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Bluetooth takes small area networking to the next level by removing the need for user intervention and keeping transmission power extremely low to save battery power. Picture this: You’re on your Bluetooth enabled cell phone, standing outside the door to your house. You tell the person on the other end of the line to call you back in five minutes so you can get in the house and put your stuff away.

Ive been in the trades for almost 40 years. Watching this stuff if almost mandatory so that you never become complacent. Virtually everything I do is dangerous on some level and I spend a great part of my career just one distraction or stupid move away from death or losing parts of my body.

Sharks are apex predators. That means the big ones are at the top of the seafood chain. They dine on smaller fish like tuna which in turn eat even smaller, bottom feeding species like scallops that survive largely on algae. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileOn Friday federal New Democrat digital affairs critic Charlie Angus tabled a private member’s bill to keep internet service providers from throttling speeds and shaping traffic, his second attempt after an earlier bill got as far as first reading before last fall’s election was called.After a closer look, the new bill, C 398, is almost identical to last year’s offering, with two notable exceptions. One difference, as Michael Geist points out , is that while the first bill gave ISPs the right to “manage the flow of network traffic in a reasonable manner in order to relieve congestion”, the new bill amends that to “extraordinary congestion”, which in essence requires a greater burden of proof on the ISP to show its network is being congested by the activities of its users.The second change is similar: in the old bill, ISPs could manage their network in order to “prevent any violation of federal or provincial law”, which seemed to leave open the possibility that an ISP could claim a violation (perhaps illegal file sharing?) to justify its actions.In the second version, that’s been changed to not limiting the ISPs when it comes to acting “in accordance with federal and provincial law.”Geist said the new language is “a bit tighter on the compliance with the law.”Net neutrality promises to be a hot topic again in a month when the Canadian Radio television and Telecommunications Commission holds hearings on the issue.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

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I been rewatching this a lot and even listening to it at work. The history brings up the times about relevant comedy in the past as well as times where we had Haze code, censorship, Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, ect. I can say it going to give an opinion and a good argument for it, but I think anyone can enjoy this right up until they have to decide whether or not they going to listen to the final part of the documentary, and the direction it takes you from the past to the present..

Can you help me get a reasonable deal on a sail for my Hobie 18? It been sitting in my backyard for 8 years now. I bought it to spend time with the kids and realized afterwards that the guy who I bought it from had actually cobbled together a Hobie 18 and Hobie 16. I found a proper mast and boom and other stuff for the 18, but I missing a proper sail.

Lastly is this an hour long review of why Star Wars the Phantom Menace is the worst movie ever made. It is well edited, well explained, and provides examples to compare and contrast the movie. Personally, I also understand the feeling of needing to experience things in order to write about them.

Do I have nostalgia for some parts of the era? Sure, but that also because life for me was much simpler then than now and I had a decent time. I had She ra, Ghostbusters, and Gremlins among Star Wars and great many other things. Do I however want to read or see something that is entirely playing on nostalgia? Not really, and it is one of the reasons why I am not a fan of Stranger Things and do not expect anything from RPO..

Next week, the Africa Hub Choir, made up of language service journalists, will be performing at the BBC Carol Service to celebrate the festive season. Which may be why fans were not happy when wrestler Alireza Karimi allegedly lost a match on purpose in Poland last month. BBC Persian’s Ali Akhoondan has been following the story..

My friend bought a pair of wayfarers from a 3rd party amazon vendor that should have cost $100+ for $75. They looked perfect until you compared them side by side with a real pair. They felt different, the hinges and weight were a tiny bit off. After learning about the SPG announcement I thought I just missed out on 25k points and felt bummed. Called Amex today and asked if I am still eligible for the 20k points if I re open my application and the rep said yes, and I got approved! So, I be getting the 20k SPG points and the 5k points from self refering all that time ago. Not a big trip or use of points, but I think saving a potential loss of points is a win for megreezybeast 1 point submitted 3 months agoIf I can manage to fly in J, I don think I mind the extra flying (hopefully).

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For me, at least, it’s offensive. Maybe if they spent more time fixing orginiality in the game, like cut scenes, life like singing which suits the vocalist, musicians in sync with what is playing, etc, maybe then.Posted: 2008/02/19 at 9:33 AMGames such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band are akin to computer programs designed to display documents to the user in a useful format, much like Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word. This format makes downloading new tracks the obvious choice.However, given that these companies exist to turn profit, there must be financial benefit in issuing discs.Marketing a new game is simpler than marketing new tracks for download; a physical entity makes for a better commercial or poster ad.

He is a lifelong Republican with a career of distinguished service running the Criminal Division of the Justice Department for President Ronald Reagan and serving as President George W. Bush’s FBI director, twice unanimously confirmed by the Senate. And his investigation is getting results: By any objective standard, he has moved swiftly, obtaining 23 indictments and five guilty pleas in just more than a year..

He had stopped doing behind the nut string bends for some reason and that what kicks the whole solo off. By the time he and Plant reunited for their tours in 95 and 98, he had turned up the distortion and did the fast bits in a way that made the crowd roar but it was just a staticy sloppy mess. Still no behind the nut bends..

A vendor holds out a carved mask with snarling teeth and elephant ears. Without a word, Mother places it over her face. “Find me if you can,” she says. Kathy Griffin was appalling last night and everyone at our new year eve party here in the NC mountains on Lake James was equally blown away by her behavior, much less that you allowed it to be rerun again and again. Anderson Cooper reputation as such an honorable newscaster is tainted by his association with her and CNN approval of her behavior. What does your network stand for? What do your employees have to in order to please the American public??!!!! You are greatly underestimating the intelligence of our sense of humor and asking us to settle for accepting this atrocity as a celebration of our new year???!!!!.

So what they in this was this what kind of they summed up the reserved by saying. In every case and at every level we were taken aback by students lack of preparation. So tell me about kind of the state of news literacy. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates. Continue reading this post.

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The NAACP joins with other black organizations to head the movement.1960: The Youth Council of the NAACP lead non violent protests in North Carolina eventually forcing the desegregation of many of the businesses in the area.1963: The NAACP starts pressuring for the passage of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.1963: Medgar Evers, civil rights leader and NAACP’s first field director is killed in front of his house. The assassination of John F. Kennedy occurred just 5 months later.1964: The Civil Rights Act is passed.1965: The Voting Rights Act is passed.

Just to play devil advocate here as I don have strong feelings either way, I did go through the ASM training on unionization. The argument is that if you want to go Union you would also have to lose the open door policy. I know from store to store summer better than others, however the stores I worked for have always been very accessible to speaking with management.

I was homeschooled for 2 years and returned to public school in the 7th grade. I didnt really recover from that for a long time and the result was that I get a hanging lump in my throat (that sort of sensation you get when you emptional). This happened everytime I was in a new place around new people.

All medicine should be as cheap as we can possibly make it, and available to anyone regardless of whether they can afford it or not as long as society has the ability to grant it to them.But holy shit an HIV immunity program is amazing. Everyone who is in any way related to the development of this goddamn thing should get a blank check to research whatever the fuck they want.I don’t care about the financiers or even support staff (sorry), but the men and women who actually made it? Just fucking incredible. A goddamn miracle.Edit: obligatory anti pharmaceutical price gouging, broken US healthcare system so no one thinks this is /r/HailCorporate idgaf about the company.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe PEI Council of the Arts is looking for your submissions for PEI’s 2014 sesquicentennial celebrations. Karen Mair met with Darrin White, the council’s executive director, to discuss opportunities and the submission process for Islanders to create public art, and the funding dollars that are available in commissions for art that will be on display across the province.We’ve got a new tune for you to carry with you through the decades. It’s the official theme song for 2014.

I was just checking my mails in the office one morning, when i saw someone sharing her testimony on how Dr Trust Love spell helped her out with her marital problems. So i contacted the email address of Dr Trust spell she posted along side the testimony. I told him about my problems, and he told to be calm ,and that i have come to the right place, that i should fill some information about myself,which i did.

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So how to put the deaths of Amar Aslam or of Jimmy Mizen or of any of the other 20 teenage victims of violence so far this year into context? They are terrible, sad events and we all have great sympathy for the boys’ families. But beyond the personal tragedies that they represent, they tell us nothing about teenagers, gangs, knives or crime. Most of all, they tell us nothing about how concerned or fearful we should be for ourselves and our own families..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileChina denied involvement in internet attacks and defended its online restrictions as lawful Monday after the United States urged Beijing to investigate a computer attack against search engine giant Google.The company announced on Jan. 12 that it would pull out of China unless the government relaxes its rules on censorship. The ultimatum came after Google said email accounts of human rights activists critical of China had been hacked.

Yet you article suggests my perception is wrong. Can this be so? Are the official statistics accurate? One issue you don’t mention is fear of crime. This issue is important in the context of actual crime. I asked the church repeatedly if they would include a special group for them, but they chased me away. What does this tell you? I no longer attend Saddleback Church and my daughter will hit her one year sobriety date this week thanks to AA and some wonderful caring people also in recovery. I thank God every day and so does my daughter.

Naloxone is a drug that can reverse opioidoverdoses fromheroin and opioid prescription pain killers such as oxycodone and hydrocodone. Opioids bind to the receptors in the brain and spinal cord, causing the body to slow down untilit stops breathing. When an addict takes naloxone, itcan reverse this process, freeing up the receptors..

Roddy HartTagged with:Sometimes I think my own musical career however shambolically it may be hurtling down the line as the days fly past has happened in reverse. I was content with the fact that I would get to this more serious of plateaus eventually, once my youthful and exuberant face down in a toilet bowl phase as the frontman of a blistering rock n’ roll band was well and truly over. In short, I didn’t want to be a solo artist quite so early..

What about the interest rate? In North Carolina, the maximum interest rate that a pawnshop can charge is 2 percent per month, or 24 percent per year. That’s about the same as some credit cards. However, a pawnshop can also tack on other charges, such as handling, appraisal, storage and insurance fees.

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Did you send a “reply all” email by mistake? You’re the first one to send a second email joking about your error. People like this, are considered non threatening and generally liked.And don’t forget self deprecating humour. Make yourself the butt of your own jokes, and you can cut tension in no time.

Second that on MJ marketing. The quality of PC on premium brands is generally the same and no matter what the brands say, does not rival the clarity of glass. The production of PC lenses is a generally “impure” process using lots of heat and injection into metal molds.

It drives me nuts that Louis continually glosses over these details to continue to push the “anti Apple” circle jerk so that he can get YouTube views. He such a smart guy and his technical skill is second to none (as you can clearly see in his actual repair videos). I wish he stick to making interesting repair videos instead of misleading anti Apple videos because I think he doing more harm that good going down this route.

A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates. Continue reading this post. I think earlier comments suggesting hypocrisy in the BBC’s langusge miss the point. Yes they may have used the word “kidnapped” when reporting events Sierra Leone 6 years ago but they have learnt since. More importantly, in the current situation there is far more globabl interest in the story and it is more significant if one side is misreported.

All peoples have been persecuted at some time, even white people. This is the reason we are all here! Do you think it makes it better that 76% of all black babies are born to unwed mothers? I think it makes more sense, as my brother, that we should stand TOGETHER to change what injustices you feel subjected to instead of engaging in this civil war. I know you have to work harder and I am sorry for that! There are many Black Americans that have succeeded.

You probably googled for it, so you may have seen the below:Ray Ban sunglasses were marketed as “The World Finest Sunglasses” which promoted the company experience over more than 100 years of manufacturing scientific optical instruments. Quality control at the original Ray Ban was a top priority, with lenses made from optical glass which had been “precision ground and polished to be “free of waves or any other defects that could distort vision and cause eyestrain and fatigue.” Ray Ban gold frames feature gold electroplating, sometimes with 10k, 12k, or even 24k gold, and the process ensures that the gold is permanently bonded to the core metal which was specially alloyed for both strength and malleability. It is important to note that Ray Ban black frames were known as “black chrome” and similarly electroplated, so the black finish is not an enamel which could chip or wear off.We are often asked about what vintage Ray Ban marks on gold filled frames means.

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileNASA has a long history of bringing mementos from Earth aboard space shuttles to drum up interest for the sometimes painfully slow process of constructing the orbiting International Space Station. In June the space shuttle Atlantis returned to Earth with an artifact from the 17th century American settlement of Jamestown to celebrate the 400th anniversary of its founding.Now NASA is celebrating a more recent occasion the 30th anniversary of Star Wars by sending the original lightsaber prop used by Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in the 1977 film aboard the space shuttle Discovery in October. Evidently a person dressed as the Wookie Chewbacca will officially hand the lightsaber to NASA officials at Oakland International Airport in California today before he in a rare team up joins Boba and Jango Fett to push the airplane holding the saber on the tarmac.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileStreet style photographers are known for documenting the extraordinary fashion sense of ordinary people, but many focus on dapper young men and women with nary a wrinkle or silver hair.Ari Seth Cohen, a 31 year old photographer in New York City, bucks that trend. He is more interested in fashionistas who are old enough to be his grandparents, and his popular blog, book, and forthcoming documentary all pay homage to the “Advanced Style” of “stylish and creative older folks.”The women he has interviewed in collaboration with Lina Plioplyte are memorable characters who explain their pomp and pageantry without apology.”I am dressed up for the theatre of my life,” says one.”I don’t want to go around like a dreary old lady,” says another.”Young women, you’re going to be an old woman someday. Don’t worry about it,” chimes in a third.The women interviewed emphasize colour, character, and the freedom that comes with dressing according to one’s own moods and preferences without worrying about what others think about them.They advise others not to be scared of standing out, of breaking rules, and of expressing a bold individuality.In a recent reflection on Cohen’s work for , Mireille Silcoff describes the young man as “one of New York City’s more unlikely tastemakers.”‘This is how I want to be when I get old’Silcoff also argues that the interest and enthusiasm over Advanced Style is not being fueled by aging boomers, as one might expect, but rather their thrift store loving children.(Ari Seth Cohen/powerHouse Books)”Scratch the surface of youth culture, and a kind of Eldertopia is revealed, a pro aged paradise lovingly promoted by people who are themselves not even close to middle aged,” she writes, going on to describe a digital universe dotted with Bubby glasses and granddad cardigans.The ubiquitous caption below countless “Cool Old People” and “Geezer Chic” posts, she notes, is some version of “This is how I want to be when I get old.””The twilight years thus appeal as a time when a kind of paradoxical freedom can be located, a time thought to be beyond the petty concerns of hotness and coolness, where you can finally, truly, really be yourself,” writes Silcoff.Similarly, in a recent post for BBC News Magazine, Tamsin Smith explores pro aging experimentation in a youth obsessed culture.

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The tastes and attitudes between the two types of gaming personalities are just too different.I want my Xbox to stay edgy and to keep delivering the hardcore games I love to play. I don’t need some cutesy avatar dancing on my screen. I don’t WANT to have avatar parties!! I want GoW2, RE5, Fallout 3, know what I mean? The Wii is great for my wife and daughter and I also have a blast with them once in a while, when I’m in the casual mood.

We have been together for 12yrs married 8yrs and race is not an issue in our home so I dont understand why people make it their issue. I did not ask nor did I care what was on her b/c all we cared about was our beautiful new baby girl. Rascism is an issue in this World its not just America.

Kevin Sinfield’s Leeds have fixtures against Castleford, Wakefield, Widnes and Salford before the Super 8s splitBut this will be no easy entry into the coaching arena for Sinfield. He has four games to get the club into the top eight and out of the relegation mire. The probability is that they will need to win at least three of the four to secure a top eight finish..

The officer didn receive proper training by the department? Please, my mama raised me that its bullying if you beat someone when they are down and that is wrong. The problem is, that arbitrators are selected by agreement of management and the union, therefore if an arbitrator rules against the union, they do not select that arbitrator anymore. No selection, no job, no pay.

You can’t just walk away. I’ll be back in an hour. I’ll deal with it then. Finally tonight he may not be a household name yet. Give him time. One of the hottest new acts in country music today, what you call a triple threat. Angela Merkel, now in her fourth term as German Chancellor, has weathered many crises without jeopardising the stability of the government in Berlin, or the integrity of the eurozone. After an inconclusive election in September 2017, she held firm against the demands of smaller parties that seemed incompatible with her moderate and accommodative stance. In March, the initially reluctant centre left Social Democratic Party (SPD) saw wisdom in reviving the grand coalition with Ms.

I stopped carrying them because their collection got stale and they didn seem to update it with current styles. From their website it looks like they scrapped all of their old collection and started over. I wouldn put that collection in because it is too limited for me.

BBC Review Kayne’s dark days have produced an album of awe inspiring design.Stephen Kelly 2010In this day and age most artists are other artists: their lyrics someone else’s clich their careers an imitation, their passions a mere reference. Not Kanye West well, at least not now. For in a genre whose death is declared on a regular basis, West has become three things: interesting, innovative and utterly, utterly mad.Of course, some of this supposed insanity is nothing but self mocking egomania.

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Epicurean is like two blocks from Hayden and it has really good sandwiches, Papaya Dog which is in West Village but like 10 minutes away from Hayden has cheap and good food but its pretty unhealthy. Check out MacDougal Street and the streets around, Dumpling Kingdom has decently priced Chinese food. You also not too far from Saint Marks.

I wanted to tell you a little bit about the 1%. I been studying the 1% for a while. It quite a story. These changes bring along other changes. All of the clothes that I wore a year ago are either at Goodwill or shoved to the back of the closet. Workout clothes that I bought before Atlanta are gathering dust as they haven’t been worn in months because they are too big.

To have a functional Canadian Premier League would be good for soccer in Canada, but having the word Premier in the title does not equate it to being the top league in Canada. There is no hope that it will be division I calibre, not even in the distant future. With stable management and a good product, proven over a few years, they can build their market and possibly be able to compete at an equivalent to division II elsewhere.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileAn Indian chess player named Umakant Sharma has been banned from competition for 10 years after he was caught using a Bluetooth wireless device to win games.Sharma had qualified for the national championship but suspicions were aroused because of his rapid ascent up the rankings. After years of posting an average ranking of 1930, Sharma jumped to 2384 in just a year and a half.Officials discovered at a recent tournament that he had a Bluetooth device stitched to a cloth cap and pulled over his ears. He used it to communicate to accomplices outside the hall who used a computer to relay moves to him.Perhaps we should have seen this coming.With Deep Blue and a team of programmers winning a decisive rematch over Gary Kasparov, computers fired a warning shot to human chess players worldwide.

“If this was last year and they were performing Virginia State Epileptic Colony on the show then that would be more of a cause for comment. But there’s always been two versions of the Manics, and right now we’ve got the shiny pop version. Some Kind Of Nothingness will no doubt fit into the show rather well, and you already know that Wire will dress for the occasion far more suitably than most of the acts they have on.

The site has also been criticized in the past for factual errors. based conservative alternative to Wikipedia recently found itself the target of numerous prank entries: so many the site was overloaded with viewers and was down earlier on Monday.Andrew Sullivan’s blog includes some of Conservapedia’s tampering, including an entry on the well established hoax species the Pacific Northwest Arboreal Octopus.But as Sullivan points out, Conservapedia’s ultra short entries and pervasive political leaning make it difficult to differentiate between the actual entries and the parodies spawned by Stephen Colbert imitators.Consider, for example, the site’s theory of gravity entry, which reads in part:The considerable disagreement between scientists about the theory of gravity suggests that, like evolution, the theory will eventually be replaced with a model which acknowledges God as the source of all things, the Prime Mover, and the only real fundamental force in the universe.Since the site proper is often down, those curious to know what all the fuss is about can look at here.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.