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A second offense a lifetime ban. Indiana said today it has suspended Ray indefinitely. He would have to apply to be reinstated. But men and women are different in ways no matter what lens you look through. And by men and women I mean masculinity and femininity. They adjectives (masculine and feminine) that describe people, and people who identify as a man are, in general, more masculine than feminine, and those who identify as women are generally more feminine than masculine.

Chunks of bluish ice bob in a roiling slurry in front of the ship. Plates of ice buckle alongside the ship’s flanks, and water wells up between them, washing over the floating white pieces as they tip from side to side.The ship soon reaches open water, and stops for the afternoon so researchers can be lowered from a crane in a cage to sample the water. Graduate student Dustin Isleifson recalls that earlier in the study, the cage he was on was lowered a little too much and he was dunked up to neck deep in the icy waters.

Or keep a hot quarterback on the sideline by controlling time possession of the ball. Yea, Romnesia might be a good businessman at breaking the rules of the game, but two bad the strategy backfired on him in the other two debates. Yea, a crook is a crook even if he wearing a business suit!.

5 points submitted 2 months agoAnd while Paul George moved from the East to the West, him on that Pacers team was definitely not a real contender if we are talking about actually winning a ring. He definitely thought going to OKC would help his chances in winning a ring.Jimmy did not/does not have a great chance either way but there more potential on this Wolves team.Well historically rooted in what sense? I think if we are talking about in relations to their period in history then yes I agree with you, but in relations to art history (or perhaps the timeline of art instead of art history since the latter is a part of human history) then the relationship between the pieces is quite amazing IMO.Met’s “Unfinished” show where about half of all work post 1965 might be process oriented, but certainly wasn’t actually unfinished.Everything I said above was in regards to the Frans Hals Museum exhibition. Any examples of works that weren actually unfinished in the Met show? 2 points submitted 2 months agoI think for me the issue ends up being of how we got from A to B, more than that artists like Hals have influenced contemporary artists, if that makes sense.

All getting free money. I in the stock market. I was never a stock market person, but about three and a half years ago I said going to put a lot of money in the stock market, because it almost has to get up, and go up, and I look like a great genius, reveals the 67 year old grandfather..

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My mom was a church hopper (baptized 7 times in my life, I fucking set, bro!). Anyway, we went to a church like this for two years and everyone in the audience is totally into it. Although the one I went to was really strange. We gathered around what appeared to be an undamaged switch and mostly undamaged part of the home. We flipped the switch, and nothing. Immediately, we all made eye contact because we were all feeling the same thing.

BBC Review Despite occasional flashes of brilliance this is a patchy, derivative work.Chris Power 2010Every album is to an extent the product of its creators record collections. That brazenly been the case with LCD Soundsystem since their arrival in 2002 with Losing My Edge, on which James Murphy at once mocks and vaunts the faultless alternative credentials of his own. This arch narrative plays out above a punk funk groove that spawned a genre worth of copyists and, with fitting irony, set LCD Soundsystem on the path to joining the pantheon the song described.The process continued with 2005 self titled debut and 2007 Sound of Silver, which deserves a slot in any serious list of the decade best albums.

In 2009 Brubeck was awarded the Kennedy Center Honors, with Robert De Niro, Bruce Springsteen, Grace Bumbry and Mel Brooks. He played with his sons for President Obama at the White House, and 55 years ago became the first jazz musician to appear on the cover of Time magazine. His classic Take Five is as familiar today as in 1959 when it was a Top 10 hit all over the world..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileWinnipeg police officers are asking for 40 minutes of daily gym time during their shifts to keep pace with criminals, who are increasingly emerging from jail more fit and muscular than ever before.Mike Sutherland, president of the Winnipeg Police Association, says many officers work out on their own time to prepare themselves for their job. He believes they should also be given scheduled time to do so while on the clock, as officers in Calgary are allowed to do.However, the Winnipeg Police Service has so far refused the request, Sutherland said.”We’re not asking for a free ride here, but if the city would meet us sort of halfway,” he said. “Maybe a good workout would take you maybe 40 minutes to an hour.

The United Nations Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) has said it regrets that an opportunity was missed yesterday to come to agreement on the provincial elections law. It hopes Iraqi leaders will reach an agreement on outstanding issues through dialogue, as soon as possible, to enable elections, which the Mission says is the wish of the vast majority of the Iraqi people.The United Nations has been doing all it can to encourage the Iraqis to reach a compromise at the earliest possible, so that election preparations can move forward as soon as possible. As requested by the Iraqi Parliament, UNAMI stands ready to continue to assist the parties in finding an agreement, through the work of the parliamentary committee.

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Sobald ich etwas neues kaufe und die Rechnung per Mail kommt. Speichere ich es und nenne es um mit Datum zuerst dann was es war. Diese geht dann in Rechnungen. Nothing against you, but I don understand the whole watch thing. It such a fashion item and I see so many people carrying huge expensive ones like it a symbol status. This is definitely one of those “needs” that was designed by the marketing industry.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileExcerpts of Cajun and Zydeco music: “Le Two Step de Richet” by Courtney Granger, “J’ai passe devant la porte” by Feron Serrette and “Chatterbox” by Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys”One More Day” by Samantha Martin and Delta Sugar, from the album Send the NightingalesBetween 4 5:”December 1963 (Oh, What a Night)” by Frankie Vallie the Four Seasons”All Around You” by Sturgill Simpson, from the album A Sailor’s Guide to EarthBetween 5 6:”Out of My Head” by Lexi Strate, from the album Waves”Sophia” by Van Damsel, from the album Van DamselBy submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments. Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines.

Frankie travels to Russia’s most hardcore town to play an unusual game of football with a team who play the game at high speed on motorbikes. Thankfully their post match antics only involve being whipped with twigs in a sauna. Frankie then goes to St Petersburg, which is hosting one of the World Cup semi final matches, to meet Russia’s leading football historian and biggest collector of football paraphernalia, where he discovers that football arrived in Russia 120 years ago via the Scots.

From the latest in the PixelJunk series, PixelJunk Eden to thatgamecompany’s Flower, the games are uniquely innovative and deserve to be highlighted but they really weren’t given much time at all.If E3 was a boxing match, Sony came out with the confused air of a past his prime prizefighter, already staggering from the blistering salvos of his opponents. Despite an arsenal of possible (and stunning) punches Sony could have returned, it failed to pick the right ones, and ended up lying on the canvas being counted out.It would be unfair to count Sony out of the video game slugfest completely, but the company is going to struggle to get back up on its feet once again. Sure, PS3 doesn’t have the greatest lineup of or the most hyped exclusives, and I can’t say I was horribly happy with square over XIII, but the PSN has some pretty deceny indie titles, and the community has probably the best accessibility for those smaller developers.I completely disagree that that means they’re not holding their own.Also, what with xbox getting the whole avatar thingy, does anyone know if there was much mention of pshome?Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

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And if you are invited to the celebration, you will be amazed by the meal they will serve: numerous courses, various appetizers, delicious desserts. Briefly, Ukrainian women enjoy being good wives in every way possible. The site will be up and running for that public by 7.00 am and then announced live on Channel 9 by 8.50 am today.

We going to take back this country and we going to make it great again. : J. Sachs vs L. ISIS HAS ITS EYE ON THE JUGULAR OF ISRAEL. LET ISRAEL JUMP FIRST AGAINST ISIS. THE WEST CAN HELP WITH NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND. (Make your own joke here.)The new video game console includes internet connectivity and Nintendo has teamed up with Opera Software SA of Oslo, Norway, to offer a simplified version of the Opera Web browser for the Wii. [Screenshots, video] Opera also offers guidelines and tools to help people design Wii friendly websites.Over the holiday break, as millions of new Wii owners were unwrapping their coveted consoles, we stumbled across an item on Ars Technica’s Opposable Thumbs blog and were reminded of it today by Kotaku.According to Opposable Thumbs, one of its readers has discovered that at least some some website operators are starting to offer porn sites designed to be used with the Wii’s simplified Web browsing scheme.Despite the Wii’s parental controls, it might be enough to call into question Nintendo’s family friendly approach to the console’s content and marketing, or at least raise a red flag.But as with other technologies such as home video cassette recorders, commercial websites, streaming internet video and online photo sharing communities, porn was a pioneer. The same goes for video games, the Opposable Thumbs blog notes.Soon after Sony released its PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld gaming device which can also display photos, play back audio and video and let users surf the Web through a internet connection porn peddlers quickly began offering PSP formatted adult content.It seems that the more things change, the more they stay the same.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

Like Karen, Georgina handover over her bank details and while she received one bottle of capsules and one bottle of drops, the company emptied her bank account. She said: “They took 143.76 out and that was everything that we had, as we’re on a pension credit and there was only like 16 left in the bank. That was supposed to last us from Saturday to Saturday, it made me really, really ill.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has criticized the censorship of cyberspace, drawing a strong counterattack from Beijing. The Foreign Ministry on Friday said her remarks damaged bilateral relations, while a Chinese state newspaper said Washington was imposing “information imperialism” on China.The increasingly heated environment is likely to pose challenges to negotiating an arrangement that would suit both Google’s and China’s interests.Full storyIf Google pulls out of China over censorship issues, will it lead to other companies doing the same?Take our pollShould Google pull out of China?(polls)(This poll is not scientific. It is based on readers’ votes.)Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports.

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When you’ve had enough you’re hot and exhausted and ready clean up that sloppy pussy, you two gotta gear up like John Goodman breaking out of prison and turn on the cold water! Aaaaaaaaah let it all out yell to the heavens, while you two slap every part of your body still covered in goo. If you stayed focused, it was only 5 or 10 seconds of cold water. Good job, flip it back over to hot, and have a nice moment of afterglow open mouth slip lips kiss and embrace, basking in awareness that you have added a new favorite to your repertoire..

Believe that the deputy made a very vital mistake. This guy was a violent felon. He should not have been left alone. IPM is a weekly programme as well as a podcast. The “i” stands for interactive and “i” as in something personal. You can discuss ideas with the production team on this blog and during the course of the week you can view and comment on stories that are being lined up for Saturday’s programme..

Here in Mexico people complain that there are no jobs. But every time we look for a role it an aventure. That said, so far we have gotten the best of the best for science and narrative. Jundish Bhagwati, economist at Columbia University has written in response to sweatshop defenders: “Sweatshops indeed existed in 19th century Britain during early industrialization, leading to a burst of social legislation to rid the country of these ills. But nothing requires us to go that route again. Nations should join nongovernmental groups like the International Labor Organization to rid the world of sweatshops.

Many people with social anxiety are rather smart and just don’t accept everyone as a social contact because they are more aware of their actions and can’t identify with them. I hope you’ll find some good friends you can open yourself up to soon. Don’t be afraid to ask new people you meet questions about themselves; it’s the only way to find out wether someone has similar interests 🙂 Proper friendships are always a chance to learn something for everyone involved..

As the title says, she was found this morning outside a doctors office. We live in southern Alabama, and given the heat I figure she was likely trying to find some shade from the heat. She was far from any houses or apartments, and with no collar we decided to give this pup the help she needed..

In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattlce at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. A scene from ‘Bloody Sunday’ (2002) AlamyHaving admired Bloody Sunday (2002) a scalding account of the 1972 killing of 13 civil rights marchers by British troops in Derry Damon supported hiring Greengrass for The Bourne Supremacy despite his relative obscurity. But the actor was uneasy about the script the producers had bought from Gilroy. To him, it never felt ready.

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That just too simplistic. What it is: a terrific, trippy adventure that sees Ecks (armed with shiny new tools and beats) travelling the same freaky deaky space that another desert dwelling weirdo, John Fahey, arpeggio d and raga d through all those years ago a ghostly, moody, wyrd cosmos with an ever changing landscape.From the bizarre Bollywood collision of Kowboyz and the Middle Eastern Morricone like march of I Given, to Holidays, on which Ecks sounds like Pharrell just released from the loony bin, the underwater digi funk of Candylane and the howling Suzie Q, there something for every curious pop fan in these 19 tracks. That Brainfeeder producers Flying Lotus and The Gaslamp Killer are involved, alongside LA beat masters Mainframe and AJDM, only adds to the appeal of this alluring and mystifying character.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

If you file as an individual and your combined income all of the sources I identified above is less than $25,000, your benefits won be taxed at all. If income is between $25,000 and $34,000, up to 50 percent of your benefits may be subject to tax. For income of more than $34,000, up to 85 percent of your benefits may be considered taxable income..

It all comes down to context. Is the Cleric of Pharasma a new guy who joined an established party where the wizard has had a skeleton for a long time? Probably a bit of a dick move and is more the peg in a round hole that it mentions. You are intentionally being obstinate and looking for trouble..

Soledad O I’m black. I’m Latina. My mom is Cuban. We offer an activity book with crayons. Granted the kids aren as excited, but are they there to eat, or to be distracted with a toy?? What the issue is, is the parent who allows them to order the meals. Our highest calorie meal for kids is 300 calories.

As Tom said, a long exposure is what you are looking for. This means that the sensor is capturing an image for a longer time than usual. On most cameras, this time is referred to as the shutter speed. I like the absence of the the shroud (probably one of my favourite differences to other holographics) and that everything electronics seems to be down in the base of the optic. I also like the sight picture, the mount, and the controls all slightly better than the EOTechs. It has a better battery life and much higher submersible rating.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileOur northern latitude and heavy snowfall make solar power a less enticing energy prospect in Canada than in, say, sunny California. But as we’ve reported earlier this year, solar power projects are, if you’ll allow the mixing of energy metaphors, gaining steam in Canada.It turns out, however, there is a (very) hidden cost to solar panels people don’t often consider: theft.According to a New York Times report, solar panels have been the target of a rash of thefts in sunny California and to a lesser extent in other states.Stupid criminal. There’s harmless Facebook addiction, then there’s stupid Facebook addiction.

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Let me say right now that some of the things of which we stand accused are contemptible. I can see no circumstances at all under which you can justify defrauding the public on a premium rate phone line. In fact, I can’t quite see why there aren’t grounds for prosecution.

They ignore me. The horticulturalist gets out and gets me a Gatorade. I get in the truck. I am for this. I am 42. I work with college students and I am in better shape than most of the students around me mostly because of their poor eating and exercise habits.

I opened my laptop and discovered the battery had swelled at one spot. I purchased a new one off Aliexpress. It fixed the problem but the battery started acting up again after a week. Additionally check for where screws/rivets go. All of the X metals have rivets that hold the frame together on the bottom of the lens frame and ones that keep the bridge connected to the frames. If there are no screws/rivets, you are looking at fake oakley frames.

Hell my parents in their sixties as doctors still put in 80 work weeks, and if their bodies allowed them to, they would do 100 hour weeks. Fuck, my parents, a few years ago, did like this trial run for retirement, see how they liked it, and they took a month long vacation, and they tell me by like week two, they were itching to get back at the clinic to see their patients. I can already tell that they will probably drop dead literally when they are seeing a patient when they reach like 90..

Bear in mind that this performance was broken up into two parts over a week of broadcasts, so the transitions are a bit rough we wanted you to know who was reading which part. The hosts introducing the readings this week were Carolina DeRyk, Betsy Trumpener, Andrew Kurjata and Robert Doane. The vast majority of this performance was produced by Jenifer Norwell and Betsy Trumpener in Prince George and Carolina DeRyk and George Baker in Prince Rupert, with post production from Wil Fundal and Robert Doane.By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses.

Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in Syria, where the scale of the exodus has reached crisis proportions. Over nine million people have fled the murderous regime of Bashar al Assad. Approximately 2.8 million refugees have successfully crossed the border into adjacent countries, with Lebanon now hosting more than one million registered Syrians, and Jordan and Turkey hosting a combined 1.7 million.

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It didn matter that the 56 year old comedian and television icon was in the middle of hosting the 86th edition of The Oscars. She was craving a couple of large pies and Martirosyan was making the delivery. Was waiting, and then Ellen came out and told me, going to tell you to follow me.’ FULL POST.

Pandora Hearts, and I haven even seen a single episode of it. Let me tell you why: When I first heard of it, it was from my little sister. Me and her never got along, and one day, she suddenly came running into my room babbling about how this is the greatest anime in the world (I guess she was very new to anime)..

Ray ban is RBXXXX. If you are looking up ray bans, search for “ray ban XXXX” (leave off the RB part you will get better results) on BOTH google and ebay. If your google search turns up sunglasses that look like yours being sold by reputable sellers on line, you should be good.

This doesn address my point about reputation. You just restating your point, jesus christ can you not see that? Purdue chicken has a history of animal rights abuses against their chickens. Do consumers care about this? NO! They care about price. The United Irishmen, as well as the Founding Fathers of the USA are a good example many significant people from that era were deists (it was even harder to be a proper atheist back then, for pretty obvious reasons Darwin hadn’t lifted the lid on evolution, for one thing). Nowadays their heirs are Quakers, Unitarians or Non Subscribing Presbyterians (here in Ireland). The fundamental principle is freethought..

If money handling is not a mechanic you interested in, then mods that allow for collecting more ingredients have basically no downside. If you interested in dealing with money and in immersion, a complete overhaul like CACO will always be your best choice (and I find the features like “dirty” potions to be more immersive as well). In your situation, I can tell you what the perfect solution is, but you seem to have found one you like, which is good..

Perhaps his nose detected a faint perfume, perhaps the skin on the backs of his hands, on his face, felt the temperature rise at this one spot where a person’s standing might raise the immediate atmosphere ten degrees for an instant. There was no understanding it. Each time he made the turn, he saw only the white, unused, buckling sidewalk, with perhaps, on one night, something vanishing swiftly across a lawn before he could focus his eyes or speak..

The most ambitious of NASA’s high tech programs is GAP General Aviation Propulsion. Engines are the key to advances in all phases of aviation: There’s no point in designing a 747, a Mach 3 fighter, or an economical 250 mph lightplane unless the engines exist to power them. Holmes admits that GAP’s engines of the future programs are pushing the envelope of feasibility.

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And to everybody who claims that the reason my temples are sore or why I have “delusions of grandeur” are due to my being “high” or whichever way you aim to construe my exegesis of an episode, you will hear vocalizations of a gelatological nature emanating from my larynx whilst Xyzyzyx the paisley pangolin (a treasured acquaintance of mine) and I reflect on your foolishness later that day. I await the furious fussilade of odious obluquies and belittling bombast in the comments below. “Too long; Did not read”: Did you really think I would include one of these silly little things at the bottom of my witty wordsmithery? It not my fault if you can handle my de trop of definitions or my lexical linguipotence! Get back up there and read it, even if you have to go through it with dictionary in hand.

Tennis matches. Outdoor body weight exercises and sprinting at the local football field. Game or two of ultimate Frisbee. Pharah has the advantage of being harder to hit, so if the team is getting kills, the damage your team is taking will naturally reduce, and you should be able to damage boost more. Make sure to take care of tanks. Fly around a lot.

On the third morning the ash was up to Melki knees and the human masses continued past Tellendei walls. The roof of the shrine where he delivered his first child had collapsed in the night, trapping those who sought it shelter. There weren enough folk still present to unearth them from their tomb, and when a second structure groaned in much the same way he sent a prayer to a sky in which he could no longer see the sun..

I also got a CPAP for sleep apnea and I been able to sleep so much better. Didn even know I had sleep apnea but it turns out that I was having 39.9 events per hour on average. Meaning in 6 hours of sleep, I was getting the value of 2 hours. Tl;dr: 15 year old is found brutally murdered in a park after not returning from a friend house the night before. Mom and stepdad are duly broken up. Investigation reveals that the men who killed her had been hired to kill the stepdad by Sarah and her mom.

2 points submitted 2 days agoMy current roster is a 60ly AspX for running errands, FDL for combat (wish I could run it all day every day though), Krait for med multirole, Anaconda for large multirole, Corvette for mining.Trying to outfit my Krait to be my all purpose ship because it more fun to fly than the big ships. Anaconda and Corvette share internals, so I swap back and forth depending on what I feel like doing.Cutter would probably be better for mining/trading, but I hated flying it so much that I promptly sold it.sciencecomic 2 points submitted 6 days ago465 hours here. It not a game I play every day, all evening long, but I like being able to play other games too.

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Now the recordings are hard to take into consideration for the simple fact that everyone on the ground was in a state of shock and no one still knew what was going on. I mean fuck people said they heard bombs going off, they saw missiles, things that have no evidence of occurring. The fact is after every major incident like this, there is so much misinformation that those people in the thick of it are some of the most unreliable simply because there’s so much going on around them for them to process it all.

But Hope Offered by Coalition That Has Saved More Than a Million LivesFollowing is Ban Ki moon’s message on World Malaria Day, observed 25April:Last year on World Malaria Day, we mourned the fact that one child died every 45seconds from this disease. This year, we have managed to slow the clock. It remains a monumental tragedy that one child dies every minute from malaria, but we can draw some hope from the many lives saved through international interventions.More children are sleeping safely under nets, more families are gathering in rooms protected from mosquitoes, more communities have access to testing, and more patients get the medicines they need to recover.A global coalition has boosted proven strategies, including long lasting insecticidal nets, indoor spraying, rapid diagnostic tests and anti malaria medicines for populations at risk.Their efforts have saved more than a million lives.

Due to a bunch of interviews, bass solo’s and general bowling around like a lord/mug, I only got to see a few bands today. Johnny Truant played a blinding set to a full tent, circle pits and metal, as soon as singer Olly saw me taking pictures at the side of the stage he turned on the swear button. This is because prior to their recent Rock Show session I offered up a swear warning at the start and said he had a ‘mouth like a sailor’.

Personally, when I visit Kosovo (I live in the US), I like going in late August / early September. Peak summer (aka July) can get pretty hot, although that probably when most Albanians not living in Kosovo come back to visit (so it also way more crowded). To be honest though, any time from May October should be fine.

Comment number 5. At 19:49 15th Feb 2011, kaybraes wrote: Maybe we should give up on attacking the banks for making profits and concentrate on the rip off being perpetrated on Joe Public by the power and fuel companies. It seems that attacking the banks is a more attractive proposition to the media than doing something worthwhile and giving these charlatans a roasting..