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Worst part is, he sat on that info during the election. He knows more than anyone how corrupt Hillary is and it was certainly no guarantee Trump would win. It was actually near impossible given the rigging, MSM control, Social Media shilling for her, leaked debate questions, Bernie in her pocket, billions in campaign funds, BLM and Antifa, etc.

Well, perhaps yes. If it is your honestly held opinion and it is based in fact, sure. But as, as far as I am aware, FSLabs has never been convicted of any wrongdoing in a court of law, and neither have any of the staff to my knowledge, if I were advising you in my day job I would probably suggest that in the event that was challenged in a libel suit, the law would be unlikely to support you in your assertion.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, Apple, Ray Ban and Nike all have storefronts. The site is even built like a mall, with departments on different “floors” of the website.Related: China’s Alibaba files for landmark IPOChina is already the second largest online retail market in the world, and the fastest growing. The industry brought in roughly $210 billion in 2012, and is expected to hit $650 billion by 2020, according to McKinsey.CNNMoney tracked down a few of Alibaba’s top merchants.

But it does it job well enough. It protects American lives, while killing agitators. It costs a hell of a lot less than an occupation both in money and in American lives.. It rare and he should be given every opportunity to have custody of his child. Yes, this family has had this child for 2 years, but if he gaines custody of her now, he has the opportunity to raise her without her evening knowing what happened. The only thing she will remember when she gets older is her biological father.

That prepper logic. You know who is sitting on one of the largest most useless stockpiles of military hardware on Earth? Russia. Guess who is also economically crippled and useless to everyone on a global scale. Unnecessary crime causes attention. If the police get on your trail, they get on my trail. Get it? Lucky for you two dipshits, nobody got a clear look at your face.

These kind of mice are an extraordinary resource for modeling human disease; for instance, research has found that mice that are genetically mutated to carry the BRCA1 gene (a human breast cancer gene) behave more similarly to human cancer patients than those mice who have had a tumor physically transplanted in. Also, knocking out the leptin gene in mice showed that this hormone regulated appetite. Now, leptin is used in treating some people who are obese [source: European Commission]..

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileCanada Post customers are being told to prepare for possible service disruptions. The postal service and its workers and have been in contract negotiations since late 2015, but things are not looking good. Both sides say little progress has been made at the negotiating table, and a legal strike or lockout could happen as early as Saturday.We spoke with Canadian Union of Postal Workers president Mike Palecek for the union’s perspective on the negotiations.

This member supports her Pastor, and I commend her for that! But I will say that she should have listened carefully to what the reporter was asking. She never gave a clear, understanding, response. I don go along with gays or lesbians either, and according to the BIBLE, new testament.

“His home run in Game 5 of the 1986 ALCS was a signature moment in Red Sox history,” said Red Sox president Sam Kennedy. “We shared his unbridled joy when he hopped into the air as the ball cleared the fence in Anaheim. Hendu played just two seasons in Boston, but we always regarded him as one of us and are grateful for the time we were able to enjoy his talent and infectious personality.

Outback was founded in 1988. As I sure you remember, in the late 1980s, the US experienced a short lived infatuation with Australian culture. For some bizarre reason, the Aussies thought this would be a permanent thing. Would it even make sense to you if you knew?Start asking the real question: Why does he get to hit her? And why does nobody do anything to stop him?Please hear this loud and clear; how someone treats you is most often a reflection of them, not you. Maybe he was abused. Maybe he’s doing the only thing he knows.

I mean there are some legitimate reasons why there were less people. First off the weather wasn that good unlike Obama Second off there were a ton of rioters so I sure a large amount of people didn want to get involved with that so they just stayed home. And it was a work day so a lot of people just thought they rather watch it on YouTube rather than waste a vacation day.

One is that in order to register to use the service, the person signing in must answer a Calculus question as the Captcha the test used to determine if the user is human or a computer. Readers attempting to register are greeted with questions about polynomials or trigonometry (featuring the dreaded cosine and sine), which, if you are like me, you’ve long since forgotten. Luckily, the site allows you to refresh until an easier question appears.

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The black version isn pure black, it has a red logo, keyboard and trackpad. Even though it a MaxQ design, imo it was louder than i expected during gaming. If you want to install a 2.5″ drive, you don need any additional screws, everything is included.

But that isn good enough, so they give a midterm report too. In kindergarten. I just go lie down for a bit now. Your post made me curious. I thought you were describing black eyed susans but I found I was wrong. My friend has those in pots in her yard and now it in her lawn.

I really wondering why this clip cuts out large parts of the interview where she just embarrasses herself. From England so I not racist I spit my coffee across the room in a fit of laughter. If you want to really head off comments that your coverage is being biased (which I tend to consider baseless) you would do well to not cut things like this off, and putting up an interview where someone seems relatively composed compared to what was evident on the actual program..

This guy is all over the place; ex con, rides (loud) atv’s in tiny backyard for hours, dogs barking all day, growing bud that stinks up the neighborhood, house was robbed last year, had a house guest arrested on property after tearing his deck apart, screaming and licking the house. List goes on. But he genuinely means well and has many redeeming qualities.

Dow Jones: The Dow Jones branded indices are proprietary to and are calculated, distributed and marketed by DJI Opco, a subsidiary of S Dow Jones Indices LLC and have been licensed for use to S Opco, LLC and CNN. Standard Poor’s and S are registered trademarks of Standard Poor’s Financial Services LLC and Dow Jones is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC. All content of the Dow Jones branded indices S Dow Jones Indices LLC and/or its affiliates..

First moved out at 18. Then moved back in less than a year later. Then I moved out again at 20 (got married, went back to college, got my bachelors). As I’ve been alluding to, my one saving grace is distraction. It keeps me sane. It helps me cope, considering the length of time I’ve been performing this job.

Not worth it for just one year. The Sixers may have developed nicely over the last couple of years, but, there more time to go before the post Warriors period is upon us. Another young prospect with a possible high development level is more valuable than a a great player like Kawhi.

The Ray Ban sunglasses. The must have designer labels on clothes. The “I must have MTV”. Personally, when I visit Kosovo (I live in the US), I like going in late August / early September. Peak summer (aka July) can get pretty hot, although that probably when most Albanians not living in Kosovo come back to visit (so it also way more crowded). To be honest though, any time from May October should be fine.

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He could have lived a much more comfortable life but as a persecuted Jewish survivor of WW2 he felt compelled to speak truth to power. He led a very useful life.” “Morgentaler emphasized that his experiences as Jew and Holocaust survivor were at the root of his work. Many women were raped or had relations with the guards to save themselves also a form of rape.”.

I was an early adopter of AirBnB and rented out my spare bedroom. I really liked it so I tried renting out my entire house over a holiday and I was shocked by how lucrative it is. Now I live in a rental and rent out the house that I own. We’re betting on Guitar Hero reclaiming its crown as king of the genre.Nintendo is making so much money it genuinely couldn’t care less about the hardcore gamer. Microsoft is aiming for that middle ground (both hardcore and casual). Sony doesn’t have a clue who it is aiming at but as long as it funds amazing experiences like thatgamecompany’s Flower, I’ll let them get away with it.

To address the warranted concern about “no brain activity” I don’t think I have a good answer. Because I worked nightshift there I wasn’t involved in the morning rounds so I often got only tidbits of information. I would go through the charts (before computers) at night for several hours trying to make sense of the hundreds of tests and progress notes.

If you look at her pictures its like shes flaunting herself quite a bit. I think sometimes these girls are asking for trouble. Also after she was captured it didnt look like she was traumatized. We were a little apprehensive not so much when the album was about to come out, but definitely when the video to Spanish Sahara was put out. I was anticipating some interesting reactions, as it’s the most different thing that we’d done compared to our previous work. But the response was good.

Experienced cave rescue experts consider an underwater escape a last resort, especially with people untrained in diving, as the boys are.The path out is considered especially complicated because of twists and turns in narrow flooded passages.A heartbreaking letter written by one of the boys reads “the kids say don’t be worried about them. All of them are strong. Chiang Rai acting Gov.Narongsak said experts told him flooding from new rain could shrink the unflooded space where the boys are sheltering to just 10 square metres.confirm that we are at war with water and time from the first day up to today, he said.

Good guy, good heart, strong faith. Here’s ABC’s Rebecca Jarvis. For country music’s fast rising star, Michael ray, this has been an unforgettable week. We wouldn deal with this situation in the same manner today and Parkdean Resorts would have provided appropriate assistance to Mr Mrs Hicks. We are very sorry for the distress caused to Mr Hicks and his family and for their loss; Mrs Hicks was a very popular owner at the park. De Vos.

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I went deaf at the age of 19, Diabetes is the cuplprit. I had a heart attack at age 44 due to Small Vessel Narrowing Disease diabetes again is ithe culprit so please dont. I walk 6 7 miles a day, I ride my bike to work, I eat very healthy and between 900 1200 calories per day.

Boy do we need a moderate in the white house. Too many divisive individuals in the past. He is obviously smart and well spoken. Lead by example! Demonstrate the poses while you teach or have a short intro to six or so poses before you begin the practice. Even if you implement more than those poses they will still have a basis to feel comfortable and you wont be as frustrated. You could use those six as a basis and add a new pose every other session.

I got Siobhan to draw lots of these faces and then write down next to them exactly what they meant. I kept the piece the piece of paper in my pocket and took it out when I didn’t understand what someone was saying. But it was very difficult to decide which of the diagrams was most like the face they were making because people’s faces move very quickly..

Some people might tell you to always use the rake even for one leaf, so you can learn how to use it before you encounter a lot of leaves. They very wrong. How are you going to know whether or not you holding it wrong, if you never had anything you needed to rake?.

“I would not have been surprised, M. Rokoff,” she said, “had you attempted to force me to submit to your evil desires, but that you should be so fatuous as to believe that I, wife of John Clayton, would come to you willingly, even to save my life, I should never have imagined. I have known you for a scoundrel, M.

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I mean just saw president for about fifteen minutes or so we came over here and talk to reporters about just not among other topics you know he views this. I’m as a victory in his eyes along with the speed ban inside of this and but you know he pushed all this criticism from corker inflate you know of course none of the members again. I’m he’s on over there he always comes up.

It weird, I swear reason wrote one similar to this months ago. Or maybe I can just read the future. Dips were my killer tricep workout and im trying to get big arms so i stuck with it and progressed despite the pains (stopping if I could tell my body reached its limit) and now, 3 months later I don get the pains anymore (despite dipping very deeply), and my chest and tri are thanking me..

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To understand the answers to these questions, it helps to have a basic definition of a magnet. Magnets are objects that produce magnetic fields and attract metals like iron, nickel and cobalt. The magnetic field’s lines of force exit the magnet from its north pole and enter its south pole.

The failure to serve the victim rests on the shoulders of a police chief who didnt have appropriate policy. In no way, shape, or form should a uniformed officer be handling major crimes such as this one. The failure of the chief to have supervision and policy coverage is his own doing..

I think you have a more comprehensive view on the subject at hand if you watched the documentary. Maybe that would help explain my point of view instead of you jumping to baseless conclusions? That the sort of behavior that contributes to the divide we see in the video. Listening before we talk is often the most meaningful way to discuss something..

I can tell you what is right or wrong I never had an open conversation with my parents about sex, but they raised me to be safe and respectful, so I wore a condom and treated my partners with respect. That was the most important part, in my mind. If you enjoying yourself, it consensual, and you using protection, then I think you shouldn be too concerned.

Air Force is the youngest American military branch, forming in the 20th century after the invention of the airplane. Tasked with protecting the nation’s skies and supporting ground troops, the Air Force relies on the most technologically advanced military aircraft in the world. Operating those planes are highly trained pilots backed by technically skilled support crews.

As a rape survivor myself, I would like to tell the young victim that her life is NOT ruined. She can heal from this trauma and flourish. The boys who raped her, however THEY have ruined their lives because they will forever be known as sex offenders.

You can’t fight fire with gasoline.Posted: 2008/11/03 at 7:59 PM(1) No rental means no legal way to try something out. This will only hurt sales because now people will only spend their hard earn $$$ on those top, proven franchises. No one is going to take a chance on a new unknown game.(2) Piracy in Belgium will increase because, again, no legal way to give something a test drive.

I got to say that after watching Christie (Mr. Back with a hole) whining about his million dollar beach home owners and wobbling around with his new found pal, he really is as disgusting as he appears. The only reason he upset is that his favorite Donut shop was swept out to sea and he needed his fat fix for the day.

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Only one entry is allowed per listener. Entries received outside these times will not be registered. The opening and closing times may change so please listen to announcements during the programme. Continue reading this postAccess to information: Does Canada need to be more open with data?TTC bus driver: Do you often see your local drivers texting?The Toronto Sun on Thursday published a picture sent by a reader of a TTC bus driver driving while texting on a mobile device. (Toronto Sun)The Toronto Transit Commission is coming under fire after the emergence of a picture. Continue reading this post.

7 points submitted 8 days agoThis might not help you but I pay for legal representation through my employer for things like family trusts and other legal documents. It will also cover things like this by providing me X number of hours for any kind of legal representation I might need. Costs me something like $100 a year and is worth looking at if your employer offers it.

The routinized, repetitive tasks of the tribe were relegated to the women and aboriginal men were determined to protect that societal order because they benefited from it. When the Canadian constitution was being repatriated, and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was being drafted, some native Chiefs cited as the reason they didn wish to have those basic rights and freedoms applied to aboriginal women. We have failed aboriginal women and children by refusing to extend to them the same rights to security of person that we all take for granted.

Previous audio and Web versions of this story said that Barrett Brown heard about Anonymous in 2003. In fact, it was in 2006. Also, the raid on Brown referenced in those versions of the story took place in his apartment, not his mother’s home, and he posted the YouTube video after a previous raid at his mother’s home.

I cleaned my fermenter really well (no soap, just hot water) and just poured the four bottles into the fermented and left it in a top cabinet for a week. After about that time, a thin, creamy layer of scoby started forming. Then I added maybe a gallon of sweet tea to it and left it another week..

Should part there of a case be made public then media and public interest would natuarlly speculate the missing parts not made public. I believe this term of reference should identify whether or not a particular case is actually within the public interest. It should be an “all or nothing” publication of fact given it is neccessary for public to know.

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The Welsh word for microwave is being Welsh for micro, and the mutated word for ton (tohn), literally means wave. And just means oven. I know. You might be surprised. In the current political environment I lean a little left of center but I do come here occasionally because /r/politics gets real unhealthy real quick. I reassured by the reasonable discussions I find in some of the threads here.

I recently adopted a family member Infinity RS Kappa 8. It has a few damages that I need to work on, but the midrange is the real trouble. The plastic dome has yellow and essentially shattered. The issue is that most people entering the US without documentation are claiming Political asylum and that they are being persecuted in their county. This protection allows you temporary stay in the country while they investigate your claim of requiring protection. Should they find that you might be telling the truth that you would be killed or unjustly imprisoned if sent back, they will keep you in the US and protect you..

Recovery can be slow or fast depending on how she takes it. Do your part if you can to document birth and baby first moments because Mom will be laid out on a table right after birth and then whisked away to recovery and baby taken off to the nursery. Hopefully you can take your time but that normally how it goes.

Since2000, malaria mortality rates have fallen by more than a quarter globally, and by more than a third in Africa.Now is the time to push for much greater progress. Achieving near zero malaria deaths is one of key priorities in the action agenda I have established for the next five years.In our world of plenty, there is no excuse for not making smart and affordable investments in malaria interventions. A rapid diagnostic test costs about 50cents, while a course of an anti malaria drug costs only about $1.

I always kind of feel like I have that in my pocket when I go in a room. Like, I going to go back to this amazing job that shredding and love it.’ right that Big Bang Theory is in the sense that the long running CBS sitcom is smashing its competition. It been the No.

80s Pop Road Map (w/t) is a True North production for BBC Four. The programme is executive produced by Paul Murray and commissioned for BBC Four by Owen Courtney, Commissioning Executive. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

The only stipulation the zoo had was that the name had to begin with N, to honour the baby’s mother, Ngozi. In the end, Charles chose Nassir.Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests.

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The best way to protect our children from adult content is to take an active part as a PARENT and make sure the products entering the house are child safe.If your child walked into a video store with you and wanted to rent “Debby Does Dallas” I’m hoping as a parent you would have enough common sense to say “No, not until you go away to College”. So please if your child is asking you to buy a video game with a rating of AO or M be the responsible parent and tell them they have to wait until they are older.Posted: 2007/06/22 at 9:45 AMI disagree that Sony and Nintendo would pull the game based on its rating considering we’re less than a month away from the release date. If the rating was done months ago, then maybe they’d have pulled out.

In the landfill, they have neither. Even banana peels won degrade in landfills. People are being misled, paying more for products that they think are helping the environment, but in reality, they are more or less the same. As soon this tragedy was aired to the pulblic before we knew 3 people died the first footage we see is a blast and a marathon runner falling. I was also worried about this gentlemen (now known as Bill). I pray for the families of the 3 that left us yesterday and those that are still in the hospital.

Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus is a guide to maintain a healthy relationship. If you are going through a tension period in your life, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus is a must read book because John Gray gives time tested tips on how to reduce relationship tension and develop love. The main thesis of the book is how to understand the differences between men and women in order to solve frustration and disappointment, and create happiness and intimacy.

I used to tell myself this too: “It not that important,” “Don objectify your partner,” “it just sex.” I now convinced that this is all basically crap. Sex is really, really important. It dangerous, powerful, intimate, fulfilling, and captures massive amounts of our collective time and energy.

It’s a threat to our civilizations, our humanity,our ecosystems and the like, and only a fool walks away from a threat.”The report is to be finished by the end of the week, and what promises to be two weeks of extraordinarily sensitive and complicated negotiations will begin December 3rd, in Bali.For more, read Beyond Kyoto: What to expect as nations meet over next stepsPosted: 2007/11/16 at 12:19 AMI consider the work of the scientists in the IPCC to be challenging. Instead of being able to write a clear statement of what the evidence and information available appears most likely to mean, they are likely being guided by their political overseers to write a document that, though it must be fact based, stretches the factual statements to the limits of scientific acceptability.Scientists know that few things in science are ever “certainties”. Now they also know that every statement in the IPCC document qualifying the un “certainty” will be used by those not wishing to give up the way of life, and path to wealth, they have grown accustomed to.

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I trying to find some kind of legal loophole. Anyways it sucks I have to wait, because I wanted to go to the range often before I start getting really busy. I try looking everywhere in my area and even 100 miles away and seems is hard to find.. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileBusiness Secretary Peter Mandelson said that Tuesday, June 5, has been picked to mark what is called the queen’s Diamond Jubilee. Together with another holiday June 4, that will create a four day weekend.The queen celebrated her Silver Jubilee in 1977 and her Golden Jubilee in 2002.Full storySince Canada is a member of the Commonwealth and Queen Elizabeth is our queen as well, should we also get a day off to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee in 2012?Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests.

Imagine, if this technique is combined with microchip,electrodes GPS system then people could be shocked from a remote location via the satellite people will not know the reasons for the pain sedation. The pseudo symptoms of electrIC SHOCK could be misdiagnosed for epilepsy. A friend of mine is always sedated in public places when he tried to study for exams.

At the same time, the international community should not neglect the broader goal of “building a world less reliant on the use of force”. The Holy See welcomed progress in the area of conventional weapons, but remained deeply concerned that their flow continued to exacerbate conflicts around the globe. Greed fuelled arms sales, he reminded the Committee, and those sales in turn fuelled conflicts, which caused “untold suffering and violations of human rights” around the world.

But even with all that the book isn primarily about sex. There an uprising being planned and seeing the heart of the capital, all that power being misused, all these misguided and corrupt people in charge you completely understand why it coming and how these people are their own worst enemies. This book is all about the characters fascinating, disgusting, heroic, innocent, determined, practical, selfish these people are insanely interesting to watch..

He drops everything and immediately runs for the bathroom and gives his mouth a liquid soap bath. Meanwhile, I am laughing so hard I am crying as he runs out. Good times.. If Dr. Gupta follows comments on his reports, I would appreciate some back and forth discussion. Nerve gases are bad, but so are “recreational” drugs.