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Edit: suffice it to say there are many contributions to the poor robustness of ML techniques but it is a well known open research topic in the field. I personally happen to think that it stems at least in part from the directionality of gradient decent rather than global search optimization techniques combined with excessive free parameters. Solving these issues doesn seem to, however, be either trivial or necessarily pressing at the moment as the current problem space tackled by ML techniques is largely not particularly mission critical so failure often has a limited impact while any success even without robustness tends to be hugely rewarding..

I just experienced this with my girlfriend this past weekend and it was eye opening since I never really had someone who is unafraid to admit to their faults. I did something stupid which affected her (unintentionally), she was a bit rude to me for a day but then she apologised to me for being short and felt really bad about it, saying it was unnecessary and unfair to me. She promised she work on her attitude in the future..

There actually very limited evidence that this happened. They used the population near the Congo River to estimate the population of the rest of the country, which is sort of like using the population near the Nile to estimate the population of Egypt. Later on, when they remeasured the population, they saw that it was lower than estimated in the late 1800 and concluded that the population must have been reduced ( from Leopold)..

Don feel comfortable saying where, sorry. PM for the location if you want. They required health service clearance and security clearance even though I did nothing that actually required it. The new bank will reportedly store some of a client’s donated cells strictly for their personal use, and a portion will be made freely available to members of the public who need them.Considering the client base, though, the marketing genius may want to have another go at the reported name of the venture: Virgin Health Bank.Posted: 2007/02/11 at 1:47 PMI had the pleasure of shaking hands with Mr. Branson here in Los Angeles at a Virgin Megastore book signing. Mr.

But the Beatles were a long time ago and does the audience care? It may not be the best Radio 1 story ever but the fur trade, fashion, music, money and love splits go a long way to whetting the audience’s appetite and while we’re on about the money, at least Heather will be making some more of her own when her new book comes out next week. It’s all about the key to a balanced and stress free life. I think I’ll get a copy..

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An additional $4.8 million has gone to pay the charity founder and his own consulting firms.How in GODS name can these people get away with this? As a person with blood cancer and also have a cousin finishing her breast cancer treatments (with no help) this is the most discusting thing I have ever listened too!I hope when there time comes to meet there maker they all have to answer for this. My local cancer center where I receive my treatments is great however if I was not lucky enough to have insurance my husband and I dont know how we could ever afford the treatments (every month). I live in Arizona (rural) and this makes me so sick I want to punch them in the face for all the people who need help and do not receive it.

They imagine where the world was friendly to the powerful United States because of our freedoms and our democracy. Except it wasn the world was divided and our friends were the beneficiaries of our foreign interventions and our foreign aid which we now cut. The truth is we toppled governments because of our fear of Communism, and installed “friendly” governments..

I’ve moved a few times, so over the years I’ve worked at half a dozen clinics. Some were better than others, but they all had their issues. The clinic I’m at now is the best of them not perfect, but with almost 40 employees and most of them female, you can’t expect everyone to be best friends.

Precision threads are quite expensive. The problem is each set of threads have their own centerline (imaginary line going down the center of the cylinder of threads). The BB has two bearings, centerlines of the bearings will theoretically line up with the thread center line.

If you gag from vaginas in general then you likely are gay or shouldn be going down on them. Vagina should taste great to those who like them, its not an acquired taste. 6 points submitted 20 days ago. We’re too used to EA offering up a version of Madden or FIFA each year with minimal changes and a new number on the cover, but NBA Live ’09 changes all of that by taking its title to heart and being the first sports game to feature live daily updates of its player database. The updates are taken directly from the same statistic tracking software used by NBA coaches and managers, called Dynamic DNA, so if a player on your favourite team known for faking left and moving right starts to mix up their fakes during the ’09 season, it’ll be represented in the game the very day it starts to make a difference.This is fantastic news for stat geeks and basketball addicts, though probably not the best news in the world if your favourite team is on a downward slide of proficiency across the season! If NBA Live ’09’s artificial intelligence lives up to its statistical background, it’s likely to offer the most realistic basketball yet.We have one caveat to note, however, before we all get too excited.The whole reason that EA have sold yearly updates of its titles has been, at least ostensibly, to update the roster for each new season. But if the game is already being updated from a live database daily, why would we need to buy a new version every year? I’m willing to bet good money the database stops being updated at the end of the ’09 season to force us all to buy the next iteration of NBA Live.

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At the time when the story was first reported, all media from NBC Los Angeles to the New York Times reported the shooter had used a 223 semi automatic rifle or an AR 15 style rifle. A .223 semi automatic rifle is a Bushmaster as Piers reported. The original police report had indicated that the weapon used was probably an AR 15.

These types of sleeves are more popular with long sleeved shirts, so you might have trouble finding them in summer styles. Dolman sleeved tshirts exist, but they def not as popular as dolman sleeved sweaters or shirts. If you feel comfortable wearing more than a tank top and bra, do that.

Don even bother calculating using those numbers. If you do not work out regularly there is no reason to ever buy any kind of gym membership. You will waste your money. Hmm I have no idea what the rules are like in Argentina so sorry if any of this is obvious. If a curb is painted red, you cannot park there. You can’t park within 15 feet of a curbside fire hydrant.

On the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), he said that there was no doubt that its entry into force would halve the proliferation of nuclear weapons and their modernization. He called for its ratification by the remaining “Annex 2” States, adding that pronouncements of ratification were not meaningful unless they were accompanied by tangible action. The impasse in the United Nations disarmament machinery, particularly the Geneva based Conference on Disarmament and the Disarmament Commission was worrying, he said, urging the Conference to agree to and implement a balanced work programme, while reviewing the membership in order to make it more representative.

You will know that the steak is ready to turn when it releases from the pan with ease. When both sides have been seared take baking sheet out of the oven and throw the pan in the oven for about 4 min until about med rare, depending on how well you want it done.At this point your potatoes and asparagus are done, just let them rest. After 4 min in the oven, using a towel or oven mitt, take the pan out of the oven.

A few takeaways from this video. First, miracles exist. The cyclist was inches from almost certain death. My husband had been in the hospital for 2 days with sudden organ failure. The first 2 days he was only lucid for a little while I had to calm him down when the nurses strapped him to the bed because he had to pee and was trying to take his catheter out so he could get up. I’ll never forget how his eyes were wild, he was thrashing so much and begging me to take the straps off.

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The New Democratic member of Parliament for the Southern Interior says he won’t seek re election in 2015. Alex Atamanenko was first elected to the House of Commons in 2006 and has held several critic portfolios during his three terms of service. But he will turn 70 in 2015 and he figures it’s a good time to bow out of politics..

Historically, the Maltese ray populated the Mediterranean Sea in the coastal waters of Italy, Algeria, Malta and Tunisia. Today, its range is limited to the heavily fished Strait of Sicily, a 90 mile wide channel between Italy and Tunisia. Though little is known about this particular species, it likely displays characteristics similar to other rays: It grows slowly, matures late and produces few offspring.

We’re betting on Guitar Hero reclaiming its crown as king of the genre.Nintendo is making so much money it genuinely couldn’t care less about the hardcore gamer. Microsoft is aiming for that middle ground (both hardcore and casual). Sony doesn’t have a clue who it is aiming at but as long as it funds amazing experiences like thatgamecompany’s Flower, I’ll let them get away with it.

That damage is easilly explained because i have 16k int, you probably dont have your gear augmented. I been piloting it for a week or two now with lots of success. Struggles against aggro shaman, but midrange seems to be reducing that number.. I honestly feel that the policy of eugenics in the past have saved American families and tax payers from such a huge burden. Today we feel that everyone deserves a right to life, but does everyone have a right to procreate? What we call mentally disabled today was called minded decades ago. I believe that governments did this, not out of malice, but out of necessity.

My son was born hiv positive. He was raised in a small town in Colorado. He had a friend. I was 23 when I fell in love with a dude who lived in Boston. He is in biotech, and Boston is a biotech hub. He told me that he wasn in love with Boston, but that he would probably be there for the long term because of his career.

I only ever seen the original Purge so the fact that this one was basically an action movie kind of took me by surprise but it sounds like that what the franchise has become in recent iterations, which is fine. It was actually kind of a fun movie to watch. Even though the writing was a little predictable and derivative I was still having fun watching the characters fight back against the Purge..

Perhaps the drip drip of unimportant information is a subtle plot to destabilise the pomposity of the elected.It’s not as though such items are even important as news. As the BBC ceases to be a genuine transmitter of real news, it’s little wonder that people are frustrated by the absence of any breadth and look elsewhere in the hope of getting some barometer of objectivity. Of course, a few of us, now having the means to post real items of news, or having the ability to comment have learnt to do so.Many of us have been present at news events.

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Do you use a lot of dryer sheets? I think there are some that will leave a buildup/residue on your lint screen. Run water over it under a faucet. Should go straight through. Leads to confrontation. Confrontation. Leads to tragedy. And he fantastic. He has great timing, very comedic timing. The clips and listen to the interview as Fallon impersonates Obama, Morrison and many more.

I’ve been a professional comic for 30 years. I’ve been studying comedy for even longer. I was blown away. It was a look, almost, of pale surprise; the dark eyes were so fixed to the world that no move escaped them. Her dress was white and it whispered. He almost thought he heard the motion of her hands as she walked, and the infinitely small sound now, the white stir of her face turning when she discovered she was a moment away from a man who stood in the middle of the pavement waiting..

However, the MediaSmart Receiver can also be used as a Windows Media Center Extender for consumers who prefer Microsoft’s home theatre application. It’s slated to hit stores later this year.HP also dedicated a large section of its CES pavilion to its Voodoo branded gaming machines. And while the aforementioned Blackbirds were the focus in this area, the showstopper was a plexiglass case that contained a 24 karat gold encased Voodoo Omen desktop.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

2044Alexander Ananenkov, boss of Russian energy firm Gazprom, says supplying Europe with 60m cubic metres of pipeline gas will free up 40,000 tonnes of LNG. Reuters quoted him as saying: “It is possible to do immediately, right now. Such large scale swap operation between Russia and the European Union will provide real help for Japan.”.

A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates. Continue reading this post. I had someone break up with me for questioning his manhood, too! He told me that in all of his dreams, he was a girl, and that he would wake up and find that he crossdressed in his sleep. He brought this up multiple times because he was distressed about it. I asked him if he felt like a girl and he denied it.

The ingredients for an upset were all there beforehand. Are the higher division side struggling? Check. Will they make several changes to their team? Yes, six actually. My study advice would be to plan on taking it in your summer after 3rd year. That way you will have an LSAT score when you apply in the fall. All Ontario law school applications are due November 1st through OLSAS, the Ontario Law School Application Service.

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Six years ago, East Timor was in the headlines for weeks when the Indonesians and their local allies went on the rampage as the country voted for independence from Indonesia in a UN run poll. The UN ran the country for a few years then helped the Timorese set up their own insitutions the idea was to help them stand on their own feet. This now seems to be unravelling..

The militia commander with the dazzling smile leads us through the desert towards the oilfields, his Toyota pick up truck throwing up a cloud of exhaust and dust. Looming on the horizon are the steeply sloping mountain ridges surrounding the Owbari Valley. Overhead the midday sun is glaring down on the dunes, a sea of golden desert in what was once the ancient Roman province of Fezzan..

To them I just another new rich from China. I not staying that Japan or other Asian countries are racist, I stating that they have a different system and viewpoint of the world, and are very nationalist. Not in an offensive way, just that it different from the western viewpoint..

Here’s a worst case scenario for you: You’ve been separated from your day hiking group late on a chilly fall afternoon and find yourself alone in the woods. You have no tent or sleeping bag, and night falls fast deep in the forest. You call out and hear nothing but the cold wind.

I am blessed to live near the beach in sunny Southern California. There’s something about that ocean and salty air that makes the seven miles suck less. My running addiction has left me with some pretty gnarly scars on my knees but hey, when you run nearly 50 miles a week a few tumbles are bound to happen..

However, while grades are helpful to those that want a quick and clean summary of your academic performance. I can emphasize enough (it took me years to figure this out), but that F is only a summary at best. Just compare any CliffNotes summary of a Shakespearean play and compare it with the real deal and you notice that the summary only takes a superficial look into the beauty of the work.

I pretty moderate on this issue where I think if you an illegal immigrant with kids in America, you should be able to stay here. The cost of deporting the parent far outweighs any propaganda that Fox news spews out.I was just wondering if this also applies to marriage fraud where “legal” immigrants from Vietnam / China come here, then divorce for a green card or company H1B visa abuse where they hire immigrants to replace American workers to pay less and remain profitable. That where I don really support this rally.

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Those shitty headphones from elementary school computer lab that pinched and grabbed your hair were better. Came with a cool sticker with a few countries flags that I peeled off.2/10 $15Marine VHF handheld radio:Amazing features, great quality, free charger and headset. Get this, in menu mode the settings were spoken to you in very clear crisp English.

Reeling the Liars In employs acoustic guitar and male gospel choir, but Gira delivery, while not cheerless, concerns him killing his enemies and burning them on a pyre. And particularly audacious is the track You F People Make Me Sick, a highly strung folk number that sees a quaver voiced Devendra Banhart echoed by Gira three year old daughter.Hardcore Swans fans may opine that no Swans reunion is a proper reunion without the presence of Jarboe. Perhaps, but it hard to deny that My Father Will Guide Me stands up there with anything in their catalogue.

I always kind of feel like I have that in my pocket when I go in a room. Like, I going to go back to this amazing job that shredding and love it.’ right that Big Bang Theory is in the sense that the long running CBS sitcom is smashing its competition. It been the No.

For my [fast growing] company, it’s our ATS. It matches keywords in your resume to the job posting, and if it’s a certain percent match, the resume you actually uploaded that looks nice and formatted gets forwarded to us for a further look. This way you can tweak certain words or phrases and make it through to the next step.

You should focus on causes not symptoms. Just imagine if we took those illegal immigrants and put them in forced labor troops that we took to Mexico under military protection and forced them to build infrastructure. At the peak of the immigration crisis we deported over 3 million people, just imagine a workforce as strong as strong as the US department of defense forced to build meaningful improvements to their own country at the barrel of a gun.

Most of us have never seen a live seal, despite hilarious portrayal of our culture. Most of us support humane treatment of wild animals, but like I said, the native communities up there have their own thing going, which involves all kinds of spirituality and generally respectful hunting methods. And I go out on a limb and say that most of us are averse to killing cute little seals..

“I heard both, you know, I heard both. I had a friend, really great guy, real good, he went on a trip, and I told him, I said go, I said go, you fall. But he did, and that the last, practically the last, I ever he never came back. This problem is much deeper than society as a whole Danny, the problem is deeply rooted in current black society and black culture. It in the actions of the 76% of black fathers that fail to make a home with their children, and teach them right from wrong as you are. It in the music produced by blacks for blacks, that glamourizes the gangster lifestyle in question.

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The trafficking of weapons and weakness in disarming criminals and in the elimination of racial discrimination were also problems. In Burundi, the democratization process had stopped with the assassination of the President in 1993, and armed conflict between two ideologically extreme camps prevented the development of an opening for moderates. The Special Rapporteur on Burundi had correctly analyzed the situation in sounding the alarm in his report.

“As the online competition to printed newspapers grows, and ever more intimate gossip appears somewhere on the internet, where privacy is even more under threat than in the old fashioned world of print, so the commercial pressure on tabloids to keep the voyeuristic revelations flowing will only increase. It is hard to see how self regulation alone can stop them. The profit motive is too intense.”.

8 days agoBluff Erosion Closes Forest Park Beach Access RoadLAKE FOREST, IL The north access road and the wooden boardwalk leading to Forest Park beach in Lake Forest will be closed until further notice due to bluff erosion caused by recent heavy rains, city officials announced Thursday, citing safety concerns. The southern road to the beach remains open to vehicles. Pedestrian access for residents will be available from the concrete steps at the middle of the parks ring road or at the wooden steps at the south end of the beach leading to the north of the boat ramp.

We, and the dozens of families that we know have well adjusted children that are respectful and responsive because they learned it at a young age. The result is that we rarely need to discipline them at all, and never physically. It just that you can sit down with a baby or toddler and say, we need to talk about your behavior thus the need for physically noxious feedback to train children not to play with the stove, and to obey when tild to stay out of the street, etc.

Your professional face is one thing and your relaxed face is another and I think that what was so beautiful with the butlers that we use, the behind the scenes, the bantering in the house and the relationships of family, he told Morgan. Think that important to convey and I think that what this movie does so beautifully with Lee Daniels direction. The clip for more of Morgan interview with the team from Daniels The Butler, and for the next edition of Morgan Live, watch CNN every night at 9.

As a longtime drummer, zach hill is one of my favorite set players. His playing can be uneven at times (especially on older hella stuff), but his speed, volume, and ability to recreate extremely technical playing is god tier imo especially considering that he seems to have had little or no technical training and often plays on terrible equipment. Listen to hella albums or shred earthship if u want to hear some of his more technical drumming on record.

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Three small slots add up to slightly less than the effectiveness of the big first slots. So the idea is, if you want to build for a more effective play style, you can go to Spike and for I think 20,000 he’ll scrub the mini slots off of your gear and give them to you as chunks, leaving you free to level it up again and get more small chunks. Once you get I think 10 small chunks of the same ability, you can have Spike manually add that skill to the item of your choosing.

Not that they were good, but the team genuinely ruined quite a few starter level talents over the years I sure. Last year Bills on the offensive side were a trainwreck as wellHell, Eli has 2 rings and is a pick machine every other season. I think Peterman can be afforded the benefit of the doubt that he keeping it competitive vs an unknown bench warmer like McCarronskatehabitat24 3 points submitted 21 days agoI think you comparisons are a little far out there.

However, I would like to point out that the correlation between a player K/D and his/her lobby average K/D does not mean that K/D plays a role in the skill based matchmaking. As you mentioned, there are hidden confounding variables that we can see. It possible that K/D is not used at all in the matchmaking process, but instead some other measure of skill that is not publicly available.

Most cable systems in the US go up to 750 MHz, but some go 1GHz+. If a carrier is analog then there is only 1 channel in that 3 4MHz span. If it is digital it can carry a lot more channels depending on the encoding, modulation, and bitrate of the channel.

Domestically, we tread a similar line on Northern Ireland. The IRA is so well known, worldwide, that a label is not necessary. Groups such as the Real IRA and Continuity IRA can often be best labelled as dissident. When “The Hammond” broke out most everything stopped. No one was quite sure what this constant noise was, except for a few historians on planet Earth in the dimension where they didn eradicated each other during the cold war 400 years ago. Most species, including humans, are able to subconsciously eliminate sounds that are constant and pose no threat.

I am by no means a cycler. I haven used a bicycle in 15 20 years. I don think I trust any bicycle helmet, and what I meant by full faced helmet was my shoei. “With this small gesture, I would like to show how important the employees are to me: I truly feel as if we are family,” Del Vecchio said in a statement.Related: Why these sunglasses cost $150The company has 77,000 employees worldwide, but only Luxottica’s 8,000 Italian workers will get to share in Del Vecchio’s birthday present. That will work out to $1,200 in share each.Up to 140,000 shares will be distributed, but the gift won’t make much of a dent in Del Vecchio’s bank account.He’s one of Italy’s wealthiest men and ranked 40th in the 2015 Forbes rich list with a fortune of more than $20 billion.Luxottica makes a range of eyewear brands, including Ray Ban and Oakley, and has more than 7,000 optical and sunglasses stores worldwide.The gesture comes on the heels of another act of C suite kindness.The chief executive of Gravity Payments Dan Price took a 90% pay cut and slashed his company’s profits last month just so he could give his employees a raise.The Seattle based payment processing firm he founded has pledged to make sure all of his staffers make at least $70,000 annually in the next three years.CNNMoney (London ) First published May 20, 2015: 11:42 AM ETContact UsClosed CaptioningSite MapMost stock quote data provided by BATS. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes.

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Very sad. Reporter: This morning, the normally bustling south by southwest scene in downtown Austin turned deadly when a suspected drunk driver fleeing cops crashed through the barricades into a crowd of people killing two, injuring at least 23 others. Five of them critically.

Dress has always been about conveying a statement, a vision, your essence through what you adorn your body with. Image has always been intertwined with dress inherently but social media has really just fetishized the idea of conveyance through dress rather than embodiment. Obviously if $300 DHL logo tees help someone feel more connected with who they are and assist in the daunting task of physically realizing parts of yourself, how could I possibly judge.

As part of my travels around the country, I feel that I need to provide some basic education in Contemporary Indigenous Culture 101. I/we do not live in teepees, I tell them. It seems that is disappointing. They were both missioned to kill each other. They never met in battle and were later brought together to promote this new idea of bringing hippos to America. Burnham for is outdoorsman experience and Duquesne for his knowledge of Africa..

I was an early adopter of AirBnB and rented out my spare bedroom. I really liked it so I tried renting out my entire house over a holiday and I was shocked by how lucrative it is. Now I live in a rental and rent out the house that I own. That was so cool of him. He has no idea how much that Cry video blew my third grade mind, it was so sweet to have him be down. Also Prince showing up to our show at First Avenue in Minnesota the dude was being entertained, for real.

But I’d bet 5 or so million people will get over immature criticisms of the game on Monday and pick up their copy of the game. Some people, mainly intelligent people, would wait till they play the game to make such comments. I know I don’t base my opinion on 30 second video clips on the internet.Also, your little rant on Futureshop and Best Buy would mean something if it weren’t for the fact that both stores generally have lower prices than any other electronics chains or stores.Posted: 2008/06/06 at 9:18 AMOh, and Wait till the fall for those who own GTA4.

A kamado just isn going to do that. You also need to put that point of a brisket on the hot end of an offset to even out the cooking. I probably going to get an offset smoker at some point.. Their reasoning was that you must not have wanted it an they simply were quicker and smarter than the next guy by taking it first. That the logic people are using to say that Romney is this success story because he dodges his social legal obligations. That not a success.