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If you have a question or comment, please use our dedicated accessibility feedback form.About Closed CaptioningMany people use captions to enjoy their favourite TV programs, but few understand how the captions are made. Most people think captions are created automatically by computers.In fact, captions are created by people highly skilled and trained people. Computers aren’t smart enough yet to accurately caption the content in live broadcasts.Captioning live programming, like news and sports, is the hardest part of a captioner’s job because the captions have to be created at the same time as the broadcast.

It just told in a slightly different way with a different, more modern setting. Know what though? It also wildly successful and well loved. Humanity has existed and been telling stories, for long enough that you not going to be able to come up with a completely unique story..

Community Rule 6: Only Parents or Guardians May Submit Posts It’s okay for everyone to comment provided it’s on topic and contributing to the discussion. Make sure you indicate that you a parent or guardian to avoid confusion if it not obvious! If you aren a parent/guardian, or are a parent who would like to answer questions for non parents, please visit /r/askparents. We also have a weekly Ask Parents Anything thread for your convenience..

Julia Wright is from Sacred Heart School of Halifax. Tessa Davis goes to Armbrae Academy. Eamon Roach is on the Fountain Academy team.. “Then you’ve heard more than I can speak to,” answered the Gaffer. I know nothing about jools. Mr. I also find that this keeps me excited for work because I start to miss it and come back rejuvenated, ready to start new projects or implement ideas that I had by taking myself away from the business. Maybe you can meet with vendors or explore new foods as part of your work? Blogging about it, encouraging your customers to share their pictures from their travels as well. Just make sure to get those sweet tax write offs..

This side of the argument is focused more on the long term prospects of Disney, which revolve around content rights. Disney just got approval from the federales to purchase Fox assets. This includes Hulu, which they already owned a portion of. As well, I generally find it more appeasable when video games are released staggeringly than in one bulk sum. I know at the end of the day all the video game companies care about is the bottom line, but I find when they start selling games in bulk it looks cheap, and gives me the impression that they really don’t think about the customers when making these games. If they keep up this strategy, they will find that their demographic will shrink even more, as will their coffers.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

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A recent poll suggests that nine in 10 people would support a full or partial ban on plastic straws. States, plus Vancouver, Canada, and nationally, in Taiwan, Antigua and Barbuda, Kenya, Scotland and England. 1,000s of restaurants, institutions and venues already voluntarily stopped using plastic straws including McDonald’s in the UK and the Queen of England..

Defended the ad and repeated a line similarly used by Romney in campaign speeches. Is an administration which has maximized the increase in dependency, maximized the number of people on food stamps, maximized the effort to get people to rely on the government. The president re election campaign has also said that that flexibility, which was first requested by Republican governors in Utah and Nevada, is similar to changes sought by Republican governors including then Massachusetts Gov.

If a woman wants an abortion, she will get one. It is legal. Leave it alone. Its already been confirmed that a new main series game is coming next year for the Switch. I really warmed up to the Lets Go games after that. This is a pretty nice way to hit the intermediate audience.

This is so small that it is but a touch. For external martial art such as Shaolin Kung Fu, when a practitioner attacks, one’s power appears outside for people to see. As in internal martial art, when a practitioner attained no circle stage, one can use power for Fa Jing without any external movement for people to see.

Even many lunar scientists have not seen or worked with them.”The digitizing process began in June. As a taste of what users can expect, Arizona State University released a preview of five high resolution shots mapping the surface of the moon.The resolution is pretty astounding, and through a flash player users can zoom in for greater clarity.If anyone can spot hints of a blue screen from these images, let us know.Posted: 2007/08/02 at 1:58 PMWhile I personally don’t believe the lunar landings were faked, I will readily admit that IF it turned out to be impossible to land humans on the moon, NASA would have definitely faked it. Back in the day of the space race, the US government was completely behind NASA and President Kennedy’s declaration of being the “first” nation to land a human being on the moon basically would have left NASA no choice.I haven’t seen these 5 sample pictures yet but I’m looking forward to seeing them.

That need WILL be met by him, and I say already has a bit. Clearly communicating the fire nature of your need for connection and weighting that against his current schedule and ability to make time as you know it is up to you but that whole decision making process will be easier if you let yourself breathe and take a second. If you don get his advice and counsel and love in this moment, that doesn mean you won have it in the future..

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When I was living in LA about 6 years ago I was helping push the car of a girl who car broke down outside a gas station, and someone ran up next to me and start helping to push. I looked up to see who it was and holy fuck its Jamie Lee Curtis. I a kid from Seaside Heights, NJ so the most elegant famous person I have met is like Pauly D or the Situation.

What expectations were being dashed? That she would listen and participate? That she would play the game and exit? If the former (which seems the most likely) then she failed and it would be appropriate for someone to support the questioner to at least put her on the spot unceremoniously. “You are not answering the question, Ms Smith. What are you doing here if you are not prepared to answer people’s questions?” etc etc..

There was my column right in front of my eyes.First of all, our country is like a company. All the citizens are both the customers and the shareholders, the government employees are the various administrative departments, the MPs are our proxy votes and the cabinet is the board of directors. Could I go as far as to say the Senators are the shareholders’ auditors? Well, maybe not.This Petri dish known as Parliament is definitely a fine example of how not to run a company.

I seen mixed comments on her and pocket hole furniture in general, but it seems like a good project for me to start with using cheap wood I can screw up without guilt. So I have to work in my small back yard. Is the best way to do that just getting some saw horses and a piece of plywood to use as a temporary table?.

Extreme caution should be taken with any experiment of this nature, and I believe the appropriate studies have been taken for this first series of tests at the LHC. The common perception that it may be dangerous is not a cause for discrimination, as it is an animal trait responsible for our survival. Scientists so sure of the outcome being safe are inexperienced with life’s unexpected turns.

We need comedians to make us laugh, and artists to express world views. We need musicians to keep the classics alive and unify the public with their music. Liberal Arts is by no means a wasted major, and though it is a risky one in the professional world, don you think those students have the right to study their passion without fear of money problems? Do you know how many great LA students are forced away from their passion JUST because they can afford it? If its any more than zero than it too much..

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Opponents of marriage equality are trying to make what happened to Dr. McCaskill about Question 6, the November ballot measure that will allow gay and lesbian couples to get a civil marriage license and protects religious freedom, it said. University has nothing to do with Question 6 in Maryland.

The white man came here from Europe tricked the Natives killed thousands of them, stole their land put the survivors on waste land. Now you have these retards talking about keep America white. Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians etc are here to stay whether you racist pigs like it or not.May 29, 2013 at 11:56 am I agree it the 21st Century for heavens sake.

The very existence of nuclear weapons was a threat to international peace and security, and, thus, nuclear disarmament must top the list of priorities.Despite recent progress, the existence nuclear weapons and the development of new ones remained an enormous concern. Greater security guarantees must be given by the nuclear weapon States that those weapons would not be used against non nuclear armed States that had given guarantees to voluntarily not develop nuclear weapons. Those assurances were a fair and credible demand.ALEKSANDR MIKHNEVICH, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus, said that recent events in Syria had shown the importance of strengthening the global regime of non proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

Any stickers! Be aware that Oakley does not place stickers on their glasses at all. Not even for prescription frames, not on the lenses, and never on the arms! So be careful especially if you are planning to buy frames from your eye doctor. They are not real! Oakley prescription frames have to be made at their factory because they have to be fit into the specific frame, so when ordering yours, know that it will ship directly to you from Oakley in a box with a warranty card, and bag with a sham..

went out of business after 165. Years. Day after the expert hired by LaGrange reported that the was a fake real consequences and reputation have been ruined. BTW, exorbitant long distance rates generated the lions share of the revenue required to build the telecommunications infrastructure in Saskatchewan. Some people would like to credit competition with bringing down the rates, but in reality, if it wasn for those ridiculously high long distance rates, Saskatchewan would be in the dark ages technologically speaking. They also contributed to paying for roads, schools and bridges.

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But in this case I was appalled by the lack of basic knowledge which Mr. Schiff displayed. I Would have expected more of your vetting process. Gambling shops, charity shops, pubs, hairdressers, takeaways. Cut down, head cut off, placed on a 6meter pike (body thrown into a pit) The head, taken back to Westminster Hall where it stayed for over 20 years outside on the pike, till it got blown down by a storm. The head then past between private collections for the next 300 years or so, till it was buried at Sidney Collage in 1960..

I had a chance to try it myself, and it is an undeniably fun and futuristic piece of technology.That said, its practical applications for Surface within the home seem limited at best. Indeed, Microsoft stated that its initial launch will be commercial only, in retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. Plus, installation of this complex piece of gear in the home would surely give rise to logistical problems, and its current $5,000 to $10,000 price tag is far from accessible for the average consumer.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

I went to it ans there was a baby with my dads head on it. It started screaming. I jumped in my parents bed. At this point it just feels like pure exploitation of his image really. At least Monkey King movie number 266 I see appear every year is what it is, a retelling of a mythical story, though it is still another example of milking the cow in Chinese cinema. Ip Man legacy is a cash cow, this Donnie Yen one being the most popular one, it extra tiring seeing about 3 other productions happening in the same time and it all about Ip Man..

At some point during the evening, in my friends room, we used the lighter to burn out David Beckham face from the side of a can of Pepsi, because he was a pretty boy knobhead. His mum found the can the next morning and was immediately convinced we been smoking crack. She called my parents, and told them I was no longer welcome at their house as I supplied their son crack cocaine.

The gaffe has also inspired parodies on technology blogs such as Gizmodo and TechCrunch.These days technology and marketing experts say the online world is moving towards more personal advertisements, focused on the specific tastes, geographic location and demographics of the user. But somehow, though, I don’t think this ad is what they had in mind.Posted: 2009/08/28 at 6:22 PMMicrosoft is not in “hot water” and has nothing to apologise for. One of the toughest PR tasks faced by multinational enterprises is “tuning in” promotional campaigns to the cultural and yes, racial, nuances of differing national markets so as to not convey too much of a “foreign head office” influence.

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Zimmerman was in the wrong. If infact he so was attacked by Mr. Martin first. So why bother doing a spec ad? Do a two minute short that shows you get performance, storytelling and what an “idea” is!My sister in law is visiting me this week. Marijuana is legal here (Nevada) so we went to one of the stores last night so she could see it. She got one of the cookies.

Now he about to take on a whole new series of adventures, and groups of young students in Northern Quebec are anxiously waiting for him to lead the way. Reporter, Jenny McCarthy, caught up with him at the airport in Happy Valley Goose BayThe Department of Fisheries and Oceans is stepping away from counter service. On April 1st, all commercial, communal and recreational fish licenses will only be available online.

It has been a real pain. Having the bankruptcy on you credit report will make most major loans impossible or high interest rates. I obviously don’t know your situation. I went through this last week. My phone would randomly turn off overnight when charging with my USB C to USB A cable. That went on for a couple nights but I noticed at work that the USB C to 3.5mm audio adapter stopped working but I could still charge it from the computer with a USB C to USB A cable, so I assumed the adapter was faulty..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileJust as your left foot only fits properly into a left shoe, living things interact with and produce only the “left handed” version of those building blocks, which are called amino acids.But if you make amino acids from scratch in a lab using their chemical components, you inevitably get half of the right handed version and half of the left handed version.So it might be expected that if nature makes amino acids in space using similar chemistry, you’d also get a fifty fifty mixture.Studies of individual meteorites have found that surprisingly, sometimes there can be quite a lot of “extra” left handed amino acids on a meteorite. A new study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences confirms that’s no fluke and suggests how that bias may have arisen. In fact, one had a whopping 18 per cent more of one particular amino acid.Glavin and Dworkin suggested that such meteorites, asteroids, comets and their fragments may have delivered extra left handed amino acids to the earth before life began and “biased” the Earth’s inventory of organic compounds, encouraging living things to build themselves using the more readily available left handed version.The study used a different analysis technique than had been used by other studies, independently backing up the results of those previous studies.The researchers also noticed a pattern only meteorites that were extensively altered by water while still attached to their parent asteroid have the large excess in left handed amino acids.”Therefore, water played a very important role in the bias of left over right handed amino acids in meteorites,” Glavin said in an email.Posted: 2009/03/17 at 12:19 PMThere is no credible explanation for biological homochirality: chiral L protein amino acids and chiral D sugars.

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Hughie suffered a nervous breakdown and had to be put in a sanatorium. He never returned to baseball. After contracting spinal meningitis early in 1928, Jennings died. Does it work? Well, we’re certainly not missing any stories this way if the rest of the team haven’t spotted something important, we can chip in at the end. And there’s plenty of time to re shape the unworkable or idea afterwards, but quite honestly this system doesn’t produce those. In fact, it’s far more about nurturing the genuine spark of brilliance from a young journalist and not just the hacks, either.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileOverall, Canada is the fourth largest market on Facebook, on a per capita basis, behind Iceland, Norway and Hong Kong. About 59.6 per cent of Iceland’s population have a Facebook profile.But among larger countries with at least 10 million citizens, Canada is No. 1.Read more:Why do you think so many Canadians have embraced Facebook.

Greek ARPU for its whopping 214% penetration is $45.54, still lower than Canada’s.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson. Might as well say that Nature hates.

She assured the Committee Chair of her delegation’s cooperation and hoped that at the end of the session, Committee members, echoing the words of Bob Marley, would say “everything will be all right”.RUBEN ZAMORA (El Salvador) supported the objective of building a “universal machinery” that would prevent the use of nuclear weapons. Though his country did not produce those weapons, he knew that their use would have catastrophic consequences. It was extremely important to support any initiative that sought to eradicate weapons of mass destruction.

I kept foster kids for about 4 years. When a father abuses children, many times his wife looks the other way. It is possible not to know BUT not when it is this extensive, not when he brought them home, not when he showered ALONE with them, not when he traveled with them.

Remember, water loss is your main enemy, so while you may save an hour or two by trekking up and over that small mountain, you’ll be overexerting and putting yourself in danger. Zigzag back and forth to keep your exertion levels in check and take more rest breaks. If you’re with other people, set your walking pace based on the slowest and least fit member and stick together.

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I’m John Quinones. Why’d you get involved? Because he just hit the car, and the entire bumper fell off, but he didn’t obviously care. Reporter: And to people like that, you say? I don’t think I can say that on TV. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileFestivities for what’s often called the world’s biggest sporting event kicked off Friday with the opening ceremony at Johannesburg’s Soccer City Stadium.A joyful crowd many of them clad in the yellow jerseys of South Africa’s soccer team, which was set to play Mexico in the opening match at the same venue later in the day cheered and made plenty of noise with their signature vuvuzelas, the plastic horns that emit a loud and distinctive blare.Musical acts included South African trumpeter Hugh Masekela and American singer R. Kelly,who performed the World Cup anthem Sign of a Victory with the Soweto Spiritual Singers.With files from The Associated PressDid you watch the opening ceremonies? What did you think of the show? Now that the games have begun, which country’s team are you rooting for? Tell us below.Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests.

That tricky. Sometimes you just need to follow the links and go farther than a tutorial will take you. Or you ask someone who is already an expert. Mohammed V International in Casablanca, Morocco. Hamad International airport in Doha, Qatar. Dubai International Airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Yeah. We were talking. Is there a mother/son relationship between you two? Do you feel that? Yeah. Vyvanse, so cash price (before my deductible) is around $270/mo. I know if I fell down on my luck and couldn swing it anymore, my doc would probably write something for me that would have a more reasonable price tag. I on Vyvanse because as an epileptic, my doc doesn want to perturb my neuro state with a fast acting stimulant..

From Britain, Serena obviously from America, noted the host. Is kind of a tennis version of the Ryder Cup. Staring across the net at a 13 time Grand Slam champion, Morgan needed to level the blue, hard court playing surface. Instead you move to Dubai or Qatar where they need bodies. The possibility of any income outweighs the riskTrue but in overwatch there is a lot more trash. Skins are subjective I know but in OW there are profile pics, sprays, voices, and those animation things and even if you get 4 things per crate your chances of getting stuff that isn a skin is high.

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I was very glad to see President Bush and many other Americans dismiss this report today as not being even close to difinitive enough to do much more than raise a few eyebrows. If you are not in the US or didn’t catch BBC World’s report last night when they first broke the story you missed their cheerleading. Ding dong the witch is dead.

The thing is that your closing costs are going to required things. First off, 90% of your closing costs are your down payment which doesn’t even count since that money is still yours, just invested into the house. Then another several thousand or so is your property taxes since you’re back paying them and also paying your future months via escrow, and the same with your home insurance, AND on top of that you’re paying $10k alone in a transfer tax.

Just for fun, I’ve totted up all of our top five albums of 2010 lists find them all here, with contributions from a selection of BBC radio presenters and critics to see which record received the most nods. Now, these aren’t votes, and there’s no scoring system in place. But one album was listed more times than any other and it’s one that I didn’t put in my own top five (although it’d be at six)..

Sometime later in the ’50s I remember an American seaplane carrier paying a courtesy visit. I think the seaplanes she had on board were called Marlins and they had extreme difficulty taking off in the calm waters of the Haven when there was no wind. The Sunderlands would run rings round them in these conditions..

Anyway, these straps are bananas comfortable. I got the “Alpha Shark” straps which are supposed to be the best ones BluShark makes. They are pretty thick, though. Additionally, the ground that he is pinned to, as an immovable object would add to assist him by giving him additional leverage to move the person on top of him making it possible to reach the gun. I believe Mr. Zimmerman was able to reach the gun and pull it and a fight for the gun ensued after it was out..

In this book, Alan and Barbara Pease share their observations on human behavior. They evaluate men and women in psychological and behavioural point of view, and give advice on how to understand men and women better and build healthy relationship. There are many punch lines in the book such as “Both the genders lie.

For example I lent my aunt 10 several years ago. Not much really but we are rather poor. She never paid me back and I knew she was never going to pay me back. At this point, it is customary to write something like: “It takes some feat to find a less probable devotee of the sweet science” but, really, it is no feat at all. Liebling was drawn to boxing, but so were Joyce Carol Oates and William Hazlitt, neither of whom is easily pictured doing high speed pad work amid buckets of bloodied spit in a basement gym. George Bernard Shaw wrote a novel about the sport (Cashel Byron’s Profession, 1882).

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Many types of iris have fine foliage, whether short or tall, which is a good thing, because the flowers have only a brief period of bloom. These perennials return reliably year after year. Irises usually have basal leaves in two ranks linear to sword shaped often resembling a fan, arising from a thick rootstock (or rhizome), from fibrous roots, or, in some species, from a flower bulb..

OK, fair point. As I said, I Old School. Although I do use back channel to modify things on the page, that normally in the middle of a transaction that begins at a logical point and does not need / want a URL to represent that intermediate state. Do you still think of yourself as a Montrealer?I have Montreal tattooed on my heart. I’m just here for the next five days and I’m already sad at the thought of leaving.You do stand up in four languages, English, French, Hindi and Punjabi. How much do these shows differ?How do you get yourself mentally prepared leading up to a big show?I’ll go shopping, I’ll have some tea, I’ll walk around.

I live in Texas and we don’t have hardstyle artists come through often. Last Friday heady came through and delivered an absolutely banging show. So whatever he talks and hypes himself up I think he absolutely backs it up with the quality of music and passion.

They also requested that media members present in the locker room after the game check their cameras to see if they captured video that could help with the . Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said Wednesday that his department had found rape reports by Latinos were down by 42.8 percent from last year, according to the Houston Chronicle. Violent crimes reported by Latinos were also down, by 13 percent.

Consider being not in a relationship for a set period of time if that practical to your situation. I would suggest 4 years. Use this time to have a relationship with yourself instead. Lol so, there’s only 4 females in my workplace of about 50 55 people, I being one of them. We only have one designated bathroom, where the men have about 5. I kept catching one of my male coworkers coming out of our bathroom.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIn the old days of console gaming, releasing a game specific controller was always something of a risk: if the game flopped, then the driving wheels and laser pointer guns would collect dust in a corner while the multi tasking joystick would likely wear out from excessive button mashing.These days, however, peripheral controllers are all the rage, thanks in large part to the Nintendo Wii but also the Guitar Hero video game franchise.This more hands on approach to gaming has led some to believe that changes in social behaviour are just around the corner. CNet ran an interesting interview yesterday with Dan Emery, owner of New York City Guitar School, who suggests Guitar Hero sales are fueling interest in actual guitars and guitar playing. And early buzz of Nintendo’s Wii Fit and accompanying Balance Board scheduled to be released in Japan on Dec.