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I never been much of a CNN watcher, but this interview has instantly made me an AC360 fan. Thank you, thank you, thank you Anderson, for showing that you the only host in cable news (I know of) who understands that what this bill purports to is actually already legal in most of the US and always has been. Please continue making this crucial point to your viewers as these bigoted bills make their way through state legislatures.

I don’t care if my main computer gets infected. I don’t even keep an anti virus program running in the background to slow it down. Every once in a while I run the anti virus program and clean out infections if I’ve picked one up. Poverty eradication and promotion of human rights were high on the agenda, as were the need to harness the phenomenon of globalization; overcome disparities and inequalities between the developed and the developing world; and prevent and overcome conflicts in various parts of the world.Calling attention to the unresolved problem of disarmament, Eduard Shevardnadze, President of Georgia, said it meant that unsettled conflicts could flare into horrific conflagrations both between and within States. Newly independent States faced a protracted process towards material welfare that brought democratic values into question. Disillusioned people could not be expected to derive nourishment from ideals alone, he said.Jean Chrtien, Prime Minister of Canada, said extreme ethnic nationalism was a stain on humanity.

If you feel nervous around peeps just ask them questions about themselves as most people like telling others what they up to. If you feel a rapport with anyone then you should make a suggestion to do something. Too many times people wait for others to invite them out.

Played Albion when it realesed. It had a great potentional but they ruined it. When you are premium you get bonus points everyday wich boosts your crafting so it may yield multiple items so its not profitable to craft anything without those points. The problem for me was that projects got longer and staying up late while still trying to meet morning obligations got to be too overwhelming. I gotten better at putting on headphones and blocking people out, but it still a struggle. It does it better when you done with school though.

I honked at a guy who was driving erratically, speeding, and nearly hit me passing on a double yellow. He slammed on his brakes, ran me on to the shoulder, jumped out of his truck with a hammer in his hand, and ran towards my side of the vehicle. By the time he got there, my gun was pointed directly at his face.

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It was an aboriginal tribe in Australia and they had stone axes that were a symbol of manhood (patriarchal society). Part of growing up was obtaining your ax and no longer using your father ask. A family was essentially defined by whose ax you borrow (wife uses husband child uses father etc)..

Another reason to reject Peter Preston’s call for a period of silence. The boundaries between Big Journalism’s constructed content and the content web users make and post for themselves is blurring. Broadcasters can’t control shouldn’t want to control how the web develops and what trust, truth and artifice mean there.

I have yet to see concrete data on this, so it speculation as of now. That being said, if an adult were to enter, say, customs at an airport with a child and had no documentation for that child, the adult would be detained until it could be verified that he/she was the parent. I suspect that many cases of adults being separated from children are just that.

His problem primarily was that he viewed marijuana as a drug. If you remove that view; look at it as a fruit or vegetable; it becomes a whole different reason to why people want to have access to it. It has nutrients you can not get from any other plant on planet earth; a nutrient that is showing to be one of the most beneficial nutrients a person could ever ingest.

I agree with a reasonable limit. Say 5 or 6, would be a good point of control. I used Edworthy and I avoid it between 9:30 and 4 because of dog walkers. It just like Jimbo said in South Park over a decade ago. This was a premeditated, calculated, cold blooded murder. Zimmerman had probably prayed that an coon would one day come his way and romanticized the idea of how he would snatch his last breath away.

He was a C student at best, and only stayed in school because he had a rich and powerful daddy. He dodged the draft and then couldn even get enough guts together to attend Air National Guard meetings one weekend a month. Dick Cheney ran the government, because W really didn know what was going on most of the time.

Mais j dmnag depuis longtemps alors j ai plus rien foutre.Les rapports sociaux ont considrablement mut, dans une recherche de consentement toujours plus clair les classes suprieures se doivent de remplir un CERFA avant et aprs le cot permettant d toutes formes de rclamations face aux autorits de contrle de l pendant ce temps les prolos, dispenss des formulaires parce loigns des proccupations des centres villes, poursuivent le maintien de la dmographie du pays en ayant des mmes avant d le droit de vote.But that wasn’t the only way we contributed. A ship from the Royal Navy’s NZ Squadron (HMS, later HMNZS Achilles) was one of three RN cruisers in the Battle of the River Plate. RNZAF flight crews and bombers formed the core of 75(NZ) Sqn RAF (later 75 Sqn RNZAF, the only RAF squadron to be given to another air force), which dropped the second highest tonnage of bombs of any allied heavy bomber squadron.

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Reasonable people can and do disagree about the tactics we employed. But no one should doubt the sincerity and motivations of these intelligence officers. Manhunt does an excellent job of illuminating not only the meticulous work done by CIA officers, but also the pressure we all felt to prevent follow on attacks..

How about creating two versions of a game one single player mode only disc and another fully featured disc with all the multiplayer capability built in. The single player disc would, of course, come at a discount say $40 while the full featured version would be fully priced, at $70. That will probably never happen, so how about a mandated approximate run time on the back of the box, similar to what DVDs have? Surely if single player gamers are being asked to plop down $70 for a game, they should know approximately how much enjoyment they’re going to get out of it, and thus decide if it’s worth their money?Posted: 2007/10/15 at 6:13 PMAs mentioned by Garet, the difficulty level(easy,normal,heroic,legendary) chosen for Halo 3 along with a players skill has a direct effect on the length of the game.

It used to be that a fashionable manicure was something discreet: naturally shaped nails in pale pink or a delicate taupe. But that was before the mid ’90s, when Chanel introduced Vamp, a color best described as having the gloomy blackberry tones of dried blood. That was before teenagers could compete to design nail polish shades and before Chanel agreed to produce them, even if one happened to be sapphire blue with silver sparkles..

The US is calling on China to let its currency rise against the dollar so that Chinese exports will become more expensive and imports to China cheaper. Europe along with the US want China to help put pressure on Iran over its nuclear programme. Western campaigners call on China to put pressure on the Burmese military government to end its repression of its opponents; these are just a few examples..

And then, as if the lens of a camera had sharpened its focus, the faces cleared. They were boys, all of them some young, some older. Thomas didn’t know what he’d expected, but seeing those faces puzzled him. Permanent or hard magnets create their own magnetic field all the time. Temporary or soft magnets produce magnetic fields while in the presence of a magnetic field and for a short while after exiting the field. Electromagnets produce magnetic fields only when electricity travels through their wire coils..

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People when wild, said we do, we do, and a charming elderly black minister, he stood right and hugged me realizing I myself was a good man, and spoke so frank, standing up for Mayor Rob. Many many people up hear do like him. Michael Siiman. Such a personal choice. It really depends on your style, and what you carry. I found a Filson bag on sale, and am loving it.

“Every opportunity to bring Islam into a conversation would be manipulated, anything at all. We were sat in a cave, for instance, it was very cold and dark, and he used that as an opportunity to explain to me how the light of Islam could come into my life, and it was constant, it was just a constant barrage of these kinds of things. After a while, it became quite tiring.”.

The instrumental included as “Trip Inside” on the BHN reissue is a completely different song and almost certainly is not called Trip Inside (that is the original name/working title of Be Here Now the song). My guess is it was too late to change the packaging but not too late to change what went on the media/what was released digitally. That or it was replaced early enough but someone messed up when initially putting the digital copy on iTunes.

To be allowed to reproduce or present certain content in public, you must first obtain a licence from CBC/Radio Canada, unless use is permitted by law or by special notice in connection with a program or interactive activity, subject to the terms and conditions stated therein. Any use other than for private purposes must be subject to an agreement with CBC/Radio Canada specifying the conditions for use with due regard for the integrity of the content. You may not repost content from CBC/Radio Canada digital services in any other way without first obtaining a licence..

Then it was reviewed by the Supreme Court and with the exception of a bit of a change was said to be legal. Now the Congress wants to get rid of it so they vote over 40 times to repeal. If you look at the Constitution it says that they need 2/3 of the vote for the repeal.

Please explain to me why an abortion is not murder. A women decides she doesn have time for a baby in her life, yet she still has sex, gets pregnant, and decides to abort. Maybe its 4 weeks or 27 weeks. It specifically says in the sidebar that broken bones are allowed as long as there is no gore. No requirement to tag as NSFW as a picture of someone breaking a bone in an accidental situation is not considered NSFW. Would you consider viewing soccer highlights NSFW if someone twists an ankle, hurts themselves and they show a replay? No..

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The latest title in the Animal Crossing franchise, Animal Crossing: City Folk was announced, and while it was surprisingly similar to previous incarnations, the new addition of online features was welcome especially with the surpise announcement that the title would include the WiiSpeak peripheral, a microphone that sits near the Wii’s sensor bar and allows players to (for the first time on the Nintendo Wii) talk to each other.Nintendo’s other new accessory, the MotionPlus that was announced yesterday, didn’t disappoint in demonstrations. Due to ship with new Wii Sports Title Wii Sports Resort the MotionPlus does truly seem to allow the Wii to understand the exact position of the Wii Remote in 3D space, and the demonstration of three of Wii Sports Resort’s games Frisbee catch, jet skiing and sword fighting was not only exciting for the Wiimote’s new potential, but looked incredibly fun.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

People every day are having encounters with the police that are shaping what they think about the justice system. And those encounters too often particularly when we are talking about young African Americans and particularly young African American men. Suggest to them that the police are not there to serve them suggest that they are being targeted because of their race.

I would say give the easier trails usually green trails a scouting mission where you just kinda scope them out. I do this all the time. This will allow you to determine if you think the trail is for you and what other kinds of amenities that tail provides, even if you don ride them.

They’re almost never sequestered. It’s an enormous burden. Reporter: Kyle’s legacy was larger than life. And? Marrying second cousins is not that uncommon nor viewed as disgusting by most of the world. It does not have much impact on the genetic health of the offspring. Remember that Einstein married his cousin.

Media captionWATCH: Samsung explains the benefits of its new design and BixbyThe screen monopolises around 80% of the phone’s front, by Samsung’s count. There are no seams, only the barest of camera bumps, and everything seems milled down to sub millimetre tolerances. In forsaking the button, Samsung has beat its major competitor to the punch.

If anyone else would like to correspond about this. Im so sorry for everyone loss, losing alive done is never easy. God Bless.. “Say you’re taking 20 people in your truck and four don’t have money. We’ll take them. It’s a religious duty to help someone in trouble.”.

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My response to this question is that I personally do not agree with a person being denied the right to dress according to his/her religious beliefs. I just wanted to explain Sarkozy reasoning to those who may follow it less closely than I. In summation, history has shown that the more people are oppressed, the more the oppressed resist and ultimately prevail..

The state proved nothing we did not know. Trayvon Martin a 17 year old teenager, visiting his Dad with a typical troubled kid back ground died from one bullet to the heart at close range by George Zimmerman then a 28 year old man (12 yrs difference in age) admitted to shooting Trayvon in self defense. The state has not proved or disproved the facts.

Growstone is said to be somewhat alkaline, but I haven had pH problems with it that I can tell. The fact that there so much peat in my mix probably helps there. My tap water is pH around 9 on top of that, so if alkalinity was a problem that would just make it worse.

On conventional weapons, he noted that much of the destruction, instability, underdevelopment, spread of extremism and terrorism in his region were by products of or exacerbated by the unregulated and illicit movement of small arms and light weapons. In that regard, he stressed the need to maintain the fundamental elements of the 2001 United Nations Programme of Action.Advancement in science and technology were main drivers of human progress, he said. As witnessed in recent years, modern technology had the potential to be used for illegal purposes by State and non State actors alike to undermine the economy and security of nations.

Many listeners thought we’d gone too far and clearly felt sorry for him he’s the prime minister after all, we should be more respectful. Lots were angry, while on 1Xtra (where the interview was also broadcast), there was a more supportive reaction. You can hear the interview for yourself by clicking here..

This is something I could accept. In fact, it’s something I would applaud, because this is how free and open markets are supposed to work. Let individuals make their own choices. I kept telling him to try. That he was strong and he could do this. He opened his eyes a few times, just for a second, and I could see him in them.

The most glaring example is the Speed of Plot issue with the time it takes to travel via warp. They regularly give real numbers for warp factors. And they never match, even within the same show. The second is the false consensus bias, which relates to the tendency of people to think that their thoughts, beliefs, opinions etc are more widely shared than they actually are. Most of the writing about this relates to things like political opinion, but I think it also applies to knowledge more generally. 1 point submitted 8 days ago.

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Everyone who died was a mustache twirling level villain doing insanely dumb shit. As if no one has been paying attention to know these things are dangerous, hey why not bring them to America and lock them in small cages under a mansion. Surely this will go far better than a secluded island with endless security measures..

The problem is that WE as a society always want to make an excuse, they are too young, they are misguided, etc. It may apply to some but in this case if these kids are KNOWN to be troublemakers then they need pay the piper. There should be no leniency because they are teenagers and the parents need to be looked into because most likely they had to get this behavior from somewhere or someone just didn teach them that life has value.

I have a lot in common with much of the cast, but particularly Britta. Like Britta, I’m a crappy activist, a crazy left wing nut job and a generally awkward human being. It feels like the only thing I don’t have in common with her is that I’m not a hot blonde girl.

I see myself getting my laptop to unlock my bike because the lock ran out of battery. Let be real here, who would think to charge it after a year. Answer: nobody. I do not intend to turn a vegan into a meat eater. It is not something I can do; I have more chance of turning lead into gold. I can however highlight that just because you have a particular belief system, doesn mean it the correct one maybe both sides can be but contrasting and more than likely both sides have false truths..

Add BBC Breaking News alerts to your News appPush notifications are available to users of smartphones and tablets who download the BBC News App, allowing you to receive breaking news alerts. When a push notification is received it will pop up on your screen similar to a text message, regardless of whether or not the app is open at the time. Depending on your settings the alert may also be accompanied by a sound.

December 11, 2013 at 10:01 pm I cannot understand why Morgan keeps asking the opinion of Donald Chump, the living mental disease on important issues. Shaking the hand of those that have different views could have positive results in the long run and surely kissing a world leader or their wives is a definite positive. As to bowing when shaking hands is so untrue.

I strongly suspect that some therapists who specialise in CBT end up there because they are uncomfortable with difficult emotions and dark thoughts. They want to fix things quickly not because it best for the patient, but because they uncomfortable with broken people. They want to correct your thoughts, but ignore that the relationship between thoughts and emotions is not one way; it reciprocal.

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Getting into an exam school for 9th grade is significantly more difficult. I remember in my sixth grade class at Josiah Quincy, a good 80% got into Boston Latin School, and the other 19% got into Obryant Boston Latin Academy. Oh it is worth noting that if you go to BPS, you will get a very VERY generous scholarships to BU, BC, and Northeastern if you get in (PM me if you want more details).

Continue reading this postKira Vermond: The good, the bad and the ugly Performance ReviewsA pat on the back, or a slap on the wrist? Is that how your boss manages you? It can be tough to know how well you’re doing at your job day to day. Some managers wait to spill. Continue reading this postKira Vermond: Resolutions for WorkNew Year, new you.

A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates. Continue reading this post. Rape is not a sexual crime because it is an physical assault driven by horrible mental instability. It has no gender but the victim is most often female. Nonetheless, a (To Kill A Mockingbird) syndrome makes it difficult to brand this crime without significant proof because it carries a horrendous penalty..

Ibrahim Musa’s ever present smile had turned into a frown and he had squirmed uncomfortably when he heard our plans to go to the facility on our own. For now, as acting commander of one of the militias in charge of securing the oilfields, he is responsible for us. There were bandits and smugglers and Islamic militants, he had explained, insisting that he and a couple of jeep loads of armed men join us for the 50km journey from the main local town of Owbari to the oil wells..

Oh for fuck sakes. Get a new talking point. Trump has plenty of issues, but calling him a racist for being against illegal immigration is disingenuous, and completely absurd. Whether the idea of a mobile office excites you or depresses you, it’s undeniable that mobile business communications technology gadgets like Blackberrys, iPhones, laptops and netbooks greatly improves our productivity. Armed with a fully networked handheld, there’s no such thing as downtime. You can edit a PowerPoint presentation in the waiting room of the dentist’s office.

Actually, there has never been a brand of sunglasses that has occupied such a long history in the film industry as the Ray Ban brand. Ray Bans were clearly the choice of sunglasses for many long passed Hollywood royalty. While Ray Bans now have been adopted by the next generation of Hollywood style setters, and are being worn by many types of celebrates, from actors to sports icons, to you name it.

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Overfishing of the Goliath grouper is a result of two main issues. First, it reproduces for only a short period of time, resulting in relatively few offspring compared to other species. Second, juveniles often become accidental bycatch in other fishing operations.

He smiled now and said in a very deliberate, almost staccato voice: single worst moment of my life. Was the moment I was born. And, we had officially begun my sit down interview with Dr. I started refusing to provide this information and hanging up. I would ask for their personal information and, when they would not give it, I would hang up. When they asked why I objected to providing this information since they already had it on file, I said if they already have this information, I shouldn’t have to provide it again to a stranger.

The experience of using most screen readers in web browsers is pretty similar, with some variations in feature sets of course. Apps can be pretty unique and take some poking around to get comfortable with, just get ready to do a lot more tabbing and shift tabbing instead of using the arrow keys as much. The different cursors you have access to with JAWS can be hard to get your head around, but you won need to mess around with them too much in most situations; I think this is a very good topic to read documentation about.

3 hours agoSearch for teen swept into Oldman River now a recovery mission: Lethbridge deputy fire chiefSearch crews returned to Alexander Wilderness Park on Saturday morning for day two of the search for a male teen who was swept up by the Oldman River on Friday night. Six members of the Lethbridge Fire and Emergency Services dive team were out on the water closely checking the river bottom for anything that could help them find the teen. READ MORE: Emergency crews search Oldman River looking for missing teen swept into the water The deputy fire chief said it’s unlikely he is alive and crews have changed the search from a rescue mission to a recovery mission.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileA recent story in the New York Times suggests web surfers are willing to give up a lot more personal data online, as long as they get something back in return. Users send the company bank and credit card info and receive offers on ways to save money.While reward deals are good incentives for consumers, privacy experts are concerned about how much information the average person is willing to give up online.YOUR INTERVIEW: Ask experts about protecting your information onlineHow much information would you give to get a good deal? Are you concerned about sending private financial data to websites?Have you given up on Environment Canada’s weather predicting skills? Well you might want to try this as a guide to what lies ahead in the forecast.Some research based on sales at eBay has found that the rises and falls in the length of skirts are said to be a good way of forecasting the weather three days in advance.Read more.Skirts sold on the website become shorter several days before the weather changes for the better, and lengthens when colder conditions are due.Ruth Szyszkowski of eBay told the London Daily Mail: “We’re calling it mini skirt meteorology. If you want to know what the weather is going to be like in three days, just take a look at hemlines.”Have you got your own weather indicators? Share them with us.A new report released by a parent advocacy group in Ontario suggests that children in schools lack access to adequate mental health care.

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Anyways, after having these for a week, I can proudly say that these are some damn good sunglasses. I haven had any problems with quality or durability which is a good sign. Overall, I give these a 9/10 simply because of the mismatched font and the small error on the lense engraving.

Then, there’s the crysknife from the Lynch movie. To me, it’s the best version of the Fremen weapon made from the giant tooth of the desert sandworm. It’s has a very raw, spartan look that best represents the hardy, survivalist nature of the Fremen, while details like the handle blisters and uneven ridges along the edge make it look organic, like it really was made out of the fang of an enormous creature..

As Wikipedia software developer and neuroscientist Virgil Griffith of the California Institute of Technology, who was not involved in the project, told Wired: “They’ve hit on the fundamentally Darwinian nature of Wikipedia. Everyone’s injecting random crap into Wikipedia, and what people agree with more often sticks around. Crap that people don’t like goes away.”.

You, specifically, have demonstrated that you not serious enough about political reality to be engaged, or to have your mind changed. I RES tag the people with whom I engage with the fallacies they commit. Your list is large, even compared to other Trump supporters..

I understand how someone must feel in captivity with no hope to escape, I was then much older than these girls, could have been their mother, but loosing one freedom even for three days it seems like an uncertainty. Through this Ohio event, I am reliving my own kidnapping and really have much compassion for the girls now women and their families. Anderson, thanks for showing much humanity in all of your programs.

The criticism we’re not being gloomy enough about the economy is well balanced by other criticism we’ve been getting that we’re talking down the economy and being too pessimistic. I suppose we should comfort ourselves that we’re getting criticism both ways which must put us in about the right place. What I do know for a fact is that our audiences to our radio, TV and online coverage have all grown significantly during this financial crisis (oops, banned word!) and I’d like to thank so many of you for turning to our coverage at this very unsettling time.

I was stopped and frisked in NYC in the mid 2000s wearing skinny jeans, a college sweatshirt, and a lanyard ID three blocks from my campus for fitting a description. They were insulting, threatening, and dismissive. I am a middle class straight and narrow and there is absolutely nothing menacing about me.