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Thing. A Border Collie does it will do at maximum speed and intensity. All day long every day. Stop parroting crap you hear against a made up stance. It makes you sound like a moron. Please hear this: completely open borders is a non issue. Note that there are certain others within my culture that is influenced by the West and are now calling dog eaters (such as myself) “savage” and “inhumane”. Well, I suppose they would fit into your study, but I can confidently tell you that to me, and to the people in my culture who eat dogs, dogs are food, just like cats, deers, fish, cow, pig,. Dogs are delicious, and I see no reasons to stop consuming them should occasions arise.

I also took the time to clean off the solder and melted plastic from my soldering iron before I got it hot. You aren’t supposed to use a soldering iron for shrink tubing, but everyone does. I wanted the shrink tubing to actually be black when I was done shrinking it, and not have random melted bits of lead (gasp!) solder stuck to it, so there ya go..

What annoys me about the BBC, and others (though we don’t directly pay for them), coverage of the Middle East, and conflicts in general, is a lack of understanding or perhaps just explanation of the situation from a military point of view. There is rarely an explanation, in detail or otherwise, of why something is happening. Why, for example, would Israel be cratering roads and runways..

I managed to jam my 16600 on there but the clearance made me feel uncomfortable. OEM Rolex spring bars are pretty tough but I didn love the idea of putting unnecessary stress on them. So, maybe you want to try the slightly thinner version. Vehicle models change year to year but what’s under the hood may stay the same for years. If your vehicle is a 2008 and and the post is for your model but 2005 the fix could be the same. Remove and Replace.So now I suspect the purge valve but what is it? What’s it look like? Where is it? All these questions have answers you can find by doing an internet search.

And at the very least not murder them. Reporter: The defense argues the system may have failed him. Eddie Ralph was suffering from a severe mental disease that he did not know his conduct was wrong. Lissoms, meanwhile, could be a stray cut from Hudson Mohawke attention grabbing EP of 2009, Polyfolk Dance, and alongside the shadowing of stateside influences Bundick does a decent impersonation, more than once, of Scotland aquacrunk scene.If all this wonkiness sounds like a headache in the making, salvation is proffered in the shape of sun drenched excursions into dream pop territories: though Freak Love steps to a stuttering beat, the fat swathes of atmospheric keys and underwater echoes are soothing in the extreme, and You Hid is a luscious exercise in languid liquidity. Talamak goes as far as featuring something approaching a simple, sing along chorus; likewise the sumptuous Low Shoulder, which fuses an 80s synth pop number onto a raft of 16 bit effects straight out of Sonic 2. The closing title track could almost be Alphabeat, if the Danes were atomised in Willy Wonka Television Room only to appear on screen in a decidedly scrambled fashion.

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Keep ’em honest, my fellow citizens. The vast majority of those were from everyday Canadians, and the vast majority of those opposed DMCA style reform.Frankly, I’m more surprised that the government (and mainstream media) thought this would be uncontroversial.Posted: 2007/12/12 at 3:08 PMThere’s a whole line of thoughts that aren’t mentioned above. Whole niche industries have been killed by the DMCA in the US.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileRegular readers of the blog know that we here like our conspiracy theories, and suggestions thereof. In that vein, how’s this for one: Microsoft is building a data centre in Siberia. Yes, that’s right.

Trevon had no right to be there, he was not registered as living there, and not registered as a visitor. Zimmerman asked him what he was doing there and Trevon acted like a 17 year old he gave attitude; he wasn going to let that guy get in his face. If Trevon had respected Zimmerman as a homeowner, told him where he was visiting, and gone back there, nothing would have happened.

The biological mother broke the law when she withheld information from the tribe that the baby was being put up for adoption. I empathize with the adopted family, I feel like they are the real victims in this case. What the biological mother did was very unfair to the adopted family..

A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates. Continue reading this post. After nine years with Cleveland, Stan was traded to Washington in December 1924. Thought to be through, he rebounded to collect an even 20 victories and lead the American League in winning percentage while assisting the Senators to their second consecutive pennant. In two World Series starts against the Pirates, however, he was beaten in both.

Am happy to share this testimony about this great man called Dr Iwajowa. I am Sandra from California , my husband had an affair with another lady for almost 10 years now and it was the worse thing that ever happened to our marriage. I was forced to take a good hard look at MY behavior in the marriage and I came to realize that I was partly to blame for his affair.

I very used to either OCBDs or suit and tie, however I just changed jobs and dress is a step under suit. So I feel like most button downs look strange without a tie unless it very casual. The daily grind shirts are advertised as pretty formal so I didn know if they should be worn with a tie..

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Once upon a time I was pre med. After graduation, I was stuck on the thought of going to medschool or going into research. I took 4 months to travel, which turned 6 months, which lead me to gain so much perspective and now I am in a completely different field, and happy.

You are on the internet right now. Use it. Look up the model number. Files. Just deleted it all. It been pretty demotivational. 11 days agoCleaning Company Employee Checks Fraud; Cocaine Found: BlotterLAKE FOREST, IL The following information comes from the Lake Forest Police Department and court records as a record of those arrested by police. Readers are reminded that an arrest is not an indication of guilt and criminal charges, which represent merely accusations by the state, are often dropped or reduced. All persons named are innocent unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.

Joining Piers Morgan this evening for a face to face, primetime interview, Cuban details the challenges that come with raising down to earth kids amidst massive wealth. Having started out bar tending and couch crashing before innovating his way to the top, instilling values into his son and two daughters is part of Cuban at home business plan. However, the 55 year old also preaches and leads with an overlying theme of balance:.

At the end of the season, or whenever you feel it is time to repot or that the medium is “spent”, dump it into a tub and remove whatever floats. This is usually nearly 100% Growstone, especially in my case, where I can lay my hands on anything bark related that is remotely suitable for use in a container medium. Then remove the floaters and add them to a container of 10% bleach solution and let them sit for a day or two to sterilize the Growstone before you use it again.

3) Stop giving a damn yourself. Along the road you need to ask yourself the question, do I care about the content or do I care about the people? If you answered the latter then you need to sit back and just stop stressing so much about progress. Sure your static might progressing at snail pace but I think with the nature of this game, every fight will eventually be cleared with enough practice..

Them: “So Bob and I are in a polyamorous relationship, but I his primary, and Susan is his secondary, and Alex is his tertiary, and the rules are that he can make out with all of them, but he can only fuck them when he drunk, and only if I not available, since I have dibs on the D. He can text them, call them and hang out with them whenever he wants, but I get one night a week all to myself where he can talk to any of them. BUT LAST NIGHT, we were at a party, and we were all drunk together, and he went off with Susan without asking me first, so I started crying and got mad at him, and he said there has to be another rule that if we all drunk together, he gets to choose who to sleep with without me getting upset, and I just not sure if I like that rule yet.”.

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A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates. Continue reading this post. In August his family got the news that a donor heart had become available. The agonising wait was over. After ten days in intensive care, Max started on a slow journey of recovery, spending another five weeks at The Freeman Hospital.

The amount of energy in a light wave is proportionally related to its wavelength: shorter wavelengths have higher energy. Of visible light, violet has the most energy and red the least. Just above the visible light spectrum is ultraviolet (UV) light, and it turns out that natural sunlight is rich in UV light.

And in its fight against West European civilisation it makes use of the lowest human passions in the interests of International Jewry. That is its theory, its practice and its propaganda. I have given a bald and staid account of facts which have been gathered mostly from official sources; but this account points to a state of affairs which is so terrible and revolting in all its effects that it must shock the average civilised human being.

Just because you don know someone that had their home broken into doesn mean that it won happen. While violent crime has actually gone down over 20 years it still exists and people do get their homes broken into. Generally its drug addicts looking for cash or items to pawn for drug money.

I really hope theres an explanation to all this. I want to believe there some kind of incredibly smart eye opening thing that weve missed all this time that will be explained in a humongous final Jon Hamm narrated segment. Its the only way i can see any of this coming together properly..

The gas converts to, uh. Look, I’m the technology reporter, not the science guy.LCD is the same technology used in computer laptop screens. It’s good in places where there lots of sun because there’s no glare off the screen, and generally uses about 20% less power and weighs less than a Plasma TV.LCOS is like LCD but the material used is silicon.

But I only want to go through that with someone I really like, who I know I can trust. However, it has meant I been less likely to date friends of friends for fear of everyone finding out. Weirdly, everyone I recently has had some sort of medical training, (like a nurse or a vet), so perhaps there an unconscious pattern I picking people I know will understand..

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The last few nights he had had the most uncertain feelings about the sidewalk just around the corner here, moving in the starlight toward his house. He had felt that a moment prior to his making the turn, someone had been there. The air seemed charged with a special calm as if someone had waited there, quietly, and only a moment before he came, simply turned to a shadow and let him through.

340 points submitted 1 month agoLots of people are saying that Donald Trump beat his wife. Very smart people are telling me that Donald Trump physically assaulted and raped his wife. This is not me saying this, though certainly I am saying it too, and I think you find, in a very short period of time, everybody will being saying it as well.

Let me tell you from experience this is terrifying. On Halloween about 20 years ago a little girl of maybe 10 or 11 ran out in front of me in the middle of a busy intersection. I slammed the brakes as soon as I saw her but couldn avoid hitting her. Was not afraid to die. He was afraid of pain. I remember 10 years ago, when he was 17, he came to me sobbing, reveals Warren, offering an absolutely heart wrenching story about his late son.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileLOS ANGELES This year’s E3 wasn’t quite as quiet and low key as it was last year, but it didn’t manage to be what it once was (bombastic yet important) thanks to a lack of meaningful announcements on one hand, and on the other a continued effort to keep it small. But can it survive this way?Blogs were abuzz over the weekend with commentary on the fact that EA head John Riccitiello said he “hated” the current E3, and in general few industry and press were happy about the direction it has taken.LOS ANGELES Game developers with as long and as varied a history as Capcom often face the accusation that after creating a number of successful properties, they choose to only ape their past successes by simply adding barely different sequels and spinoff titles endlessly, secure in the knowledge that they’ll sell to their established fan base.The crazy thing is that this year, Capcom is being lauded for transparent attempts to recapture its previous glories with the new iterations of the Street Fighter and Megaman franchises.LOS ANGELES Guitar Hero versus Rock Band. It’s one of the biggest rivalries in the games industry right now, with new downloadable content (and upcoming revisions) desperately battling it out for mindshare.

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There are around 60 promos for Fields of Arle, each exclusive to a specific town in Germany and surrounding countries. I would go insane trying to gather all of those, considering how difficult/expensive it is to even get 1 of them. I do enjoy hunting down promos, though.

Prisoners should be able to vote. Although not by post as their mail should be subject to opening to confirm it contains nothing untoward and that opens the door to fraud. So a prisoner who is able to break out of jail and get to the booth during the election with their polling card and proof of ID should be able to vote..

Beijing says its right to the area goes back centuries to when the Paracel and Spratly island chains were regarded as integral parts of the Chinese nation, and in 1947 it issued a map detailing its claims. It showed the two island groups falling entirely within its territory. Those claims are mirrored by Taiwan..

Don Gonyea been in a lot of coffee shops. The folks in Iowa, for example, know that if it caucus time the guy with the microphone who has come to their table wants to talk politics. Don tells them who he is, who he works for and asks if he can speak with them for a report he doing.

Things such as cellphones or Wimax, a beefed up version of Wi Fi, do use the kinds of licensed spectrum that companies will pay billions of dollars for, though. While this kind of spectrum is finite and thus very valuable, the airwaves used by Wi Fi TVs and the like are relatively plentiful because the broadcasts are low powered and cover relatively short distances. A Wimax signal, for example, can cover many square kilometres, whereas most Wi Fi devices broadcast over an area measured in metres..

The mind becomes so deceptively deranged that hardly any logical decisions can be made. (Terrorists love this). Not one single family home with children should be in the midst of alcoholic beveraged adults. Dr. Gupta, most important is the effect on the brain of Sarin (and other toxic substances, “recreational drugs,” etc). Have you done research with Sokoloff’s deoxyglucose method? Sokoloff found the inferior colliculi in the midbrain to have the highest rate of metabolism by this method.

Comment number 1. At 17:29 6th Jun 2011, suetemple wrote: I think that it is important that the enquiry does not only concentrate on so called “celebrity” cases. I understand that in the Family Courts, super injunctions have been imposed on parents which prevent them discussing their case with their MPs even where there is a possibility of their children being removed from their care..

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Secondly, and more specific to Canada, with an upcoming auction of public airwaves our government is on the verge of deciding whether our cellphone industry is going to enjoy the status quo, or whether there’s going to be a shakeup with new carriers entering the market.We kicked off the series today with a story about how the industry has benefited from customers’ confusion. Complex rate plans, service contracts with tons of fine print, and bewildering (and bewildered) customer service agents have all helped keep subscribers off balance and not really sure of what they paying. Josh Boulding, a 20 year old Physics student at the University of Winnipeg, has come up with an innovative method of getting what he wants from customer service agents keep calling them back until you get the answer you want, then record the call so you can “stick it to them.” My tip if you’re a Bell Canada customer ask for a bilingual agent when you call, which assures you get somebody in Canada on the phone rather than an outsourced agent in a call centre in India.We’d like to hear your tips for getting satisfaction from the phone companies.

Resources are only valuable if they are used. Anytime an ethical question arises in your mind, consult the handbook and talk with your supervisor. Everybody at NPR is encouraged to write to Ethicsto pose a question or seek guidance on making a difficult decision..

I start with the weakest argument first: To date Daniel Murphy still has never matched the success he had with the Mets in Washington. Yes he won more Division titles and has absolutely killed it on an individual level. But he never replicated his 2015 playoff run and never participated in a single postseason series victory.

Several countries had launched initiatives that added new life to the global disarmament agenda. Such trends must be strengthened to achieve the complete elimination of nuclear weapons. Pakistan’s representative asserted that genuine global security could only be assured through a holistic approach wherein major Powers eschewed “picking and choosing” according to national agendas.

And the problem is not going to be addressed until senior people in this industry have the courage to come out and state quite clearly state what television is for. What I say tonight is my own ideas, not the views of the BBC. I don’t think it will do for senior figures in this industry to stay hunkered down, occasionally lashing out at young people in the business or setting up inquiries of one sort or another.

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileA recent story in the New York Times suggests web surfers are willing to give up a lot more personal data online, as long as they get something back in return. Users send the company bank and credit card info and receive offers on ways to save money.While reward deals are good incentives for consumers, privacy experts are concerned about how much information the average person is willing to give up online.YOUR INTERVIEW: Ask experts about protecting your information onlineHow much information would you give to get a good deal? Are you concerned about sending private financial data to websites?Have you given up on Environment Canada’s weather predicting skills? Well you might want to try this as a guide to what lies ahead in the forecast.Some research based on sales at eBay has found that the rises and falls in the length of skirts are said to be a good way of forecasting the weather three days in advance.Read more.Skirts sold on the website become shorter several days before the weather changes for the better, and lengthens when colder conditions are due.Ruth Szyszkowski of eBay told the London Daily Mail: “We’re calling it mini skirt meteorology. If you want to know what the weather is going to be like in three days, just take a look at hemlines.”Have you got your own weather indicators? Share them with us.A new report released by a parent advocacy group in Ontario suggests that children in schools lack access to adequate mental health care.

Disputable. Death of civilian stats are inflated or deflated by a narrative of whoever is collecting the stats. The military definition which used to be something along the lines of all males aged 18 to 45 is widely inaccurate, but so too are the measures of NGO like Human Rights Watch, etc.

Also do you have any pictures of the lose skin etc? I am interested because I just turned 30 and I have lost about 115 but I don’t think I have really any evidence of lose skin. Or did you lose more and then built yourself up to 235? Sorry for so many questions. And ou look great.

Early in the 1960s, a morbid craze seized hitsville. The charts were haunted by songs such as Ray Peterson’s “Tell Laura I Love Her” (1960), the Everly Brothers’ “Ebony Eyes” (1961), Twinkle’s “Terry” and the Shangri Las’ “Leader of the Pack” (both 1964) all eerie evocations of teenage hot rodders revving up and riding straight to hell. British movies such as Beat Girl and The Leather Boys were portraying juveniles playing for kicks in car races and bike burn ups, too so our moral guardians had to act.

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It about race AND gender. I am curious as to what the jury makeup was. I say that because with his record there is the greater likelihood that he intended to continue to attack her, that she did feel her life was in danger. It is a place where Canadians can voice their opinions on various awkward political subjects without the fear of feeling anti Canadian. The Public Service has some great websites available for Canadians, but why shouldn’t everyone be involved? Why should the buck stop at the techies and then our officials are completely technologically illiterate? Maybe our elected representatives are a little too long in the tooth for our current needs, not that Facebook is ever going to make the government’s top ten list of most useful sites to Canadians, but you never know.Posted: 2008/05/27 at 11:52 AMI don’t think a facebook group with 40000 people is impressive, or relevant. I’ve talked with many people on many anti whatever groups, and many of them have no idea what they’re talking about, or what the aim of the group is.

You can also use light feet to not trigger any traps in the catacombs. You can combine bombs and arrows to make bombs that are shot by a bow. You can feed the Shackled 3 scrolls of uncurse to get a special ring that gives you stats for each cursed item.

I think the poachers on the ground are probably just poor people with a limited skill set, large obligations, or just generally desperate people along with some heartless fucks. I don’t think our hatred should be targeted at them, but rather the people buying the stuff they’re selling. Without rich Chinese businessmen thinking rhino horn would make their dicks harder or some shit, there’d be little reason to kill rhinos..

Unless you have had a loved one murdered, you do not know and it is nothing more than a philosophical discussion to you. This is Murder 1 and they should be given the maximum sentence available. West Virginia juries have common sense and are strongly conservative.

Comment number 3. At 22:17 10th Jun 2012, paul james wrote: I find it fascinating how science is full of sometimes heartbreaking examples of wrong time, wrong place or outright deception and lies. Maybe Will you could look at other examples for broadcasting, Bill Brysons “A Short History of Nearly Everything” is full of such stories..

They found the iron oxide to be of a pure form that one would expect to see in blood rather than a form contaminated by various minerals and metals that you would expect to see in paint pigment. Their analysis didn’t stop there though. Further studies have identified hemoglobin, protein and albumin..

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So you have two independent centerlines which have a high probability of not being coincident. But now you shove a crank through the two bearings forcing them to share a centerline. It really easy to have this off by a little and it will adversely affect bearing life and drag.

Is this oldschool now? . Stay strong leanFIRE. Don go down like them. Wind is the obvious answer. It is true that the atmosphere is far to thin to use our current windmill technology. However there is still an atmosphere that is unevenly heated, so there is still wind.

The whole point of the show is to talk about random antiques with a cool history behind them. That why they always go to an “expert” instead of looking up the value on ebay. I put expert in quotes because a real expert would probably look it up on ebay when asked what it worth.

Then, “You can get to A! Go to B to unlock the door!”. “Oh no, B is offline! Go to C to turn on the power!” “C is covered in enemies! Kill them all!” “You finally got to A, but it not here! Try D!” “Oh no, you can get to D! Go to E to unlock the door!”, with the map design REALLY working against it here, as there will be no fast travel stations at A E. So you decide to start the quest, but 30 minutes later at C you decided “Well, this sucks, time to quit” and when you come back, you get to walk from A to C all over again.

Classical musician here! Actually, prior to the late 19th/early 20th century, most all “classical” concerts of symphonies/operas etc. Were very raucous places. In fact, during the Premiere of Beethoven 9th Symphony, the audience was so loud and unruly, the orchestra couldn hear themselves well enough to stay together, and the conductor cut them off and re started the second movement over.

If I claim that there is a pink unicorn flying in orbit 200km above the earth surface, you cannot prove me wrong. You can say there no evidence, but I can easily claim you just haven found it yet. So “there no evidence” is the closest it can reasonably come to “proving” it wrong.

Alan Mackworth, the director of the University of British Columbia Laboratory for Computational Intelligence and president of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, says: “It’s a machine that can sense and act and react in the world and possibly involves some reasoning for performing these actions, and it does so autonomously. By that definition a thermostat would be a robot. Though it’s not ‘aware’ it has a goal, that awareness isn’t required.”.