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Friends don neighbors don co workers don family doesn They just don care enough to do it. I like hey elections are next week, yall voting? They don know anybody on the ballot, they don know what the seats are for, they don know the issues in question, nothing. So of course they don vote..

I dont remembir so good what Burt said but I remembir he wantid me to say what was in the ink. I dint see nothing in the ink but Burt sed there was picturs there. I coudnt see no picturs. But is it any good? Well, if you like treacly, textured, atmospheric and extremely druggy songs, where discordant saxophones glide soporifically through a pink purple glow of narcotic keyboards, the piecing vocals of Vernon and Coulter flapping lazily overhead like stoned alien birds. Then you are in for a treat. This is lush, involving music that takes stated influences and sculpts them into something genuinely there.

She plies everybody with booze and brownies. And we turn into her army of idiots. Why don’t you stop doing what she says. In the UK household, wealth has fallen by around 1.1 trillion or around 40,000 per household. Government debt is expected to reach 1 trillion in a few years, an increase of 600 billion, and unemployment is expected to top three million, or 10% of the workforce. The crisis has also led to unprecedented international co operation at the G20 summit in London and later this month in Pittsburgh, which could lead to stronger regulation of the world’s financial markets, including bankers’ bonuses..

I a utilitarian at heart, I guess. Whatever leads to the least amount of suffering in the world. Also, I generally work with the bereaved, not the deceased (though that happens too), and even when I meet the deceased it almost always immediately before death, so I never get attached.

Here in this year cross country talk about it as well I’m joined by my colleague chief national correspondent Byron Pitts. The former new York city police commissioner Ray Kelly thank you for being here political strategist Matthew daddy sent an Austin, Texas today Charlotte Eiffel. The president NAACP legal defense fund.

“Dealing with North Korea is hard because Kim Jong Un wants it to be hard,” said Russel, who was assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs in the Obama administration. “If you make the Americans fight for every inch, the Americans will start measuring progress in inches and will wind up paying by the inch. At this point, even to get the North Koreans to follow through with the return of Korean War era MIA remains, would feel like a big win for Pompeo, even though it wouldn’t affect the nuclear threat.”.

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Airmobile units are light infantry with regularly assigned helicopters, which make most tactical movements by helicopter. Earlier in 1965, there had been promising combat demonstrations by the 173rd Airborne Brigade, but the helicopters were ad hoc attachments and the team was not well practiced. Perspective, Ia Drang demonstrated the fundamentally new capabilities, as well as the liabilities, of large, well integrated airmobile forces.

For example, he invited a female employee to lunch outside the building and insisted on buckling her seat belt, brushing her breasts as he reached across her, according to the magazine. “You look back, and it’s wackadoo,” one former Panthers employee told SI. “You felt preyed upon.

What does CNN have against cruise ships all of a sudden? Oh, probably because Rockafeller is complaining about how much tax they pay, now the liberal controlled media is all over them. Ive been on 30+ cruises and never heard of any of these issues. Also they are talking about most cruise employees make less than $1000 a month I would say, most cruise employees make close to $2000 a week.

While I haven been able to locate clear information on what happened to these slaves, there a good chance they were educated by Franklin kin after they were freed since he published, An address to the public, from the Pennsylvania Society for promoting the abolition of slavery, and the relief of free negroes, unlawfully held in bondage, which argued that all free slaves should be educated in order to get life skills. This also came from a project Frankin wife worked on during the 1750s, where in 1758 she helped open a school for black children. She also enrolled Othello in the school as well.

Very few of you know your ass from a whole in the ground. Basically, there are rubber like “bendable” up to differing degrees of “stiffness”.In an optical lab when we say Nylon were referring to the softer bendable material like you might see an infant wear because it bendable properties make it nearly impossible to snap. Hard nylons are just referred to as plasticThe softer nylons are also very good at retaining there original shape wth exceptions explained below.

There needs to be a happy medium, instead of waiting days, and in some cases weeks in emergency rooms for beds to become available because hospitals keep eliminating psychiatric beds, there needs to be more beds made available. Imagine being 14 years old and spending 3 days in an ER waiting for a bed, getting no meds except the occasional Ativan to keep you calm, only to be taken almost 3 hours away from your friends and family BY POLICE CAR, in handcuffs, to get treatment, and then once there being told that you are only allowed 1 2 visits a week for 20 minutes. If this was any other illness you be allowed daily visits, phone calls etc but because you have a mental illness you are treated like the worst kind of criminal, despite having not committed a crime and asking for help! What I just described is exactly what happened to my son 2 months ago! He has Bipolar disorder and we are in the process of having him evaluated for Autism Spectrum Disorder and possible brain damage that he may have suffered at birth.

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It was a round basket, no bigger than half a coconut shell, coated with something to block up the holes and make it float. A little man, only six inches high, was standing up in it. He had a mass of untidy red hair into which a few feathers, beads, and bits of cloth had been woven.

When I was eleven, his three boys came to stay with us over Christmas break from school. They were showered with gifts. I received none. This school is living in a vacuum. Perhaps they would like all hiv positive people to be sent to some island like Molokai. I hear they have moved beyond the stigma of leprosi!.

I thought the interchange between Mr. Cooper, Ari Fleisher the other guests regarding the use of recess appointments highlights the serious deficiencies in modern journalism. Mr. White concluded that the inappropriate behavior was limited to Richardson, with “no other employee alleged to have engaged in such conduct.” Her investigation covered allegations that were previously reported, “as well as similar matters that have not been the subject of public discussion,” the statement said. The investigation, the NFL added, “didnot seek to confirm or reject the details of each specific allegation made regarding Mr. Richardson, [but] it did substantiate the claims that have been made, and identified no information that would either discredit the claims made or that would undermine the veracity of the employees who have made those claims.”.

I know this post is kinda old but I wanted to chime in because I also used to play GS3. Racked up some insane credit card bills. I was so hooked on this game, I went home for lunch from work just to get a little fix in the middle of the day. While the majority of people, including Christians, are generally tolerant and open minded, the public discourse is still dominated by an outmoded religious hegemony. This means that Northern Ireland can be a cold house for atheists, sceptics and humanists. The old attitude that an atheist is either a fool or a knave (“The fool hath said in his heart there is no good.

This is why Kerry along with some of his former top aides say the Democrats have to fight back hard and quickly this time around. Kerry launched a web site yesterday questioning the claims in Corsi book. And, his former chief strategist says Obama campaign has to every single assertion in the book, although he acknowledges it a fine line to walk in not drawing too much attention to the book in the process.

UV Protection (10/10): So I wanted to get these checked because I care about my eyes. I called Sears Optical, Vison Works, Pearle Vison, and finally LensCrafters. LensCrafters was the only store that was able to test UV. A dark world indeed.As a final note I need to find myself a girl who likes gaming as much as I do and one who I can play with aswell, LOL, and watch movies with, hang out. I used to play 4 hours a day on average of games (which my then girlfriend found abusive, but she married me anyways). Now I get about 4 hours a week.

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School Reporters visited their local police station and spoke to the press officer to find out what the police think about this. It’s also been revealed that we’ll each eat some 200,000 grams of lard in our lifetimes, so the students interviewed their catering manager about the school’s healthy eating policy. They are also planning a special feature for St Valentine’s Day, interviewing staff and students about their plans for the most romantic day of the year..

Past security. That sounds very unsophisticated. When you said that an earlier dean it struck me. Presenter Huw Edwards returns to his home town to re tell the story of the Llanelli riots. A century after the death and destruction that marred the town’s history, he attempts to set the record straight and bring to an end 100 years of shame. You can catch the programme Llanelli Riots: Fire In The West on Tuesday 16 August at 10.35pm on BBC One Wales..

THEN, Conan took over and the ratings TANKED. Jay wanted the slot back because he didn want to see The Tonight Show go in the toilet. Conan was the idiot in all of it, NBC just played along. Editor’s note: Talk show host Meredith Vieira is the latest public figure to share her story of domestic violence inspired by the social media movement WhyIStayed. We’re resurfacing this story from September 9 explaining the origins of the hashtag. “It’s not just an issue with the NFL, it’s an issue in all of our lives,” Vieira says on her show..

Not happy, the official said of the CDC. Two governors said, this, federal government. They very worried we won be able to get physicians or nurses to go (to countries affected by the Ebola outbreak). So far more than 5,000 evacuates signing in. Red cross is not going to deny anyone who needs help. First they it go through the security check point taking only what they can carry and then make their way to the registration desk where they check in with the red cross from there they make their way into that room where dry clothes, food and water is waiting.

My dog is dead. I don’t have a car. My mother has high cholesterol and cannot get hold of any Lipitor. I am an licensed RN, but have not actually worked as an RN. This should not have happened to this child, this is nurse neglect and I should see some lawsuits. Hemorrhage is a well known complication of toncillectomy.

Ray Dalio is the founder of the world’s largest and most successful hedge fund, Bridgewater. He created it in 1975 in his two bedroom apartment. Today Bridgewater has about 1,500 employees and manages $162 billion. If that list strikes you as “downright scary,” you an utter monster. Which, I mean, if you identify as part of GG, you an utter monster, so I expect little from most here, but complaints that it “vague” would be more a fault of Hannity than Ocasio Cortez. And that some of it is unrealistic? It nice to fight for the right thing, even if it can happen, so long as you agree to accept a merely good thing..

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Such votes further show the world how broken international law currently is. Charter framework. As I have argued elsewhere, intervention against chemical weapons use offers a limited, qualitative threshold that would gain greater support than current proposals for humanitarian intervention..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileWhen will we begin automatically thinking of e books when someone says the word “book”? Perhaps when they start becoming as popular as real books low tech wonders that you can easily borrow, lend, move from shelf to shelf, give away, or sell to a used bookstore unlike many of their digital counterparts.The availability of e books for different platforms, from internet browsers to specialized e book readers to cellphones, has grown dramatically in the year leading up to today, which has been declared by the United Nations as .Earlier this week, the UN itself even gave a nod to the growing presence of books online by unveiling its World Digital Library. The website includes great cultural works such as Chinese oracle bones inscribed with writings and the world’s first novel, The Tale of Genji, written in Japan in the 11th century.By nature, e books in their purest form a text file are easier to copy than real books.That can make it impossible to read books on multiple devices, give it away, or lend it to a friend and can also lead to some downright horrifying situations.For example, a blog on ChannelWeb reported the story of one Amazon customer whose account was closed by the company after he returned some of his e book purchases. That cut off his access to all the e books he had ever bought and he could not buy new ones until his account was eventually reopened following complaints.In another case, an e book vendor called Fictionwise announced in January that one of its suppliers had cut off service to Fictionwise customers.

BBC radio boss Tim Davie apologises unreservedly and uses the “unacceptable” word too. Ofcom and the BBC Trust circle menacingly. And the woman at the centre of it all, Georgina Baillie, reportedly tells the Sun she wants them sacked.. She moved her hand up to my upper back and then she dropped her hand to my butt and squeezed and then at that point I knew that this had gone in a direction I didn’t want it to go at all. As I walked past her she grabbed for my crotch. Reporter: The former staffer says several weeks ago he told the assemblyman who he used to work under who reported the incident and politico writes a second accuser made similar claims.

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And now, just in time, Valentine’s Day wishes. As they write:Looking for a novel gift for friends, family, colleagues or teachers? Hoping to surprise your sweetie with something more memorable than roses? Send a YNIS gift certificate that entitles the receiver to space on America’s most ambitious student satellite! We’ll send the recipient a digital gift certificate and instructions for how to upload a message or image of their choice.Don’t expect the satellite to stay up there forever, however: after five weeks it will return to Earth, but as a bonus sponsors will get the piece of the spacecraft hardware that carried the image into orbit. Prices range from $35 to $250 US per square cm.Just a word to the wise: while this gift might handle this year’s Valentine’s Day, it probably can’t be double dipped for use in 2010 when the actual satellite enters orbit.

That is the late front Mans 24 year old son. He will perform is bad spots. Dot annaly said that. Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device. (Toronto Sun)The Toronto Transit Commission is coming under fire after the emergence of a picture. Continue reading this post.

Plus when I get home from work, I can try to sleep again”. Weirdly enough that started to work. When I be laying in bed obsessing over trying to get some sleep, I tell myself, “well, guess I won be sleeping tonight” and accept it, like meditation. 2. Do NOT complain “That not creepy!” in the comments. REPORT THE SUBMISSION USING THE LINK PROVIDED BY REDDIT.

I got my first DSLR about 7 months ago (it’s a Canon Rebel T6). And over the past few months I’ve notice a blurred circular dot on my photos. I thought it was on my lens so I cleaned them, but the dot still remained. Have you considered that pretty much the thrust of the lgbt movement has always been to be openly gay? I honestly don’t know any heterosexuals for who their sexuality is a defining characteristic. I don’t think I’ve been around a gay person in the last 20 years who didn’t make it a point of letting me know they were gay. Nobody cares..

Be civil and objective with your posts. This is not a place to tell everyone how much you hate eBay or how much eBay sucks. It is also not a place to expose poor buyers and sellers. Does it really matter? Haha! We all three of us think that (a) in some companies, developers make decisions and (b) developers very rarely make decisions in large companies. We all three presumably think that this was a bad decision and not a developer led one. I just don think we should allow sloppy general comments like “in software engineering there no such thing as developer led decisions”, and I don think one should be slated for challenging it! Especially as people in a profession which prides itself in precision..

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Much of her lore was mere rubbish and humbug, nor did she know the true spells from the false. She knew many curses, and was better at causing sickness, perhaps, than at curing it. Like any village witch she could brew up a love potion, but there were other, uglier brews she made to serve men’s jealousy and hate.

Basically if they had other business come in and do stuff (like paint the walls or weekly maintenance), the liquidated money will go to those people first. I don know the whole order, but I do know that shareholders get paid last. Preferred shares are still at the end, but are in front of common stock.

These things ARE happening, perhaps not to the extent of demolishing bathrooms, but the lying about full areas definitely occurs. In fact, some small ISPs have had such problems with this that they advise potential new customers to sign up with Bell for a month (no contract) and then migrate over to the wholesaler. This is because when wholesalers put in the line request, they are often told that the customer can not receive DSL or that the customer will receive a much lower speed profile..

Our first edition kicked off with a subject of critical relevance to our young, urban target audience. Figures seen by 1Xtra show that four out of every 10 young people say they have unprotected sex. Many young men we spoke to don’t like the feel of a condom young women worried about their reputation if they carry some in their bags.

Just ANOTHER example of lunacy from Cameron. Has he got a political death wish ? Just who is he trying to impress? certainly not his core voters(if he has any left ) His middle name should be expediency ( my first choice would’nt be printed) How embarrassing it is when coloured members/former member NCO’s of Mr Mercer’s, defend his reputation with such pride and vigor. Cameron now looks weak and pathetic.

Some crimes are only observed by other bad cops. Sometimes you just can do anything about it. Sometimes you intimidated and don want to do anything about it. Now I know that socialism is such a politically charged word and it basically been turned into this boogeyman for everything conservatives don like about progressives. Maybe it time to find a new word for actual socialism, because people are probably never going to let go of the smear campaign. (Laborism? Meh.).

Gioachino Rossini Biography (BBC) The most popular, successful and influential opera composer of the first half of the 19th century, Gioachino Rossini undertook the titanic task of dragging the cumbersome and moribund forms of 18th century Italian opera into a new era. In the process, it took him just three weeks of 1816 to create in The Barber of Seville one of the all time masterpieces of comic opera. That was just one of his 38 stage works in all the major contemporary genres..

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A brazing filler begins with one of several common primary metals: silver, aluminum, gold, copper, cobalt or nickel. These primary metals are then mixed, or alloyed, with other metals to improve or tweak their properties. For example, manganese acts as melting point suppressant, meaning it lowers the temperature at which the primary metal will melt.

He was not present durning the injection (S) of Michael. How does he know Dr. Murray is lying?. He could have lived a much more comfortable life but as a persecuted Jewish survivor of WW2 he felt compelled to speak truth to power. He led a very useful life.” “Morgentaler emphasized that his experiences as Jew and Holocaust survivor were at the root of his work. Many women were raped or had relations with the guards to save themselves also a form of rape.”.

Let me know if you find this a useful feature. We already have feeds of programme and iplayer information on the sport site but having the broadcast information updated into an online version and then maybe onto your mobile seems like a good way to help avoid clashes with other commitments. Like holidays or work..

The problem is that it not black and white. Rarely do they admit they posting homework questions, so who am I to say for certain what is and isn So I taken to using the “does OP stick around and look to discuss the post” metric. That to me shows someone who actually cares about the answer and isn just looking for something to copy and paste..

How many of those “too many” are native born though? The majority of Americans still don have college degrees and are still hoping that “jobs come back” rather than trying to better themselves. But college has turned into just one big money grab as evidenced by the sheer numbers of foreign students (which is dramatically on the rise since they pay more). Everyone focuses on the poor who are merely trying to come over to work jobs most Americans don want but nobody cares that we are giving away work to visa applicants at the expense of American workers who actually want these jobs..

In this Dove soap Facebook ad in October 2017, an African American woman is shown removing her brown shirt, which also removes her skin color, resulting in a white woman with a lighter shirt, followed by an Asian woman removing an even lighter shirt appearing to show stages of cleanliness. Many followers on social media wondered how the ad made it through multiple reviewers, resulting in Dove releasing a statement on its Facebook page, which read “Dove is committed to representing the beauty of diversity. In an image we posted this week, we missed the mark in thoughtfully representing women of color and we deeply regret the offense that it has caused.”.

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The last appearance of the government has been so abysmal that there is nothing left for them to play but the ‘Hindutva’ card. Stir up some sense of worth in the thousands of unemployed and illiterate in the country. After all, it’s easier than cutting back on your own kickbacks and creating real jobs, isn’t it?.

The flight attendant is on the phone with a doctor on the ground. Flight attendant asks me in a loud voice, “is there any chance your wife is pregnant?” We have been married for two months at this point. I am truly panicking now, and furiously trying to remember the last time I saw a box of tampons.

You might be on a gaming forum talking to someone about some level you are having trouble with and the user you have been talking with for 4 months might comment “blah blah usual stuff. I starving. My Mom just bought these “pizza bites” and they are awesome! have you had them yet?” Now the conversation is about their clients product.

In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattlce at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. This has divided us up the UK,Australia and countries like us can not play in Pogo Version. So we miss out on playing friendly leagues with people we have met from overseas like Canada and USA.What the hell is the point of online if it divides friends from a game and friendly chat.Come on facebook, pogo, hasbro , mattel get your act together.WWW = WORLD WIDE WEB to get people to meet around world not divide even more.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

My dad was the radio operator in the 326th Bombardment unit Strategic Air Command. He left the Air Force in 1955. His military record lists the following tests he was involved in: OP IVY, UPSHOT KNOTHOLE, CASTLE, TEAPOT and WIGWAM. And that was what we saw throughout the three seasons. Her getting better and then another trigger occurs that causes her to go back into a depressed state, because she wasn really over it. As in real life I noticed, people are only allowed to grieve for so long before they supposed to magically get better.

And what’s this, I hear you ask, about places where buildings used to be? Simple. One of the locations involved in this years programme is the old Stackpole Court in south Pembrokeshire, a wonderful Georgian building that was totally demolished in the 20th century. Now almost nothing remains of this grand old residence of the Cawdor family and so Open Doors is offering a virtual tour of the building.

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When you been raised with Welsh as your first language, there a tendency to take the rich tapestry of the speech for granted. But not only do North and South Wales have different words for the same exact term, there are also dialectic variations throughout the country. So, with all that in mind, here are seven Welsh words that should see you at least be able to kick start a conversation somewhere in Wales..

I, too, feel for the Sheen family. It sickening the way he tries to ingratiate himself to them. I MUCH preferred good ol Larry King!. And the idea of “don blame illegals for your lack of employment” is ridiculous. Just attacking a working class person for not going to college or choosing a different career. Not everyone wants to work in an office or has the same opportunities to have a career like that.waterlung 1 point submitted 7 days agoHelp me feel less bad about sizing mistakes.

I also understand the attitude of “ugh, it your job, just quit complaining and remove stupid posts, and politely reguide the person who posted it,” and quite frankly, the mods here are all volunteers. We do it because we want to see a community surrounding our hobby flourish. It getting tedious to try to get through to people.

A home win isn’t so obvious. The trend in the last five meetings have been interesting. The away side have never lost and Botafogo’s last two visits to So Paulo have seen them draw and win. When the time is right, give it the beans. My R1 is ridden carefully and generally at the same speed as the traffic around it. When there is no traffic around it, and I have a straight clear road with no possible hidden hazards, I will dish out some dobbins.

The country was proud to be a pioneer in the region and it upheld the highest standards of transparency, safety and security. She emphasized the need to continue negotiations between Iran and the “P5+1” in order to reach a comprehensive settlement on the country’s nuclear issue within a specific time frame. She was deeply concerned that no tangible progress had been made in establishing a nuclear free zone in the Middle East..

Eventually, he secures a visa, and flies off to Amsterdam. As the plane approaches Schiphol, Zhao looks out the window and contemplated the beautiful Dutch countryside. Later on, he whips out an easel and starts painting in a Dutch alley. More than two decades ago, the videogame industry was a thoroughly undisciplined business, filled with wildcat developers who would hit it big and suffer debilitating failures in even turns. Mr. Probst changed the game by introducing better management, and marketing and emphasizing sequels, helping to turn EA into a factory for dependable hits.But rather than seeing potential for a crash with a glut of sequels, Probst sees opportunity.