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I a week into this and I have no idea what they want. I a financial representative only licensed to sell health and life right now, but I have people in my office who are licensed to sell all 3 and I can do joint work with. So I guess i can say I use a holistic approach.

A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates. Continue reading this post. The long awaited Commons consideration of Lords Amendments to the EU (Withdrawal) Bill is already being billed as a kind of Brexit High Noon, with Brexiteers and Remainers picking their way toward each other through the parliamentary tumbleweed, cigars clenched in their jaws, ponchos flapping, for a confrontation directed by Sergio Leone or Sam Peckinpah. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking..

Formed in 1974 by a bunch of middle class kids with a mutual love of the Stooges , New York Dolls and 60s garage bands, they followed bass player Dee Dee lead and all adopted the surname Ramone, subsuming their identities beneath the concept and started pairing down their sound into the two minute rushes that we know and love them for today. Shows were understandably brief when they started growing a fanbase at New York CBGB reviled by the American press for their seemingly crude approach to rock roll the barest glance at their lyrics reveals a dark sense of humour and a perfect understanding of rock dynamics. Nazi affiliations ( Your Love Tomorrow The World child abuse ( On The Brat drug abuse ( I Wanna Sniff Some Glue the Cuban Missile Crisis? ( Affair all were fair game in da brudders alternative universe of nihilism and short sharp fun.

The Commission should condemn Israel’s expansionist policies and its continuous violation of human rights of Arabs in the occupied territories. It should also affirm the rights of Palestinians to resort to armed struggle to liberate their land and obtain independence. The Arab Lawyers Union also differentiated between armed struggle for liberation and terrorism emanating from radical fundamentalism.

A scary time for Egypt, and as a Canadian Egyptian with many loved ones there, I fear for their safety and the future of Egypt. Protests were peaceful in the Mobarak days, until pro Mobarak protesters used violence, and later many admitted they were promised money and only received a portion of what was promised. When millions demonstrated against Morsi, it was also peaceful.

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In the first quarter, total revenue grew by almost 3%. Operations in the United States were strong, with same store sales increasing 4.6%. Sales in Belgium fell 0.8% in the quarter. The United Nations was not made for diplomats or dignitaries it was made for people, he said. Indeed, the Organization would be tested by how it addressed the plight of millions. “We cannot turn this into an exercise of bureaucracy,” he said, adding that the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement on climate change could not be met without adequate financing.

The Council also welcomed the options proposed in the Secretary General’s report (see Background) to support such prosecutions, through a statement read out by Vitaly Churkin of the Russian Federation, which holds the September Presidency of the 15 member body. The submission of the options had been called for in resolution 1918 of 27April 2010.The options include enhancing United Nations assistance for ongoing prosecution in regional States and the creation of special domestic chambers in certain countries possibly with international components as well as regional or international tribunals, with corresponding prison arrangements, meant to meet challenges presented by the limited judicial and prison capacity of States in the region and the repatriation of suspects prosecuted by foreign courts.In its continuing consideration of the Secretary General’s options, the Council noted it was taking into account the work of the Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, existing practice in international and mixed tribunals, and the time and resources necessary to achieve and sustain substantive results.Through the statement, the Council commended the ongoing efforts of States, in particular Kenya and the Seychelles, to prosecute suspected pirates in their national courts, as well as the assistance being provided to them by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and other international stakeholders. It stressed the need for all States to criminalize piracy under their domestic law, among other measures.The Council also stressed that peace, stability, development and the respect for human rights in Somalia were necessary to create the conditions for a durable eradication of piracy and armed robbery at sea off its coast.Opening today’s discussion, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki moon said that achieving results in the prosecution of piracy whether through new or existing judicial mechanisms would require political and financial commitment from Member States.

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For the whole river circled isle was Abhorsen’s House. Home to the Abhorsen, whose birthright and charge was to maintain the borders of Life and Death. The Abhorsen, who used necromantic bells and Free Magic, but who was neither necromancer nor Free Magic sorcerer.

Reporting the crime carries risks too. Some men clearly feel that telling police can lead to the finger of blame being pointed at them. One, who wants to stay anonymous, texted us to say “ex girlfriend pushed me down the stairs ,i called the police and they locked me up for three hours and made me walk home with dislocated toes cos they did not believe me”.

These are aspects that make Aviator sunglasses the favorites of many fashion forward women and men. With such a large selection to choose from, women can buy to match their personality and image of sexy, sweet or bold. The material used for making women Aviator sunglasses is usually lighter metal and more durable.

What was with Jack Hannah? He sounded almost maniacal. Hoping you will consider having David Kirby back on for some more reasonable analysis. SeaWorld history with its cetaceans has been swept under the carpet long enough. The coalition government has announced it was bringing in minimum pricing on alcohol in England and Wales. In Oldham that’s already happening after the town was labelled the “binge capital” of the UK two years ago. Then the council cracked down more policing, strict conditions on bars and so on.

The reality of writing about any subject which engenders passions and technology is definitely one of those is that no matter what one writes about, there is always someone who believes we should have written about something else, or written it differently. But this issue is not about Apple; it is about the editorial process itself. Every day, my colleagues and I on the technology section spend time questioning ourselves about the legitimacy of any story..

Hazel, 16, has been battling thyroid cancer since age 13, and only through the use of an experimental drug is she still alive. She carries an oxygen tank with her everywhere, and hasn’t attended traditional school since her diagnosis. Depressed and lonely, she tries a support group, where she meets the handsome and deceptively sick Augustus Waters, a 17 year old dreamboat who quickly proceeds to turn her life into an adventure.

A PAVN battalion of the NVA 33rd regiment shelled the camp, but did not press to overrun it. They did, however, surround the area with antiaircraft artillery , as a successful “flak trap” for aircraft. They also placed artillery and mortars on high ground, with a clear goal of ambushing the expected relief column.[16].

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The idea that we don know why but we feel the urge to do something like buy things when we depressed to make us feel better. Minimalism is about the idea that if you look at the WHY you less likely to follow through on the action. It about mindfulnes and intentional living..

For direct combat application, grow glands that produce incredibly potent venom from rare, very small animals that wouldn be a feasible source of poison ordinarily. Then extract the venom and put it in toxic gas, giving the not elves chemical weapons at at least a WWI level that should wipe out any group of goblin things too stupid to be wearing gas masks. Which is most of them.CPlusPlusDeveloper 6 points submitted 13 days agoWell, prior to deep space astronomy you could limit the Fermi Paradox to the galaxy.

Pretty soon we were all basically crying from laughing and trying to keep it muffled. From far away it probably looked like we were just holding on to each other and sobbing but the people close to us definitely knew we were cracking up. It was the best send off for my dad that I could have imagined..

Government finance experts were aghast. Continue reading this postKira Vermond: Humour on the jobHey, have you heard the one about the employee with a great sense of humour? Maybe he’s on to something. Numerous surveys and studies tell us a good sense of humour is an asset on the job.

Vehicle Make up: Majority of Australian motor users are driving cars, (according to the ABS there are 18 million cars in a country with 24 million people) and driving cars with high safety ratings. If a car crashes into another car, theres a good chance everyone walks away. “vulnerable road users”.

They insert quite deeply into the ear canal (more so than most IEMs) but so far I fine with it.With the SR the bass is quite laid back, but it actually very deep the subbass is there if you turn up the volume. Some people don like it. I not a bass head; in fact, I like neutrality and accuracy.

He had no comment beyond a short statement on his website that confirmed the accident and thanked fans for their well wishes.Full StoryDo celebrities give up their rights to privacy when they become rich and famous?Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests. Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device.

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We’ve just launched a new news programme on 1Xtra the digital sister station to Radio 1 which features contemporary black music. We’ve always had news content on the station and an award winning documentary strand but it’s been mixed with a music programme in the afternoons. So our new format is two 15 minute news programmes broadcast at noon and 5pm Monday to Friday..

A wallet of this design is objectively simple relative to more labor intensive pieces like a briefcase, and it consequently much easier to judge for quality than something like, say, a shirt or a suit. Other than the leather, stitch density, stitch method, stitch cleanliness are all markers of objective craftsmanship and to some (maybe small) degree longevity, and in a product this simple I personally have a higher standard of what I find to be acceptable in what I buy that goes towards both the quality of materials and quality of craftsmanship. So I respect your right to defend your work, but I also assert mine to say that objectively it looks grossly substandard to me by the metrics above.

There are two major problems with Data hole card check. First of all, his down card here is irrelevant. Riker is showing jack high with four hearts, while Data has a pair of queens showing. Replacement components come in real woods like cherry, maple and oak; or easy to clean and economical thermofoil. With the addition of cabinet and drawer organizers your kitchen can also have the convenience of a completely new kitchen. Easily, the equivalent of anything you’d find in the Emerald City..

Are the changes politically motivated? Or sensible? The Power Panel debates. Plus, Ontario Regional Chief RoseAnne Archibald joins me to discuss her thoughts on Doug Ford’s government. And, University of Calgary economics professor Jennifer Winter is here with a reality check on what the Liberal government’s carbon plan could cost Canadians.

That last part is what I think still applies to this conversation. The highest value should be making the game consistent, not equal. Let every player have the same chance within the same game laws to become a top 1% player, and don’t punish the people who put in the work to achieve that.

They might also work to get at least one third party developer to support GFW, and not shut independent game developers out of the Vista security protocols.The company might also provide GFW Live acccounts free with the $400 purchase price of Vista. Currently, most of the important features of Live service are available free to PC gamers. What incentive is there to pay %50 per year for “new” features that have been available on the PC for at least a decade?PC gaming thrives because of the active community that is already established; future success will not be due of Micro$oft..

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We are addressing the issue of the waterlogging with the wicking material, but we still need to get air to the plant roots. Some people do this by regularly poking holes through the soil with a chopstick or similar, and while this DOES slow down compaction, it also causes mechanical damage to roots that get in the way of your poker. The coarse vermiculite that I used to use helped a LITTLE with aeration, until the stuff collapses and you are left with “spent” medium..

Thinking, conscious existence is distributed throughout the entirety of our organism and being. We think with and through our social milieu, our feelings, our sensations, our moods, out languages, etc. As we train our selves to settle into subtler ways of thinking and expand our understanding beyond previously perceived limits, our total awareness runs far ahead of our merely discursive thought.

While you can see the fireworks from many places the best in my experience is in the park where you can see the fireworks barges. The park could hold 500,000 people and not be crowded. The trail around the lake is a 1/3 of a mile on each side. I even found a guy in Canada who sells the original case shipped for $12, to complete the aura of authenticity. Keep in mind you can often find a few year old discontinued ORIGINAL frame at 75% off MSRP I noticed a lot of retired Ray Ban and Tom Ford frames are being sold by euro/us/ca/uk opticians that way on ebaY and Amazon. I was about to buy an original TF for $100 that was $300 MSRP a few years ago, till I decided I prefered Starck Eyes instead which are impossible to get under 30% off MSRP on retired originals, and why I turned to the chinese replica market instead ( i got lucky there were a few that fit my personal tastes in my lense width and temple length.) i guesstimate once i done i have spent $225 in total on thin progressive recognized designer sun/eyeglasses to match my tastes and face, that would have ordinarily set me back $700 (i have no eye related insurance).BTW, one secret about american ophthalmic dispensers is they ALL discount a second set during the same order by 50% off whether the reseller passes that savings on to you or not is a different story even costo only discounts second sets ordered at the same time with $30 off, which is about 25% back on the second set of lenses (depending on how elaborate the treatments).

All had stories of Saturday night fights after the binging went bad. Others were critical of us media types, researchers and others who lump teenagers into one group of evil, snarling, aggressive, hard drinking and drug taking hoodies. Plenty of people to point out that there’s a lot of good behaviour around voluntary work caring for sick and elderly relatives and much more teenage ‘respect’ than the government gives them credit for..

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While Activision sat out E3 and chose not to show the next Guitar Hero, MTV Games and EA want to impress us so much they threw a free concert for certain lucky E3 attendees with The Who (yes, really) playing a blistering full set of their hits. Music games are a huge part of the industry now, and Konami want a piece of that pie.LOS ANGELES With the last scheduled press conference of any of the console manufacturers, Sony had to pull some major announcements out of the bag to try and outstage the prior work of both Nintendo and Microsoft on Tuesday. Sadly, however, Sony offered a show that was as flat as a pancake, with president and CEO of SCEA Jack Tretton awkwardly talking through an uninspiring list of upcoming titles.When the most exciting segment of your E3 press conference is the sales numbers, you know you’ve got a problem.LOS ANGELES As purely a software publisher (and the largest in the world, even with the recent merger of Activision with Vivendi to create the behemoth Activision Blizzard), Electronic Arts don’t face the same kind of pressure the hardware manufacturers do when it holds a press conference.

Does that relegate traditional news outlets to the role of following and fact checking what’s happening in social media? People are always looking for reliable sources, and reputation goes a long way online. When Twitter’s servers are working at full capacity, it is simply the fastest information dispersal medium there is. Unless you’re there when it happens or watching it live on TV, you’re likely to hear about it first on Twitter.But both blogs and Twitter have a credibility problem.

A rich arab businessman bought 100 girls of 17 nationalities and housed them in Yemen as his concubines. After 2 years of sexual exploitation, the girls grouped together and went to court in Sanaa. The shariah court, after looking up jurisprudence books, ruled that the girls would have to pay for a deed of emancipation in order to get free.

Just yesterday my wife and I sat down and did our estate planning together. IMHO being on the same page and working as a team on this, while still functioning/conscious and/or alive, makes more sense than leaving the survivor with a list of instructions to follow after going thru a traumatic event. I would rather my pilot have training in landing a disabled aircraft rather then having the pilot have to read a set of complicated instructions on the way down.

Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device. (Toronto Sun)The Toronto Transit Commission is coming under fire after the emergence of a picture. Continue reading this post.

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While the concept of a 2D platformer with retro graphics but modern design sensibilities is strong, nothing about Megaman 9’s design seems modern in the lest, from the tired levels full of cheap deaths to a complete lack of features that take any advantage of modern hardware’s possibilities.Megaman 9 isn’t finished yet, but unlike Street Fighter IV, it feels like “retro for the sake of being retro”, and plays like a poor quality fan hack of the original NES titles.The fundamental difference between the two, though, is that while Street Fighter IV is for Street Fighter II fans, it’s still more than good enough in its own right it will make new fans for the franchise. The only people who are going to like Megaman 9 are Megaman fans (though they are going to love it). That’s fine but it’s nothing to get excited about.

Students majoring in journalism, broadcasting or communications are preferred; other majors will be considered. Participants must have a passion for news, excellent written and verbal communication abilities and a comprehensive knowledge of current events. A 3.0 GPA or above is recommended.

One thing to make them more unique at a lower budget is to have the nib sent to a nib technician for a grind. An italic grind of some sort can make the pen much more interesting to use. It about $20 $40 for this work, and more problematically, can take several weeks for this modification, but if you have the time it an option..

Attended University of Kentucky College of Medicine MD 1966. Rotating internship Travis Air Force Base, CA. Assigned to Tachikawa Air Force Base near Tokyo,Japan X 3 years. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileWhile the Calgary Stampeders and the Toronto Argonauts prepare for the fight for Grey Cup this Sunday, there’s already one clear winner. The City of Toronto. Thousands of visitors have arrived or are en route to take part in the festivities.

And I don normally care much about the intangibles, but for catchers are important. There a reason people praise guys like Yadier Molina so much. Framing, game calling these are two major components of catching. Fix Selecting Stars in VR in the Galaxy map. Speaking of poor UI choices. I have Grid turned on.

This imbalance of roles happens in the private (business) sector, too. A friend of mine, an attorney and female, worked in a male dominated legal office where all the birthdays and special events were voluntarily recognized by the administrative assistant (also female; we call her “Carla”). Carla arranged for cakes, cards, all of it, and the men just took it for granted that the Office Good Fairy would make that stuff appear whenever someone had a birthday..

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have different designs as well as different colours, sizes and fabrics. Any scarf you wear will add colour to your face. You can wear scarves on the head, neck, waist, hat tie, shawl ties, overhang, side loop and others.. Until five days later did I actually read a mimeographed copy of the letter, says Jones. Be honest with you, I was more worried about bail money, not what he had written. As the nation commemorates the 50th anniversary of King from Birmingham Jail on Tuesday, the document has become an American epistle.

Observations have shown that squid even use their iridescence to hypnotize prey, such as crabs, in their sights. In investigating the cuttlefish’s neurotransmitters, they found striking similarities to neural circuits used by squid to manipulate their iridescence. So they suspect squid may have a similar ability to lock in a certain iridescent look..

Let say you have a couple who are US citizens and they robbed a bank with their child in the car. The parents have no other family or friends. They arrested and put in prison.. I been practicing this now at my current job and it extremely helpful. At first I would have some imposter symdrome feelings but when I start to think about the project in smaller steps, that feeling goes away. If you look at something like “I need to create a program that does X” it a very daunting task, but if you break it down to the point of “can I parse a json file?” that is much more managable..

That said, the new study leaves many questions unanswered. For example, how does an increase in mtDNA mutations cause so many aging related problems? One possibility is that key cells may die or fail to perform necessary duties as their mitochondria produce less ATP. Another is that deteriorating mitochondria may, as they struggle to make ATP, unleash a flood of extra free radicals that disrupt other cellular functions..

In the beginning, the nails were a part of hip hop style, which was a separate category from what wasthen considered mainstream fashion. Whatever it was called, it was a sensibility that came naturally to Thompson, who once considered law school but always had an affinity for hair styling and beauty. She got her start working on videos and album covers for Mary J.

A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates. Continue reading this post. As a mom the words stalker come to mind. Zimmerman was trailing Martin on the night in question like a hunter, and like prey feels cornered, Martin turns to defend himself. Zimmerman used a gun to end a situation he started, like a hunter.

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Anyway the best tips I see/personally found was to track your calories via MyFitnessPal so you can get an accurate gauge of how many calories you are actually eating. Guesstimating is often incorrect and you could be easily eating a lot less calories than you think and not have the surplus needed to grow muscle. Since eating at a surplus is hard, protein shakes are your best friend.

For me, the blog is at the core of everything I do, it is the bedrock of my output. The discipline of doing it shapes my thoughts. It disseminates to a wider world the stories and themes that I think matter. There are thousands of cost effective ways to watch BBC iPlayer on TVs from streaming sticks and set top boxes to smart TVs and gaming devices, so people don’t have to buy a new TV. We hope viewers continue to enjoy watch programmes on BBC iPlayer via one of these. ITV Hub is available for free on over 30 different platforms including TVs, games consoles, web, mobile and tablet and services including Freeview Play.

Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests. Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device. (Toronto Sun)The Toronto Transit Commission is coming under fire after the emergence of a picture.

Red Bull may be the best selling energy drink in the United States, but it isn’t so popular in other countries. In 2000, the French government decided to ban Red Bull after the brand was linked to the death of an 18 year old Irish athlete. The teenager died after drinking four cans of Red Bull at a game.

Long story short, I saw this same price on Gizmodo and they didn make a big deal of it at the time. I was just starting to look at gaming laptops at the time and I wasn sure what I wanted. Next day the price was up to 800. 2008 Matachin provided more of the same, although arguably without the novelty impact of its predecessor. With the release of Hedonism, the challenge for Jon Boden and company is keeping the core ingredients that work so well in place while making sure they don go stale.By and large, the record succeeds in doing just that. like New York Girls and Broomfield Hill are quintessential Bellowhead romps, with soaring fiddle, frenzied percussion, some huge brass riffs and, in the latter case, the rarely heard English bagpipes.