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why we believe conspiracy theories

Unfortunately, to much of our community chagrin, yes it is one of those subreddits. There are a few people in this subreddit who take it upon themselves to try to downvote anything they deem to be “too simple of a question,” or “use the search function,” or “rtfm,” as another commenter said. Luckily these downvoters are in the minority, but I feel they still do damage by quashing useful posts and discouraging people from posting.

I don even know if you read the OP now because this whole thread is about her hack. OP specifically says hack is only cancelled if you take away her health. Meaning she has to be below 150HP or you have to do 50 damage to a full health Sombra. Dear Piers, Jason Kurtz, as much as I agree with you about the depth of this film, and that it possibly deserves nomination for Academy Award and the heroism of the US and Canadian Embassy staff for dealing with the dangerous Farsi speaking terrorists whom nationality are still unknown . I comment as follow : I wished the film also showed that the Princess Farah Pahlavi attending many hospitals of infectious diseases on weekly bases particularly kissing many women with leprosy in front of doctors and nurses to give the patients the confidence that they will be taken care of and hope they will get better, but instead film falsely showed that the Princess was bathing in milk, etc how untrue these were , these have to be the biggest lies by the followers of the current regime who were taken part in this film thus fooling the producer and director and other actors, by false information, it was obvious that the terrorists who occupied the Embassy were group of non Iranian terrorists, also I can assure you that day must be recorded as one of the saddest day in Iranian history and for us as “the true Iranians”. Therefore, I feel the producers and directors of “Argo” made one very big mistake by not researching enough about Iranians, and the Iranian History, nor talking in depth with educated Iranians prior to making the film, please note, well educated Iranians are very well known all over the United State who are resident in this great country and particularly in California, however, still not too late, please arrange and meet with Prince Reza and Princess Farah Pahlavi with appointments, I am sure, you and your viewers will benefit to find out about truth of Shah life and real Pahlavi dynasty and not get excited by what you have been told by the beneficiaries of this terrorist non’Iranian regime who have taken 70million Iranians as true hostages for the last 34 years ..

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why we’ve interviewed rbs but not lloyds

This person says she already knows what she wants for taste, has a sketch that the owner says is doable, they pencil in the date the cake is to be done on and the time that someone will be there to pick it up at, and how much it will cost. In walks the bride future spouse as the bride is finishing writing the deposit check. The owner balks and says that she can make the cake after all because their relationship is against her beliefs.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My Profile”Consumers may no longer have to deal with those annoying little adhesive stickers tacked on to fruit and vegetables thanks to new laser etching technology.The technology uses a low energy carbon dioxide laser beam to label or “etch” information directly on to a fruit’s peel or skin.However, Florida researchers questioned whether laser etching would cause fruit to deform or rot more quickly.”Full storyHow do you feel about laser etched labels on your fruit? Would you be more willing to buy fruit with traditional adhesive labels or laser etched ones?Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests. Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device.

I am not a computer geek, just an intelligent, forthright person who values time. Without a doubt, Macintosh computers have, over the last 7 or 8 years proved to me over and over that they are more reliable, more versatile and easier to engage. I work regularly with around twenty others, all of whom own laptops varying in age, manufacturer and OS.

This is a triple win for communities around the world for economic growth, and for the planet.Now, more than ever, the world needs bold leadership to make the promise of renewable energy a reality. We meet here at the start of the global launch of the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All. It is also 20years since the Rio Earth Summit laid a blueprint for sustainable development.

Now here the sad news. It is not news to you because you figured it out before everybody else. It wasn just Ronald Reagan. I tried a few more items, and then the candy again. Same error. “Can not find item in system” or something.. So this is the concrete demonstration of what this is all about, fighting poverty of course. But we also need now to think about the road forward, and that is another task of mine. How do we move from these Goals which are supposed to be achieved by 2015, to the next generation of goals from 2015 onwards.

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why does she have two birthdays

Then a small team will descend into the crater itself 350m down a potentially deadly rockface to spend a week camping right next to the lava lake. The expedition is led by Belgian scientist Dr Benoit Smets, who is an expert on Nyiragongo. He is joined by British geologist Prof Chris Jackson.

In Western countries cards have the fold on the left hand side. Make sure you get that right or else it is embarrassing. We however, are going to open the card up and stick the image on the left hand face. I not sure how a line of credit works though, are there any good resources you can point me to about that?TheRollingBones 1 point submitted 5 months agoCan confirm 21 year old in Canada here. I started an electrician apprenticeship right out of high school, and am nearing the end of it (all of my schooling is complete, just have to get another year of working hours). Currently I making close to $30 an hour, and as a journeyman I make about $38, plus pension and benefits.

Comment number 3. At 12:11 8th Oct 2008, Hank_Reardon wrote: Jeremy your still spinning this theft. Why you are not telling people that we are entering a period of economic fascism, why are you not telling people that the oncoming depression is by design.

As a human being you are supposed to be born with a certain sense of right and wrong and not have to be overseen and constanly enforced to do the right thing. People who can fathom what right or wrong is unless someone is standing over them constantly forcing them to do right are called sociopathic. Breaking laws then saying that is okay and saying that you are the real victim because the laws shouldn be in place to begin with.

Your and opinionated rant illustrates the problem with the general public. Facts are so easily discovered but you find it easier to spew useless questions of Maher credibility. This is why we can have nice things.. What happened here was that there was no existing government and an us vs them mentality began to sprout due to the massive wave of immigration. Fear began to sprout on the Muslim side due to fearmonger, some radicals attacked innocent Jews. Fear began to sprout among the Jews and a few extremists attacked Arabs, who might also be innocent.

Thanks to Piers for caring so much and being so passionate. It would be easy for him to just perform the standard interview and give lip service like everyone else does. Piers doesn have to care, he could just take the money from CNN and go back to Britain some day as he watches the country further deteriorate.

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why wrexham can look forward as well as back

The PS3 was overpriced. And although people have called Nintendos motion controls a gimmick, the same could be said for a blu ray player. So the 360 was the choice to make.But now thats not the case. But our cells and muscles actually respond to the strains of prolonged sitting, said Mark Tremblay, director of the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group at CHEO.Early evidence suggests spending long periods sitting affects the entire body, from the way it metabolizes fat and sugars to how the brain functions, and raises osteoporosis risk through lower bone density.How much time do you think you spend sitting each day? Do you worry about the effect it has on you? Take our poll.Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests. Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device.

I am delighted and grateful that Member States have adopted a resolution officially designating November 19th as World Toilet Day. I thank the Government of Singapore for its leadership on a crucially important global issue. This new annual observance will go a long way toward raising awareness about the need for all human beings to have access to sanitation..

Munster’s birth date was listed as Aug. 15, 1964, suspiciously close to the TV series’ original air date in September 1964.”The transaction involving the ID information was noted by internet security company Cardcops Inc., whose stated goal is to: “protect consumers from Identity Theft by providing them with the means of determining whether their credit card or other personal information has been compromised, even before it is used to commit a crime; AND help global Internet merchants reduce online fraud by identifying transactions containing compromised data.”There’s nothing in Cardcops’ mission statement about protecting fictional 1960s TV characters, but we’re still hoping the thieves get nailed trying to use Herman’s ID to swipe some swag from one of those merchants. As they say in the Mastercard commercials, that would be priceless.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

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why editors should shut up

He probably is an unforgettable dude, sits in the corner most of the night silent, watching people and does shit like this because it cause a scene and people will remember him. I was this guy in my 20 I wanted to be the life of the party but overall no one cared too much until I did something stupid. My friends loved it when I did dumb shit so I just kept fucking doing dumb shit to cause people to go “OH MY GOD, did you see what zombiecslover did.

Anderson, I want to thank you so much for bringing us the poignant stories of these victims. I have been glued to CNN since it happened just can imagine the grief these families are feeling. It is comforting to hear the stories from the families about there loved ones.

Worth it for your future, Camerino said. Going to have kids. They’ll have a better life, a better one than you went through. Reassuring Hanna tried to assuage Morgan fears by responding, I here, don worry, but then recanted, maybe you should worry. [cheetah] would kill, basically in the wild, said Hannah. Has to grab the throat and do the choke hold.

That how they do it. I worked with an air company that did the same. Exact. Thompson’s re creations of her original money nails are one of the few examples of beauty products or rituals in the exhibition, which also includes red lipstick and Chanel No. 5. The nails are also a rare example of an iconic look that comes directly from the world of black women.

Citizen.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates.

Secondly, I have no problem with state sponsored Healthcare. Only if it done on a state level. Not everything (in fact almost nothing) needs to be done on the federal level.. As we move further into the 2012 election cycle, unemployment is a top issue for both voters and politicians. Martinez and airing in May, Wanted? will examine the issue of veteran unemployment by focusing on the challenges facing soldiers of the National Guard when they come home.My guts are twisted in knots after reading many of these comments. I retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years (4 enlisted and 16 Officer).

Does that mean that you have to give up seafood and learn to like tofu? Not necessarily. It’s possible to keep this valuable source of protein and Omega 3 fatty acids in your diet without doing too much harm to the oceans, if you’re careful about what varieties of fish you buy and who you buy it from. Groups like the Environmental Defense Fund not only are pushing the fishing industry to adopt more sustainable practices, but they’ve created numerous printed guides and Web sites to help you make responsible choices at the fish counter..

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wife of former nfl player says ray rice shouldn

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileLAS VEGAS The Sands Expo is usually a breeding ground of innovative ideas from little known and startup companies. XStreamHD is one of those, with a product and service that aims to shake up the satellite and cable industry.Essentially, XStreamHD’s service could conceivably stream a fully uncompressed 1080p HD signal with 7.1 channel sound (courtesy of DTS) directly from a satellite to a customer’s home. All the customer would need is the XStreamHD server and receiver (and an HDTV, of course) to capture the signal.The premise behind the service is not so much to replace conventional programming already available through satellite providers, but rather to offer HD on demand service for movies, music, TV shows and possibly evenvideo games.

He came back in 2014 and started going on a rant about how he was our generations Jimmy Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson. I have never heard a louder boo from a crowd in my entire life followed by 3/4ths of the crowd leaving immediatly.Also, mind you Paul McCartney was at that years festival and probably watched Kanye say that. South Parks “Gay Fish” episode is the most accurate depiction of Kanye West that it almost isn funny to see in real life.Edit: Sorry I got my years mixed up Paul was there in 2013 so he wouldn have heard him say that.

Giving them anything they want, so they won ask to leave. I cannot wait for the day when they can finally leave and find the truth for themselves. This lie she is creating in her mind is an excuse. $183. To assess true uv protection, Dr. Fong uses special equipment.

Careers ruined.Others like Patrick Brown (PC) and Erin Weir (NDP) also had their careers ruined over mere allegations.Either he holds himself to the same standard or he is a massive hypocrite! 3 points submitted 1 day agoA lot of people who voted for trump weren diehard zealots running to worship at the altar of their god emperor, they were just centrists who were tired of being immersed in far left stories like this.The far ends of the spectrum are the most vocal, and they drown out the center majority. These people generally go to work, pay their taxes, see themselves as the demographic in question when politicians say “middle class”, and don stray from their comfort zone. All they want is to live and let live, and have no strong feelings about anything so long as their taxes are reasonable and they feel their employment is stable enough.They are by no measure ethno nationalists, but when they see stories like this, they get defensive.

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why george lopez and jay leno aren

It is interesting to reflect on the coverage of Pakistan. A handful of people are detained in the comfort of their own home, and a larger numbers are threatened with sticks then locked up. Massive coverage on the BBC. Basically what the keto diet consists of i atkins on crack. You eat sub 50, more like sub 30 grams of carbs per day. Focus on moderate high protein and high fats.

I just accepted a job as a credit analyst, I had very little experience in it like a few months if that. I would search on Google for credit analyst interview questions and terminology ( financial spreading, covenants, due diligence, etc). Know the 3 different financial sheets (balance, income and cash flow) and the importance of each.

There is a great deal of concern woridwlde over the human rights situation in Eritrea. However, as you suggest, engaging with the Eritrean government to address these issues is not easy. We are looking at how we can use international human rights forums such as the UN Human Rights Council to push for change on human rights in Eritrea.

Why not trade the rest of Georgia if you have to in order to get it. Munich 1938 all over again. Oil and Gas supplies in our time.. Farm raised salmon, which are up to five times larger than their wild counterparts, have about three times more vaterite. The researchers think this is due to genetics, diet, exposure to extended daylight, but most of all, to their accelerated growth rate. These factors aren’t disconnected since fish only eat and grow during daylight, many farms keep the lights on 24 hours a day.

And hopefully, it will be able to share its wonky sense of humour online like Kevin’s Fox’s AOLIZA did seven years ago when it was set loose on AOL Instant Messenger. Now that would be funny.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

They’re also looking at Darwin, the credit crunch and how it might affect the building of new science laboratories at the school Red Nose Day, David Beckham’s 108th cap and a successful cross country runner from the school. Lauren, 13, is the girl in question. “I’m writing about how I won the Lancashire School Cross Country, how it was cold and what the atmosphere was like,” she said, adding that she’s enjoying “how we get to choose a story of our own.

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wii fit arriving may 19

I honestly never felt so fucking offended in my life that a computer has just decided I too stupid to work in the traditional school leavers job. I actually phoned the restaurant and asked for an interview so I could let a human being judge my potential and they just referred me back to online application. Total joke..

“With this small gesture, I would like to show how important the employees are to me: I truly feel as if we are family,” Del Vecchio said in a statement.Related: Why these sunglasses cost $150The company has 77,000 employees worldwide, but only Luxottica’s 8,000 Italian workers will get to share in Del Vecchio’s birthday present. That will work out to $1,200 in share each.Up to 140,000 shares will be distributed, but the gift won’t make much of a dent in Del Vecchio’s bank account.He’s one of Italy’s wealthiest men and ranked 40th in the 2015 Forbes rich list with a fortune of more than $20 billion.Luxottica makes a range of eyewear brands, including Ray Ban and Oakley, and has more than 7,000 optical and sunglasses stores worldwide.The gesture comes on the heels of another act of C suite kindness.The chief executive of Gravity Payments Dan Price took a 90% pay cut and slashed his company’s profits last month just so he could give his employees a raise.The Seattle based payment processing firm he founded has pledged to make sure all of his staffers make at least $70,000 annually in the next three years.CNNMoney (London ) First published May 20, 2015: 11:42 AM ETContact UsClosed CaptioningSite MapMost stock quote data provided by BATS. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes.

“We are deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Dolph Schayes, a pioneer and iconic member of the Philadelphia 76ers organization and one of the greatest players ever to play the game of basketball,” Philadelphia 76ers CEO Scott O’Neil said in a statement. “Dolph was an integral part of the foundation on which this franchise was built first in Syracuse and later in Philadelphia. He will be fondly remembered for the legacy he not only created on the court, but the way he represented the game off the court.”.

To start with you can get yourselves into the Royal Mint at Llantrisant now that’s not something you can do every day! Or how about a trip to Trinity Church in Penarth, a church that is known as The Cathedral of Methodism. If you do decide to try Trinity keep your eyes peeled for the Titanic connection by way of a hint, it’s a plaque to a Sunday School teacher who was drowned when the liner went down in 1912. But you’ll have to find the location of the plaque for yourselves..

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why hiv exposure at hospital may have happened

We did so by tracking down key leaders of al Qaeda one by one. Where possible, we captured them and elicited from them by sometimes tough but always legal means information that allowed us to largely dismantle the terrorist organization and thwart follow on attacks. Interrogation programs and an even lengthier, still classified, Senate Intelligence Committee report, which suggest that our enhanced interrogation methods did not produce valuable intelligence.

Eddie was born in Dundee and began his journalistic career at Radio Tay in the city, hosting weekly phone ins, news shows and the breakfast show. In 1987 he joined the BBC, starting as a sub editor for Radio Scotland and later presented the station’s flagship television and radio news programmes, Reporting Scotland and Good Morning Scotland. He hosted the new morning programme Eddie Mair Live, which won a Gold Sony Award for best Breakfast Show..

The question should be if you decide to invest in your sader in the long run. If you buy a +3 title now, later on you have an easier time just buying plats later on. In the opposite end, you can get more immediate power now going for +2 title + plats, but you finding yourself having to pay more money later on for a +3 title if you choose to further gear..

Phillip Vargyas lost two children in the Moore, Oklahomatornado Karrina, 4, and Sydnee, just seven months old. His daughters were at home with their mom and grandma where they tried to ride out the storm in a bathroom. Vargyas wife and mother in law were injured when the tornado hit.

She had already been bounced around several shelters and foster homes in her 3 months in the system. About 9 months into her case, her biological parents rights were severed and we were allowed the opportunity to adopt. After another 5 months of paperwork, she was ours!.

If caught early, the survival rate is nearly 100%. But not everyone survives. Around 1,700 people do die, mostly because their cancer was caught in the late stages.. Lumped in with the punk explosion of 77, Television were no three chord heroes. What set them and their New York contemporaries apart was diversity and stronger links to the past. By the release of Marquee Moon Verlaine and Co.

Those shitty headphones from elementary school computer lab that pinched and grabbed your hair were better. Came with a cool sticker with a few countries flags that I peeled off.2/10 $15Marine VHF handheld radio:Amazing features, great quality, free charger and headset. Get this, in menu mode the settings were spoken to you in very clear crisp English.

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wikipedia buries sinbad for a day

Monique Eliot, Director General of the World Organization for Animal Health, said the prevention of antimicrobial resistance and the prudent use of antibiotics in animals was one of her organization’s key responsibilities. It had recently designed a new strategy to fight antimicrobial resistance, protect the effectiveness of antimicrobials used in veterinary medicine, and help maintain the efficacy of the molecules used in human medicine. However, successful outcomes required sustainable change at the national level with long term political support..

From here, you need to make some sort of filter mount. This article outlines a number of ways to do this, one of which will hopefully match you and your camera. A special consideration for IR filters is that there can be no gap between the IR filter and the mount itself through which visible light can leak through to your sensors otherwise, the effect will be ruined, IR photography contaminated.

1 point submitted 10 days agoSo, what the recourse here? The only thing I can think of is to stop buying skins and stop playing. We can only vote with our time and wallet.I am not interested in boycotting the game, the more time their servers are down the less people will give a shit about the game.My personal issue is when people come up with confusing reasons to justify the outages. Epic is not a mom and pop shop that needs your approval or cheers it the same issue I have with Valve fanboys.The community should call them out every single time something like this happens so they either invest in better infrastructure (I don know much about scaling servers to accommodate large player bases so I putting down infrastructure as a placeholder) or the community puts its foot down and stops playing..

I have both an iPhone X and Pixel 2 sitting here on my desk. I like the pixel 2 because I have small man hands and I quite like the reachability better than a bigger phone.My 6s was only getting about 1hr 30m of screen on time anymore so I needed to upgrade. I getting pretty good battery life on the regular size Pixel 2.

Another essential building block missing from the legal nuclear disarmament architecture was the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). In the months ahead, Hungary would intensify its efforts to reach out to States that had not yet signed or ratified it. The elimination of nuclear weapons could not be a single act, but rather had to be a gradual, comprehensive process, which fully engaged the nuclear armed States while preserving the integrity of the NPT..