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We have extremely high standards on Virgin Trains and independent surveys by the passengers watchdog show 90% of our customers are completely satisfied with cleanliness. In addition, our food hygiene on board is rated at the highest level. West Trains.

This is why our industry standards are so high. I can say that most of the time they come in great shape, however sometimes the hinges will be bent, the lenses will be lose, or other small details that lower the quality of the overall product. It really is spinning the wheel and hoping you get a nice pair.

Here in Michigan we are already feeling the economic effects petrol went from record highs of $1.70 per gallon to over $2.30. But my biggest issue is with the response of the Governments local, State and Federal. The Hurricane was not as bad as the predictions but still there is chaos.

Eventually a few of the better capitalized ones would sell for a loss, and the industry consolidated. Eventually they all went bankrupt, until there were the 5 we know today (plus Tesla now). This is likely going to happen with a highly regulated industry in Canada.

When you feel things getting easy then don stagnate. The discomfort zone is where you grow. Any embarrassment you feel is unwarranted. Fuck Bvlgari, fuck Tiffany, fuck Persol, fuck all their lame brand names.Edit: since I got voted up, I going to give you some tidbits I learned:Never buy spring hinges. The fit sucks and they are always the first thing to break.If your lenses scratch then odds are that you not cleaning them correctly. You probably just moving gunk from one part of the lens to another.

Then you need to fill it with sun energy. By wandering the lands to the south, and searching for the four shadestones. Then you fill the crystal with sun energy. “IBM is fundamentally on the wrong side of the industry.”Whether Microsoft’s assertions are correct remains to be seen. What is certain is that the open source software movement appears to be gaining traction, particularly in developing countries where the economics of moving society into the information economy can be prohibitive between the cost of computer equipment and software. Those countries coincidentally also represent the underdeveloped markets that hold the greatest potential for growth for companies like Microsoft in the years ahead.The outcome of the document standards battle could have a major impact on how the world gets its information and who, if anyone, they pay to get it.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

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Comedy in a really interesting and weird place right now, in that on the one hand there nothing you can say by way of what Carlin and Lenny Bruce and the like were pushing for back in the 60s and 70s. Legally speaking, all those walls are completely torn down. But socially speaking, you can pay a price if you say the “wrong thing,” and this can be either good or bad: we are far less tolerant of the casual misogyny and racism and so on that so much of comedy has relied on for years; but by the same token, it almost like comedians are being disallowed from even talking about those things if they aren doing it in the approved way..

The mark that hit me from his speech is the one where Clinton that if you want a country of shared prosperity and shared responsibility, we all in this together society than vote for Obama. I think Clinton meant to say many of you get up at 6:00Am to go to work so that you can financially support those that get up at 10:00AM, those that have learned to manipulate the system and rely on the system for their existence. And when you guys that work have bills to pay, you are on your own..

I think this goes to show what a ride readers of the current state of journalism are being taken for. Its all manufactured to make things seem more sensational than they are, inflame opinion, sell stories, make a buck, cares not about ruining reputations and lives of people it purports to “report IE tell the truth” on. It all lies..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileMicrosoft Corp. Chief executive officer Steve Ballmer scrambled for cover from an egg hurling protester during a talk at a Hungarian university Monday.Unlike his boss, chairman Bill Gates, who was hit in the face with a cream pie a decade ago, Ballmer managed to dodge the eggs.Ballmer was delivering a speech entitled “You can change the world” to a group of business and technology students at Budapest’s Corvinus University when the incident occurred, according to Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos.A young man in glasses stood up, pointed at Ballmer and loudly demanded that Microsoft return money it had stolen from the Hungarian people. Then he calmly threw three eggs at Ballmer.A video of the outburst in a large classroom was widely distributed over the internet Tuesday.

I found that ever discipline of higher education from biology to physics to logic brought me to the undeniable reality of God existance. If you have found a new source of evidence, I would like to know what you are referring to. I would hate to know that I wasted twelve years of post high school education on accredited universities that somehow missed this other field of study..

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But as an occasional visitor to the city, I think I can see what you mean. I been dropped off downtown while my dad had a meeting there, and if you in the wrong part of town, it doesn matter how developed, dense and urban it is there is nowhere to shop and nothing to do. It was like a desert of office buildings.

But you can choose to file a police report. Filing one isn necessary, but it may make your bank more inclined to return your money, it may also help you disprove any charges that for some reason appear in the future. If the merchant reports the matter on your credit report, a police report will help dispute that.

Although I have no doubt that Bluehole has a ton of talented and hard working developers, it obvious at this point that there is something fundamentally wrong with the netcode that they cannot fix without starting over from scratch. PUBG 2 is almost certainly going to be a fantastic game, but PUBG is not going to get better. You basically have to take it or leave it..

What needs to be done, is stricter background checks, not when you buy a gun, because that just hinders all the collectors, but when you buy the ammo. The ammo is what is used to make the gun dangerous. The Health Care also needs to be overhauled to treat and care for the mentally disabled.

In a statement read out by Susan Rice (United States), its President for April, the 15 member body recognized that illicit cross border trafficking and movement often involved cross cutting issues that were considered by the General Assembly and other United Nations bodies. It noted that the threats to international peace and security posed by illicit cross border trafficking and movement had increased. Organized criminal groups, better equipped with information and communications technologies, were becoming more connected in their illicit operations.While distinct strategies were required to address threats posed by illicit cross border trafficking and movement, the Council, observing that such behaviour was often facilitated by organized criminal networks, further acknowledged the importance of adopting a comprehensive and balanced approach, as necessary, to tackle the conditions that were conducive to illicit cross border trafficking and movement, including demand and supply factors.

2 days agoLake Forest City Manager To Step Down Next YearLAKE FOREST, IL Lake Forest City Manager Bob Kiely will retire at the end of January 2019. The city eighth and longest serving city manager informed aldermen of his intention to step down in closed session during Monday City Council meeting, according to a release. “After close to three decades of putting my community first, it is now time I shift my priorities and put my family first,” Kiely said.

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All that said. If you are looking for a thermal mass style heater for a tiny house. You might look at a Rocket mass heater. You sometimes see videos of little devices where someone just puts a pair of glasses over it and it gives a digital reading immediately. I honestly thought that was fine until I read this. This may seem counter intuitive since the results are favorable for the aooko sunglasses, however the issue is that this guy seems to have done a lot more proper testing than a simple machine that spits out one single number.

Im enjoying my life and i don think that having a kid is going to help me have more fun. Im going to keep what little time i have for me and my wife and not bring anymore children into a world where parents are not longer parents. It gets under my skin these people that want kids only to put them in daycare until they are old enough to take care of themselves.

Or another option is to just buy shares in your own brokerage account and gift the shares to your nephew when you feel the time is appropriate. This should only require filling out a letter of direction with your account info and the recipient for specific stocks, I don really have any specific recommendations but I would personally buy some “cool” companies that I thought had potential for long term growth like perhaps Twitter, Netflix, Activision, etcThat a false dichotomy. The options are not to either ban the burqa or mandate it.

In a new feature, Lauren goes where no DJ has gone before by beaming a message into space. Each week Lauren will invite a listener or guest on to the show to send their very own Wow Signal to the stars, which will take the form of a five minute burst of music and greetings. Using a radio telescope in deepest Suffolk, the signal will be beamed live, via the 6 Music studios, to a star system of their choice (disclaimer stars and exo planets have to be in the northern hemisphere and available for beaming at the.

Being fostered: Fiona and her foster mother Marie share their experiences of their foster care relationship. Fiona was abandoned at a supermarket as a baby, went into care and had years of problems, but with Marie’s help she’s turned her life around and has just finished university. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

I’ve been pulled over multiple times and anytime there’s a registration and insurance issue they just give me (white guy) a warning and let me go on my way. I really think race issues are terrible and I honestly feel bad for people of color. It really is a different world out there..

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It is time the value of those in recovery is seen as an effective tool to aid the social perception of what causes crime and dangerous behavior. A wealth of information lies within those who understand how to put his or her life back together after addiction and all that comes with it. Yes, I know it is not a pretty argument but it is a whole lot better than thinking legal drugs will solve all our problems when in fact it will make them WORSE.

Luxottica considers the financial results denominated in Euro, the Group’s reporting currency, to be a more accurate gauge of its operating performance. Dollars were converted at the average exchange rate for the three month period ended December 31, 2001, of Euro 1.00 = US$0.8959, compared with Euro 1.00 = US$0.8676 for the fourth quarter of 2000. Dollars were converted at the average exchange rate of Euro 1.00 = US$0.8957, compared with Euro$1.00 = US$0.9209 for fiscal year 2000.

After, it may be hard to look at these photos or see reminders of your friend around the house. During my last loss, I gathered her bed, toys, and bowls, and put them in an area where I wouldn’t randomly see them and start crying. I did sleep with her collar and cried every night for a week.

A few dollars for the music????? You crazy (no pun intended). Why is there no CD version that includes all 50 of the tracks? If you want just the music they make you spend $180 on the super deluxe edition. You can tell me that a band that cares about it fans would do that.

At first the Wizard seemed bothered. He called himself the and powerful Oz and sent them away. Later, he sent them out to bring back the witch broom. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) says food dyes pose a number of risks to the American public and is calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ban three of the most commonly used dyes: Red 40, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6. A new CSPI report says those dyes contain known carcinogens and contaminants that unnecessarily increase the risks of cancer, hyperactivity in children and allergic reactions. Food and Drug Administration should ban dyes, which would force industry to color foods with real food ingredients, not toxic petrochemicals.

The New York Giants won the pennant, thanks to the league’s best offense. Catcher Chief Meyers hit .332 and second baseman Larry Doyle slugged 25 triples (tied for fifth best all time) and scored 102 runs; John McGraw’s team racked up 756 runs. All this run production didn’t inhibit the Giants on the basepaths.

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Cuando brinda informacin desde su cuenta de redes sociales, puede permitirnos realizar cosas, como (1) ofrecerle contenido exclusivo, (2) personalizar su experiencia en lnea con nosotros dentro y fuera de nuestros Servicios, (3) comunicarnos con usted a travs del servicio de redes sociales o directamente al enviarle las ltimas noticias, ofertas especiales y recompensas, y (4) permitirle compartir su experiencia y contenido a travs de los servicios de redes sociales. Cuando nos brinde informacin sobre usted a travs de una aplicacin, a travs de nuestros Servicios o en los servicios de redes sociales u otras plataformas externas, es probable que sea visualizada por otros miembros de estos servicios y nosotros no podemos impedir el uso adicional de la informacin por parte de terceros. Consulte nuestrosTrminos de usopara obtener detalles sobre el uso que hacemos del contenido que usted enva..

Established in 1987, CABC is the premier voice of the Canadian American business community. The CABC Business Achievement Award, now in its tenth year, recognizes successful alliances between Canadian and American firms that produce strong business growth, remarkable innovation, and noteworthy community contribution. Previous winners have included such companies as Marinvent, Jeppesen Sanderson, CMC Electronics, Honeywell, Intel, CBS, RIM, and Milton Bradley, among others..

Its all very well for Ruth Kelly ‘making the best choice’ but in truth its not a choice the majority of people have. From what i have gathered her claim that the state system did not meet her childs requirments and the council would of paid for her childs private education but she chose to pay is frankly a load of rubbish. I work in a school that has many children with learning difficulties and major disabilities and they do very well..

I understand you have good intentions and you seem like nice people. You don’t want to see a nice guy get dicked over and that’s pretty noble. That being said if you told me you were noticing what cars were coming in and out of my driveway at which times I’d be a little pissed off you were all up in my business so much.

I do, however, suffer from depression which was the result of my being the weird kid and struggling in my own way to fit in with other kids. I used to think that if i did what they did and liked what they liked that I would be accepted by them. I molded and remolded myself so many times to fit the description of what I thought my friends would accept that I never actually focused on my self in my developing years.

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You know I don really know anyone who shares my dreams, so I feel at times isolated. So I appreciate the opportunity to converse on this site. You say you look like Adam L., well I think you look like a Pug Dog, aren they precious. I can’t speak for other bins but I worked for an association that raised money through donation bins like these. The money went directly to programs that support children and adults with developmental disabilities. We would not be able to provide the programs we do and pay the staff that care for this population without the funds raised through these donations.

You have to be careful too, because sometimes the offender is outside the hospital. I heard of SANEs being approached by them before. It a tricky, tricky situation.. 2 points submitted 10 months agoI know in the case of European devices, if they SIM unlocked at least, you just need to make sure that you insert a SIM card from a local operator before first boot.So if you get an S8 from, say, Italy (Samsung Pay not available), but you want to use it in Spain (Samsung Pay available), you just insert a Spanish SIM card before initial boot up, and it will detect that and install the Spanish software, which includes full Samsung Pay support.Now, these are virtually identical devices in terms of hardware since mobile frequency bands are standardized across all European countries, so I don know if this will work between different hardware SKUs. I also don know if the hardware is the same between Singapore and NZ.So if you want to test it out:Factory reset the deviceEnsure your NZ SIM card is inserted upon initial boot. 6 points submitted 3 years agook, so changing the priority of the process and ending the launcher do nothing for me.

Two weeks removed from the 2012 general election, Nelson admits that he didn make it to the polls, but is happy with the choice America made:glad he [Barack Obama] got reelected. I think he has a lot of things in his favor the things that he has ran on. The women all believe in the things that he talking about.

That is next level retarded. We have the same technology to transport it to our military yet every time we hand out a single MRE it costs 8 10 dollars. But I guess I don even know why anyone would worry about this other than repuplican assholes using it to rile up their base and distract from actual issues and abuses.

Every time I need to reinstall all I have to do is after installing plex is change my fstab and reboot and it like nothing happened.Edit: so I just re read your post and you clearly said Windows so that second bit is pointlessMrKillroy 1 point submitted 22 days agoI be more specific with info not easily searchable. On this specific model, if you get in the Jeep and climate is set to auto, the ventilated seats automatically turn on. To manually turn them on you use the climate button on the uConnect screen, and there is a ventilated driver seat button, as well as a passenger (none in rear).

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I have never ever had smoke or god forbid, FIRE, happen when cooking these at 400 F, but if you skip the parchment paper there’s a chance you don’t want the bacon directly on the hot sheet pan. Use your best judgement if your oven runs hot.If you’re doing multiple trays of bacon, switch the racks they’re on halfway through.The first photo is the bacon 8 minutes in the second is the finished bacon after 16 minutes. :)Step 4: Drain ServeOnce it’s done, shake off the excess fat and drain on paper towels.For extra credit, strain the drippings and store them in your fridge.

I in US Ford sales, so I have absolutely no clue what the stipulations are. If it was at my store, I would think on a CPO with decent credit you could get under a 4 without too much trouble. I had 1 car loan and no other credit history on my second car, got a CPO for 1.9 (maybe a 650, I not sure) but yeah.

Our reporters, William Gallego and ray Montez began in a Latino neighborhood of queens in new York City at an unmarked storefront with green awning and windows covered over as required by herbalife. Herbalife calls this a nutrition club one of thousand across the country where distributors offer diet shakes for a membership fee where we signed up first to become basic members and jumped to supervisor by buying what they call 4,000 volume points for $3,900. This is how it works.

I so upset about this. I crazy stressed trying to get ready to move out of town and my grandmother had a stroke and is in a hospice and she isn doing any better. My aunt has been the one taking care of her (doing the little things nurses and techs can get done during their shift) and doing her laundry.

The original IXO concept had quite a range of instruments; we’ll probably now only have one or two. We’ll lose some possibilities, but in terms of the core observations making spectra and images I think we are going to have an enormous boost compared to what we can do at the moment. I’m quite bullish.”.

If any of those words fits in better with the rest of the sentence, it flags the passage as a joke. The result is a bot that “gets” jokes that turn on a simple pun.The bot, presented last week at the American Association for Artificial Intelligence conference in Vancouver.The sample joke New Scientist provides, however, is something of a head scratcher. In it, a mother says to her boy: “My, you’ve been working in the garden a lot this summer,” to which the boy responds, “I have to, because teacher told me to work a lot.” The computer groks over this as a pun on working the soil and doing schoolwork, which seems like the kind of thing only Data from Star Trek would find funny.What I’m waiting for is when the second generation of this program becomes merged with ELIZA, the 1968 computer program designed to simulate psychoanalysis.

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Holding his beady. Eye on them there acting like they had just come back from breakfast and that’s important is number one it shows they all shared the same state of mind. And that’s didn’t mind in the aftermath of this brutal act. 1.) Gave up daily coffee. I used to get an iced coffee every day. Now I replaced it with non caffeinated beverages (my new go to is Starbucks refreshers), water, or nothing at all.

Head to Jerome for lunch. Jerome is more of a leisurely town, wine tours, haunted hotels, etc, from what I know. Been in AZ since and I have yet to spend time there because I want to take a whole weekend for it. Land is super useful for a mono blue deck. I have a real problem with [[homeward path]] in my meta, so I began running a few land removal options, like strip mine and field of ruin, and ghost quarter (which you already have). They have proven to be useful even outside of that narrow application, so I recommend them if your playgroup is ok with that.

Like I said, I meant competitive at the top of the conference for the long haul. Yes the little things are certainly improving. The discipline is getting better. Unless you have had a loved one murdered, you do not know and it is nothing more than a philosophical discussion to you. This is Murder 1 and they should be given the maximum sentence available. West Virginia juries have common sense and are strongly conservative.

There Chalk Man. He an amazing powerlifter. I saw him doing 180 pound cleans, and he mysteriously didn have bleeding palms, but I noticed he had a bottle of something he was applying to his hands. Yeah. We have to live in this all week long, 12 hours a day. We do appreciate it.

Johanne Lemay, who runs a telecommunications consultancy in Montreal, summed it up by suggesting that ultimately having a mobile penetration of 500 per cent is not just possible, but “probable.”That makes you wonder if cellphone service is so cheap in Sweden that they can afford to give it to inanimate objects and pets, how long will it be before there are more tree cellphone subscribers there than there are human customers in Canada?Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates.

The last one, there was this one guy that used x ray and mined straight down to diamonds from the surface, then straight from cluster to cluster of diamonds.We were already watching him since we had banned 2 other members of his 3 man group that all joined at once. They weren being griefy, but they were clearly using Nodus. We saw them go derp mode, use nuker, fly, and x ray.

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Instead they heard him out. People in the military tend to feel that they have proved their patriotism and therefore don’t have to trumpet it in the way certain civilians do. One officer told a story about the flag he flew in his front yard: soon after the attacks of 9/11, a local civilian in urgent need of patriotic colours stole it from his flagpole.

We need to replace fossil fuels because of global warming, trade imbalances and other bad things that follow from our oil addiction. The few coins I save in the difference between four dollar gas and three dollar and 84 cent gas will not change that. The GOP doesn want to change anything.

I might suggest an ikea hack of some kind to a vittsjo type wall unit. (Or if no ikea near you, you can search big box and target type stores) you might also check with your work if they have extra office cabinets or shelves not being used that you can have and update. You want it to be complement it.

I forget which episode it is but there an early episode where Roz is on the phone gossiping about men and sex and it revealed she talking to her mum. In a later episode when we meet Roz mum and she and Marty go on a date together Roz seems to suggest that her mum doesn talk about sex or something like that. There definitely an inconsistency for sure..

Each famous celebrity seemed to have their own style on the red carpet. The singer Janelle Monae took a boomerang approach. When she first arrived and came up the carpet, she generously gave each section of the media what they wanted. fearless self described art dealer who along with her boyfriend first approached the Chinese artist. And got him to begin turning out the thinks she is pleaded guilty to federal fraud and tax charges and is now cooperating with the government. Her boyfriend named Jose continues was arrested in Spain and the US charges and While he awaits extradition to the United States he has deny any wrongdoing and told local reporters he’s not worried about the case.

Jump in and get those details!”Hi! I would like to trade my 20th Anniversary Jirachi for one of your shiny Zygarde codes. I obtained it from a friend.”This one sketchier. Saying you got something from a friend is actually a typical scam statement (the more you knowwwwwwww) so you should probably send this one to us.”Hi! I would like to trade my shiny Pikachu for one of your shiny Zygarde codes.

President Hassan Rouhani of Iran said it would be a pity if the Joint Plan of Action was destroyed by “rogue newcomers to the world of politics”. Iran would not be the first to violate the pact, he declared, adding that his country would nevertheless “respond decisively and resolutely to its violation”. By violating the agreement, the new United States Administration would only destroy its credibility and undermine international confidence..