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The same can be said for the RB super high quality, very smooth, have a nice weight to them came with a nice leather case and cloth so very nice. Pretty sure they are UV protected, the seller told me so, will confirm at the opticians soon! so 10/10 here. NB the TB frames are a little big but maybe i just have a small face lmao..

Another con is sometimes and very rarely, the screen will flicker if there a certain app open. Origin does this. But when it off screen no problems. I played with that for about 9 months (a little over a full season) until a ref told me I couldn I started playing without my brace for about another 6 9 months. Seemingly no issue. Then, march 6th, (indoor though I really doubt it a matter of grass vs pitch or boards or not) I finished the tear and added a meniscus tear..

Last time I took a taxi was because the airport I was at banned rideshare. On top of costing double, the seat was dirty, they had a screen stuck up to the glass divider that blasted advertising at me, and the car was the same Prius any rideshare driver would pick me up in. Just a shit experience overall.

First, we have to be careful about referring to someone as a victim or survivor before there evidence (police reports, medical reports, etc.) about what happened. Bear in mind that if there a victim/survivor, that means we telling our audience that there an attacker or attackers. We don want to be prejudging.

People who suffer from ALOPECIA is quite different then those with male patterned baldness!!!! Children suffer from alopecia too!!! It is extremely heartbreaking to see a little girl or little boy lose their hair due to AT, AU or AA!!! I have been a lucky one who has suffered with AA since my late teens but my hair loss has gone into remission 3 times that makes me the lucky one!!!! Imagine being an outgoing teenager or child and all of a sudden your hair starts falling out globs of it it is all over your pillow case every morning it is all over your hands when you wash your hair tons of it is in your hairbrush everyday!!! You try to rearrange your hairstyle every morning to cover the baldspots so you can face the world. Imagine having to endure being held down by your doctor nurse and a love one as the doctor is injecting 100 of shots in your head each month on all the the quarter size or fist size areas of hairloss!!! Imagine having to keep your hair very short or wear a scarf or even a wig for years because having long hair and watching it fall out in your hands at any even moment is excruciating because no one is absolutely sure what causes alopecia to start or go into remission. Like I said I am a lucky AA sufferer as I have responded to treatment since my early 30 thru a doctor in NYC (Dr.

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The blacks and the Hispanics and the women. Really felt like Obama was going to win, that he didn really need one more vote, that he had already had it sewn up. Months from his 80th birthday, the man with more than 60 studio albums to his credit says he grew up around guns and has no problem with hunting.

Calls for resettlement in temporary host countries should be countered. The resettlement of Palestinians was contrary to the expressed will of world legitimacy, and: “In Lebanon, it will dangerously alter the delicate balance of its existence as a nation, based on coexistence among various sects that enjoyed mutual respect.”Turning to the upcoming presidential elections, he spoke out against outside interference. “Unfortunately there have been attempts by international parties to intervene in Lebanon’s domestic affairs in a way that contradicts international norms,” he said.

Even more ironic is that cable firms have never had their phone services regulated by the CRTC and, as such, were the main opponents of Bernier’s deregulation. They warned that it would only lead to higher prices. “We know that the CRTC’s tried and true method [of regulating phone companies] works.

She protecting her house, she got a husband that a World War II veteran, who in apparently from what I been told who in a wheelchair. And she was able to defend and protect when the police unfortunately weren there yet. This is when things got really weird:.

The DNC is not shit. They adopted a fifty state strategy that signficantly increased funding going to state parties, including in red states, and Perez has provided calm, measured leadership throughout this super delegate reform process. It resulting in a huge reduction in the number of superdelegates, and removing the vast majority of their power in president contests..

I hope I am not violating sub rules, as this post has no photos at all and is not my content, but I listened to this interview this morning and was captivated. There is an additional hummingbird related clip beginning at 47 minute mark, as well as the main feature interview with Dr. Pepper Trail (beginning at the 51 minute mark), a forensic ornithologist with US Fish and Wildlife Service and professed hummingbird lover.

I have a feeling this will be downvoted into oblivion, for whatever reason, but it an honest question that I hoping someone is willing to take up and have a legitimate conversation about. I pretty fascinated by the similarities of both sides of the political spectrum extremists groups behavior. I just don see how anyone can look at either one of these groups, no matter what your political affiliation is, and think that they are doing anything to change the country political climate for the better.Not_My_Real_Acct_ 0 points submitted 6 days agoGavin McInnes is drunk and high every single day.

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When talks between the union and management broke down on 17 August there was an immediate “walk out,” the Llanelli railway workers being quickly joined by thousands of tin plate workers from the area. Before long a 1,500 picket was forming a barricade at the two railway crossings to the east and west of Llanelli station. All train traffic was effectively stopped..

His entourage (not a big one, but an entourage all the same) tends to encircle him, partly to protect, partly to be close. But when he is being interviewed they melt away into the background. Except for a young American documentary filmmaker who has been Ai Weiwei’s constant companion for many months, recording his life in minute detail.

Some sunglasses are equipped with specific filters that reduce glare, increase contrast, or even increase your depth perception. This makes them ideal for certain sports, like beach volleyball, or certain professions, like the highway patrol. Also, by filtering out harmful radiation, sunglasses allow you to spend more time engaged in outdoor activities without suffering some of the drawbacks.

Tractors and snowmobiles were constantly in use, and some had to be left idling when parked because it was so cold that their engines could not be restarted if they were turned off. At one point, I accompanied the ship’s captain and the chief scientist on a mission in an SUV of a helicopter that required two pilots and gulped Jet A fuel at a frightening rate.I also couldn’t help noticing that perhaps the research funding policies made things worse the government funded project had a certain budget allocated to “helicopter time,” and as the budget year neared its end, there seemed to be pressure to use it all up.Brook said he travels often to do research and teaching in the north as well as to conferences in meeting to the south. He estimated that he produces an average of 8.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year through research alone not including his personal life and that is average or low compared to other researchers.

I live in West London with my wife and two sons who play a big part in my technology journalism. Adam, who is 17, is my consultant on the games industry despite no evidence of musical talent he took only hours to become a Guitar Hero on the Wii, while I am still being booed off stage. Nine year old Rufus has strong opinions on all kinds of technology (Dad, why are there no good games on your phone?) and his review of the $100 laptop has won wide praise..

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Is absolutely a sign of development for a character who “has to be right”. Who “has to be in control”. Walter was wrong. I do agree if everything went down the way they are saying the boys were in the wrong. But i feel as tho this girl agreed to go with these guys when she had a choice to leave with her friends. I also feel that she agreed to these acts even tho she was drunk she agreed, now she is embarrased about what she did and decided to blame RAPE.

The queen was uncomfortable with the talk and careful never to call the new nurse mary “sister”. But the king was too stubborn to worry much. “Why shouldn’t she be a quick leaner? She is our daughter, of pure blood as are ever born in this world, and has every right to speak before her time.”.

This is a horrific story to read and the reason me sick. This has to stop the killing of innocent victims the MURDERERS no matter what their ages to be held accountable they took an innocent life. There should be no more slap on the wrists for these 2 murderers.

1,759 points submitted 28 days agoExpats and direct (Ethnic Turkish) relatives of expats doesnt know jackshit about Turkey political situtation and continue to vote for this man and I fucking hate them for it. They dont know how well they have it in Europe but still vote for Erdoan. I absolutely hate them.

Canadians also have some of the highest monthly minutes of use in the study, with an average of 420 third in the developed world, next to the United States and Hong Kong.One thing the carriers didn’t mention, though, is that Canada also scored third highest in something called ARPU or average revenue per user. ARPU is essentially how much monthly income a carrier earns per customer. Canada’s $45.85 US rates third, next to the United States and Japan, according to Merrill Lynch.

In the end, anyone sanctioning the US would get hit with matching tariffs by us. Since we run a deficit however, those countries trading with us have more to lose in a trade war. There are only so many US exports they can tariff. Gabriel Gatehouse has been reporting on the quality of life; the first moves to privatisation; and assessing the prospects for liberalisation of the political scene.In many ways has changed less since the collapse of the USSR than any of its neighbours, including Russia. The government has been heavily criticised by the West both the European Union and the United States who accuse Mr Lukashenko of repression of his political opponents and human rights abuses.The US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, has called “the last dictatorship in Europe” and an “outpost of tyranny” and both Washington and Brussels have imposed sanctions on the country.This weekend, parliamentary elections will be held which are not expected to be free and fair and unlikely to bring much change to an assembly packed with supporters of the president. So are Western governments calling for free elections? Well, yes of course.

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What it comes down to is simply this: is there something that marks us out as British rather than French, or American, or Australian? I came across this definition just a few days ago: “Being British is about driving in a German car to an Irish pub for a Belgian beer, then grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way home, to sit on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a Japanese TV. You should be able to take a joke. You should dislike extremes.

Seven years on from the attacks in New York and Washington, the key stronghold of groups linked to the Taleban and al Qaeda is now the wild and remote mountain region straddling the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Many call this the new frontline in the battle between western forces, their Afghan and Pakistani allies, and armed Islamic militants. The majority of the Taleban are Pashtuns and they have allied themselves to al Qaeda..

Let just say, for the sake of conversation, that you do know how to silence the NRA or that Mr. Weinstein does . Why do you feel the need to do that? This country was founded upon the principal of freedom of speech. I’ve spoken about my issues with my partner and a couple of friends. I do have people for emotional support. I just enjoyed bouncing my ideas off of him and the semi parental relationship between us.

PS: once we figured out the Sabbacc rules, might we do the same for Dejaric? Playeable version exists for VR Jedi Challenges game which I sadly can not play. LFL said they have full Dejarik rules, and many tried to deduce them from various sources, movies and otherwise. Its a combination of chess and other similiar games of course, and if you add lore from the books, also has many variations in existance.

I am crying after watching these recent Dr Gupta special. My son also suffers from epilepsy, until 3 weeks ago we were very well controlled and had had not had a seizure since 2010. Jake takes medications 3 times a day to prevent seizures. A lot of the management team is no longer there but most of the employees stayed. The company pays well above national/local average for the position and offers incredible benefits. It was common for people to talk about how they felt trapped because they couldn afford to leave and take a pay cut to go to another company..

Explaining the science behind the body reaction, Gupta says, person also, often times, gets very sick. They get the immune system really blown up. It a long hospitalization, it a tough hospitalization. Trekkies really ought to know that.But what we want to know after today’s odd announcement is: When NASA is going to get serious and start looking for Caprica?[And yes, the title and sprinkling of mockery in this post is all light hearted. Who among the readers of this blog hasn’t enjoyed Star Trek?]Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

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Assad is making gains, there no doubt of that. Securing Aleppo was a huge win for him however, he simply doesn have enough troops to stabilize his country (and that with Hezzbolah, Iran, and Russian support). I believe that if he used chemical weapons it would be as a force multiplier to destroy the rebels morale and fighting spirit.

It’s message can never be as violent as the story of the brutalisation and assassination of Christ in the Bible, which is one book that is as common and available as the lampshade in the bedroom. Violence is inherent in Man, the Animal. It is the highest example of intellectual violence to prevent anyone to see such a brilliant work of cinema.

She hadn’t always flinched from her reflection. Nate, with his fair good looks, was the one in the family generally agreed to have inherited her mother’s beauty, but Tessa had always been perfectly content with her own smooth brown hair and steady gray eyes. Jane Eyre had had brown hair, and plenty of other heroines besides.

A TFC (TF1/Team Fortress Classic) update created a bug in the collision detection where if you played as a spy and feigned death, your players body would lay down but below the surface of the floor. In the 2fort map, if you feigned just outside the exit door at the upper supply/respawn room of the enemy, as the players tried to exit the cieling turret detected you and opened up on you but the player exiting was caught in the crossfire and wiped out. Any rounds that got thru after he fell would be destroyed at the surface of the floor.

Upvote articles like this. Show the price increase to your nearest and dearest Trump voter. These types of errors on Trump’s part are the only chance of turning a moderate/swing Trump voter (not the hard core ones, probably). Now, while most people think they would walk away from a slot if they hit a jackpot in reality the majority of us will play just a little bit more. It’s straight up Pavlovian conditioned behavior and damn near nothing feels as good as making a bunch of money for doing nothing. Vegas doesn’t work if this didn’t hold true..

Our content is a matter of public record and is part of our contract with our audience. To simply remove it from the archive diminishes transparency and trust and, in effect, erases history. This is not a practice engaged in by credible news organizations or in line with ethical journalism.

It not a matter of degrees. Penalizing the three who were responsible for this student death would only seem right if all hazing were forbidden. Everyone looked the other way when perhaps the same degree of hazing happened to a student last week who didn die.

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I spent almost three decades making films on human rights and conflict, largely focused on violence against women. I made documentaries on rape camps in Bosnia, on the civilian (largely women) toll of small arms and on so called killings in Jordan and the West Bank. I filmed in Iraq, Gaza, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone, Iran So many places where women suffer unimaginably from conflict and violence..

I convinced them to just follow my lead out of the rocky area. A little further up the trail it went back to dirt and mud, so it was obviously the main trail from seeing boot prints everywhere. My partner was relieved, they were tired, grumpy, and hurting from not being in shape.

I looked at the link and thought it was a different pair (one that I had just looked at and was still for sale). I might have to just keep my eyes out for something similar thenisjustaboy 2 points submitted 2 years agoKeep the extra length. Don have them hemmed if you want a lot of stacks, and make the leg opening and calf very slim like others have suggested.I own a pair of Julius Knit Denim that stacks like this.

Bluetooth systems create a personal area network (PAN), or piconet, that may fill a room or may encompass no more distance than that between the cell phone on a belt clip and the headset on your head. Once a piconet is established, the members randomly hop frequencies in unison so they stay in touch with one another and avoid other piconets that may be operating in the same room. Let’s check out an example of a Bluetooth connected system..

Welcome back thrill seekers to the second day of the All Men Are Liars Festival of the Penis. Last week’s blog about broken todgers was probably not the best way to kick off a celebration of the skin flute, so today I’d like to tackle (no pun intended) a trouser snake topic that’s a little more general and far less painful. In fact, it’s one of the more enduring questions of masculinity, one that men of all shapes, sizes, colours and creeds have asked themselves at one time or another: how does the meat and two veg compare with the restaurant next door? Where does my spanner sit in the great socket set of life? Is my swizzle stick built for a tumbler or a tall glass? Is my penis big enough?.

When people shout about isolationism, it’s worth remembering that the United States with the support of the American people still maintains thousands of troops in foreign countries, in dozens of bases around the world. We have 60 treaty alliances. In many of them we’re committed to the defense of these countries from Japan, to South Korea, to Germany.

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You also can tell its not better than actual o2 just by some annicdotal evidence when you see production breweries do not do this. The amount of oil needed is so small that if it worked you would save a ton of time and money. Journalism is under attack from all angles (regardless of it is justified at times).

In 2001, the Law Lords decided that the Reynolds Defence was a valid one, subject to certain conditions. Crucially, for the defence to be successful the journalism had to be careful, its tone sober, its subject important and of urgent public interest. In other words, it had to be good journalism.

But Dev needs you to spell emotions out for him, and right now I’m not in the mood. So I just tell him where I left the stuff and pretend I’m going off to search for a clear spot on the bar to summon the bartender from. And once I’m pretending that’s the truth, I figure it might as well be the truth.

The college and website came about as a direct result of the Gilligan affair, the Hutton inquiry and the report of a senior BBC News executive, Ron Neil . Who, as it happens, recommended a residential college to reinforce BBC journalists’ learning. Sadly, a cloistered, towered, Gothic pile somewhere deep in the countryside was not to be.

In the mid sixties, we got and successfully used pill After a few years, I got a vasectomy. Today at seventy+, we can look back on a wonderful life utterly without regret as to our choices. There have been rough times, both of us getting cancer and both of us now cancer free (she was pronounced terminal 14 years ago, but fought well)..

The job was not without stress. Below the surface of the Giants’ success ran an undercurrent of duplicity and scandal. When McGraw fell ill in 1925, leaving Jennings in charge of the team, the burden proved too much. Over the past decade, several women like Mariza, Ana Moura, and Misia have helped re invigorate the music and spearhead a new interest in the genre. More than 30 years back. “Eyes Of Love” was recorded in an infamous facility in Richmond, Virginia, by 9 inmates who called themselves “Edge of Daybreak”.

First moved out at 18. Then moved back in less than a year later. Then I moved out again at 20 (got married, went back to college, got my bachelors). The nature of this liaison was immensely shocking on several levels to a society strictly run on entrenched class principles. But what really marked the book apart was the extremity and explicitness of the language used to describe the intimacy of the two protagonists. Prosecuting counsel famously failed to catch the zeitgeist of the 1960s with his question it a book that you would wish your wife or your servants to read? more.

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Consumers are more aware today of the hazards of ultraviolet light. And the rise of sports such as in line skating, dirt bike riding and snowboarding also contributed to the popularity of eyewear. Sunglass maker Oakley came out with sport specs to take the place of goggles.

Maybe a three year deal using the cap space from the rookie contracts and Kyrie being a relative bargain, but once they start signing extensions, 15 for Smart means they wouldn be able to pay all of Kyrie, Jayson, and Jaylen.He not really an underrated facilitator either. He turns it over 2.5 times a game while only producing 10 points and 5 assists. That not good.

Meanwhile there sits Jerusalem (where upwards of 350 foreign media outlets have permanent bureaus), the shining city on a hill. It is modern yet crammed with history. It has hotels, bars, girls in miniskirts but it’s only a half an hour drive from scenes of real “bang bang” (a photographer’s slang term) shooting war.

7th over 47 1 There’s some chaps dressed up as Where’s Wally? Unsurprisingly, they look like a bunch of wallies. Collingwood gets one to seam back at McCullum and cramp him up but McCullum nurdles Colly into the leg side next ball for three. Colly drags one in short and Taylor yanks him away for four and the England skipper strays onto Taylor’s stumps next ball and is flipped to the long leg boundary.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileTerry Milewski’s look at the Boeing F/A 18E Super Hornet, now emerging as a rival to the Lockheed Martin F 35 as the Canadian Forces’ replacement for its aging CF 18s, really got the CBC Community talking.Many of the comments on our story were enthusiastic about the Super Hornet being considered, as Ottawa reviews its commitment to buy F 35s.”We are a northern Arctic country and two engines is a must for the safety of our investments. That and an F 18E can do circles around the F 35 in every performance area other than stealth attack,” said Eagleone.”You mentioned the cost of acquisition and operation of the Super Hornet was half the price of the F 35; however, it gets even better than that. The cost of transitioning our pilots and mechanics from our existing F 18 fleet to the Super Hornet is minimal considering the transition to an entirely new aircraft like the F 35.

Good quality, designer sunglasses are going to be high quality. The lenses are going to be dense and heavy. Hold your “ray bans” in one hand, and a similar size/design cheap sunglasses in your other hand, and the ray bans will be heavier. Hes jacked, he chills at the freshest restaurants, and has all of the hottest friends. Nelson teams were about playing positionless basketball but in a more iso centric way. I suppose if he had Harden it might have been more successful, but Nelson was also loath to really do anything as creative on the defensive end whereas D team this year is actually a good defensive team..

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In such ambitious company Black Fang falls flat, a rare occasion of the band trying too hard, but the playlist baiting Luddite rings of Doves more pounding moments and, even more sweetly, The Waterboys, as does the liberal declaration of lead single Kissing Strangers.Although the word classic is heavily overused in reviews, there is a true class to these stately, story boarded songs. Cherry Ghost have perfectly picked up on the ambition of their debut and this new set points to, if not bright, then stately places ahead.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. If you choose to use this review on your site please link back to this page.1 We Sleep on Stones 2 A Month of Mornings 3 Conquered, Part 1 4 Kissing Strangers 5 Only a Mother 6 The Night They Buried Sadie Clay 7 My God Betrays 8 Barberini Square 9 Conquered, Part 2 10 Black Fang 11 Luddite 12 Diamond in the Grind 13 Strays Clips taken from original discs may contain strong language..

If you have a square face, your main goal should be to soften your face up a bit, as your features are all probably very strong and broad. The best way is for you to soften up the appearance of strong curves. Ultimately, the best way to reduce strong curves is by wearing sunglasses which are oval or round in shape.

It is mere noise and not music whatever the style. But it is not only mobile phone noise that stops me from using public transport, but the bad smell of junk food taken on board by other passengers. It often turns my stomach, not helping motion sickness.

It was decided that he didn have enough evidence to show that Swift is the cause of his job loss. But here the kicker, if Swift were to lose her counter lawsuit, it would effectively be a ruling that she lied about the sexual assault, which is slander and would support his claim that she ruined his reputation. So in this case, you have to make a decision on one side or the other because the decision you make has consequences for both people.

I got scammed for $1450 on here. A user who now deleted his account created an account that was one letter different than another user. He then relisted another watch that appeared to have sold and said the sale fell through and was relisting. Here in this year cross country talk about it as well I’m joined by my colleague chief national correspondent Byron Pitts. The former new York city police commissioner Ray Kelly thank you for being here political strategist Matthew daddy sent an Austin, Texas today Charlotte Eiffel. The president NAACP legal defense fund.