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In the heart of Africa, deep in the Congo, is one of the most spectacular volcanoes on Earth Nyiragongo. This spectacular volcano contains a massive boiling cauldron of molten rock the world’s largest continually active lava lake. But it is also one of the most dangerous volcanoes on the planet.

There is also a role for civil society. I have worked very much with civil society in my different humanitarian missions and peace missions in Africa and also other parts of the world. I have always had great help from civil society, which play a very important role and very often is a bridge between different parts of the world.

The defense is making tackles. Our run game is pretty good. Our CBs weren getting shitted on as much as the first game. There is at least some evidence that he may have murdered a doctor wife and then sold the doctor her skeleton for use in his studies. (EDIT: i want to clarify the doctor didn know. So he went years not knowing what happened to his wife, when she was literally hanging in his closet as a presentation skeleton).

2011 looks like another exciting year for music, with some significant changes set to shake up the whole business. At the end of the year it will be fascinating to take stock and see what has happened to the 15 talented artists who made the final long list. I wish them all the best of luck..

They quit lifting or never even try cause they think it pointless without tons of gear which enrages me. It just takes longer if you being realistic and not trying to look like The Rock as a natty. It doesnt take 2 hours every day in the gym either, fuck I wish hollywood and the fitness industry were more open cause theres 15 year olds pinnin tren and firin blanks like morons, and theres people in horrible shape literally killing themselves going “oh theres no point ill never get fit without STEROIDS!”..

This has gone on for 30 years now. The corporate lobbies have owned our government even Barack Obama, who I supported and I voted for and I want to succeed. He having dinner with rich people all the time, but he not having dinner with the 99%. We told them about a woman who was trapped, all we had was her name evet and a possible address but that’s all they needed. There’s multipleim dogs and cats. The home completely under water.

If any of those words fits in better with the rest of the sentence, it flags the passage as a joke. The result is a bot that “gets” jokes that turn on a simple pun.The bot, presented last week at the American Association for Artificial Intelligence conference in Vancouver.The sample joke New Scientist provides, however, is something of a head scratcher. In it, a mother says to her boy: “My, you’ve been working in the garden a lot this summer,” to which the boy responds, “I have to, because teacher told me to work a lot.” The computer groks over this as a pun on working the soil and doing schoolwork, which seems like the kind of thing only Data from Star Trek would find funny.What I’m waiting for is when the second generation of this program becomes merged with ELIZA, the 1968 computer program designed to simulate psychoanalysis.

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Which means a fishing expedition may be in order. Unlike trademarks, which are easily searchable by the name of the product, searching for patents appears to be more art than science. (The Canadian Intellectual Property Office has a searchable database of more then 1.9 million patent documents.) If anyone knows an easy way to navigate this, feel free to post a comment; otherwise we’ll have to see if we can unravel this mystery one search at a time..

Then whiskey was had. A lot of whiskey. So I wake up the next morning with quite the hangover and a hankering for coffee.. When is assisted suicide not murder? Isn it just another way of politically correctness in order to make the subject easier to deal with a dying loved one? If my grandmother was in pain and dying, it easier for me to place Suicide on helping her rest versus saying that she was murdered. The point is that if the law books don recognize it, then it illegal and it murder. On top of that, we a man that no doubt has compassion for people but made his life means out of taking other people lives.

MENTAL HEALTH: Screw the gun law debate! The real shame in all this is the embarrassing, humiliating lack of any real Mental Health Medicine in this country. Without insulting the mental health professionals that do exist I am sure they would agree with me that what is available in mental health facilities and benefits, especially prevention and intervention when a danger to self or others, is one millionth of what is needed. To get real long term mental health benefits in this country one has to be charged with a crime labeled a criminal not ill..

As someone who needed to get their shit together, when I had a kid all my bullshit went out the window and I had to buckle down and do it. You’re doing it for a kid that isn’t even yours. I hope you get to keep her. You, because you don have the initial investment, you have to work harder initially. You get the same interest rate, but, because you are actively trying to understand, you become like one of these investor who plays the market. You don rely only on the passive interest, you actively pursue good deals.What I saying is, it might be harder at first, but there nothing really stopping you from becoming good.

All you want Mr. Oliver, but, my fellow Brit, your punch line did carry with it a bona fide offer, to anyone you said, who could produce the video of me falling off a Segway, and by the way, breaking five ribs, collapsing a lung and nearly expiring from life, detailed Morgan, further explaining Oliver bit. Guess what John, I have the video, it real and it right here.

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Oh, and by the way ANY Apple product will outcompare the PC knockoffs.If you are upset about the price, look at it this way you will not have to spend a day setting it up, it’s as simple as opening the box and plugging it in, you wont need to make any calls to tech support because it runs beautifully, and you wont be complaining about the newest virus because Macs are virtually insusceptible to viruses, spyware and trojans.If all of the above doesnt convince you, then go to the Apple website and watch the funny TV advertisements comparing the Mac to a PC.And, I’m sure we’ve all heard the quote:”Once You Go Mac, You’ll Never Go Back” Steve JobsPosted: 2007/08/09 at 12:06 PMJames, I really hope you know that the Macs are nowhere near immune to getting viruses. Viruses on Macs aren’t popular because, as of yet, Macs have not been as popular as PCs. This doesn’t mean they won’t soon put the PC into a race, giving it a run for its money.

Is that not how it works? Are you telling me that by berating me and calling me a “cuck,” that they actually inviting me into some kind of twisted love triangle with their own wives, where they just sit in a corner and do their own thing, or something? Another reply said the same thing, so I wondering if I might have actually got it wrong. I mean, as a married man, I don herald the idea, but I also won go around shaming internet dudes about it.funknut 1 points submitted 2 days agoExcellent. As a one time volunteer canvasser, this must be my karmic catharsis.

That doesn’t matter though if care at all about you own safety, though. Follow the schematics on the bottom and add all of the parts/ solder other wires together Materials:1. Capacitor2. PAP smears in women over 65 have a very low yield. If cervical screening has been reassuring up to this point or if the woman has had a hysterectomy, continued cervical cancer screening after age 65 is more likely to find a false positive than to find a true positive. Clearly there will be exceptions but as a routine screening it more often than not renders more harm than good.

“Yesterday, as I received the Eucharist and heard the words, “The blood of Christ,” I was just blown away. I heard the words so many times but for some reason yesterday it just hit me. Who am I that I get to receive the blood of Christ? Wow. I have a feeling this will be downvoted into oblivion, for whatever reason, but it an honest question that I hoping someone is willing to take up and have a legitimate conversation about. I pretty fascinated by the similarities of both sides of the political spectrum extremists groups behavior. I just don see how anyone can look at either one of these groups, no matter what your political affiliation is, and think that they are doing anything to change the country political climate for the better.Not_My_Real_Acct_ 0 points submitted 6 days agoGavin McInnes is drunk and high every single day.

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For an insteresting aesthetic, you could check out the anime called Parasyte. It has alien shapeshifters that look like humans but can unfurl into monsters of prehensile muscle covered in blades and eyes.Halok1122 2 points submitted 25 days agoThis is exactly the kind of ideas I had when I tried to think of biopunk fantasy type weapons. Shapeshifting weapons, weird biological functions on the weapons, a blood drinking sword, there so many things that can be done, and since I want my players to get to be creative with their characters, it lets them use the more crazy ideas they may have.I heard of Parasyte before but never looked into it much, and now that I have I can say that while the actual creatures in it are more living weapon than weapon made alive, thematically it looks very similar to what I was trying to find, so thank you, you been an enormous help.I don know if it might help you, but I could DM you the basics of the world that I made for this thing, maybe it would give you some ideas to help jumpstart your own world? 2 points submitted 28 days agoI in a similar situation to yours, though younger and less extreme.

Your political bent is obvious, so obvious that you turn your nose up at more lurid content because it doesn push your bullshit. Did you even look at the article I posted? That is some Last Podcast content right there. Listen to stories of Vietnam POWs.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe report released Tuesday by the Canadian Index of Wellbeing examined the last 15 to 20 years of time use, leisure and culture trends in the country.It found that the proportion of men and women who said they were experiencing high levels of time pressure grew to 19.6 per cent in 2005 from 16.4 per cent in 1992.The people who felt most pressed for time were single parents with young children. Those who felt the least amount of time pressure were single people 65 and older.Among the trends reshaping the use of time, leisure and culture activities, the report cited greater consumer demand for services outside of weekday hours, the rise in urban sprawl and workplace technologies like email and smartphones increasing demand on employees to be “perpetually on call.”Read more:How do you find the balance between work and personal time? Is it becoming more difficult? Take our poll.Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests.

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It hard to imagine many 2010 hip hop tunes topping the blend of Newsom otherworldly vocal, strident ?uestlove beat and typically honest Black Thought rhyming.This is swiftly followed by The Fire, a sonically arresting track that marshals a John Legend vocal with keys reminiscent of Air Venus and yet more solid work from the consistent ?uestlove. It easy to imagine future producers seeking inspiration from the beats and ideas on this album, as avidly as elements of James Brown and Curtis Mayfield have been utilised by contemporary rap artists.On some of their best work, on albums such as 1999 Things Fall Apart and 2006 brooding Game Theory, The Roots have lived up to Chuck D CNN definition of hip hop. Here, while socially conscious rhymes are the order of the day, it impossible not to be reminded of Mayfield Superfly soundtrack.

You sure you want to turn down the volume a little? The AnyCall will give you a specific vibration and clicking sound to confirm.Apple appears to be getting in on the act with something similar, if ever lives to see the light of day.It’s something that’s been on Mac’s radar for a while, but if it comes to pass, the popular iPhone touchscreen would get a makeover, complemented by a grid of piezoelectronic actuators. That’s a $10 word for touch sensitive, and the grid would “provide vibrational feedback to a user, while the user scrolls around a click wheel, slides across a trackpad, or touches a multi touch display screen,” as Apple puts it.So the pad would feel different as your finger moves across it. You could have some sort of virtual click wheel which vibrates at a different frequency as you move across it, letting you sense the difference and use the click wheel without having to look at it, for example.The idea, it seems, is not that this new iPhone could do anything more than it can do now but rather that you wouldn’t have to interact with it visually or aurally.

Continuing, Mr. Scheinin said he had visited Guantanamo Bay, but not the detention centre. Visiting the detention centre made sense only if it included unhindered access to the detainees without monitoring by United States officials. I think about all the teachers out there in our schools and the discussions they had today among themselves and with their students. I can only hope our national and international grief can bring action. Black Ops, etc.

This reminds me of another TFC bug/exploit where you could use the console to adjust the angle of your aim. If you used the right setting it would make you look like you were a limbo competitor running around at full speed. Something about how sentry gun targeting was programmed caused them to fire harmlessly over you, as if you were Matrix dodging the bullets..

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They agree that Jonny Truant rocked. They quibbled over their place on the bill. They agree to watch Testament. I personally am more of a “capsule” wardrobe person where I just have lots of plain things that are interchangeable.So I guess I was just trying to figure out if the price tag had more to do with the look or the build quality. Whereas it sounds like it has to do with the look and the complexity of building them in small batches with distressing rather than longevity. Which is totally fine, I was just trying to figure it out.These aren’t really put through the ringer, but I wouldn’t say I baby them.

It rare and he should be given every opportunity to have custody of his child. Yes, this family has had this child for 2 years, but if he gaines custody of her now, he has the opportunity to raise her without her evening knowing what happened. The only thing she will remember when she gets older is her biological father.

What’s not clear is whether the NFL would apply these new guidelines retroactively, which is perhaps one explanation as to why Hardy sentenced a month before Goodell’s memo has not yet been dealt with by the NFL. Another explanation could be that the league is waiting for the legal process to play itself out. Hardy has another trial scheduled for November..

I can only thank GOD that most of the people here in Terrebonne Parish on the gulf coast have been spared the wrath of Katrina. We have been seriously left out of critical information of events going on around us. We were cut off from the world for nearly 2 days.

Well that and the fact that the rate you pay if you don have insurance is about 20x higher than the contracted rate. So this $10k bill would probably only be about $500 if this was in network. 1,541 points submitted 1 month agoIt wouldn make a big difference.

Really believe Matthew could have been a great advocate for children in the world. He was an amazingly compassionate kid. The above clip as Warren goes on to explain the ways in which Matthew often sought out others struggling, hoping to help ease their pain.

The tree was not only stripped by the cold season, it seemed weary from age, enfeebled, dry. I was thankful, very thankful that I had seen it. So the more things remain the same, the more they change after all plus c’est la mme chose, plus a change.

Her mental map had faded a bit in the last two years, but 4th Noodle’s name also contained its address. It was on 4th Street and Avenue A. The alphabet avenues were east of the numbers, deeper into the super trendy East Village where people smoked and wore latex and never shuffled down the street with bags the size of mailboxes strapped to their backs..

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Diet? fuck that. More calories. Eat more food, healthy food, ice cream, junk food whatever the fuck that goes. The cost of life would be unfathomable if this were to occur. We all affect each other whether it’s something as simple as brightening a person’s day with a smile or belittling them into submission. The same thing happens on a global scale.

In general my understanding is that calorie deficiency from your TDEE = lose weight and calorie surplus from your TDEE = gain weight (in the form of mostly muscle if you eat healthy and also hit macro goals). Depending on your height and weight it could be better off for you to just focus on building muscle like your trainer said because you can maintain the weight you are now and look good with putting on muscle. And then eventually like in a year you can go on a calorie defiency to start losing weight and look even better.

Joining Piers Morgan this evening for a face to face, primetime interview, Cuban details the challenges that come with raising down to earth kids amidst massive wealth. Having started out bar tending and couch crashing before innovating his way to the top, instilling values into his son and two daughters is part of Cuban at home business plan. However, the 55 year old also preaches and leads with an overlying theme of balance:.

Senator Rand Paul led a thirteen hour filibuster in the nomination of John Brennan over the issue of drones targeting American citizens without due process. The administration replied that in certain circumstances, it is admissible for a drone to murder a US citizen on American soil without a US court indiction. It seems that Obama’s administration believes that deliberations are a satisfactory legal substitute for due process.

Who cares? It means people like of the Dead. I guessing 99.9% of them get that it a comedy, but since it spoofs horror, it also kinda horror. Same for the films. Due to the water leakage that damaged another owner condo ceiling (6th floor) and my 7th floor ceiling, we contacted the condo board members. Initial discovery was due to water seeping in through the balconies walls and effecting the ceiling the floors below. The board called a contractor to repave the balconies and reapplied waterproof coating.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My Profile”You know, we were bundling up to go outside, but then we had this big machine running 24 hours a day to keep our food cold,” Francis said Thursday. “So, I thought there must be a better way to keep it cold than using so much electricity.”During the winter, it wasn’t too hard. The couple simply moved their food from the fridge to an unheated mudroom and their only concern was that the food might freeze.Their dairy products stay cold in a clay pot with the help of a little water inside and out a trick Athavaria learned growing up in India, where he said fridges aren’t nearly as important.They’ve joined a growing list of bloggers who’ve unplugged their fridges and have started writing about it to get more people to do the same.Read more:Would you be able to get by without a fridge? Could you learn to adapt without it? Take our poll.Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports.

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Looks good. Your curves are pretty good. Hard to know if it style or technique in a drawing like this. And finally, Mr. Supercompetent Badass Assassin completely defers to her in every decision, even though he has more than a decade worth more experience than her. Not only that, but he seems to have some serious blind spots as far as survival skills.

It’s that he’s a regular poster in a sub which requires unfaltering loyalty to and the worship of one single politician to the point of absolute lunacy. The fact that the entire sub will switch stances on any one subject based on the most recent tweet by their god emperor idol and ban anyone who shows any signs of disagreement means that there is no point in debating them.EDIT: If I’m going to get into a debate with someone, I need to be able to assume that person is going to have a conversation in good faith and be a rational actor. Being a regular poster on The Donald automatically negates both of those points for the reasons listed above.

These new ideas and innovations of sci fi wizardry are critical to the future development of electronics. I say, congratulations to CNN for their willingness to experiment with these new ideas, especially during such an important event. They remain on the cutting edge of TV broadcasting..

You know, let the dogs have their day and all of that. I already know that none of you simpletons with your senescent synapses will be able to match up to my vast vernacular and verbiage, my mental dexterity with declension, and my phrenic puissance with my phraseology and pronunciation. In a matter of seconds (or possibly longer, if I’ve overestimated your already positively benthic IQs when running my simulations), you’ll fly into cantankerous conniptions after my consummate trouncing and repudiation of every single one of the “facts” that you hold so dear as proof of your purported intellect.

But we’ll see what Mr. Jobs has to say. He could surprise us.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. Try to match the hard edge of the scan as closely as possible. Draw the outline of you frame using two curves. I offset my lens curve by 2mm to use as a guide for the shape, and to keep a consistent thickness..

Overall, I love Orlando. I genuinely hated living in North FL/jacksonville as I originally from Southern California. I don live in FL anymore but if I had to come back to Orlando again for a bit I would not mind. Max said he was fine, just a bit tired, but then that got everyone asking questions and eventually lead to Max’s team pulling him from the card out of concerns for his health. Max is being genuine and thanking Mike for calling him out on not looking well, because if he hadn’t done so Max might have gone into a world title fight with a compromised brain.swhcz 2 points submitted 2 months agoFrom what you write it looks to me like bad management on top of you. I seen this happen a few times, and everywhere it was the manager and his managers who are not aligned properly.I spoken to people who are in your position now for 10 years.

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Another kid that worked for me got in a running shootout with the cops. After crashing out, he decided to commit suicide with his 9mm by putting it under his chin. He succeeded in blowing his lower jaw off and is spending the rest of his days behind bars.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIn Norway, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault officially opened, taking in seeds from 250,000 distinct varieties of agricultural crops. And online, the Encyclopedia of Life website launched, although it promptly crashed after millions of curious users tried to access the site.The vault acts as a backup to existing seed banks across the world, providing a safe and remote place to store the seeds of cultivated crops, away from the effects of climate change, earthquakes, war and other disasters.The vault is limited to the protection of cultivated crop seeds, as opposed to their wild cousins, however.The Encyclopedia of Life, on the other hand, is less concerned with different varieties of engineered species than the species themselves, and seeks to catalogue all 1.8 million known species on Earth.The aim of the encyclopedia organizers a group of universities and museums is to help researchers to understand large scale patterns that their specialized research might otherwise miss.But there’s an undercurrent to both projects as well: the fragile nature of life on Earth.Axel Diederichsen, the research scientist and curator at the Canadian Seed Gene Bank, said yesterday in an interview that agricultural breeding habits in the last 150 years have robbed cultivated plants of much of their diversity, creating a homogeneity that potentially exposes wide swaths of crops to pests or diseases.Likewise, multiple pressures such as climate change and the movement of invasive species threatens wildlife conservation efforts, and aiding those efforts is one of the stated goals of the encyclopedia.Diederichsen sees similarities between the two projects. “It’s important to get an overview,” he said.

Two women were shot up by cops because they drove the same kind of truck as Dorner; those cops won get fired. Teresa Evans, Dorner trainer, looks like, on the balance of probability to have kicked a handcuffed arrestee (pretty convenient to ignore a man testimony because he may suffer from schizophrenia this is clear abuse of his rights because he may be ill ), and tortured a handcuffed 70 year old woman. Her crime was spraying cold water on some tenants who weren paying their rent.

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Have some kind of equal to ladder or something. I wanted the Theron guard, spent untold hours grinding for credits and got 3 of the golden guard Theron. Make me pay 2 for 1 or someting to get what I want but make it available. You need to find a way to relieve your pent up anger instead of targeting ppl you feel have it better than you. That type of animosity will only continue to make you a bitter person. It’s that same way of thinking that breeds ppl to feel no compassion to your own struggle.

Years ago at E3 they showed a “Technical Demo” of what a re mastered remake of Final Fantasy 7 would look like on the PS3. If they made the full game and had it as a launch title or on it’s release schedule PS3’s would fly off the shelf. Square Enix does have the Final Fantasy 13 games coming, will it be enough to ignite PS3 sales? We’ll just have to wait and see.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileApple CEO Steve jobs will be taking the floor any minute now at the Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference in San Francisco, and maybe it’s just us but it seems curious that there is no live video of this event. For people wondering what the influential Jobs will say and introduce, they will have to rely on the dozens of bloggers who will be blogging and twittering his every word to like minded readers.Which is good for the bloggers, but also kind of weird that news of a device designed to stream the internet and watch video with greater ease wouldn’t be available as anything other than a text feed.It makes us wonder how much Apple could get if they offered the speech for download on iTunes? Would Apple fanatics make it a best seller that day or would it be dismissed as a cash grab?Perhaps the danger of streaming the video live has to do with the current 2G iPhone: not only would it be potentially slow to watch, but the owners of said devices might also be overcome by the feeling that, once again, they were paying the price of being early adopters.UPDATE: One hour into Apple’s presentation, which so far has been an ongoing parade of interesting but hardly revolutionary new applications for the iPhone, the company’s stock has dropped by $5. It looks like investors may be getting worried that nothing of substance is going to come of the much ballyhooed event.UPDATE 2: We stand corrected: there is video of this thing.

I met fieldy, the bassist from Korn in San Fransisco. Saw him on Haight St with his newborn son. Just so happened my wife and I had our few month old son as well. Which you know reflects a lot of the endorsement that you’ve been seen as well critically considered the membership of the Congressional Black Caucus according get behind Hillary Clinton if you look over the Latino side the older Latino activist if they come on support of Hillary Clinton. No reports as Bernie Sanders at. And not unlike what we saw in New Hampshire you wanna take a quick look back Democrats and there 65 and over heavily went to Clinton 63 at 36.