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The baseball rule makers assisted the new home run style of baseball by changing two rules. The first was the outlawing of trick pitches such as the shine ball, the emery ball, and especially the spitball. That this had an enormous (and underrated) effect on major league pitching can be seen from the subsequent careers of 17 spitball pitchers, who were allowed, under a “grandfather clause,” to continue to throw the pitch legally.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileCanada Post customers are being told to prepare for possible service disruptions. The postal service and its workers and have been in contract negotiations since late 2015, but things are not looking good. Both sides say little progress has been made at the negotiating table, and a legal strike or lockout could happen as early as Saturday.We spoke with Canadian Union of Postal Workers president Mike Palecek for the union’s perspective on the negotiations.

Not surprisingly, that album proved to be Metallica’s worst selling release ever. With moves like these prompting one time fans to declare “Metallica is dead to me,” the new album’s sales could be even worse.Posted: 2008/06/11 at 11:23 PMI imagine that St. Anger had such a poor sales record because it was absolutely awful.

We are addressing the issue of the waterlogging with the wicking material, but we still need to get air to the plant roots. Some people do this by regularly poking holes through the soil with a chopstick or similar, and while this DOES slow down compaction, it also causes mechanical damage to roots that get in the way of your poker. The coarse vermiculite that I used to use helped a LITTLE with aeration, until the stuff collapses and you are left with “spent” medium..

My personal belief is that certain events in the bible have merit historically, and that certain people actually existed, though the vast majority of the bible is figurative or stories told over and over orally before they got written down, with the stories getting more outlandish every time. Abraham, for example, might have existed in some form or fashion, but the historicity of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob can be confirmed, and it certainly possible they never existed, but a single person was needed to create the narrative of the founding of the Abrahamic faiths. Exodus is pretty widely believed to be a composite..

To the obama hater: It cracks me up that the right wing tries to use all of the insults that W received. The problem is, they weren insults, they were the truth. W was completely illiterate, could barely string together two words and had the most vile and evil creature on Earth pulling his strings.

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Uh oh, fellas! It the time of year you dread: swimming trunks season. Every guy gets anxious trying on the same pair of swimming trunks he had for 10+ years under the harsh, unforgiving light of his bedroom lamp. But there nothing to fear! These short exercises or should we say ex him cises will have you feeling confident on any beach in no time!.

Hornsby was aloof, independent, and brutally honest. As a consequence, he was probably the least understood great player.Rogers Hornsby was one of thefew players to perform regularlyat three infield positions.Rogers Hornsby (1896 1963) was given his unusual first name by his mother, whose maiden name was Rogers. Hornsby began as a shortstop in the Texas Oklahoma League in 1914.

Filmed using cutting edge 4K technology, the documentary features stunning visuals and scored a 100 per cent positive rating on the critical aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes. The family feature took three years to make, was filmed over 142 days in 22 countries, and features 38 different species. It takes viewers up close and personal with a cast of unforgettable characters a baby zebra desperate to cross a swollen river, a penguin who heroically undertakes a death defying daily commute to feed his family, a group of sperm whales who like to snooze vertically and a sloth on the hunt for love..

As time passed and the smoke cleared, many Americans forgot the sense of anger and grief that was pervasive in the aftermath of 9/11. Some dismissed the victories achieved in dismantling of al Qaeda cells around the globe as insignificant or somehow inevitable. And our elected officials forswore our efforts to capture, hold and interrogate a handful of the known worst terrorists on the planet.

Last night with Oprah was quite the and turned out to be the best interview. Oprah could have been a hard nut but Piers disarmed her and charmed her into a from the heart interview. From Oprah to Howard Stern? What were you thinking Piers? I must agree with one thing that Howard said and that is that must be filled with morons True it must be if Howard Stern has that big of an audience.

I think this goes to show what a ride readers of the current state of journalism are being taken for. Its all manufactured to make things seem more sensational than they are, inflame opinion, sell stories, make a buck, cares not about ruining reputations and lives of people it purports to “report IE tell the truth” on. It all lies..

Lens producers Essilor’ s logo is seen in an optician shop in Paris, France, March 15, 2016. REUTERS/Philippe WojazerSales fell by 5.8 percent to 1.825 billion euros (1.58 billion pounds) from a year ago, hurt by the weakness of the dollar, Brazilian real and Chinese yuan currencies against the euro.FILE PHOTO The Luxottica name is reflected in a pair of sunglasses in this photo illustration taken in Rome February 4, 2016. REUTERS/Alessandro Bianchi/File PhotoA rising euro can make products more expensive for overseas buyers, and also impact revenues earned in dollars when they are translated back into euros.this sound start to the year, notably thanks to good performances in sunwear and e commerce, we are confident that we will meet our full year targets as the rollout of new products gathers pace over the next few months, said Essilor Chairman and Chief Executive Hubert Sagnires.The proposed tie up between Luxottica, whose brands include Ray Ban, and Essilor which sells lenses under the Varilux brand is aimed at taking advantage of an expected strong demand for prescription spectacles and sunglasses as populations age globally..

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It’s an idea that has appeal to many tech literate home buyers, whose numbers are certainly increasing every year. Such a move might spur owners and service providers to make sure homes are sufficiently wired.The idea is also reminiscent of a study put out last year by Tim Wu, who coined the phrase “net neutrality,” and a Google executive on the possibility of including broadband fibre connections as part of a home owner’s property. The “homes with tails” report suggested that having a broadband fibre connection raised the value of a property, and ensured net neutrality by giving home owners a greater selection of service providers by moving them closer to central connection hubs.These are all great ideas that are worth exploring in Canada.

They are going down. After the fact is tooo late to stop and ask an attacker. Hey you gonna attack me, are you gonna kill me. I contacted the antivirus company and they told my that this was a serious problem that would cause the computer to entirely crash. They said I should contact the manufacturer, Hewlit Packard and have them help me remove the viruses and spyware. I did this.

Remember that the next time you have pizza, if the thickness is a and the radius is z, the volume of pizza is pi z z a = pizza, and that beautiful. And you beautiful. I mean come on, you a badass for fighting your own brain all day then going home with it.

You want the couch over there? WELL TOO FUCKING BAD. Graveside is from Russia and I have no idea what that means and to be honest I am still processing their record as it sounds like what most death metal sounded like to me when I did not listen to death metal. It is unpredictable, ornery, and subject to wild mood swings.

Give hell, Obama, we are TIRED of the Repubs putting party and politics before America. Man up, Repubs you took a beating and now you need to understand WHY. Get rid of your dinosaurs and your crazies.. Really just try to keep it simple. Baby stores would sell you a new house if they could. Half of the stuff they push isn even useful..

It will take you five minutes. Just follow theses eazes instuctables to make your own crt monitor camera.1. Unfortunately, my method caused all of the crt’s to implode. Hence the excitement of the hobbit children. “G for Grand!” they shouted, and the old man smiled. They knew him by sight, though he only appeared in Hobbiton occasionally and never stopped long; but neither they nor.

Tonight Piers Morgan sits down with Bruno Mars in The Bardot Club, where Mars got his career started. They talk about everything from his six Grammy nominations to getting dropped by Motown records. Used to be able to walk into a room and say, hey, I’m Bruno Mars, I’m signed with Motown Records, Mars says.

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I thought that was kind of funny, as my car was going uphill with a bad transmission at the time and couldn do half what they claimed I been doing. My car had slipped out of gear as the cop was going by me and my engine revved hard, so he made up a speeding charge. I wasn well versed enough to ask for their radar gun records or I have beat the thing entire..

Hopefully over the next six weeks we’ll encourage you to try new things, revisit old favourites and listen to albums as a whole body of work. All of the titles we feature are available to buy now and are great Christmas present suggestions for yourself or someone close to you. We promise that none of them will cost you a six figure sum like the one up for auction here..

Just for fun, I’ve totted up all of our top five albums of 2010 lists find them all here, with contributions from a selection of BBC radio presenters and critics to see which record received the most nods. Now, these aren’t votes, and there’s no scoring system in place. But one album was listed more times than any other and it’s one that I didn’t put in my own top five (although it’d be at six)..

2017: Drake calls Pusha T a fake drug dealer and aims several lines at him on his song Birds, One Stone Drake also dissed Kid Cudi for having depression/suicidal tendencies on this track. Yeah, a cunt move here on Drake behalf. Why is his money fucked up? Because Birdman has Lil Wayne and Drake in unfavourable contracts, so really, Birdman is the even though Wayne and Drake are the superstars.

What we’re hearing in terms of his bad behavior with women. Aggression. Sexually inappropriate sexually aggressive in particular is that snow family. He may have contravened the British Communications Act of 2003 and the Computer Misuse Act.How this progresses through the courts is going to be very interesting.So far, nobody has been reported to have been arrested for the same thing in Canada, which is good because it would probably spark a legal mess. The crux of the issue is that anyone who sets up a wi fi network has the option of encrypting it to keep out freeloaders. Sure, these protections can be cracked fairly readily, but not by the average Joe.

I live in a city where I almost never seen anyone been pulled over for traffic violations and I think it encouraging bad drivers to be extra shitty. I walk to and from work every day and almost always see people running red lights, not reading signs that say they can go straight on a certain road, not stopping before turning at red lights or stop signs, blocking intersections and crosswalks, etc. And then people wonder why pedestrian deaths have been going up..

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If the palestinian moderates fail to take away the weapons from the palestinian extremists, then Israel will invade Gaza and take away the weapons from the palestinian extremists. Everyone knows that in the last intifada, when Israel invaded Gaza, thousands of palestinians died, and dozens of israelis died. THE KEY TO STOP THIS IS THE PALESTINIAN MODERATES..

And the often does didn’t get a lot from his supporting cast last night and he wore his week to pull away in the winning by nineteenth and now we hit back the Cleveland. But the warriors up two games to none. And mean people arguing this is going to be lopsided series that the cavs were sucked historic underdog and even people were arguing we could possibly see this week well.

Legally he has right to that child. I praying that this situation doesn turn ugly and that they can all be apart of the child life no matter who has custody. Is there a such thing as too much love for a child?. I met fieldy, the bassist from Korn in San Fransisco. Saw him on Haight St with his newborn son. Just so happened my wife and I had our few month old son as well.

The burqa or niqab is a way Muslim women protect their modesty. If they choose to wear it, it is because they want to keep a curtain between themselves and the intruding and invasive cold world around them. If they are being forced to wear it, then it is certainly not fair for them.

I also agree that catch and release is a terrible policy. I also agree that sanctuary cities are ripe for abuse. I live in the heart of MS 13 territory. There are plenty of independent frame manufacturers out there. I like Shuron and Anglo American. These are two of the oldest companies manufacturing eyewear.

BBC Review The award winning folk outfit isn’t afraid to try new things on album three.Chris White 2010Anyone who thinks folk can rock has obviously never attended a Bellowhead concert. Although deeply steeped in the age old history of the genre, what sets this unique group apart is the range of other influences they weave into their sound. Jazz, funk, English music hall, New Orleans marching bands they all present in this 11 strong big band riotous, hugely entertaining performances, which invariably transform their audiences into a kind of medieval mosh pit.Bellowhead first album, 2006 Burlesque, was a breath of fresh air, capturing the dizzy exuberance of their live act with an inventive, instantly infectious set of reworked traditional folk songs completely different to anything else on the scene.

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I clearly see all the problems with the issues in the case of Trayvon Martin and what we need is the facts before making decisions. What I have already seen is the fact that we have a group that calls themselves an army involved in scare tactics, threats, and inciting violence. With their current act of offering a reward on Zimmerman they have defined themselves as being equal to people like Sadam who paid monies for terrorist acts against Israel.

I happen to struggle daily with depression. It isn’t that I don’t understand everything you’re saying but you’ve been a bit condescending and it’s made me ignore any enlightening views you may have on this matter. Like I said it’s people not the plant.

It is each mans choice and each man will either love the result of his choice in the after life of eternity or hate it for eternity as they suffer the consequences. The choice is yours, not a preacher or a journalists, or a president. You choose your destiny.

When I was following memes about ron paul it wasn about racism. It was about the gold standard, affordable healthcare, and fiscally responsible government spending. That and memes.. He doesn put towels under her head yet because he still plans on Todd finding her and he goes outside by the pool to pretend like he was just out there enjoying the night or maybe fell asleep while his wife died. But hours went by and Todd not home yet, so he realizes he has to be the one to “find” her. That why the blood is dry.

And Vajpayee is one of the few sensible ones left around though his pro Hindu party has him by the throat. The truth is, that the whole government structure is corrupt to the core. People are paid to turn up at rallies and cast their votes. This will tighten it right up. In Europe or Asia, however, do this at your own risk. The standards for treating glass are much different overseas.

We all know this, but occasionally we get reminders of how important it is not to trust everything we see on the Web and to be sure to do our due diligence before passing along any information we get from there.Case in point: On Wednesday, WAMU Diane Rehm said to Sen. Bernie Sanders, D Vt., you have dual citizenship with Israel. Sanders quickly corrected her, but Diane went on to say that his name was on a list of lawmakers with such dual citizenship.

10 year reunion. One of the kids I went to school with who was always quiet and shy went full on skin head, swastika tattoo on his shoulder, tattoo of a tree full of hanging black people on his back. He tried to fight me because I now openly gay. And what I realized is that everybody is looking for the same thing. No matter if it politicians, senators, presidents, Beyonc in all of her Beyonc ness. We all looking to know you see me, did you hear me, and did what I say mean anything to you.

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The main goal is to create the illusion of a trim waistline. Choose tailored tops, and sweaters. They trim the silhouette, as opposed to boxy tops, which exaggerate a wider waistline. This just gave me the weird realization that I don know how a simple door handle works either. Here is a good video explanation. Essentially, it uses a lever pulling the latch, which can be interpreted as single gear tooth I guess (the handle doesn undergo a full rotation so there no point in completing a gear).

To be honest I felt like A Scanner Darkly as a movie was one of the best book adaptations I have ever seen. Basically all the scenes covered in the book were present in the movie, save for some which weren that critical. I felt like the book gave me exactly what the movie had also given me.

1Xtra Live happened last week in Brixton, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham, and we’ve got clips and gorgeous photos from the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Alicia Keys, Rudimental, Disclosure, Miguel, Rita Ora, Wiley and many, many more. If you’d like a little taster of what it was like, you could do worse than watch this brilliant 4 minute recap. To mark the occasion,Damon Albarn recorded a special and, to some, fairly baffling piece of sound art.

The video to his 2014 single “Dangerous” is a fantasy in which the fast car loving Guetta wins a Formula One race, aided by a team of female mechanics in impracticably scanty unitards. “In a club nothing really matters,” runs a robotically intoned lyric in one of his tracks. To Guetta’s detractors, the sentiment sums up his vacuity..

A tricky boxer out there I got a bit predictable and started getting clipped too much. Want the big fights, Bob let make it happen. Eventual wave of emotion hit Horn behind the scenes as Main Event reporter Ben Damon revealed he shed a few tears after being stitched up by doctors..

To brasstacs, I continue to Support Stand firmly with Piers regarding his unshakeable position in reference to his photo publishing situation which you referred to in your posts. I don need to verify any of the records regarding Piers departure from his job as Editor of the Daily Mirror because I was over there when all of the action took place. I recall that May evening my heart went out to Piers.

Ahmet soon starts putting the men through their paces and Gareth’s rugby training and experience of contact sport helps gives him the edge, whilst James’s success comes from speed and agility. But the physicality of the sport and the risk of injury soon becomes apparent when they watch their first match. Finding the contact sport a struggle, sprinters Iwan and Donovan contemplate the risk of injury.

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It took me a few years in limbo, of knowing I was no longer a white nationalist or a conservative, but not knowing what label most closely applied to me. A testament to the power of Cold War USA propaganda is how difficult it was for me to finally call myself a Marxist or a communist after two years. I said it begrudgingly and shamefully for a long time.

But in the map editor? Peh.I imagine the picture was put in there by a member of the Bungie team as a gag and was not removed when it was being coded for public release. No big deal really, its a simple fix and only a couple week delay. Still, quite entertaining.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

Pissed me off, too. Bought mine used for super cheap (and they were older ones) and my dumb ass ended up doing that. Are they $200 sunglasses? Lol, hell no. If your friend has the means and the time to fix up his property, he will ALWAYS make more money selling on the MLS. The “We Buy Houses” Wholeseller is making an offer because he thinks that by doing it fast and with cash he can sell the deal to someone else who can flip it for a profit. If your friend can do the needed fixes and just put it on the market normally and wait a couple months for the sale to complete, he end up much further ahead..

Um. No? Lol. Gravity isn’t a new thing, I’ll disagree there. High Gathering is in a similar manner. Field Mastery patches any points in gathering that you lacking, so even for legendary nodes you don need an insane amt of gathering for 100% rates. Bountiful Harvest II is where high Gathering is useful tho.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My Profile”We hope that this program will assist families looking for childcare while the schools are closed and provide children who would be attending grade 1 through 7 classes with constructive creative activity. Camps will include all the quality art projects you have come to expect with outdoor fun and creative play for your children.”We will have up to 20 spaces available with care from 8:45 until 4:30 and programmed activities from 9 4.”You can register for one day at a time or multiple days. If you pay for multiple days in advance and there is a settlement, then Two Rivers Gallery will refund your fees as required.By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses.

The whole album straddles the fine line between amateurism and avant garde. Along with its confrontational cover depicting the band as mud caked amazons it was to prove a template for the true outpourings of post punk like The Pop Group and the aforementioned Raincoats. At last women really were to be taken seriously.

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Massachusetts dumps an estimated 75,000 tons of electronics equipment each year. The state’s Department of Environmental Protection estimates the amount of CRTs dumped will reach a high of up to 300,000 tons annually by 2005, especially as emerging technologies such as high definition television and digital video disk players become standard. In 2006, federal law will require television broadcasts to switch from analog to digital transmission signals, making old television sets obsolete..

Whoa. Now, I don’t know if that’s for a partially completed puzzle (probably) or for a completely random one, but I find it impressive nonetheless.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

I not considering Ryzen 5 because I don really know the first thing about gpus man. I did some googling to figure out what would be a good fit for me but I got overwhelmed by the amount of options. A friend suggested a GTX 1050 but it not only way over my budget (around 250USD) but it also seems like an overkill..

DRM (Digital Rights Management) has been the biggest flop in the digital music world, and was cut out as a reliable way to protect music by the industry last year. No you don’t need a “hack” or someone to break the copy codes. There will be programs that will be out there, and claim they can “crack the code” but those programs are not necessary.

Sometimes the obsession has been so bad where I get fixated on one thing/situation and it all I can think about for a week or so, a week of not sleeping and feeling like complete shit. It the worst. Luckily it hasn gotten that bad, only a handful of times in the past 5 years..

Marketing agency BrandedYouth recently conducted research into youth trends in an attempt to figure out when the shift took place. Their report argues that the idea of a personal brand is central to South African and international young people, who use their work and lifestyle choices to reflect their beliefs and interests. Instead of studying something like accounting, which is perceived as run of the mill and inflexible, the youth is turning to tech based careers as an extension of its personal interests..

I don’t think you’ll have good luck with this. Not trying to come across as ignorant but this is a subreddit for a $1,000 cell phone. Most people who want a different style case have no problems spending the money on a different color. At that point it easier to work with, and I can stretch and toss it pretty well, but it still doesn have the same gluten content the shops have. The flavor is 100 a new york slice, but the consistency is more like neapolitan and tends to get holes, and the cornicione fluffs up high. 325 points submitted 3 months ago.

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BBC Review A varied, touching, excitable and witty third album from the ambitious Londoners.Lou Thomas 2010Twenty One, the 2008 album which yielded Mystery Jets astonishing single Two Doors Down, was a step up in ambition and quality from the band bright 2006 debut, Making Dens. Neither album quite delivered on the band supreme early promise but, at last, Serotonin is the real deal.Although singer Blaine Harrison and his four cohorts (including his now non touring dad Henry) make what could loosely be termed British guitar indie, their inventiveness and raft of ideas mean they operate on a plateau far above most of the competition. Their only obvious UK peers, who express similar levels of imagination, are British Sea Power and Super Furry Animals.Alice Springs, the excellent opener, finds Blaine rich, quivering voice married to a tremendous wall of sound of ascending synth, wordless vocal chants and guitar pummelling.

I’ve only done the flight once but it was 45 minutes. I wonder why the discrepancy. I have done south end Calgary to WEM in 2.5 hours though. What do you have against exposing predators that prey on females you said? Based upon Penn St. Events, Sandusky victims were not female. And it is as horrendous to males as it is to females..

They will not immediately kill you. A big powerful bike will allow you to get yourself into very deep shit, but that your fault. You can ride one slowly, it not that difficult. When you are choosing an apron consider how you cook and what your needs are. If you do a lot of baking then a full bib apron of a long wearing fabric like canvas is probably the best type for you. If you are cooking simple foods than a cut half apron may be what you are after..

Chamber of Commerce, the FBI, the International Anti Counterfeiting Coalition, The International Trademark Coalition, and countless media reports. The numbers are big, daunting, and useful to anyone trying to prove that piracy must be stopped.A recent investigation by Ars Technica reveals that the citation of these figures has become a 20 year game of broken telephone. The $250 billion figure, often attributed to the FBI, actually seems to have originated in a 1993 issue of Forbes magazine.

And NPR another you’ve been doing this for decades here in DC and and have covered some of these most sensitive stories and and really understand of the scrutiny that it takes to make sure they’re getting story right. So what advice would you have to somebody who’s you know. Maybe sitting at home right now scrolling through their FaceBook feed and and about to go to that next headline what what advice would you copper.