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The mechanism would have to have the capacity and resources to prosecute a large number of suspects, while ensuring due process.In addition, he pointed out that a host State would need to be identified and adequate arrangements for transferring a large number of convicted to third States for their imprisonment. It was to further explore those issues that he intended to appoint a Special Adviser on Legal Issues Related to Piracy off the Coast of Somalia, he said.Patricia O’Brien, Under Secretary General for Legal Affairs, further described the Secretary General’s seven options, calling them a “very timely and important basis for consideration” that had benefited from input from numerous United Nations offices, taking into account United Nations experience in setting up and assisting criminal tribunals.She said any of the options involving creation of a new judicial mechanism with United Nations participation would require a mandate for the Secretary General, which was usually given in the form of a Council resolution requesting the Secretary General to negotiate a suitable agreement with the State concerned.Following those presentations, Council members and other interested Member States took the floor to welcome the Secretary General’s options for strengthening judicial capacity against piracy as a good basis for further discussion, as well as his appointment of a Special Adviser for the issue. Most speakers also stressed that it was crucial to secure the stability of Somalia in order to fully eradicate piracy off of its coast.Some speakers called for increased support to judicial capacity in the region.

Finally, the 2nd amendment IS NOT about protecting self and property. It makes no mention of self and property. Read it top to bottom. Sadly, I am not sure we have any common values any more. Many people used to aspire to be middle class and have a strong belief in the family but successive governments both Tory and Labour, aided by a left leaning BBC have striven to mock middle class values and destroy the traditional family. Again fair play used to be one of our values but now we have vocal minorities seeking additional rights, and in the view of the silent majority getting them.

You have to manually adjust them with a little allen head wrench. There a guide to it, but simply put, if it not adjusted right, you basically don have a parking brake. If pulling the parking brake feels really loose and ineffective, they need to be adjusted..

Here is the thing with my DF addiction. Started playing in 2008 and will get the thirst every 6 12 months to start up again. Every time I start a game there seems to have been an update and a major game play change but SOMEHOW my fingers still know how to get through the menus even if my brain doesn I can also remember every heartbreaking reason I stopped playing..

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The European Union has its largest ever civilian mission in Kosovo. Known as Eulex, it is a police and justice mission designed to help build the rule of law there as Kosovo is blighted by corruption and organised crime and a major source of trafficking in drugs, people and arms into the EU. EU officials will tell you off the record that the mission is needed so the drugs gangs can be tackled on the streets of Kosovo, rather than the streets of Paris, London or Berlin..

It seems to me this is is contrived problem initiated by politicians to enhance their winning elections by fragmenting the vote. If it is true that racisim exists today it because of affirmative action and political maneuvering. Even today the government spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on seminars for government workers telling them the same sad bogus story.

I had the pass, I had my T shirt, I had everything.”The logistics are a shit show for sure at Paul Ricard. Mr. Szafnauer having to cancel a business meeting because the other party couldn reach circuit on time should be embarrassing for the organizers.Edit: OP other comment makes it more clear.

Two women were shot up by cops because they drove the same kind of truck as Dorner; those cops won get fired. Teresa Evans, Dorner trainer, looks like, on the balance of probability to have kicked a handcuffed arrestee (pretty convenient to ignore a man testimony because he may suffer from schizophrenia this is clear abuse of his rights because he may be ill ), and tortured a handcuffed 70 year old woman. Her crime was spraying cold water on some tenants who weren paying their rent.

That is why this year’s theme for the International Day of Peace is: “Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for All”, focusing in particular on the plight of refugees and migrants throughout the world. Our obligation as an international community is to ensure that everyone forced to flee their homes receives the protection to which they are entitled under international law. Our duty as a human family is to replace fear with kindness..

Beat him in in choice simple bleeding or in their uniforms. A sound area becomes anti police we’re going to miss our don’t want to miss an opportunity here today commissioner. As law enforcement people to save this law enforcement is a noble profession.

Serious question, I on Lexapro (Not the same medication) for General Anxiety Disorder. When I don take it, my brain is overwhelmed with constant worry and how to avoid trouble. I have panic attacks (My job is ungodly stressful. I was one of those moms and I decided to take a stand. TV and games only on Saturday and only for one hour. Happy meals? If it the toy they covet, it the toy I buy not the meal.

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Killers can run anti anything perks, and survivors just have to adapt and deal with it. I don think BBQ needs changing, but by your logic, most perks in the game should be changed. BBQ breaks the game, they want you to be stealthy but then they add things like the doctor who doesn even have to look at you and can find you.

Turns out she is way kinkier than I ever would have imagined. It was just different stuff. Took some time finding a happy middle ground but we have both discovered new things we like and she is far more open about what she wants than even before the kids.

The whole no instrument cluster thing has been blown way out of proportion. I adjusted instantly, and haven found myself looking behind the wheel for instruments a single time. Looking down to the right for speed instead of straight down hasn made any difference.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileMicrosoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates announced today the company has sold 40 million copies of the Vista version of its Windows operating system in the first 100 days it was available worldwide. Sounds impressive.Similarly, when Microsoft touted 20 million copies sold in the first two months of Vista’s widespread availability they compared it to Windows XP, which sold 17 million copies in the same launch period in 2001.But according to Gartner Group analysts, in 2002, 51 million PCs were sold to consumers around the world.

:)Posted: 2008/07/16 at 11:49 AM:D Thanks for the love Claudio but yes, I must grandly differ as to Microsoft delivering the best hardcore games. Yet I am being quite the hypocrit in saying so, as Microsoft supplies me with an OS for my PC.That being said nothing I say should be held without any weight behind it as I have dropped out of the console wars and am sticking whole heartedly to my PC.I see the PS3 and 360 not as enemies but as equals, since neither of them can best it’s creator, the mighty and all powerful BEAST.(Beast is the nickname I gave to my PC :P)As a side note I am sad to see that there was no mention of the new Red Faction game coming out. Nothing beats being able to COMPLETELY destroy the building and obsticles that surround you, hehehe.

I think about it sometimes. I wonder what went on in Michael’s house around dinner and TV shows. Michael never left a note or at least his parents didn’t let anyone see it. The friends list is evidence of this. Ignore the “proposed UI” changes that people post on this sub, that easy to criticize in hindsight. The hard part, and what you should consider your job, is to research other apps that have accomplished what you are trying to do, reflect on their success and failure, develop your own conclusions and implement an interactive prototype..

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Once your outnumbered by 3/4 your teams toast. The bigger team will always overpower the weaker ones. Whereas in 20s if you had 8/9 good players you could easily take a dopey team of 16. You mentioned you with RBC and they have decent prepayment options in my opinion. A nice benefit (IMO) is that they allow for “double up” payments, where every month you able to pay up to 100% in addition to your regular payment and the additional amount will go straight to your principal. However, the downside is you only allowed I think 10% of your principal as a lump sum prepayment once/year..

But having survived so far, we feel we are doing ok, street wise all by ourselves. Then if we are lucky we grow old and see children for what they really are. Vulnerable and always hell bent on self destruction, especially if left to the mercy of the preditors from within our own and every generation..

Yes, the Mustard Seed is a joke of an Asian restaurant. But we have lots of better local restaurants. Try Iza their food is good and the kimchi is on point, though not super funky like some people appreciate. Why do you not hold them to any account? If you can’t do a serious interview don’t give them airtime.”The curious thing is that they were both written to us in response to the same item (hear it here). There is an old adage in journalism that if you’re getting complaints from both sides in a polarised debate such as that over the Middle East conflict, you must be doing something right. But in case you think we take a flippant attitude, we take complaints more seriously than this adage may suggest..

Shitting on white people. It 2018 and I still can believe there whites out there that have enough of of a complex to think they persecuted because of their color. When we start getting into Jim Crow era and prior, just replace blacks and others of color with white, then we can talk.

“I done so much for you” by raising tariffs on raw materials to where you can compete. “very HAPPY competitors” happy that they don pay these tariffs as they operate outside the US and can import finished products that have no increase in tariffs. “they will be taxed like never before” because they are doing exactly what any American company would do, try and turn a profit.

To be frank, I am appalled by the savage onslaught by the Israeli Airforce against Lebanese civilians, involving the deaths of about 1,000 people and destruction of homes and infrastructure. This is inexcusable! I am also disgusted by the Hezbullah fighters for firing rockets at Israeli civilians, killing a number of innocent people. I am dismayed by the pitiful response by our own Government to this loss of life.

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I have a dilemma right now. I currently using the Chase Freedom Unlimited. I got the 3 back offer not too long ago and have just been using this as a general use card. The same goes for W/L: it not accurate to say that “W/L does play some role in the matchmaking, but it not as strong as K/D.” I speculate that, in general, there is a moderately strong association between a player W/L and K/D. So if the matchmaking indeed uses K/D (or a hidden variable), it might not use W/L at all and the correlation you see there might simply be a byproduct of the association between W/L and K/D. In short: correlation does not imply causation..

However, it’s a darker form of self deprecating madness which drives the majority of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy the kind the only comes from losing love, experiencing death and being branded as the “abomination of Obama’s nation” as he insists on the brilliantly pompous Power, right before contemplating suicide. One thing’s for sure, dark days have been had.Yet it appears one benefit of tearing your mind apart is being able to put it back together better than before, for this album really is something special something that scales heights of ambition barely touched not only by his previous work, but by 2010 in general. Don’t let the reported $3 million price tag and plethora of A list guest spots fool you, this is no vacuous shell, for its depth, detail, ideas and sheer scope of vision is staggering all the while remaining lyrically honest, earnest, conflicting and at times fairly ridiculous.Highlights are copious.

Just out of curiosity, what was the race problem he was discussing before he edited it? Wondering why he thought that mattered. And if you’re still reading these OP, you’re an awesome fucking person. The world needs more like you. If you don already have it, checkout the Sysinternals Suite. It free from MS and contains a ton of good utilities. Process Explorer their replacement for Task Manager is a goldmine of information.

Branson’s heart, mind and soul seems to be universally aligned.He could easily took himself away and allow the power of mogul success to back him into a corner of suspicion, fueled by preservation of self. But he’s out and about balancing his much deserved success with human and environmental responsibilities.We should all learn from his example. It’s not always about money, it’s about making the effort to do the right thing as a way of life.My wife and I chose to extract and preserve the Stem Cells of our children, in 2000.

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileShadowrun, Microsoft’s marriage of PC and console video games an industry first hits store shelves today and the developers are marking the occasion by matching their magical and military skills against the public.The notion of linking console and PC gamers in a single online experience is so novel, that none other than Bill Gates was trotted out to introduce it at the E3 video game trade show and conference in Los Angeles, Calif., in May 2006.”I called that,” FASA studio manager Mitch Gitelman told me on a visit to Toronto last week. “I said Bill Gates would introduce it and everybody said I was crazy, but I was right.” (We’ll publish the interview soon keep your eyes peeled.)The FASA Studio team that spent three and a half years (including one year of seven day weeks), putting together the first video game that lets people on both PCs and the Xbox 360 console play against each other online are on Microsoft’s Xbox Live network and hosting online chats all day today.Among the participants are lead designer John “Mediocre” Howard, multiplayer development lead Peter “Telo” Burzynski and technical art director Mike “Portergraphic” Porter. A more extensive list is on the Shadowrun website.The game, set in 2031, melds magic and technology, giving the player the option to play as a cybernetically enhanced soldier for a global corporation for control and profit, or one of the rebel Lineage who want magic to remain free to all.Does any of this sound familiar?Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIt wasn’t too long ago that typing in the search words “miserable failure” in Google would lead you to a biography of George W. Bush as the top entry. The trick, known as Google bombing, took advantage of Google’s search algorithms which count how often a site is linked to and with what words.

Edit: Most people have taken it in a different way. So let me explain my point here. At first, I edited a picture in Natural color profile, it was for Instagram so I wanted a specific look. When I was seven months pregnant I visited and stayed a few nights. She baked two batches of chocolate chip cookies, one for her and one for me, even carefully labeled them so there would be no confusion. I snagged a few on my way to bed.

We going to take back this country and we going to make it great again. : J. Sachs vs L. Best: One of the first times I gave my current boyfriend a blowjob. Apparently, he had never experience anyone deepthroating him, and it had been over a decade since someone was willing to/excited about swallowing. He had a hard time walking after it and it took him a few minutes to mentally recover.

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Most importantly, my buddy recovered. He was in in patient therapy at the hospital for about a month and using a wheelchair, then went to live with an aunt who was an emergency room nurse and her retired husband who could look after him while he went to physical therapy. He was on crutches for awhile, but was walking around with just a brace by the time he was cleared to go back to work and finish his term four months later.

You could feasibly get even one more semester covered.Check and see what will transfer from your local Universities or even community colleges and take those classes there, then take your important major classes here at GT.Specific classes to look at transferring in:English 1 (ENGL 1101)Calc 1 2 (MATH 1551 1552)Multivariable Calc (MATH 2550)Discrete Math (CS 2050)Linear Algebra (MATH 1554, NOT 1553 since you CS)First few levels of CS (CS 1301, 1331, 1332)Some lab sciences (many options, but check the sequence requirements)Social Science Electives (many options)Humanities Electives (many options)If you doing intelligence thread, General Psychology (PSYC 1101, doesn count towards other electives if used for intelligence thread)This has the added benefit of by the time you are coming to GT you also have enough educational experience to start co oping or interning right away.That said, I definitely not a counselor and this is all based off my personal experience and a quick look through my DegreeWorks. Check out the degree requirements for yourself and the transfer equivalencies. Note that GT doesn guarantee anything will transfer, so you have the potential of wasting credits.

5.2 BG does not represent or endorse the accuracy or reliability of any advice, opinion, statement, or other information displayed, uploaded, or distributed through the Services by any user, information provider or any other person or entity. You acknowledge that any reliance upon any such opinion, advice, statement, memorandum, or information shall be at your sole risk. THE SERVICES AND ALL DOWNLOADABLE SOFTWARE ARE DISTRIBUTED ON AN “AS IS” BASIS WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, WARRANTIES OF TITLE OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Do you hire people based on education, tenure or experience and then place them into certain departments? If so, you should absolutely be exploring these, and other relevant, demographic variables. They may not be meaningful but doing the due diligence here is very important. Don over simplify the issue and throw this information out..

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San Francisco city officials are toying with popular children’s meals. The city’s Board of Supervisors passed a law cracking down on fast food chains that give away free toys with unhealthy meals for children, like the Mcdonald’s “Happy Meal.” The law would require kid’s meals to meet certain nutritional standards before they could be sold with toys. Officials say the law promotes healthy eating habits and combats childhood obesity..

19 days agoLake Forest July 4th Fireworks, Parades And More: 2018 GuideThe Fourth of July celebrates the nation 242nd birthday in 2018. Parades, fireworks displays and more are just around the corner on Chicago North Shore. Check out a complete list of area fireworks below.

We have an investigation team on the ground in Damascus, led by Dr. [ke] Sellstrm, having gone to investigate earlier allegations. I have called on the Syrian Government to extend its full cooperation so that the Mission can swiftly investigate this most recent incident.

That is actually correct. While controversial in nature, truth is most vapers are overly cautious about marrying batteries. Since they are the same age, same usage, and same battery, he should be fine to marry them up again. When they do run a story or column on games then it always appears in the science and technology section rather than, say, entertainment. I’ve asked about this in comments to several stories and e mailed CBC directly, but never had any response.Perhaps they either don’t believe that many people are interested in games, despite figures like those quoted in the AP article indicating that gaming is bigger business than home video.Posted: 2008/12/22 at 8:58 AMI’m puzzled why CBC generally ignores gaming. When they do run a story or column on games then it always appears in the science and technology section rather than, say, entertainment.How about a dedicated Gaming section, CBC? You intended to have one 2 years ago (I bookmarked the column and vainly waited for you to update it beyond one review!), and there is obviously enough interest in one.Posted: 2008/12/22 at 12:34 PMGames have come a long way in the last 20 years since I really started playing.

I believed her. You don shoot the messenger. It the content that counts, not the quality of how someone speaks. Orange is a Paparazzi rep who decided to chime in with some really bad advice. Not only bad but fucking infuriating. I think if she is actually suffering because of abuse in their previous relationship a suit just about the abuse would have been best.

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileRobert Pattinson, background left, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, right, are shown in The Twilight Saga: New Moon. (Kimberley French/Summit Entertainment/Associated Press)As any “Twi hard” fan will tell you, tonight marks the premiere of The Twilight Saga: New Moon.Cineplex Entertainment and E1 Entertainment Canada said Tuesday that the film has already broken the Canadian record for advance ticket sales, with admission purchases already totalling $1.5 million.Based on the second book in the bestselling series by Stephenie Meyer, New Moon finds lovestruck heroine Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) crushed when her vampire boyfriend Edward (Robert Pattinson) leaves town.She is drawn to Jake (Taylor Lautner), a budding werewolf and her best friend, but she slowly learns that he is also coming to grips with a secret.This week, we asked which mythological character you prefer: vampires or werewolves.Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests.

Now, some of these so called scandals are just nonsense: the shock of discovering that Griff Rhys Jones isn’t standing on a mountaintop for the title sequence of his latest series is one example: I can exclusively reveal that Newsnight’s old backdrop of a London skyline was a painting and that the famous Panorama slogan about being ‘a window on the world’ didn’t mean it was a pane of glass with a metal handle. Other of the attacks will blow over. Some are wilful misunderstanding.

To put in perspective we played to a packed Bull Gate gig the week before to approximately 120 people, and then the following week we got the call and was told we had a few days to prepare to play to 24,000 people. It was incredible and the audience were fantastic and got behind us from the start. We even had a proper stadium gig moment when we got the crowd to sing along to one of our sections of the song.

When one group is so confident that they know what is for everybody else that they must silence any and all opposition to their beliefs . Well, we seen that happen numerous times throughout history . Does The Third Reich sound familiar? And, keep in mind that The Second Amendment was not written to protect our right to hunt or shoot targets.

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Wellington was a poodle. Not one of the small poodles that have hairstyles but a big poodle. It had curly black fur, but when you got close you could see that the skin underneath the fur was a very pale yellow, like chicken. To our government: you are either part of the problem or part of the solution to these horrific acts. Doing nothing indicates that you are part of the problem. Doing nothing is not the answer.

I don feel that I encouraging him, just trying to support him in whatever he chooses. We had the porn talk about how it unrealistic and shouldn form his ideas of real intimacy and I do monitor his internet usage. I will keep these things in mind, thank you for the input!.

They make everything sound movie score epic not too surprising given Gabriel’s recent work on Wall E and Rabbit Proof Fence. It also makes certain that’s there’s plenty to discover in each track even if, as is the case with songs like Street Spirit, you’ve heard them thousands of times in their original form.The pop world has finally caught up with the WOMAD founder’s open minded approach to music from near and far and, as such, it’s surprising, fitting and pleasing that one of the most essential albums of early 2010 is his. Wonderful.This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

Every group has their few who reflect badly on society. Just look at the stats, one 16pct of the US is Latino, but only 6.2pct of the voting population is Latino. There is no comment on this disparity. Sam Rockwell (Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind) and Amanda Peet (Melinda And Melinda) will star in an adaptation of Stewart O’Nan’s Snow Angels. Emily Mortimer has also been offered the role of Rockwell’s estranged wife in this ensemble drama following two small town, working class families whose lives are set on a collision course after a tragic death. It’s not a comedy..

The Myers Family And Friends, a singing family of guitar playing ladies, recall the songs they sang as children for “corn shuckings” and “bean stringings”. Local artist and folk song collector Art Rosenbaum talks about the unique character of North Georgia, and picks a tune on one of his many banjos. Despite their love for one another, their happiness is short lived.

Mom looked normal now but worried. We heard my sister scream. We went her room and she was rocking back and forth on her knees screaming ” I ageing im ageing ageing”. And at least 1500 in suspension depending on what arms/coilovers you go with. Then a bunch of small stuff like seats, wheels, tires all that jazz. I love 240s too and bought a really clean one I planned on drifting but I fell in love with it and if hate to see it beat.