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I saw one of their humvees get hit with an RPG, which means that the cartel was targeting them too. At the end, the dude with his mask off is pleading for help for his fallen friend, and begging the US soldiers not to shoot. Then, one of the mexican officers fires, hits Michael Weston, and the US summarily return fire and kill all of them..

Because our food industry is heavily industrialized and relys onelectricity, an EMP event will cripple our food producing and distribution systems. Therefore, an unimaginable amount of people are vulnerable to a EMP attack.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

For some people, Trump has meant big business. For the average person, he been a fucking nightmare though. I should note that my fiance and I have and will continue to be vocally/politically anti Trump, but so far for us his presidency has been profitable.

MASINT, even MASINT materials intelligence, has to infer things about an object that it can only sense remotely. MASINT electro optical and radar sensors could determine the muzzle velocity of the shell. MASINT chemical and spectroscopic sensors could determine its propellant.

Predators have roamed the planet for 500 million years. The earliest is thought to be some type of simple marine organism, a flatworm maybe or type of crustacean, perhaps a giant shrimp that feasted on ancient trilobites. Much later came the famous predatory dinosaurs such as T.

He returned to Canada in 1944 and spent the major part of his career in his homeland at the University of Toronto. Made him famous. Has produced.’. I’m now a stay at home dad and my 21month old eats all that good stuff, because she’s never seen the crap that my son now craves. (We don’t keep junk food in the house). Every meal is a battle with my son now, while my little daughter sits quietly, scarfing down whatever I put in front of her.

But, the majority of fans aren going to want Snyder to be involved with something like this. Snyder isn really excelling at anything besides his over stylized cgi dark tone. And don get me wrong, I enjoyed Dawn of the Dead, 300 and Watchmen for what they were, his other movies were just awfully boring to me.

All of a sudden you were facing competition from halfway around the world. Now those were poor countries halfway around the world, and they started to get wealthier, which was all to the good in my view. But this country left the people who were hurting..

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He a hard worker, he does a show six days a week. He clearly smart, whether you think he right or you think he a con man, I don know if anyone is really claiming he just some dumb guy who been lucky for 2 decades. He could have done a lot of things.

It also came the same day that Deen apologized in video statements posted online for wrong that I done. Want to learn and grow from this. Inappropriate and hurtful language is totally, totally unacceptable. In September he will fly to LA to work on his seventh album. It will include his latest hit, “2U”, which features Justin Bieber, formerly derided as a teen pop brat, now lauded as a credible A lister. “He got a lot of shit for his career for a bit, which I guess comes with success for anyone.

Then there is Plas Newydd Country House, the home of the Marquess of Anglesey. It is a palatial building, sitting in easy grandeur in its country park. But perhaps one of the best reasons for visiting the house is to see the partially completed wall painting by Rex Whistler.

Was at some party and it was a big white mansion looking thing with the huge columns out front. Was hanging in a bedroom upstairs and just ran out the balcony door and jumped over the railing and air grabbed one of the pillars and slid down. Then ran up to some dude.

The completely adjustable, stylishly designed two piece magnification system features a 19.5″ (L) X 15″ (W) 360 degree rotating base that sits underneath any 13″, 15″ or 17″ PC monitor, an adjustable swivel arm that extends over the top of the monitor and an adjustable 6″ X 8” acrylic optical lens that weighs only 25 ounces. The PC Magni Viewer may also be particularly helpful to aging “Baby Boomers” who now require bi focals to see and read at a closer distance.An Advance In Ergonomics Provides An Optical Solution To An”The Bausch Lomb PC Magni Viewer represents a major step forward in personal computer ergonomics,” James A. Goff, vice president and general manager of the Bausch Lomb Vision Accessories Group emphasized today.

This system was built a century ago, the city sprung up around it, and in order to make any major changes to a station, you need to tear up whatever bits of city were nearby. Hopefully somebody comes up with some genius plan to implement it easily, but I wouldn count on it. Just know that everybody in charge over there knows that platform edge doors are best for everybody in every way and that they want them, but that there no reasonable way to get them done..

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Ok I think tailoring your resume more will lead to more calls as it really shows you have the skills they looking for there nothing wrong with the shotgun approach in my opinion, but I never expected a lot of results from just shooting my resume into the void lol. In terms of a project, it wouldn hurt to have one that requires the skills and tools for the field you want to get into. Are there any specific areas of software you want to work in or at least find really interesting? Find out what kind of technology they work with and build something with it.

During World War One, some thought ‘shell shock’ was a physical condition, caused by the percussion of shell blast on the brain tissue; others saw it as essentially an acute form of psychological distress. These controversies fed into the work of the psychoanalytic movement in the early twentieth century, which can be viewed as the forerunner of CBT. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

Russia is not a real Country it is a would be ethnicity one ethnicity is not the Parent of any other ethnicity. Fact: Putin and Hitler think alike Putin is a Gehetto Hittler Assad is a Gehetto Hitler GETTO HITLERS WORK TOGETHER TO KILL KILL KILL TAKE TAKE TAKE. The was no ligitimate vote about anything in Ukraine including Crimea since PUTIN the WORLDS single richest CRIMINAL DICTATOR and MASS MURDERING CERIAL KILLER.

Tonight Piers Morgan talked with Trayvon Martin parents Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton as well as their attorney Benjamin Crump. New video released today shows George Zimmerman arriving at the police station on the night of Martin death. His parents saw the video tonight and shared their reactions for the first time: were surprised because according to the police report he sustained injuries, Fulton said.

To your other point, I do think EVERYONE needs to do better to advocate for EVERYONE. Just because you are clinical or academic does not mean you have to advocate for just those steps only for current and future students. I may not be a professor but I can certainly encourage others who may want to be.

340 points submitted 1 month agoLots of people are saying that Donald Trump beat his wife. Very smart people are telling me that Donald Trump physically assaulted and raped his wife. This is not me saying this, though certainly I am saying it too, and I think you find, in a very short period of time, everybody will being saying it as well.

If the problem is beorkn auto responders then try to solve that problem. I was the Director of Support for a good size startup. Our emails always had reply tos that went into our support system. REALLY good players apply SUPER high pressure at all stages, and find ways to cut build fights short/ end them to the best of their ability. Entering a build fight? They shoot down your ramp and follow it up with a potshot sniper shot. (shooting down ramps also helps keeping the build fight from going high up, which these days is cancer considering structure damage rates).

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But do these measures go far enough and are they fast enough? In the forthcoming series airing on CNN International from February 27, CNN returns to Ivory Coast. Ahead of that, you can read more background about how slavery has tainted the industry. You can find out where in the world the demand for and supply of chocolate is greatest, look at the true cost of a bar of chocolate and see how it is made from bean to bar by scrolling through our info graphics..

I felt such shame and I think that due to the fact no one seems to talk about it. It strange there such a huge stigma around it especially when you consider two thirds of the world population under 50 the HSV 1 type of herpes. This form generally appears as cold sores around your mouth but it can be passed to your genitals through skin on skin contact (which is becoming a more common way of contracting genital herpes).

I still got charged by Uber without any kind of reimbursement. I have since deleted Uber and am happy with only Lyft, and will gladly juggle all the instruments on my lap instead of using a trunk.Avocado_Dreams 1 point submitted 1 year agoWhen I smoke once a week, I find I am in much better moods for days. My friends always comment that some weeks I am smiling and much more sociable than others.I a musician, and my brain composes some really awesome things sometimes.

Calpurnia was something else again. She was all angles and bones; she was nearsighted; she squinted; her hand was wide as a bed slat and twice as hard. She was always ordering me out of the kitchen, asking me why I couldn’t behave as well as Jem when she knew he was older, and calling me home when I wasn’t ready to come.

Your best chance is to see if the frame is still current (as far as production) and try to order a new temple or frontpiece depending on exactly where the hinge is broken. Cost wise it will usually set you back about 1/4 to 1/3 of the original price of the frame. Before you do that though, make sure that it is not just a problem with the screw.

Tai Lopez started out selling insurance. He done got good at it. His logic was this: His boss put a lot of pressure on him to sell. Some see it as escape from pain. It makes me hurt deep within. I weep for the parents that bury their children. Best Mate owns a guesthouse in Brighton. During the week he often has commercial guests in to stay. Last year for the best part of 9 months he was host to 21 Polish builders, working on the reconstruction of the Royal Sussex hospital.

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Funny, you left out a very important aspect of some kinds of leaks and that is the issue of national security. It is one thing when government classifies information as secret to hide its own misconduct and quite another when that information would put lives, even the security of a nation at risk if it were released. In the US, this is a very difficult issue the Supreme Court has grappled with for a long time.

If you think about it we kind of do. As the world hegemon, they don challenge our military and entrust us for the bulk of international policing. Will always stand which implicitly makes the dollar the reserve currency. Inspiring and emotional interview, but what if. What if one parent took Matthew away for a year, new country, new surroundings, new start. No medication, no internal influences, no internet persuasion, just son and parent 24 / 7.

It debatable whether “inspired by” is the right word. As a mod over on /r/Shakespeare we take this question fairly seriously, and I found every link I can to how Lion King came into being. The closest I ever found to a deliberate Shakespeare connection is here, where “someone in the room” noticed the similarity to the movie outline, and they “continued to look for ways to model their film on that all time classic.”.

So to win like he did, and I no cry baby, I would cry too. And I would cry a lot. I just wanted to point that out becuase there are many commnets about it.. The difference between the fakes and the reals were very noticable, however, the crystal red frames and the crystal blue frames apart from colour, had absolutely no difference in quality, which even for fakes is hard to do. How likely is it that there are real products that are rejected but not destroyed? this was the only 2 pair ive found of the hundreds examined that fit the criteria authenticity, but the only thing wrong is oakley never made crystal red for monster dog frames. Its worth noting oakley does have crystal red frames for other products, which leaves me wondering if there is soemthing to it? the chinese fakes from the websites are crap, but these weren’t even being sold as oakleys, they were gas station branded, and they were removed from the site mere weeks after pointing it out to oakley.

Wellington was a poodle. Not one of the small poodles that have hairstyles but a big poodle. It had curly black fur, but when you got close you could see that the skin underneath the fur was a very pale yellow, like chicken. This submission has been found to be spam, which is a subreddit rule violation. If this is a reply to a text post or a comment, you are able to edit out the link and the mods will re approve it. Direct links that are found to be spam will remain removed.For information regarding this and similar issues please see the Subreddit Commandments.

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And the last time you heard a “cold water” surf rock outfit from north Wales was Exactly. And that the USP behind this eponymous debut long player from Y Niwl the name translates as “the fog”. Will it be sitting pretty on the stereo once the novelty of hearing these Dick Dale Del toned licks coming from unexpected persons wanes? Probably not.

That being said, for the LED strips, you are going to likely want architectural quality stuff from a quality company that their strips, so that they match color over time. When it comes to architectural LED strips, there are some absolutely incredible companies out there making some AMAZING stuff. Though it comes at a price, normally 5 10x the price of the cheap LED strips on Amazon..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileRemember the furor China caused when it blew up one of its own satellites? Some world leaders raised concerns the missile launch was a show of force on the part of the nation, while a spokesman for British Prime Minister Tony Blair expressed concern about the creation of debris in space.Score one for Mr. Blair or the spokesman. ABC News Online said a number of people reported sightings of a distinct circular glow in the early morning sky earlier this week.Gavin Dinsdale of the Latrobe Valley Astronomical Society told ABC News Online the debris was from the satellite:”Around 35,000 small bits of junk [float] around in that particular orbit [.

A better understanding of the role of dialectic would be useful too. At present, consumerism is forcing us too much in the direction of instant fulfilment of desires and a state of mind where any disagreement is unpleasant and cannot be dealt with psychologically. Under these conditions polarisation and mutual destruction of opposing parties (such as in the “war on terror”) becomes the norm and serious social debate becomes extinct..

Millions of soldiers died on the Western Front in World War One. The horrific stories and images from the frontline all reinforce the idea that fighting in the trenches was one long bloodbath. But statistics tell a different story. But as Dennis and I wandered along Irkutsk broad streets the next day, I made a surprising discovery. In one of the city squares I found a recently erected monument to Kolchak, honouring him as an important political figure. Russian historians clearly have rewritten that chapter of the revolutionary chronicle; the monument brass plaque explained that he fought for his ideals and died protecting the empire treasure..

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Lucky for me my wife has a sympathetic ear. I can open up to her for maybe 5 minutes about how I feeling before I overwhelmed and have to stop. I really feel for someone that has no one to talk to. You can follow my IG if you wanna see our fun and loooots of running pics. Lol. I wish I had just paid off the debt.

Filmed using cutting edge 4K technology, the documentary features stunning visuals and scored a 100 per cent positive rating on the critical aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes. The family feature took three years to make, was filmed over 142 days in 22 countries, and features 38 different species. It takes viewers up close and personal with a cast of unforgettable characters a baby zebra desperate to cross a swollen river, a penguin who heroically undertakes a death defying daily commute to feed his family, a group of sperm whales who like to snooze vertically and a sloth on the hunt for love..

THe main reason Ethan Couch and other DUI offenders need to do jail time is to deter others from doing the same. Most people drink and drive because the chance of getting pulled over is very small and if you do, the consequence is to spend 3 4 hours in Jail and pay a fine. What the message we send to other young people with this case? It is you drink and drive and kill someone, you go to rehab, not prison.

What kind of hook knife are you using? Having a hook knife with a profile that matches your desired bowl shape helps a lot. A lot of cheaper hook knives are missing the convex curve on the outer surface of the blade, which leads to a lot of “chatter” (your hook knife jumping or stuttering as you pull it through the wood). I use the Sanderson Hook from Reid Schwartz, which is hard to get/expensive for a beginner.

He is quite an undertaking there are so. Odds are you know sure of having some. Explosives or something else oh they would have gotten probably not should not much further than they actually did. 4 points submitted 10 days agoI went through the whole shebang, started from Josiah Quincy, Josiah Quincy Upper, then Boston Latin School ( I also went to college here in Boston. I think I placed around rank 200 on the ISEE (the test to get into Boston Latin) and it wasn really difficult. You don need to send your kids to private school as long as you put in the effort as a parent to help your kid with math and english homework.

1 point submitted 1 month agoIt going to be another month before I can even attempt the raid or EP, still at 350 on all characters, putting in 6 hours a day since the dlc came out. Pretty damn bullshit how artificially slow it is in this dlc, I never had a slower time leveling up in any Destiny DLC before, they fucked something up really bad this time around. Milestones take anywhere from an hour to 6 hours to complete, and that is literally your only way to level up without raids or trials.

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I got my partners attention thinking she would have a go at parking then give up. No way! She proceeded to pull off the most amazing parallel park I have ever seen in my life! It was textbook! But the car in front of her was a big thing and was now bumper to bumper at each end. The girl locked her car and wandered off..

BBC Review Shifting, shimmering mini scores wracked with emotional subtlety and unexpected warmth.Reef Younis 2010If every good story needs a beginning, middle and an end, can it be applied to albums too? In a world where albums flit between holding cells for a conveyor belt of singles and grandiose depictions of a concept no one but the artist understands, it a medium to be experimented with. At your own peril, obviously.It a storytelling mantra Gold Panda has taken to heart, book ending Lucky Shiner with disparate versions of You. And from the clumsy, dreamy chimes of its opening incarnation to its dramatic, operatic closing counterpart, this is an album wrought with personality: 11 pulsing, shifting, shimmering mini scores wracked with emotional subtlety and unexpected warmth.After the contained success of a Bloc Party remix and booming eclecticism of his own Quitters Raga single, Gold Panda ascent has been fairly rapid.

Established in 1987, CABC is the premier voice of the Canadian American business community. The CABC Business Achievement Award, now in its tenth year, recognizes successful alliances between Canadian and American firms that produce strong business growth, remarkable innovation, and noteworthy community contribution. Previous winners have included such companies as Marinvent, Jeppesen Sanderson, CMC Electronics, Honeywell, Intel, CBS, RIM, and Milton Bradley, among others..

Look up 3d muscle building pdf on Google and read through it. I doing the mass builder 3 day split that can be found on one of the first few pages of the program. You be working out most muscle groups every other day and potentially get some serious doms the first few weeks but you respond very quickly.

Even the smallest of the world’s oceans is impressively vast. Stretching for about 5.4 million square miles (8.7 million kilometers), the Arctic Ocean measures about 150 percent larger than North America. It’s located at the polar region of the Northern Hemisphere and is almost completely surrounded by the continents of Europe, Asia and North America.

The stigma is something I still getting used to, but the reaction from people I told has surprised me, in a good way. I even dated one woman who told me she also got a coldsore and was so glad I brought it up because she was scared to. When I was telling a few friends that I had it, the third one said too and I knew I was far from alone..

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Sandusky and Michael Jackson are two of a kind . Michael Jackson was a drug addict for many years. He tried desparately to get Dr. Mr. Chambers devotes particular attention to praising the Secretary General, whose “vision has guided the world to this remarkable humanitarian opportunity. His leadership, especially his statements on the need for donor nations and international organizations to not forget the plight of the developing world during this financial crisis, will continue to serve as the most valuable asset in the global fight against malaria.”.

I disagree with their views on representation for women and minorities. I think every group should see healthy representation. I not american so I saw a lot of representation for Indian people. The need to do so is another egregious demonstration of Government Failure the failure of US governments to do their fundamental job of protecting their citizens effectively. Governments have arrogated so many tasks that they seem to be incapable of doing any of them properly. This insight suggests the solution to government failure: Rather than trying to do even more, should governments do less?.

Nd the LED should flash! You may see errors telling you to define PAGEL and BS2 signals but you can ignore these, It works just fine. At this stage you could remove the chip from the breadboard and power it with 2 AA batteries and it would work on its own. If everything went to plan, you should now see Hello Worldon your LCD and a counter on line 2 that increments every second..

As he turned to take the ball, a dam burst against the side of his head and a hand grenade shattered his stomach. Engulfed by nausea, he pitched toward the grass. His mouth encountered gravel, and he spat frantically, afraid that some of his teeth had been knocked out.

If ever the Olympics delivered a perfect beer commercial, Jon Montgomery owns it. Fresh off his skeleton win at Whistler, on national tv, he had a hearty glug from a draft pitcher as he strode to collect his gold medal. Since then, capturing perfect moments has become Jon Montgomery’s specialty, showcasing Canadian beauty as host of the Amazing Race, and at these games, giving viewers a perfect understanding of skeleton racing.

Jonathan Blake in Liverpool found huge scepticism among people there about the government’s latest measures. A huge volume of texts gripped in our political reporter Rajini Vaidyanathan’s hands, she fired a question at the prime minister’s press conference. “Our listeners think you are out of touch”.

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I’m a girl that has never enjoyed a guy going down on me, but I do still think it could be because I haven’t met one that’s good at it yet. But if I end up feeling the same way about it as you do in the future then that’s fine too. There are other ways to get the job done..

When you are a elected politician, celebrity, and a four star general people will always be looking into your private life. A clear example of this is Murdochs newspapers in London hacking telephones and e mails. When you are four star general and graduated from West Point you should know better.

About filling up and how they broke in the vote take a look at that LB break this down for me this is a look at the age. Breakdown in democratic Nevada caucus. Well first Graham briefed upon all the reports and what we note the two campaigns. For background, see Press ReleaseGA/DIS/3475.MOHAMED ALHAKIM ( Iraq), associating with the Arab Group and the Non Aligned Movement, said that when it came to disarmament, multilateralism strengthened credibility. His country was striving to ensure that it was a source of stability, both in the region and on the international stage, and was committed to respecting international treaties and conventions. Iraq attached the utmost importance to complete and total disarmament, particularly global disarmament, because an arms race would “not make it possible to fully settle international problems”.He said that universal adherence to treaties and conventions was crucial, and Iraq was abiding by the chief disarmament instruments and was committed to implementing their provisions “to the hilt”, such as the Treaty on the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), the Chemical Weapons Convention, the additional protocols of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the convention to combat nuclear terrorism, and the conventions against anti personnel mines and cluster munitions.

Gassing innocent adults and children is a human rights issue. America is the strongest nation in the world, and the strongest defender of human rights in the world. I cannot see how anyone can even argue that it is ok to let any country gas its own people and then stand by while they suffer and die.

In fact, a previous version of the sled suffered critical injuries when the plate of ice it was on collided with another plate of ice in Barrow, Alaska, three years ago.Fortunately, a helicopter is deployed to rescue the current sled. The operation goes quickly and the sled is soon safely back on board the boat.The third and final surprise comes during the mid afternoon, after I emerge from a tour of the ship’s engine room with the Schools on Board kids and the two grad students next door. News is whipping quickly through the ship there is a seal in the moon pool.