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Installing XBRallows you to do many things such run unsigned code(homebrew), install any sized hard drive(even 3.5in desktop hdds!), ftp into your box, and custom dashboards. There are endless possibilities with being able to run any code you want. You are able to modify Xbox 360 games to run custom maps and cheats.

I don’t know, from the other comments it looks like this is a typical practice. And if they hadn’t placed the Backcountry logo on the S website, I would’ve never had a problem because I wouldn’t know any better. It just bugs me that they would sell an item on their main site at a different price than their other site.

Small L, looks the same as capital i on the computer. Small l, Big L. Small i, big I. They screwed over government unions knowing the statistics show strong government unions mean better pay for EVERYONE in the state. They underfund education and all the while act like this is in everyone’s interest. It isn’t..

There needs to be a happy medium, instead of waiting days, and in some cases weeks in emergency rooms for beds to become available because hospitals keep eliminating psychiatric beds, there needs to be more beds made available. Imagine being 14 years old and spending 3 days in an ER waiting for a bed, getting no meds except the occasional Ativan to keep you calm, only to be taken almost 3 hours away from your friends and family BY POLICE CAR, in handcuffs, to get treatment, and then once there being told that you are only allowed 1 2 visits a week for 20 minutes. If this was any other illness you be allowed daily visits, phone calls etc but because you have a mental illness you are treated like the worst kind of criminal, despite having not committed a crime and asking for help! What I just described is exactly what happened to my son 2 months ago! He has Bipolar disorder and we are in the process of having him evaluated for Autism Spectrum Disorder and possible brain damage that he may have suffered at birth.

Fewer than half of the parents reported they always or often placed limits on screen times. Children whose parents reported having rules about screen time and who reported agreeing that their parent had rules had the lowest chance of exceeding screen time limits. Kids who reported physical activity, or being involved on a sports team, were less likely to exceed screen time limits.

Who’s the player to watch? They have a few. Young left back Luke O’Brien broke into the first team last season and won the player of the year award. New striker Gareth Evans is expected to do well, as is Pakistan international central defender Zesh Rehman, who has now joined the club on a full time deal..

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To build a world free from nuclear tests, non participating States must join the Treaty. Without universal participation, the CTBT could not be effective. Non proliferation and the absence of nuclear tests were steps in the right direction, but were not an end in themselves.

In his Pulitzer Prize winning book The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer, Siddhartha Mukherjee writes that as recently as the 1950s, cancer was so feared and taboo that the New York Times refused to print the word in a support group advertisement. It was the second leading cause of death in the United States then just as it is now but it was as mysterious to most people as mortality itself. There is something monstrous about a disease that kills by wanting to live; cancer’s goal is to grow and prosper, with absolutely no regard for its host.

Our guest says, male stereotypes are partly to blame.Dr. Rajiv Bhatla, Chief of Psychiatry at The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre, says society expects men to be stoic and independent and, as a result, many men are suffering inside.Dr. Bhatla is taking your calls at noon.If you need to help, call Ontario’s Mental Health Help Line at 1 866 531 2600You can join a web chat with Dr.

Because if governments start deciding what people can and cannot buy, who knows what product, Canadian or otherwise, they’ll target next.Speaking of free and open markets, right now we bring a lot of European products into this country. And many of them I’m thinking clothing, food, alcoholic beverages represent highly discretionary spending. All should continue to be allowed in (including French foie gras, by the way).But if the EU chooses to ban Canadian seal products, then Michael Hlinka, at least, will choose to ban European products from his home.

Depends on the culture. For example, some people in my country eat dogs (I myself do as well), and to those of us who do, the sympathy we have for dogs is no more than that we have for pigs, fish, cow,. aka “nothing”. Again, I am calling on President Obama to get personally involved in ending this stand off so that I can return home to my wife and daughters, he wrote. Agency for International Development when he was arrested, was charged by a Cuban court in 2011 of being an American spy. Government project setting up satellite internet connections.

They need the support that the authentic SW purchase affords them. I’m actually suprised the Microsoft actually does allow known “cracked” copies to download securiy updates. I guess they’ve done SOME homework on the subject.The “library” argument you used is actually very similar to the ruling in a Cdn court case a few years back.

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And it no surprise that several celebrity stylists are falling head over heels for Swift many glamorous looks. Think Taylor Swift has made looking modest, by today standard, girly and cool, especially amongst a generation that is bombarded with sexualized images of young artists, like Miley Cyrus, says San Francisco based personal stylist Christina Santelli of Share Some Style. Swift has made the retro look appealing to a generation that barely speaks on the phone and texts instead, as well as expressing their emotions by posting status updates on Facebook.

Birthday Boy, an unglamorous glimpse at the daily grind of a cash strapped exotic dancer, shows a Petty esque flair for emotive, galloping songwriting that showcases the cinematic scope of the Drive By Truckers when firing on all cylinders.But just as it seems clear we got another rough edged diamond on our hands, the album begins to wander at its mid point. The Wig He Made Her Wear sees the rest of the Truckers reduced to unassuming backing band to Cooley dark story of spousal abuse and murder, the noir guitar lines seeming to bear little relation to his prose like vocals. Meanwhile, the mid tempo plod of Santa Fe and crooner You Got Another just don have the nuance or mystery to hold attentions after the album scorching opening numbers.Things begin to pick up with After the Scene Dies, a power charged eulogy to the South dying bar music circuit, and the fragile grace of The Flying Wallendas, but The Big To Do doesn maintain the expert balance that made Brighter Than Creation Dark such an essential release.

There were a couple of places now which I wanted to see. Both were fearful sites, and that was why I wanted to see them. So after lunch at the Devon Inn I walked back toward the school. I think it important for people to know that a sweatlodge ceremony is a sacred ceremony. These ceremonies are NOT for sale and it is strictly taboo to profit from them. No one should ever pay to attend.

First off, we continued to support Amazon. Full price history and all. We just didn get any affiliate revenue from it. So, we have an impasse. There is no definitive way to evaluate whether those feelings are from external or internal sources. And despite confident statements otherwise, in reality, the whole of psychology doesn really know.

Coward really???? Big words from a little man. Did you even read the article? What is Paula going to say about the injustice to blacks? She is is lily white old lady. If the brothers and sisters in Savannah are talking about all the great things she has done for them I am going to take their words over some money grubbing ho looking for a dime or a getto assed lesbian college professor that needs to spend some time in the burrows before she opens her trap..

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Microsoft has been touting the anti spyware and anti phishing features of its Windows Defender and Internet Explorer 7 software that ships with Vista (which are both available as free downloads for Windows XP) so much that it can leave a distinct impression that it’s a one stop shop for all of your computer security needs.In short, Thompson was doing his level best to counterspin and make sure that people remember that there are other security tools besides the ones Microsoft offers.But Thompson’s arguments may also be justified. Microsoft issued a dozen fixes for security problems with its software including Windows today, although none were for Vista.But that may be just a matter of time.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

With the separation in this episode, we have confirmation that this arc is thematically mirroring 12 15, but more spread out and with the roles reversed. Episode 19 was episode 13, this one is episode 14. That gives us episode 21 and 22 for the balls to the wall klaxosaurs vs.

Peter Parker was a poor orphan kid that got beat up in school and had no self confidence. I looking at the three names/photos here and I see three very confident looking people. The one even looks like a jock that could play a high school football quarterback.

You should be bad at dancing and sex and incapable of either without being drunk. You should resist invasion of your personal or national space. You should ignore what you dislike but give to charity. The claim is supported in an Independent Institutes economic report. The report states that people who work in the apparel industry in third world countries are better off than most other people despite claims of exploitation. In 9 of 10 countries analyzed, apparel factory workers made more than the national average working 50 hours a week.

But I’d bet 5 or so million people will get over immature criticisms of the game on Monday and pick up their copy of the game. Some people, mainly intelligent people, would wait till they play the game to make such comments. I know I don’t base my opinion on 30 second video clips on the internet.Also, your little rant on Futureshop and Best Buy would mean something if it weren’t for the fact that both stores generally have lower prices than any other electronics chains or stores.Posted: 2008/06/06 at 9:18 AMOh, and Wait till the fall for those who own GTA4.

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Trump is doing nothing to mitigate the problem. Just the opposite. A man accused by multiple women of sexual misbehavior, he seems to take special delight in denigrating women, especially House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), Rep. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileSony launched its new “flagship” Digital Single Lens Reflex camera today, the Alpha 900, the company’s first real entry into the professional still camera market. (Sony, of course, has dominated the professional video camera market for the past 20 years and has had a strong presence in the consumer point and shoot market.)Canon, Sony’s chief rival, has been the camera of choice for many professionals since their cameras went digital, with Nikon a close second. Website, a simple flash animation of a moon and a camera body with the slogan “Destined Evolution.” The UK site has a floating Canon camera body plugging the “future of photography.” There is plenty of online speculation that Canon will soon launch a new version of its EOS 5D, the company’s second level professional camera.Somehow, the advertising and promotion people at both Sony and Canon seem to be inspired by a 40 year old movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileA new research project designed to study the link between mental health and homelessness is giving more than 1,300 people across Canada a chance for a roof over their head.The At Home research project, launched Monday by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, hopes to determine the value of providing housing first and then following it with rehabilitation and treatment for those who are homeless and mentally ill.Altogether 1,350 people in Moncton, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver will be provided housing, and close to 1,000 other people will be provided health and social services but won’t receive housing.Researchers will track both groups to assess the comparative success of each method.What are some of the other ways Canadian institutions can fight homelessness?Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests. Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device.

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I don think that tougher gun laws are going to help either. Criminals or mentally challenged people will not follow them. Period. Guardian journalist Nick Davies arrives at some damning insights in his new book, Flat Earth News. Many will share his wrath at the “sloppy” and “morally bankrupt” British press too much of the British press is as bad an anything anywhere else in the world. But he might have come to the right answer for the wrong reasons..

Even then it seems like something best left to the military, as there is no sane or legal use for automatic weapons apart from law enforcement. You want to stop a burglar or whatever, one well placed shot from a pistol will do it. Gun control is sorely needed in the USA not a ban, just tighter control, especially on automatic weapons.

I mean, sure it was violent, but you can find alot more violence and gore at a movie theatre.Posted: 2007/08/27 at 3:26 PMCartoons and such used to be cool. The original Batman TAS was friggin’ violent, but managed to evade the censor’s scythe by using specific techniques, such as showing a split second of a white flash just as a fist “connected” to avoid showing a punch on tv. This avoids the “showing a punch on tv” rule.

You’re getting 100% uv protection. Reporter: Drugstore. 100%. So you pricing your time at $1.25 / hr. You better than that bro. Figure out your priorities and come up with a plan for what you actually trying to do. Like crash victim, Ches Tibbo, he also survived a plane crash in 2008. Morgan Cox spoke with our Natalie Kalata from his Fortune home this morning, and told her about the last minute change in his travel plans.Join Mack Furlong and meet the artists and cultural workers of our province. Marjorie and John Doyle talk about their father in the documentary Regarding Our Father, a film about Gerald S.

Showers can be especially hard to forecast. Their time or location doesn’t have to be far out for the forecast not to be 100% correct on the website/app graphics/red button. Showers (including hail/thunder/snow). In the streets he envied all the lucky boys, but goodness knows he didn want a lot. I so sorry for that laddie who hasn got a daddy, he a little boy that Santa Claus forgot. Part II of their conversation:.

Edit2: People are thinking these are fake due to the lack of the “Ray Ban P” white sticker in the top left of the right lens. These did originally come with that, but I always scratch that part off of my Ray Bans when I get them. They also have the “RB” etched in the left lens.

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“It’s hard for footballers because, in so many aspects of your life, you are so much better off than other people but it is where you are in your head at that time that matters. I remember Stan Collymore being ridiculed for suffering from depression. John Gregory, his manager at Aston Villa, said how could someone earning 20,000 a week have it?.

The second time they were intending to get a regular babysitter, it was a friend from work and her pre teen daughter. My parents went out for Valentines Day, I was about 4, they let friend from work and pre teen daughter babysit me. My mom said originally it seemed like everything was fine, but about a week later they were all hanging out at our place, and I was in my bedroom with the teenybopper daughter.

A half hour edition of Newsbeat put the subject under the microscope. Scott Breslin was 16 when he was stabbed in the neck in Glasgow. Paralysed he can move his head. People like wearing things that may be unappealing but they interesting. It fun to experiment. It also a gray area, you can do this and mix some sexually driven fits, with your experimental shit.

“There aren many systems capable of this level of reverse engineering,” Kaminsky says. “Every manufacturer customizes its hard drive to store data differently. Information can be encoded in thousands of ways, tailored to a particular pattern that physically compatible to the unique surface you writing to.

It looks to me like you constructing the pizza on the pizza stone, then putting it into the oven. That why your crust rim was flat and it wasn crisp underneath. You supposed to preheat the stone in the oven at max oven temp, then transfer the pie onto the hot stone.

Additionally, a negotiated solution to the Iranian nuclear question was of cardinal importance as acquisition of military nuclear capability by that country would be an unacceptable threat.Speaking in exercise of the right of reply were the representatives of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan Republic of Korea and France. Thursday, 16 April, to continue its general debate.The Disarmament Commission met this morning to begin the general debate of its substantive session for 2009, the first of a three year cycle.Adoption of AgendaThe Commission adopted its 2009 substantive agenda, which included three items: recommendations for achieving the objective of nuclear disarmament and non proliferation of nuclear weapons; elements of a draft declaration of the 2010s as the fourth disarmament decade; practical confidence building measures in the field of conventional weapons [to be taken up upon conclusion of the elements of a draft declaration of the 2010s as the fourth disarmament decade, preferably by 2010 and no later than 2011].HASAN KLEIB (Indonesia), speaking on behalf of the Non Aligned Movement, emphasized that progress on all aspects of nuclear disarmament and non proliferation was essential to strengthening international peace and security. The disarmament agenda had been stymied in recent years, but recent developments, including statements on nuclear disarmament by various States, had created an opening for progress.

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You have to realize that routine is a good thing. You are progressing every day. You decide what you do with your free time. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments. Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. Comments are welcome while open.

When I was a child, we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s for our birthdays. In addition to all of the cool games and the characters, I loved that they cut their pizzas into squares instead of wedges. The UK’s only professional deaf boxer steps into the ring for his first fight. Reece Cattermole fought long and hard to get his professional licence from the Boxing Board of Control. Now he faces his next challenge, his first professional bout at the famous York Hall in Bethnal Green.

I didn buy the VIP tickets because I not going to support that nonsense. Tickets were absurdly priced in my city. Compared to a Foo Fighters show where it was $160 for one giant GA pit. The legal system in these cities is a freaking joke. The city I live in has the 5th highest murder rate in the country currently. If the cops do not have a picture of someone committing a crime and a signed confession nothing seems to happen.

President actually has a good relationship with and likes and enjoys John Boehner company. But the fact is this can be about his [Boehner job security. Is that what the message is to the American people: the government is shut down. A significant reduction in humanity’s standard of living and depression of economic growth could have a beneficial effect. But nobody is willing to make unilateral sacrifices and those who promoted the first step, the Kyoto Protocol knew they could never persuade large producers like China and India to cut back. Therefore their inequitable plan failed to gain endorsement by the US and those who did endorse it and agreed to cut back simply largely ignored their committments.

But if the gender gap wasn’t significantly larger in 2016, the reaction to Trump’s election among women appears to be different. He has turned women who voted but had little other political involvement into activists and has turned some activists and non activists into candidates for office at all levels federal, state and local. Record numbers of women are running for office this year, and women have organized and led anti Trump marches in cities across the country since his election..

“The health service can’t afford to go on like this. Most must start paying again for their prescriptions.” So says Northern Ireland’s chief medical officer, Dr Michael McBride. I a wide ranging interview in today’s Belfast Telegraph, Dr McBride said anyone who can afford to pay for prescriptions should pay.

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Butter has always remained friendly towards me, even after I have killed the gang. If you give up Stingtail, you can run to him and protect him from a gang member. You can kill this gang member and it won piss off Griff or his gang. AAA puts the national average at just below $3.80 a gallon. Gas prices have dropped more than 7% since hitting a record high of $4.12 last month. However prices are still a dollar more than they were a year ago.

Your resin will have shelf life so make sure you use it before it expires. Keep them in a cool dry place away from sunlight or they’ll harden in their containers (what a waste!). Clean up spills right away. Jerry Richardson, the former owner of the Carolina Panthers, was fined $2.75 million by the NFL after accusations of workplace misconduct made by former Panthers employees were substantiated by a months long independent investigation. Attorney Mary Jo White, was prompted bya Sports Illustrated report that at least four former team employees had received significant financial settlements related to Richardson’s inappropriate workplace behavior and comments, including sexually suggestive remarks and acts. Shortly after the report appeared, Richardson announced that he would sell the team.

Those planes are dropping a lot of water/retardant at a very high rate of speed, imagine the impact of that water. You are supposed to lay down and cover your head if ever caught in this scenario, then you need to watch out for widow makers (or the tops of trees and branches that the water breaks off on impact and sends 200lb of wood towards the forest floor). They should have used the wall to provide cover but at least we get some cool footage..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIn keeping with our most recent blog post regarding how some politicians seem like deer in the headlights of new technology comes another doozy. This time it’s one of our own, Senator Marjory LeBreton, who is caught saying something most in tech land would deem rather foolish. The transcript, courtesy of Macleans, is as follows:Hon.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileMark Twain must have seen Wikipedia coming. To paraphrase Mr. Clemens, the online encyclopedia’s reports of American comedian Sinbad’s death appear to have been greatly exaggerated after another case of contributor tampering.The entry in the biography of the 50 year old comedian said he had died of a heart attack.

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The company intends to launch service in Toronto and Calgary by the end of this year and is so confident, it has put out some video ads on YouTube. Notably, there are no animals anywhere to be found. Here’s one, while others can be found here and here:Posted: 2009/10/12 at 9:49 PMI will wait and see if Wind is all it’s cracked up to be.

On the other hand, I had some truly inspirational teachers who helped bring out the best in me. If you haven had any of the latter, I feel really bad for you nobody deserves to be excluded at school.IJourden 11 points submitted 1 year agoAn amusement park wouldn make the city exciting. It just be Ottawa, with a roller coaster in the middle of it.

I always play with a “scrap everything” mod, so I can manually remove extra clutter and junk. There also another one that lets you put down a garbage can, assign a settler to it, and they will automatically clean up a lot of clutter and trash. It seems to work really slowly though, but I love the realism..

The first thing for you to learn about how fucking retarded you are is to understand that “generations” are fluid and not as defined as you seem to think, ok? “Millennials” aren all the same, and you weren all created in one big batch. Can you understand so far? Any of the ill will directed towards dumbfuck millennials like yourself is only because you a dumbfuck, it has nothing to do with your age. Some of your peers are capable of logical thought and aren insufferable little pieces of shit, so it not like there a blanket hatred of all people born after a specific date.

I understand that they made 4.83 billion last quarter but they are still losing money every day at the rate of up to 16 million a day. We are a capitalist society its not our place to question what they do with their money. Its theirs. Oh and the movie Ring was pretty scary.November 1, 2012 at 9:30 am Grouping movies is useful when talking about them in general terms like this or making lists. Of course many of them don fit neatly into a genre. I always find it funny when people get bent out of shape over supposedly misapplied genre names.

Wie gesagt, ich habe Home Office. D. H. Tonight Piers Morgan talked with Trayvon Martin parents Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton as well as their attorney Benjamin Crump. New video released today shows George Zimmerman arriving at the police station on the night of Martin death. His parents saw the video tonight and shared their reactions for the first time: were surprised because according to the police report he sustained injuries, Fulton said.