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Of course he has a chance. Basically if I were Andrew Yang I wouldn worry about some vague and worthless shadows lurking in the corners, like Trumpists and the like. He should worry about substantive questions from those people whom he really legitimately wants to get on his train (as opposed to people whom he has no chance to convince to begin with)..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileApple Inc. May need to make a lot of money on its iPhone to pay for legal fees and lawsuit settlements and if estimates of the device’s cost are right, they probably will.Apple will make a 50.7 to 53.1 per cent gross profit on the iPhone according to market research firm iSuppli Corp. Of El Segundo, Calif.The cost of materials and manufacturing for the $499 US 4GB iPhone will likely be about $229.85 US, with a total cost of $245.83, while the $599 8GB model’s hardware will cost $264.85 and the unit’s total expense will be $280.83, according to iSuppli analyst Andrew Rassweiler.That margin is a lot wider than I had expected when I last blogged about the iPhone but another iSuppli analyst suggests the iPhone will face deep discounts to remain competitive in an increasingly crowded music phone market.I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple and wireless carriers follow the same approach the network companies took with Motorola’s Razr, selling it in large volumes at steeply discounted rates to take advantage of economies of scale.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

It is clearly evident from every news you hear that there is almost a frenzy to get him removed . Every body today talks about deficit and very conveniently forgets that republican started wars which sucked the trillions out of US economy and pair to halliburtons, black waters and all the private war companies who tried there best to push Obama away and still trying , . When ever this question is raised , the answer is well you have been here for so long what have you done?.

“Yeah,” Isaac said. “I’m Isaac. I’m seventeen. We didn do our reception there but they were more than happy to book our wedding there for spring of 2017. They didn open for about a year later so that would have been a disaster. Their venue is great but to me there are too many others around for it to feel as intimate.

We arrived in Irkutsk in the dead of night, when the city is so empty that even taxi drivers were gone. With only a vague sense of where our hotel was, Dennis and I dragged our luggage through the darkened streets, avoiding stray dogs who made their home in the overgrown bushes. Streetlights didn seem to work in this part of town, so we spent an hour walking in circles with the moon as our only light.

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The law it you v. Another person. If one person “wins” the other loses. 2. Do NOT complain “That not creepy!” in the comments. REPORT THE SUBMISSION USING THE LINK PROVIDED BY REDDIT. EDIT: I wanna just say that I didn’t name him in this thread because I dislike him or think JCR is undeserving of his success. I think the guys got chops. I had just mainly known him from comedy roles before I looked into his career and kinda fell down the rabbit hole of “oh shit that was him? Yeah I guess it was.”.

Unnatural Lust has V and S in its listing. Perhaps you could argue that the Ogres only speak Giant and thus wouldn have a clue what was being cast against them and just hear loud noises. Then again that would also alert them. Mini tennis is great for beginners and how I warm up. Establishing the point of contact out in front of you with mini tennis really helps you get a sense of where you should be hitting the ball when you on the baseline. Also, keep your hands loose on the racquet, and follow through your swings over your shoulder on FH/BH.

I think you are imagining things. There is obviously something wrong with installation or something if you can perceive a difference in the bottom bracket for example. Headsets experience almost no use really in terms of a bearing performing its duty, it does not make revolutions and the forces input on it are extremely small for the duty of a bearing.

As commenter phubert writes:mmm. But Dell WILL be selling (and IS selling) MANY more systems with Vista than with Linux. Better not to mention Vista unless you’re Apple!That sounds like a PR nightmare. Although Aviation Adjudication is still relatively new we also operate another 30 plus consumer redress schemes. In our experience occasionally problems occur where a company subscribing to one of our schemes experiences administrative difficulties with compliance on a particular case and in those circumstances CEDR will work with the company to ensure the customer receives the financial redress directed by the Adjudicator. This includes escalating the matter to executive level with the company if necessary..

I a equity and commodities trader, but I am also not so self involved and rationalizing to the point that I am unable to remain modestly objective. That argument is analogous to a junkie explaining his addiction is due to drug dealers selling illicit drugs at bargain prices. Again, it is the general decline in individual responsibility and accountability.

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This article is ludicrous ! Black peoples music ? how stereotypical ? What is that ment to meen ? if it is totally inocent then slightly misleading isnt it ? espcially as this article is about music influencing violence, guns , knives being carried around. Im sure that not only black people cary knives around ! or listen to ‘black people ‘ music ! so what if it just so happens to be black people rapping , if you took the time to research rap you would find that there are still a number of white people rapping. As for radio one playing to much of this music , isnt radio one still one of the biggest radio stations around , and im sure the radio one listeners dont go out commting acts of violence after listening to the show.

I know it a lot of work and I know I set my bar high. Maybe I delusional. What to stop another game from beating out Link to the Past? Is there an exact formula that you have to follow to beat the game rating as one of the greatest games of all time? If you follow that formula and meet everything people ask for, what to stop another game from taking that spot? Times change.

In which it did 98 per cent of the driving;LEGO Mindstorms, a building set that brought creative robotics to the masses.The character of Data, played by actor Brent Spiner on the sci fi television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, received mention for his contribution to the questions of robot ethics and human/machine philosophies.Juror Anne Balsemo, the managing director of the Institute for Multimedia Literacy at the University of Southern California, singled out the episode The Measure of a Man, in which the character is put on trial to determine whether he has the right to refuse to submit to a procedure that would disassemble him.It was fine television, and especially timely now that robot ethics has taken off. Data’s inclusion, however, also offers further proof that Trekkies can be found in every major scientific institution in the United States.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

The Pennsylvania Department of State, through its Board of Medicine, received a complaint a decade ago from a former employee of Dr. Gosnell, who according to the grand jury report, out the whole scope of his operation: the unclean, unsterile conditions; the unlicensed workers; the unsupervised sedation; and the underage abortion patients; even the over prescribing of pain pills with high resale value on the street. An investigator was assigned, but Gosnell was interviewed offsite.

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While the movie wasn as message driven or morally challenging as the first, I did like that they didn drop that angle entirely. When Brolin is arguing with Keener, another great addition to the sequel, and he says this is why nothing ever changes and she says please, you been doing this long enough to know that not the goal. Not a new concept but it was great to see Brolin who was literally a you point and I torture guy get caught up thinking he could change things.

Well, employer circles are all abuzz about this week’s hearing of the groundbreaking Honda case in the Supreme Court of Canada. Every business owner should be staying tuned over the next few months to find out how our country’s highest court decides the issues which have been raised by the automaker and its dismissed employee, Kevin Keays.In case you don’t remember, Honda Canada fired Kevin Keays a few years ago, after his medical disability prevented him from complying with the company’s attendance management program and after he questioned the utility of meeting with yet another company doctor.The trial judge who presided over Keays’ wrongful dismissal claim really threw the book at the company: he ordered Honda to pay close to one and a half months of salary compensation for every year that Keays had been employed, along with a huge punitive damages award of $500,000 and an award of legal costs and expenses which amounted to more than $600,000 more!Although the Ontario Court of Appeal wound the penalty damages portion of the whole mess back to $100,000, the result was still bad enough that Honda put the case in front of the Supreme Court of Canada on February 20th. The company is asking the Supreme Court to erase much of the damage it suffered in the Ontario courts.It would not come as a surprise to most employers that harassment in the workplace can be disruptive and difficult to deal with.

As for a woman, one of my just favourite voices in Hollywood is definitely Shohreh Aghdashloo. If you don know who this is, she is an Iranian actress with a really deep, raspy voice, that often plays Indian or middle eastern characters. You may not know her name, but I can almost guarantee you know her voice, and have seen her at some point.

A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates. Continue reading this post. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileWell, that didn’t take long. Less than a day after IT consultant Capgemini said it would recommend Google Apps Premiere Edition (GAPE) for its business clients, a Microsoft email surfaces offering a top 10 “questions that enterprises should ask when considering the switch to GAPE.”Blogger Mary Jo Foley posted the list after receiving it via an emailed statement, attributable to a “corporate spokesperson,” she writes. The list is here.One criticism in particular stands out, in question No.

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Well I definitely wouldn have almost 40% of my money just in Roku and Disney, but even without that I suggest more index funds. At least put half in an index and play around with the rest. QQQ is great if you want to stay tech heavy (and I see nothing wrong with being tech heavy right now!).

The last time I got prescription glasses, they put the “scratch resistance” coating on my Izod polycarbonate lenses. This was about 8 years ago, I didn have your earlier post to know any better at that point about the manufacturer i picked. Anyhow, how exactly does this scratch resistant coating work? Also, on both Maui Jim and Costa Del Mars I have owned even the glass lenses they offer have this coating.

They had told her that, the Dark Sisters, had told her that they had Nate, and if she didn’t do what they said, he would die. They’d showed her his ring, the one that had been her father’s stained with blood now to prove it. They hadn’t let her hold it or touch it, had snatched it back as she’d reached for it, but she’d recognized it.

While the most middle class member of the band, bassist Glen Matlock, had been ejected by this point, his replacement, Sid Vicious was proving to be nothing more than a figurehead for the generations of cartoon punkdom to come. He couldn play. So Matlock was redrafted for the sessions.

Actually sided with the baker and I think the Supreme Court wants to take the temperature down on these big. High profile divisive cases by trying to avoid 54 ruling if it canceled Vatican was noteworthy about this decision. There’s a lot on deck and are not going to be able to avoid these 54 rulings in all of those cases.

A while ago I found a quest progression chart on Google that lists all the main, side, and radiant quests in each faction and it showed where the last quest was in each chain that would permanent impact the reputation for another faction. The battle of Bunker Hill is the point where you have to decide between the institute and railroad. Mass Fusion is where you have to decide between the institute and Brotherhood..

The response to terrorism now is very comparable to those years. HUAC was given the power to investigate anyone and very often ruined the lives of totally innocent people by suggesting that they were communists or sympathizers. They were fired from their jobs and became pariahs.

And it true. NA isnt a show about talking shit, trump or otherwise. It accurate analysis and deconstruction, it hearing both sides of a subject and not dragging names through the mud just because you want to hear negative shit about people or things you don like.

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Some little offended by the rhetoric from what you think that he is done anything wrong or contributed. Comes to this you know tune it to this dismissive. I’m conversation. That whole side is fantastic, even Loser in the End, as unfitting as it may seem, is certainly not a bad effort from Roger. But what about the other tracks? Procession is the perfect instrumental opener, and Father to Son following it is Queen taking early hard rock and giving it an extravagant, epic approach. The whole album, to me, is perfection from start to finish.[M] [score hidden] submitted 7 months ago.

Maybe even over. Amazing, eh?), and many of those tracks were new at the time. So as we say farewell to 6 Music’s 10 year anniversary celebrations, we here at the station thought it was high time we looked back at all the brilliant new music we have played on air during our eventful life so far..

Her husband describes her as a devoted daughter who took care of her aging mother, until her death last year at the age of 94. Kathy was also a big hockey fan and had season tickets for the Washington Capitals. Anderson spoke with Kathy husband Douglass and their daughter Jessica..

But when does passion/interest trump economics? I still in high school trying to figure out what I like, but so far it looking like chemistry is in the running. A bachelor in just chemistry seems to be a dead end so completely that the reality and the economics is more important than how much I like the subject (I wouldn be happy if I couldn make rent anyway). But how bad are the job prospects for MatSci Apparently it a relatively newish field, so do you think it be more in demand within the next few years/decade or two? And less people graduate with the degree than the other engineering disciplines (Including chemE), so maybe the job market is appropriate for the number of graduates..

They got a rubber sole, they were a cheap(er) outlet impulse buy, so why not wear them out in the elements to develop a nice patina? After getting them and seeing them in person and trying them on Hard to say.This pair has been sitting in storage somewhere, as I relate in the album. The soles were super stiff, (almost as if it were rubber treated to get even harder), there were some minor gentle scratches here and there on the boots, but they were otherwise pristine. Never worn.I let the pictures speak for themselves.Initial thoughts here are that boy, these were all but impossible to get on with the original bar lacing.

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He convinced the court that their ruling was wrong and against the holy book. Consequently, the court ruled in favour of the girls and asked the prince to set them free honorably and gift them a handsome amount. Injustice was averted and 100 girls were saved from sexual slavery.

Actually, there has never been a brand of sunglasses that has occupied such a long history in the film industry as the Ray Ban brand. Ray Bans were clearly the choice of sunglasses for many long passed Hollywood royalty. While Ray Bans now have been adopted by the next generation of Hollywood style setters, and are being worn by many types of celebrates, from actors to sports icons, to you name it.

GET OUT and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET are both horror movies, yet are vastly different from one another. The same variety can be found in rock n roll, pop art, tv drama, etc.Sure, everything CAN be broken down, but the genre is broad enough to house a variety of sounds and styles, and the “this is this, and that is that” thing is exhausting. I totally NOT saying I right, I just like keeping it simple.

You burn out quick if you only in it for the money. Still: LCSWs are one of the most varied professions in mental health / healthcare, and their demand is likely to continue to grow given the continued push for integrated mental health / healthcare services as well as the coming increased need for geriatric services as the boomers age. Even if you only put in 5 10 years with the department to get licensed, get a few years of state service under your belt for a small retirement nestegg, and do the full 10 for loan forgiveness, you still got a hugely versatile degree and professional license that would allow you do anything from private practice therapy to health care administration..

I grew up in Iowa, live in DM right now. I lived in San Diego, Valencia Spain, Oklahoma, and Illinois. I still LOVE DM. They have not proved that Trayvon did not attack George Zimmerman. Dead people tell no lies. Trayvon had not one mark on his body other than his fingers where it could prove he was in attack mode.

2 points submitted 10 months agoI know in the case of European devices, if they SIM unlocked at least, you just need to make sure that you insert a SIM card from a local operator before first boot.So if you get an S8 from, say, Italy (Samsung Pay not available), but you want to use it in Spain (Samsung Pay available), you just insert a Spanish SIM card before initial boot up, and it will detect that and install the Spanish software, which includes full Samsung Pay support.Now, these are virtually identical devices in terms of hardware since mobile frequency bands are standardized across all European countries, so I don know if this will work between different hardware SKUs. I also don know if the hardware is the same between Singapore and NZ.So if you want to test it out:Factory reset the deviceEnsure your NZ SIM card is inserted upon initial boot. 6 points submitted 3 years agook, so changing the priority of the process and ending the launcher do nothing for me.

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I got my partners attention thinking she would have a go at parking then give up. No way! She proceeded to pull off the most amazing parallel park I have ever seen in my life! It was textbook! But the car in front of her was a big thing and was now bumper to bumper at each end. The girl locked her car and wandered off..

I going to stay sober either way. If this guy is getting offended because of that, he needs a lesson in humility and selfishness. He making your sobriety about him, which it is not.. He could have lived a much more comfortable life but as a persecuted Jewish survivor of WW2 he felt compelled to speak truth to power. He led a very useful life.” “Morgentaler emphasized that his experiences as Jew and Holocaust survivor were at the root of his work. Many women were raped or had relations with the guards to save themselves also a form of rape.”.

They go onto the stack at the next available opportunity. These are called state triggers. (Note that state triggers aren the same as state based actions.) A state triggered ability doesn trigger again until the ability has resolved, has been countered, or has otherwise left the stack.

In 1952, a politician faced with a potential scandal made what must have seemed like a radical decision. He decided to address the nation on television. That politician, Richard Nixon, wasn’t running for president yet. Increasing prejudices and anxiety.Liberal parties and supporters these days are less subtle about it, The blatantly lie publicly since they are unaccountable, they just cry Racist and the Liberal media would smear any who would dare disagree.Their supporters are happy to have their own wrong mindedness reflected back at themselves because it is a chance to appear “virtuous” and virtue signal by supporting Liberal policy with out question and smear those who disagree.When challenged, they make up their own facts. Trudeauists for example, maintain that if something they say could be true, that sufficient validation.As long as It Feels true it is True.The aim is to transform it into essentially a version of a suburban shopping mall, with the usual American brands selling the usual junk imported from Asia, and American fast food outlets selling the usual rubbish.Every step they take explicitly closes the door on local producers, farmers, restaurateurs and retailers.But it does make it easier for City council, who have arranged things so they can pretend not to be accountable. That, for them is the larger issue, rather than the public good.eatcornNt0ke 8 points submitted 14 hours agoIm perfectly willing to accept something of I believe it to be true, but I dont believe the government has the right to take your children away, because you dont support your childs decicions when they are living under your house.

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Think The Incredible Hulk. Is it a wonder the frachise makes no money? If they are lucky Spiderman is going to end up the franchise they shelf until people forget, remember Batman after Clooney? So instead of using a team that is assured hundreds of Millions of Dollars lets roll some dice and maybe waste a ton of money. Remember word of mouth helped make Spiderman huge, it was the quality of the story and acting.

Bringing this back into schools will not do any harm. So long as this is properly inforced and regulated then there is no risk to the children. Standards of discipline in schools continues to fall and it needs seriously addressing. Or, they make some more white space on the livery, though I think that less likely. Weichai logo is red and black but appears in white on most of Ferrari cars, uniforms, etc. Telcel logo is blue, same deal.

God Bless Sofia with more beauty than you could ever dream to have. Sofia would look good in any outfit malfunctioned or not. She was bless with a beauty that goes so far beyond the normal woman. The stylus that can draw in MID AIR: Apple patent reveals. Is Google stepping into the gaming world? Report claims the.The deepfakes phenomenon got its start on Reddit last December, when a user community called ‘deepfakes’ began posting the fake porn videos.The disturbing videos look strikingly real as a result of a sophisticated machine learning algorithm, which uses photographs to create human masks that are then overlaid on top of adult film footage.A plethora of high profile actresses and pop stars showed up on the Reddit thread, which at one point boast 15,000 subscribers.Now, those users will have to find somewhere else to post deepfakes videos.Reddit on Wednesday updated its rules to ban the deepfakes message board, as well as similar threads like CelebFakes, which posted manipulated images of celebrities.Reddit on Wednesday updated its side wide policies to effectively ban ‘deepfakes’ from the website (pictured).’As of February 7, 2018, we have made two updates to our site wide policyregarding involuntary pornography and sexual or suggestive content involving minors”Communities focused on this content and users who post such content will be banned from the site,’ the spokesperson added.Video stills of Gal Gadot (left) and Natalie Portman (right) were used as material for a deepfakes video. The videos have shed a light on what happens when machine learning falls into the wrong handsTwitter and Pornhub made similar announcements regarding the fake porn videos.Twitter actually allows users to post hardcore porn on the website, but they bar users from sharing explicit sexual images or videos of someone online without their consent, according to the company’s ‘intimate media’ policy.Deepfakes videos fall under non consensual intimate media.’We will suspend any account we identify as the original poster of intimate media that has been produced or distributed without the subject’s consent,’ a Twitter spokesperson told Motherboard.’We will also suspend any account dedicated to posting this type of content,’ the spokesperson added.Pornhub began removing the deepfakes videos from their site once after users started flagging the content.

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In my experience it’s just a flashy nuisance. That said the price is steep, so for an alternative I’d suggest the 2015 Pro 15. So it’s between the 2015 and 2017 15 inch. No problems yet outside of the occasional rent paid on the 3rd instead of the 1st.Remember what the Seller wanted? To preserve the properties for her Grandchildren. She did not want or require money. She wanted someone to take this problem off her hands.

The whole world going to watch this, he said, to which Sheen responded, hope so. (Another behind the scenes nugget CNN correspondent Nic Robertson was slated to contribute his excellent uprising reporting on last night program if Sheen wasn on, but instead, after Sheen had arrived, he asked if he could keep the line open to listen to the show. A little levity in a tense situation.).

Sara catches up with 29 year old equine vet Heather who previously invited three fine studs to spend some time with her to see if love could blossom. It was rugby boy Callum who she hit it off with the most. Sara’s keen to discover if Heather’s managed to avoid the ‘one month curse’ that usually strikes relationships.

Conservatives aren’t off the hook either. It bothers me to my very core when some storeowners turn customers away for being gay, or otherwise different. Yes, I’m all for religious liberty. They kill us on other things. .. And on top of that they kill us with NATO.” And he defended Putin, calling him “fine” at the event.

I couldn’t stop jobs, or stop payments for veterans,” said the man who lead his teams to 11 pennants, and five world championships, during a magnificent 21 year career. Jobs that we shut down, and then the trickle down effect afterward. I couldn do it.

Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests. Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device. (Toronto Sun)The Toronto Transit Commission is coming under fire after the emergence of a picture.

They brought in hundreds of people nearly every high end raider on the server, plus extra support classes and decided that they would kill him, the last unkilled boss in EQ history. They managed to get him down to 10% before the server “crashed” and the event failed. Not sure if they ever tried again..