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Comment number 1. At 20:20 6th Nov 2012, Stewartone wrote: What makes anyone at the BBC begin to think that the majority of people in this country are remotely interested in the US Presidential elections? Your coverage is completely OTT as is the size and number of your reporting team in America no doubt at huge License paying viewers expense. To put the US elections on the main news before reporting any home news to the British people is a disgrace..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileUNICEF is closing its regional offices in Winnipeg, Vancouver and Halifax, partly because of the growth in online fundraising. The regional offices focus mainly on fundraising, and three full time jobs will be cut at each location.”As the sector evolves, we are looking at engaging with Canadians in new ways and focusing on best practices, so we need to be less connected to bricks and mortar,” explained Sharon Avery, chief development officer for the United Nations agency dedicated to the welfare of children.Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests.

This is precisely the conclusion made of routine pelvic examination. This recommendation by the American College of Physicians is welcome but as far as I can tell, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists still endorses annual pelvic examinations (there may be a new Committee Opinion in the works that has not yet been published). The reasons for routine visitation to a gynecologist seem to be thinning.

Also check out a new Indian restaurant Masala it was an amazing food cart that is just opening into a brick and mortar restaurant this weekend it the most authentic Indian food around. And if you want noodle soup, Vietnam Noodle is where it at. SaWadDee is a Thai restaurant that is great, but probably described better as Americanized Thai food.

I was installed by KwaZulu Natal cooperative governance and traditional affairs MEC in 1997. I wonder why Kubheka is saying there was never a chieftaincy when he served in my council. Her submission to the parliamentary committee, Prisca wrote that the chief controls community resources and access to land and was therefore shutting out the syndicate committee..

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OSCAR LE N GONZ LEZ (Cuba), supporting the statement made on behalf of the Non Aligned Movement, urged the start of negotiations on a comprehensive convention on nuclear weapons to prohibit their production, stockpiling, transfer, and threat of use, and to stipulate their destruction. An international, high level conference on the matter should be held no later than 2018, aimed at eliminating those weapons in the shortest possible timeframe. Cuba was proud to belong to the first densely populated area in the world to have declared itself nuclear weapon free, through the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in Latin America and the Caribbean, known as the Treaty of Tlatelolco..

Another must have for capturing the signature Swift look? A pair of classic oxford shoes, which are more comfy than standard heels and can be dressed up or down. “Some of the constant staples in her wardrobe include short shorts and Oxford shoes,” explains Henderson. “She rocks the Oxford shoe in all styles, whether flat, with a heel, or even with cutouts.

Let face it, what the terrorists are doing is they are thinking about how to carry out the next attack, and the best lesson the past has taught us is that next time, it going to be different. Philip BaumWe know that there are criminal gangs working airside at airports looking for valuable items, and it not only the value of the item, it the value of the data that contained on these items. And asfar as I concerned, it would preclude me from travelling to certain destinations.

The problem lies with the kids and families that want to bring attention to themselves. When the graduation has to stop for more than five seconds, a line has been crossed. The public high school in my hometown had to down because some families (with 20+ members in attendance) would stand up, yell, scream, sing, and put on their own little demonstration for 30 seconds to a full minute.

Then on December 23 the call came. Dr. Gupta called my house I wasn’t home. For comparison as well, I was an early Angular adopted when it first was getting beta versions out. Angular is nice, but bloated. React has a focus on speed and at the end of the day, most people are concerned about making their user experience smoother, which often involves decreasing load and render times..

Show it you don care. “Whatever anxiety, I know that you creeping in, hit me with your best shot”. I know it seems crazy to ask your anxiety for more, but you gotta lose that fear of it. So confident are we Welsh in our language, that we can even boil sentences down to acronyms. Is essentially a motion for rapid departure. Is for use only in situations of extreme threat, as in two Cardiff City supporters walking into a pub in the Millwall area of London: of here f now! CWDYN (Koo deen).

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Cue for Prime Minister Elect to launch into what some there (link to Times article) felt to be a deeply patronising lecture about Asquith, Lloyd George and MacMillan names not guaranteed to fire the imagination of many people outside the Westminster bubble. Answering the question with a good, accessible argument for Radio 1 listeners it wasn’t. Perhaps he doesn’t need their votes..

A few minutes later we started to see one of the stars moving. We thought it was a satellite but then we saw another one, and another one. And suddenly we realised that almost all “stars” were moving, at the exact same page, in the exact same directions.

I do respectfully disagree with you, Kimberly, in regard to two ideas. You wrote, doesn believe in God or doesn follows God laws are probably the ones that are gay. I, myself, am not homosexual nor do I practice laws to the fullest extent. One when he wakes, another on the road. At the job site everyone gets coffee before starting. We are at 3 cups (assuming you only got a metric cup of coffee and not a traditionally larger “cup”) and it is only 6am.

Enzo Bonafe seems to accommodate high insteps well. I also have to disagree about Whites. I have high arches and insteps, (and my feet are a little wide too) and with the serious arch support, there wasn’t enough volume for my feet. Who’s the player to watch? Striker Andy Bishop will get the headlines and rightly so, having scored 61 goals in 132 starts since joining the Shakers three years ago, but Stephen Dawson is the player that embodies the team’s work ethic and attitude. The 23 year old is a no nonsense central midfielder who works incredibly hard to regain the ball and break down the opposition’s attacks. He was named as the club’s player of the year award last season in his first year at Gigg Lane..

Well, Antidotes was a reference point of sorts we realised what we’d achieved there, and knew we didn’t want to do the same thing exactly. We just want to keep covering different ground. I’m not sure to what extent we’ve managed that, as you hear bands claim that their new album is a total progression but in fact it’s just a replica of what’s come before.

I open the door and run out. All I can say is she gone. Over and over. David Attenborough hosts a celebration of bird impersonator Percy Edwards, who enjoyed a 70 year career impersonating birds and beasts. The programme combines the strange story of Percy’s life with archive of his impersonations, interviews with those who knew him and a quiz. Guests include Bill Oddie and the comedian Alex Horne..

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We could also look at it from an evolutionary perspective. It is possible that these feelings are the result of millennia of evolution and serve the purpose of pushing individual humans toward pro social behaviors that are beneficial for the survival of the species. (Kind of like how we call pairing between humans “love” and between animals “bonding” but it is really the same behavior.) But we still have not conclusively ruled out divine intervention..

I would just like to try and put into words what some have only touched upon. As with many i was ‘made’ to listen to Terrance as a schoolboy because he was on in the mornings in our house. However, as i look back i realise that the music ‘they’ played had such an effect on me i believe it helped to shape my personality and make me into who i am today.

The most disgusting part about this is that anyone was offended at all. Referencing history should never be a reason to berate anyone. If the negotiated agreement itself is what bothers you, then fine, but to say referenced this, so he must have meant that is incredibly ignorant.

But if you have a lot of bandwidth, or do a lot of computer to computer communication in your home, wireless is probably a lot better. Considering you have fiber, you are going to have trouble using all that bandwidth with your situation.I done a lot of networking and have used the slow AppleTalk network to 10baseT, homelink, etc, and all of these are usually inferior to a decent wifi setup on modern computers. There are powerful access points that can use several channels with directional antennas so maybe that could solve your issue of thick walls.There a possibility that the phone jacks are cat 5 quality (if it was built in the 90 or recently), and in that case you might have a room where they all converge.

When Grenfell Tower opened in 1974, Britain was more equal than it has ever been, before or since. For the residents who moved in then, the tower was a symbol of hope for the future. But since Grenfell opened, we have become steadily more unequal, until today levels of income inequality are the same as they were in 1850.

Burundi also saw the need for regional initiatives, he added. He hoped for a successful election in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and welcomed the signing of a ceasefire in Uganda. However, he was still concerned about the situations in the Horn of Africa, Darfur, the Middle East and Cte d’Ivoire.

Edit: Also, you should know that we are somewhat at the mercy of the board approving things, so please don see it as a negative reflection on faculty, admin, or even the institution as a whole. I think it just how things work, and I sure they don WANT to make you wait like this and may even be embarrassed by it. They want to lock this down as much as you do because no one wants to be on a last minute summer search committee or redo the whole search process again next year.

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This doesn address my point about reputation. You just restating your point, jesus christ can you not see that? Purdue chicken has a history of animal rights abuses against their chickens. Do consumers care about this? NO! They care about price. How are you supposed to cross 4 lanes of traffic with hazard lights and not confuse the shit out of everyone else. Also, we all have GPS, we can all figure out how to get to the cemetery without having to follow each other. A lot of times they take the highway and there always a few people who aren comfortable taking the highway.

I drove him to the hospital. Long story short i had to wait there because the valet guy took my liscense plate and found a needle i tried to dispose. So the cops came. Faders (the little things that slide up and down) are used to control light or scene values on a scale (probably from 0 to full) motorized faders allow them to move to the position without user intervention. For example, i have a mixing board with motorized faders. When i move a fader, the channel in my software responds and moves accordingly and when i move the channel in software (let’s say it’s volume), the corresponding physical fader on the board moves too.

Gone are the intelligent, measured, searching questions of Jimmy Young days. Now we speak people speak. The New Reporting is like New Labour trying to pander to the prejudices of its perceived audiences instead of trying to enlighten them or elevate them with stimulating, relevant questioning.

I felt Piers asked the most intelligent questions of any interviewer I watched in the past 2 years. Kudo’s to Pier’s. Pier’s covered a variety of topics in MJ’s life.. If your parents have disabled parental controls or are too irresponsible to turn them on for you, porn is even an option.illuzian 1 point submitted 7 months agoIt possibly something unique to you and whomever you encountered with the same problem have something causing major issues that DE simply don know about. Maybe I just lucky not to have something that bad in my play time but reporting it to DE is the only way to get it looked at. 15 points submitted 8 months agoDon be that horrible person who focuses on the negative.

Island Farm prisoner of war camp closed down in the summer of 1948, three years after the end of the war. By then, of course, the men held in the camp were allowed considerably more freedom than those who had planned and carried out the Welsh Great Escape. In fact, several of them forged friendships and even found wives in the locality and settled down to make their homes in the area..

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You know, people flying all over the world and asking me how to have a better life, explained Ray. Tends to go to your head. You know? You tend to think you got all the answers, and so you get humbled. That right. I do it cause I love it, not for money at all. I run ultra marathons till I die on the spot.

Dow Jones: The Dow Jones branded indices are proprietary to and are calculated, distributed and marketed by DJI Opco, a subsidiary of S Dow Jones Indices LLC and have been licensed for use to S Opco, LLC and CNN. Standard Poor’s and S are registered trademarks of Standard Poor’s Financial Services LLC and Dow Jones is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC. All content of the Dow Jones branded indices S Dow Jones Indices LLC and/or its affiliates..

This holiday season will be the real showdown, with all three consoles now established and poised to release their heavy hitting titles. Microsoft is bringing the latest version of its flagship title, Halo 3, to the Xbox 360 and could cut the console’s price before the holidays. Both will result in the company selling a pile more consoles.

And of course there were a smattering of 2 Ticats jerseys in the stands. I don understand buying a jersey for a guy who hasn taken a snap yet in the CFL. It like when Chad Owens was in town moved a lot of jerseys, produced not much on the field, and was gone to Toronto before you knew it.

The second is that your view assumes that a group (team/company/etc) of people is exactly equal to the sum of the individuals in that group, such that if you change any two “equal” people out the group functions identically. That puts all the weight on the individuals and no weight on the composition of the group. In my view, a model for team performance includes composition 100% women or 100% men might not be as great as 70% W / 30% M, or 60% M / 40% M.

Calls to stimulate the peace process remained echoless. Against that backdrop, he said Lebanon awaited the results of the upcoming Middle East peace meeting in Washington.For any settlement to the Middle East crisis to survive, it should be lasting, just and global, and call for implementation of all United Nations resolutions pertaining to the withdrawal of Israel from all occupied Arab territories, he continued. Paramount to all Arab rights was the right of return of the Palestinian refugees in accordance with resolution 194.

I used to work with DJI a LOT. I worked at a small company that assembled and custom modified DJI larger DSLR capable hexa and octo copters. Lets just say they are one of the worst companies on earth. 29 points submitted 1 day agoHonestly, this. IMO, tourists in this city aren usually that bad. I think the only thing they may be “guilty” of is falling into some of our tourist traps.

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A food processor chops unfrozen suet well. Put in 500 gram zip lock bags and freeze for future use.q Take two 500 gram bags of ground/chopped beef suet. Melt to liquid over very slow heat.q Add to this peanut butter (25 35% peanut butter to 100% suet, by melted volume approximately).q Melt and blend the two thoroughly, then remove from heat.q Add five cups of raw shelled sunflower hearts (unsalted available at the Bulk Barn or other source).q Pour in 1/8 cup of molasses.q Later, cut into approximately one inch chunks and place in a wire mesh feeder (to keep squirrels from getting it).

If you live in an area that has a strong union, I consider becoming an electrician. Once you get your Journeyman (4 years), you can earn around $32 an hour, and once you good, you can cherry pick the jobs you want to take. Want 4 weeks off? Just don line up any work with the union after your current job.

That could help tame the cost of boomer retirements.Ellen Roseman: How To Fix OASPrime Minister Stephen Harper set off an alarm last month, when he suggested that Canada couldn’t afford to pay Old Age Security benefits for boomers who will be retiring in the next 20 years. Government finance experts were aghast. Continue reading this postKira Vermond: Humour on the jobHey, have you heard the one about the employee with a great sense of humour? Maybe he’s on to something.

He was kind of an unknown, beyond The Apprentice and whatnot. So they gave him the benefit of the doubt, as you did. I can even really blame them or you for it, at least at first.. “ULA is the closest Boeing is coming to Space” is a comment that totally ignores the success Boeing has had with the X 37B reusable robotic shuttle program, not to mention the venerable 702 satellite bus, their work as a prime contractor on ISS, their contract with DARPA for the Phantom Express initiative and countless other spaceflight achievements. McDonnell Douglas, which merged with Boeing many years ago, built the Mercury capsule that carried the first American astronauts into space. I’m a big fan of SpaceX and the rest of the new space industry, too, but let’s not forget how we got where we are today..

The food is also fine, all inclusive isn ever going to be five star dining to keep the costs down and they have some odd ideas about American food but everything was decent enough so long as you dig everything being mostly buffet style even in the “restaurants”. Nothing was gross or spoiled, just a little different or slightly bland. It mostly Sysco food service stuff..

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The next mission to Mars is the Phoenix Mars Lander, which lifts off from Earth on August 3. The next rover, the Mars Science Laboratory, is scheduled to launch in 2009.Posted: 2007/07/25 at 11:37 AMWith all the budget woes the NASA has been faced with for a while now, its fantastic to see that they can still put together an impressive little piece of technology together like this.Back in the day of the Apollo missions it seemed that no expense was spared to ensure that the US won the space race. Those were exciting times when everyone, it seemed, was behind the space program.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileChess lovers revel in their game’s status as the brainiest of leisure activities, but even they had to admit some of the fun has been taken out of the game after Deep Blue and, more recently, Deep Fritz, started beating world champions.Those in pursuit of a game of true human intuition could always fall back on Go, as the popular Asian board game’s subtleties had thus far eluded programmers. While Go playing software could beat amateur players, they had failed to compete against even mid level opponents. Two Hungarian scientists, however, believe they are a step closer to playing in the big leagues.According to , the scientists at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ computing lab SZTAKI have come up with an algorithm that helps a computer compete with professional players on a nine by nine square board.

What not true about that? He won release his tax returns to refute the truth of any of these things. Did anyone really expect a man as smart as Barack Obama to just lie down and be rolled over by swiftboating Republicans who have unlimited Citizens United money for negative advertising? Get over it Republicans. You have a lousy candidate that all the money in the world can salvage..

Went to a classmate’s birthday party when I was around 8. They had a really nice creek with small natural pools running by their house and it was a fucking hot day so we decided to go for a swim. The boys had no issues chucking their clothes away and diving in their skivvies, but the girls were embarrassed and so just dipped their feet in..

Since Mienshao is already so powerful, I always liked the LO set over Choice Band. You get Fake Out for +4 priority, the option to switch up moves, and U Turn for a quick escape. If you run Regenerator over Reckless, although you lose HJK power boost, you regain a third of your health when switching out, essentially negating the cost of Life Orb damage..

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Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes talks about mental health and his love for Ronaldo. Q screen panel with Tina Hassannia and Eli Glasner on actors protesting Fox. Dance artist and choreographer Sze Yang Ade Lam advocates for the use of gender neutral pronouns at the Dora Awards.

[The Rosebuds’] Ivan Howard killed it. Justin wanted to mix it. Editing and tracking folks in Minneapolis, wait for Vernon, mixing in Fall Creek. Yes, we went to Istanbul and we saw the Hagia Sofia because you have to. But we were much happier the day we rented a car and drove out to a giant park, miles from the tourist area, that looked from the sky like it had a garden shaped like a giant elephant. If we went back, we spend a whole day at that park.

So please, please please, stop listening to your aged governors, the colonial times are long since dead, and I doubt if any more than 5 to 10 per cent of your audience cares at all what happens down there. If you are using your so called Audience feedback polls to convince yourselves that this news is wanted can I remind you that these are always carried out in London (with a majority immigrant population) and do NOT reflect the views of the country as a whole. London, BBC journalists will be amazed to hear, is not the whole country..

Google bought Nest for $3.2 billion in 2014. George Frey/Getty Images In the modern home, everything from TVs and refrigerators to baby monitors and light bulbs can now be connected and hacked. The number of smart homes in North America is expected to hit 73 million by 2021, making up more than 50% of all households.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileMembers of the Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas who favour swine flu vaccinations for Santa Clauses gather in New York on Tuesday.Over the next few weeks, Father Christmases will come into contact with thousands of children at shopping malls and Santa Claus parades.The Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas, a fraternal organization that provides training and resources for people who work or volunteer as Santa Clauses, said the health of its roughly 700 members is a real concern.”Yes, we should be given the needle,” said Nicholas Trolli, the organization’s president. “Many of our older members are being given it because they are in that high risk status. But then there’s the younger member that cannot get the shot.

It absolutely not racist in any wayArchitectByMistake 1 point submitted 21 days agoI don know what the music genre was but best I can describe it was creepy deep trance. Then there the cage decor and the whole fact it was underground, a fair amount of the people there looked like they were strung out of their mind. A girl coming up to us asking us if we had some cocaine with us casually.

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The time of day you choose to walk is also important. Try to stick to the early and later stages of the day to do the bulk of your hiking. Take a long break in the peak mid day hours and rest in the shade. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileApple CEO Steve jobs will be taking the floor any minute now at the Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference in San Francisco, and maybe it’s just us but it seems curious that there is no live video of this event. For people wondering what the influential Jobs will say and introduce, they will have to rely on the dozens of bloggers who will be blogging and twittering his every word to like minded readers.Which is good for the bloggers, but also kind of weird that news of a device designed to stream the internet and watch video with greater ease wouldn’t be available as anything other than a text feed.It makes us wonder how much Apple could get if they offered the speech for download on iTunes? Would Apple fanatics make it a best seller that day or would it be dismissed as a cash grab?Perhaps the danger of streaming the video live has to do with the current 2G iPhone: not only would it be potentially slow to watch, but the owners of said devices might also be overcome by the feeling that, once again, they were paying the price of being early adopters.UPDATE: One hour into Apple’s presentation, which so far has been an ongoing parade of interesting but hardly revolutionary new applications for the iPhone, the company’s stock has dropped by $5. It looks like investors may be getting worried that nothing of substance is going to come of the much ballyhooed event.UPDATE 2: We stand corrected: there is video of this thing.

You can connect the 3.5mm to your sound card, and each of the other side to your speakers. The problem is the lsr30x have the volume knob in the back of the speaker, so you must control the volume with the windows OS volume, which is inefficient. Also, each time you want to use your headphones, you have to unplug the speakers and plug the headphones..

The parents of all the kids, right now the kids are all fine, the crew are taking good care, Ekapol Chanthawong wrote. Promise I will care for the kids as best as possible. I want to say thanks for all the support and I want to apologise to the parents.

Instead of fearing them and being suspicious of them, try trusting them. Give them something to live up to. The results might surprise you.. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileNow, a study of first and second graders suggests what may be part of the answer: female elementary school teachers concerned about their own math skills could be passing along the insecurity to the little girls they teach.Young students tend to model themselves after adults of the same sex, and having a female teacher who is anxious about math may reinforce the stereotype that boys are better at math than girls, explained Sian L. Beilock, an associate professor in psychology at the University of Chicago.Is there a better way to inspire women to enter the math field?Are you a woman working in the field? If so, what inspired you to enter math in the first place?Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests.