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It about 100 W per person. Although the stadium has 10s of thousands of people, only a few thousand are in motion at any given time, as the wave goes through a section of the crowd. So the total power is about 200 kW. John Fernandez Jr, Raymond Hines, and James W. Watson all passed away over a decade ago. Their cremated remains ..

Perhaps I should start saying: “If one cannot handle me at my worst, one cannot handle most others at their best.” Hah! Perhaps that shall be my latest Tinder quip! Anyway, thanks for the inspiration. It delightful how often the most meager statements from others can lead my mind into drawing genius from itself, not unlike some peasant lowering a bucket unknowingly into my mental well of refined logic. Now, to await the next moment when someone risks existential destruction by testing my insight into truth!.

Junket, n. [Of somewhat obscure history, in respect both of forms and senses, but app. A. But deporting the parents while keeping the kids is wrong. Also, there is no law that mandated separating kids from their families. They’re being treated as unaccompanied minors and put into orphanages, even though they’re not.

Android allows apps to just run in the background, which is too enticing to apps that want to track you like FB, Uber and others. Android by design is slower and consumes more Ram/CPU since they there is a Java layer between hardware and software, reason for that is iOS only runs on specific CPU and hardware, and Android from the start has to support a multitude of CPU and hardware. It even feels laggy compared to IOS.

The internet is at least somewhat feared by regimes such as in China, who don’t like people accessing all sorts of information out there and openly discussing things, criticising established ideas. The same is true to some degree for religion. A recent documentary on a conservative Jewish community in New York showed how they shunned the internet (as well as television) to avoid being exposed to what is out there.

But that one embryo grew until it was clearly a being with arms and legs and a sweet, dreaming face. Eduardo watched it through scanners. “You hold my life in your hands,” he told the infant. The Flood’s enjoyable hokum is immediately bettered by SOS, a savage of bass, furiously paced disco romp with Mark Owen on gleeful lead vocals and Williams providing adrenaline flecked back ups. The latter sounds like he having a ball throughout, particularly on another Owen/Williams duet, Kidz, which exhilaratingly combines martial beats, glam guitars, Atari techno and the kind of absurd dystopian pomp (“Daggers of science evolving into violence / We’re not sure where the fallout blows”) usually found on Muse albums. On the space funk of Underground Machine the closest thing to a Williams solo track he sounds more ruttingly, struttingly confident than he has in years..

Ray Ban Flash Lenses 62Mm

Made $500 total. Not bad I guess. Bought tons of inventory for Q4. There is nothing to be said but This is the UK in the 21st century and things seem to be returning to the 19th century for the working class. People not only think this is OK but that poor people are lucky to even have food banks to go to. We live in a society where poverty is not a fault of the system but of the individual in that system.

The desert is a lovely place, but fraught with peril. They don’t call it Death Valley for nothing. Aside from the oppressive heat and lack of water, the desert is also full of critters that can bite and sting. But if I am more realistic I cannot deny that there will be riots. A part of the cause of these riots may be the attitude of the police, because in the cities were there will be played, there are almost more policemen then citizen. In my opinion this is very provocative..

They have the High Roller ferris wheel that people seem to enjoy. Think it like 45 minutes long? Some cars have a bar in them. Iirc it the highest ferris wheel in the world. These girls would never be cast as liquor ray models. Reporter: A new notion in lingerie marketing where busty superskinny supermodels always reign supreme. The difference between this and the victoria secret’s campaign, victoria secret’s completely air brush out every blemish or stretch mark.

Huma being next to him, it’d be a much different conversation. This is a huge, huge, meaningful presence by Huma, says the special counsel to former President Bill Clinton and longtime friend of Weiner wife, Huma Abedin. Will be voters that might be turned off by this and I’m sure there are.

Healthcare is this country is a major concern and expense. Obesity leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, neuropathy and many other debilitating diseases that cost a lot of money annually. I am not sure how Chris Christie will promote a healthy lifestyle when he obviously doesn live it..

No offers. In the course of our reporting, a source will agree to share information only if it’s not attributed to him or her. Journalists should use their good judgment to determine whether the information merits such a decision. He was chosen by his peers. Trump is a racist and Bigot Period!. Ur an idiot for your support of him.

What if I have to pee or take a water break? Make sure you pee before you go or pee at the studio. You should take a water bottle that is easy to drink from into the studio (don bring one that requires you to unscrew the cap overytime or that makes noise/clangs). Take water breaks as you need them and then jump back into practice..

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Military. Structure is are so difficult and there are so many people are at those locations so. We will have to see how that sorts out but clearly you’ve got me you know in city into a gun fight. Tie a bandanna or other piece of cloth around your face and mouth. If you have spare water, wet the cloth beforehand. If you don’t have goggles or sunglasses, wrap the cloth over your eyes as well and sit tight.

Take the high road, get a separation or divorce first, and explain to your child what going on instead of throwing more fuel to the flames. I really hope that you will find peace someday. Also it sounds to me like you sexy as f and you won have an issue meeting someone else..

We’ll play an old recording from Grenfell about the time he was “adrift on an ice pan”.Crosstalk: It’s time for Crosstalk on CBC radio in Newfoundland and Labrador. Today’s topic centers around Sir Wilfred Grenfell and the International Grenfell Association. What do you think is the legacy of the association in Newfoundland and Labrador? That’s the question and we’re looking at it today because this year marks the 100th anniversary of the association..

Have money. Very hard to dress well if you don have money to experiment with. It unrealistic to become a thrifting god for most people just due to limited resources, and the fact that it takes time to develop. There are many Muslims doing very nicely thankyou, here in the UK, born here or not. It doesn’t help integration if the media over supports one group of society against the State. There are a lot of immigrants old and new who are non Muslims.

The programming slate regularly changes for any number of reasons, including the need to strike a balance between new and returning programs for audiences. Putting The Checkout on hiatus does not preclude the program from returning in the future. The ABC is proud of its long association with The Checkout and production company Giant Dwarf, with which it has worked on other programs, such as The Letdown and Growing Up Gracefully, the statement reads..

“It’s all happening this year,” I said. Now I was in a pink gown, a sash reading homecoming queen stretched across my midsection as a boy in a tux stepped up beside me, extending his arm. I took it, giving him a wide smile. He tried to get free of them and to run away. The goats ran with him keeping in a knot around him, and so they came charging down into the village at last, all the goats going huddled together as if a rope were pulled tight round them, and the boy in the midst of them weeping and bellowing. Villagers ran from their houses to swear at the goats and laugh at the boy.

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The defendant is a troubled veteran whom Kyle was simply trying to help. Today we saw emotional testimony from Kyle’s widow and a revealing text message Kyle sent shortly before he died. Here’s my “Nightline” coanchor Byron Pitt. Better than sex or so I imagined, since I’d never done it. It was a blanket of pure, refined pleasure, wrapping me up and promising everything would be right in the world. On and on it went.

Their government spokesman made it clear as politely as he could but he left no doubt Israel continues to watch Iran with grave concern. I think the US military will also. Surprisingly, the French and British government don’t seem to be buying it either.

Unfortunately pkers are fucking retarded and they usually can get kills most of the time. Maybe next time you try to make a post go play the game first and get a feel for it. A good client to download is Osbuddy or Konduit. I just held her. I felt he hugged her for 20 minutes. Reporter: Unlike Keith papini, Tera’s family never got that miracle.

EU foreign ministers met again earlier this week in another attempt to agree a common approach. Ahead of the meeting, several ministers were making very optimistic noises that they were basically all agreed except for Cyprus that a unilateral Kosovo declaration of independence should be recognised despite Serbian and Russian opposition. The briefings to journalists ahead of the meeting were that the last countries which were unhappy with this policy Spain, Greece, Romania and Slovakia had come round because they were putting EU unity in the face of Russian pressure ahead of their objections to independence for Kosovo which are largely based on the precedent it could set for their own minority regions who may want to follow suit..

The riveting one hour documentary, hosted byAnderson Cooper, will take viewers through Adrianne’s journey from her tentative first steps in a prosthetic leg to her making good on her promise of a dance lesson for Anderson Cooper. Cooper first met Adrianne in her hospital room just one week after the tragedy and during their interview she vowed that she would dance again. Cooper was inspired by her resilience in the face of such adversity.

It is tougher to read about than the most heinous slugfest inside a ring. Mailer, happily wading into another race’s internal politics with all the restraint of a man who once made a gonzo bid for the New York mayoralty, goes even further in The Fight. Foreman emerges as gloweringly taciturn but honourable.

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIn a study released Monday on registered retirement savings plans over the past 40 years, RBC assistant chief economist Paul Ferley says the trend toward decreased contributions will likely continue as the population ages over the next decade.He said RRSP contributions grew steadily for three decades, starting in the late 1960s, but began falling in the late 1990s as baby boomers “got older and contributed less.”As a percentage of personal income, RRSP contributions have declined for 11 consecutive years after peaking in 1997, the study found.Full storyDo you contribute regularly to an RRSP? Why or why not?Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests. Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device.

Their mortgage prime is 3.60, which is higher than the usual prime rate of 3.45%. So the actual TD variable rate you given is probably TD Mortgage Prime 1.25%. Even tho the rate you offered at this point is the lower between the 2, TD having a higher mortgage prime than other banks doesnt sit right with me.

Germany then declares war on Russia and mobilizes its forces. As Russia and France are allies, Germany also declares war on France. Do to the large size of Russia, Germany knows they have 2 months to knock France out of the game before Russia shows up on their backdoor with a really, really big army.

Really though it depends on your region, who you are as a person, and what you plan to do. I have a lot of stuff in there that a lot of people have zero use for. I am probably the only dude in my social circle that even knows how to sew, let alone is the kind of person to actually use a sewing kit.

You name it, she destroy it. She never paid rent on time, and turned on the waterworks about being a single mom every single month. Eventually the state board of health kicks us out. I let my emotions get the better of me and I was petty. I sorry about that. God bless.” And boom.

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BAN KI MOON, Secretary General of the United Nations, warned that antimicrobial resistance posed a fundamental, long term threat to human health, sustainable food production and development. The challenge was already a reality in many parts of the world, including both urban and rural areas, hospitals, farms and communities. “We are losing our ability to protect both humans and animals from life threatening infections,” he stressed, pointing out that resistance to HIV/AIDS medications was on the rise, resistance to tuberculosis and malaria drugs was a great concern and dangerous new genetic mechanisms for the spread of resistance were emerging.

At herbalife we are proud of the fact that we have an unrivalled business opportunity. The herbalife president, like the CEO used to work at the Walt Disney company the parent of ABC news. Speaking before the federal investigations were made public, Walsh strongly denied its distributors are misled about prospects of getting rich saying most of them only want the product for themselves or little extra income.

We rather see a GB for the CF or Boy instead. Is a WOC worth paying that much for? Of course, that up to the individual buyer to decide, but I don think so. Not for a bag too tiny to be functional on a daily basis for most, and no offense to WOC lovers, isn terribly unique in design..

It a stunning, genre transcending record that should appeal as much to fans of the esoteric, fuzzbox psychedelia unearthed by Andy Votel and the Finders Keepers label (especially on his DedNd) as it will those fond of dubstep, the spliff frazzled paranoia of trip hop, J Dilla vision of cerebral, emotionally rich hip hop, the head in the clouds acid folk of Marc Bolan Tyrannosaurus Rex and dust blown, voodoo tweaked blues. And that just for starters.Given the number of times Ecks has been called a 21st century mystic, thanks in part to mumbled cum rapped lyrics like is your only life so it only right to take your own advice. (Advice), we been given the impression that A Sufi and a Killer is almost shamanistic a primal scream into the ether.

At their school around 240 student are involved overall. Curriculum specialist at the CLC, Ian Miller, said “Several Lewisham schools are running an entire unit of work based on School Report with all their Year 8’s. On March 26th itself, we’ll get teams from each of the schools working here.”.

At a distance, in the dark, while it is raining, with someone concealing their face with a hoodie, in a neighborhood that had had numerous break ins, it isn really that strange that a resident of the complex might follow a suspicious character. It was dangerous, sure, and stupid, but not illegal. According to Trayvon girlfriend, it was Trayvon that first turned and confronted Zimmerman.

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Neither you nor Jermaine were at the Staples Center. The autopsy says that Jackson was relatively healthy for a 50 year old. The people at the Staples Center said he was in good shape. I honestly don want him to feel like his sexuality is either of those things, it not a personality trait or something he done, it just who he is and that is totally fine. Although I am going to try a bit harder to find him some opportunities to be with people he can relate to, which is something I don have to put any extra effort into for his brother and sister but if I needed to do that for them too, I would. This is basically just a long and rambling way of saying that I agree with you, I love them all the same and they all get the same treatment..

3)When NATO achived peace in Serbia they they spent the next few years (and still are) repairing the infastruture they destroyed I know I served out there myself. When Israel last left Lebanon they left it a wreak of a country which has spent the last decade getting back on its feet. Only to have Israel smash it and it’s people’s apart again..

I am indeed on mmt. Currently down to 16mgs and slowly drawing down. Reality is that 80mg of methadone is a lot. For our form engine, we turned to XForms, a supported feature of Alfresco. XForms is a W3C standard which allows you to define forms for editing XML data. It’s not the most popular technology in the world, but is used frequently in document management systems.

Was the labor department unaware of Dr. Wheeler’s one sided findings over so many years? As far as I know, yes. Reporter: For miners like Steve day who gave up hope after Dr. 29 points submitted 24 days agoAs an Aussie, I have to confess to a certain jealousy regarding the extent to which Trump ha wound up the Canadians. We’ve been trying to stir them for years, but all that happens is a drinking contest and some sort of weird toast to the Queen. Obviously we never get on an ice rink with them, that would be as stupid as stepping on to a rugby pitch with a fucking Kiwi.

Offers Europe lowest air fares, which continue to fall, while also offering a range of extra products and services, all of which are entirely transparent and always optional to our customers, allowing them to pick and choose the products and services they wish to purchase. Customers who don’t wish to add anything extra to their seat booking can still enjoy the lowest fares, a two free bag allowance, and the best on time performance, across Europe’s largest route network. Statement from British Airways:.

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The inspiration for this post has been my experience with JuicePlus recently. I’m about a month in to being on the capsules and shakes and I feel really really good. I actually didn’t start it for dietary or fitness reasons; I’ve had really bad IBS for almost three years now, and I feel like I’ve tried almost everything to get rid of the symptoms.

Honestly I felt the same way as you for years. I was always scared that I’d be too old. I felt the guilt of years wasted studying something I wasn’t even sure I was passionate about. Soldiers kept the curious away from the site while the Air Force explained it as meteors. A flatbed truck, however, was spotted driving away from the site towing something acorn shaped and the size of a Volkswagen bus. District Judge Emmet Sullivan has agreed, forcing the agency to reopen its books on the matter.We applaud Kean’s determination; our only advice should she visit the archives would be to avoid using any entrance where cigarette smoking men might be laying in wait.Posted: 2007/10/29 at 8:48 PMThis is just one of many, many cases that needs to be revisited and studied publicly by every level of the scientific community.

Typical Georgia. Don believe that it just Emory or that it over with, either. I live here and the air is thick with a straining, simmering race hate. If they dash attack, which they probably will, you can parry it and punish. Eventually they probably stop, in which case just cancel and gb. Let it fly after a bit to trip them up and hopefully make them eat the os heavy.

If he hates her so much, why does he keep up with what she doing. When he said she was trying to contact other celebrities named them, saying it was embarrassing I was amazed. I always liked Anderson Cooper he was verbally tearing apart a young woman, who has enough problems without him ripping her apart in front of the world.

3.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates.

With the few other children of the village he herded goats on the steep meadows above the river springs; and when he was strong enough to push and pull the long bellows sleeves, his father made him work as smith’s boy, at a high cost in blows and whippings. There was not much work to be got out of Duny. He was always off and away; roaming deep in the forest, swimming in the pools of the River Ar that like all Gontish rivers runs very quick and cold, or climbing by cliff and scarp to the heights above the forest, from which he could see the sea, that broad northern ocean where, past Perregal, no islands are..

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The issues present in American society and the profoundly undemocratic electoral process (FPTP/two party system, electoral college, gerrymandering etc) have made the election of a candidate like Trump inevitable and it has been clearly building for decades. There weren 63m Russians casting votes for Trump, those were Americans. It not Russians dressed up as cops shooting black people, those are Americans.

I haven been to Orbs in a year or two, but I thought the burger there was one of the best around. It had the perfect combination of grease/flavor without sogging out the roll or being overly messy. It had a ton of flavor; you could tell it wasn made from cheap ground beef..

Making it able to turn to 3 different channels. ATSC tuners are used to watch terrestrial HD broadcasts from broadcast towers not satellites.The PBX/VOIP system advertised sounds interesting. Probably somekind of modified linux based software such as Asterisk or OpenPBX..

After blasting social media, Uber turned off her account, and the driver returned the instruments. She was pissed saying I was preventing her from working, etc etc, when she was preventing me from working as well.One more day and I would have filed a police report. I had the insurance paperwork printed out and ready to go with a value of $8500.

Another +double digit day for the model not quite as good if you skipped the Cubs play like me. I would definitely recommend always trusting math/computers over a human to decide this shit but Lester’s SIERA vs ERA discrepancy is pretty absurd and the line movement on this game was horrendously against us. I never want my role here to be someone making or posting picks based on my opinions just to provide a tool for people to get an idea of the fair market price of a game.

Any club, any dancefloor, would reach some kind of apogee with this shaking the early morning sound system. And like all of the Gwych Sounds this month, bar Liars Beware, it transports you elsewhere. Maybe you’ll be thinking of sultry beach parties in Ibiza or Thailand, but I’m freezing my nethers off on the pebbles at Aberystwyth and loving every second of it..

Its multi window or Multi tab browsing was had the worst ‘lag’ compared to IE. I also found that FF would collide with programs such as Freestyle Street Basketball launcher, iTunes, Fruity Loops, Guitar Pro and more. It’s loading time for each webpage almost doubles IE loading time, and through firefox, it won’t load many pages, with all the proper buttons, links, etc.

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But it’s not the message itself that’s notable, it’s who is behind it: IBM’s X Force.Is this the same group of militant superheroes led by the mysterious mutant Cable? If so, shouldn’t the team be concentrating on its real foe, the Mutant Liberation Front, rather than simple cyber criminals? Aren’t the telepathic powers of Stryfe a much bigger threat? Or is the name just a coincidence that has inspired a completely silly blog post?Posted: 2008/02/14 at 4:52 PMCable’s team was X Factor. If the entire point of the blog is to post and make fun of the name, the 10 seconds of effort for fact checking should have been taken imo.[Editor’s note: I’m not sure where you’re getting that information from. Cable took over and led the New Mutants, who were rechristened X Force.

My mother and several relatives tell me that I was the only child of three who spoke perfect English at only 6 months! I was also able to read at a year old. This was at least 55 years ago, and private gifted children programs weren available in those days. The very sad thing is, because I was shy, I was very unfairly and severely bullied both mentally and physically, during my entire childhood and early teen years.

Originators of the sound look down on Nate and his peers as sell outs Nate has recently been making hip hop, and so isn really a scene insider, plus the tracks on this LP are a couple of years old (it a compilation, an anthology to date, rather than an album While such gripes are sort of understandable, especially from an economic point of view, music like this is such a strange thrill to an outsider that it would be a shame if the rest of the juke and footwork scene didn embrace their newly extended audience. But whatever happens next is bound to be exciting. Follow the BBC’s Album Reviews service on TwitterThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

Because half the stuff he uses is the wrong tools or techniques. Its just annoying as hell. He builds nice things but the way he gets to the finish is just awful. Because I didn cash it, it expired. And then, every year for the next several years, they sent me a new check for one dollar. Again and again.

You be surprised at how non trivial high quality, large scale production of graphene actually is. That said, as someone who worked at one of the leading labs in a closely related field, you also be surprised at how much progress has been made towards that end. It nearly a solved problem.

They can eliminate it however it would be $500 for a mildicide treatment. Oh yeah almost forgot, see that dead rat in the air blower? Yeah that going to cause you all sorts of issues, we can treat the ducts with an anti bacterial agent, however that another $600. In the two days I worked for that company I saw the techs take dead mice and rats out of their toolboxes and stuff them in the ducts, scam everyone they could and then have the balls to yell at the techs I they didn come back with $2000 a day..