s worked amazingly well and I’ve been able to group them!Meds: Viagra is the biggest one here.Payments: Mortgages and Third World Kings needing bank help are the tops here.Body enhancements: Penis and Breast enlargements are the kings and Queens here.Dating and Sex: Apparently, according the the spam I’ve categorized, Sexy Single Housewives Looking for FUN are the most common ploy of the dating games.

They in the school systems, and all over. If they were the true blessed Jews. They won have to fight the generation of the true Jesus Christ who are blessed to forcefully killing them to steal what they have. I managed to pick up one of the last sunsets for retail, I saw afterwards they were selling for 300$ on stockx and goat. I thought there was good amount of demand but maybe it was just that cw. Every non sneakerhead I’ve met hates the look, but a few of my friends tried them in store and were mind blown by the comfort..

This Saturday BBC News launches a new programme aimed at issues in the news which affect teenagers. We’ve called it “Revealed” and it’s part of the BBC Switch zone on BBC2 on Saturday afternoon. Presented by two new to TV presenters Charlotte Ashton and Anthony Baxter, produced by Amy Burton who’s come to us from Newsround, our first programme explores the negative public image of teenagers in the press and the rest of the adult media..

I literally just said that you should be telling the tech what you want. You absolutely have a say. You can even tell the tech not to touch your work. Tapping the notification will load the corresponding story in the app when it is available. Full details on how push alerts work are available for iPhone and iPads and Android. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

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I was off for the following 3 days. I actually thought about him a lot. I slept a bunch to recoop since I was feeling all in all pretty depressed. All the bureaucracy was intended to support corruption. Politicians had to order stickers, and bags with their names on it and using it as if they campaigning for the elections. Also the canned goods donated, which is highly desirable there, were being switched to locally unmarked canned goods.

This page is best viewed in an up to date web browser with style sheets (CSS) enabled. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so..

I known people a couple people who enjoyed working for the coffee shops (only UHDS job worth it), the library help desk is super good, MU info desk as well. Here the trick: find a job you can comfortably do homework at. These are the only happy on campus working people I know (excluding researchers and academically aligned jobs)..

I never owned an Apeks but I did have a Poseidon XStream. And I never own another one. I heard of other people having good experience with them, but mine gave constant issues. Continue reading this postNicholas Carr’s vision of cloud computingBy Nora Young, host of CBC radio’s Spark “Cloud computing” is a buzz term in tech circles these days. It refers to the move from computing as something that happens on the hard drive of your computer with software. Continue reading this postNora Young: Virtual worlds for totally wired teensBy Nora Young, CBC Radio Spark There’s a lot of buzz in mainstream media about virtual worlds for adults, such as Second Life.

The French election is easier to answer. France is our next door neighbour and there are two quite different visions of the future on offer. It’s also a campaign that was quite unpredictable up to the last minute. 2300That’s where the BBC’s live coverage of Japan’s continuing nuclear crisis and the aftermath of the quake ends for today. Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant say they are close to restoring electricity to the stricken facility. Meanwhile low levels of radioactive contamination have been detected in some food products from the Fukushima prefecture.

Rather than building their own apps to crunch and apply the numbers, the city will invite developers to mash them up however they want. Expect iPhone apps and Google Maps aplenty, tracking everything from carpool collectives to bike routes to building vacancies to construction zones. Much of the data will be live, with new info streaming in as it goes public.But: how much data will we get and from which departments? How quickly will it go live? Will data be complete, or in summary form, thus thwarting many apps? Will it be compatible with apps written for other cities, like Washington?These are the questions I will be asking of this effort, but I more or less eased off of them today.

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On The World Tonight, we try to make sense of what is going on in the world by asking the questions our listeners want answers to, and reflect debates that are going on in society. We’ve done this successfully on several occasions, for instance, on whether immigration is necessary for economic reasons, and whether the EU needs a constitutional treaty. In the past few days, we have had Michael Binyon of The Times arguing that the disability rights movement has gone too far and is damaging small businesses, and a disabled rights activist, Jim Kelly, countering Michael’s arguments..

This was one of the more sane interviews that Charlie Sheen has given. Charlie Sheen is living in his own reality right now.2 years from now he may be in a a different reality. The saddest part of rme are his children. After a long term endeavor to upgrade the database, the new UNODA Documents Library is now under ODA official website domain. Documents are categorized by session or meeting name. In each category, documents are formatted into a sortable table by symbol and title.

Presidents, from a foreign policy point of view. Roosevelt deserves the highest ranking. Congressional isolationists had blocked most of FDR’s efforts to start mobilizing the American industrial base and preparing the American people for the war. It has gotten so stressful, because I don want to feel racist. And there are plenty of great black male students too. But day after day seeing the same problems surface with this population is so distressing..

I be honest a black market can and will exist regardless of how lenient regulation is. That being said, a total ban on a commodity gives incentives to criminals whereas even a crapsack system (like tobacco sin taxes) will curb drug smuggling because it is still available to the public. Prohibition is interesting because on the surface it seems to be the most logical thing in the world.

For example, a SIGINT sensor may provide information on the specific characteristics and capabilities of a radar beam, which would be part of ELINT. That same sensor, however, may provide information about the “spillover” of the main beam (sidelobes), or interference its transmitter produces. Those incidental characteristics, are MASINT disciplines..

Previous years aren’t irrelevant. They’re data just like everything else, and should be considered. But they do need to be considered carefully. It is fundamental to our freedom. That’s why it is protected in the First Amendment to the Constitution,” he said. “I’m going to say this slowly so that even Hillary Clinton can understand this.

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OK I think we have found a major issue that is causing a disconnect between us. I not arguing against general ideas or general alt right values. I have actually never knowingly listened to a member of the alt right before this. BBC Review A far livelier and more enjoyable record than 2006’s Ta Dah.Jaime Gill 2010It obviously unwise to begin a pop career with a dull, dreary album, but it can also be a curse to start out with anything too glitteringly good. Take the oddly parallel careers of Franz Ferdinand and Scissor Sisters: both released brilliant self titled debuts in February 2004 which grabbed the zeitgeist and gobbled the charts, then rushed out disappointing follow ups and found themselves mired in false starts while recording nightlife themed third offerings. For Franz Ferdinand, the hesitation proved costly and the sleek, subtle Tonight flopped: we soon know if Scissor Sister lengthier dithering will be similarly punished.Certainly, the New Yorkers jitters aren’t audibly evident on Night Work, which struts where their second stuttered and crams choruses where it blustered.

Rather pointless. Also takes up room on a 360’s/ PS3’s hardrive that some people might NOT have room for. I’m looking for more songs to play not listen too. I lukewarm on this. Procreation is indeed important to continuously drive a society. However, no one is forced to have children.

We are juggling finite resources covering a subject area with almost infinite scope and complexity. Sometimes I am asked why we haven’t written about Subject A, and why we have written about Subject B. The answer most of the time is that we did not have enough resources to write about A and felt B was a more relevant story to the majority of our readers.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileCanadians love their online video, but this love has always been tempered by a lack of choice, and if there is a lightning rod for the frustration that comes from that dichotomy, it’s the video streaming site Hulu.Well, take comfort no more: Hulu is coming to the UK in September, according to reports Wednesday.I suspected when I saw this news that it would unleash another round of online howling from Canadian technophiles, a group of people already a bit peeved at the current state of affairs in Canada. People in many other countries in the world are increasingly trading their basic right to control their lives for the convenience and pleasure of digital entertainment. The choice we face here in Canada will be, do we want to watch 24 and House online so badly that we are willing to trade yet more of our fundamental rights? Sadly, I suspect the answer to that question will be yes, because not many people really understand the degree to which laws like the American DMCA will ultimately impact their freedom.