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“I always say cannabis didn’t kill my daughter, Marc did,” she said. “I know lots of people doctors, professionals, nurses who have smoked cannabis for years and do not commit crimes.” It’s no good standing there wagging your finger and saying this is wrong. People need to be able to know the facts and there is a lot of information and counter information around cannabis use at this time.”.

I have bought and read this book. In conclusion, I could have used the many articles in the Chicago Sun Times and had enough material to write the book myself! Bottom Line. In general the book is pretty accurate and shows that Obama really is a media creation.

I do not in any way support what happened as it appears there are serious problems with how the man conducted himself and I believe he acted outside the law based on what I have heard. I believe in having the stand your ground law I do not support that itshould be used in a persue and confront situation as that is not the law. I also know that all the time young people are forced into scopping out residential areas for theift.

With an oblong face shape, your main goal is to make your face look a bit wider and longer than it normally is. There are several ways to do this, but the best way is to wear round or square shaped sunglasses. You also may want to think about wearing sunglasses with frames that are decorated, such as with studs, which are really hot on the market right now..

Bought some OSB trench boots on sale, but the boots never got comfortable so I gifted them to a friend. I ordered a pair of Trumans when the company was just starting to show up on r/GYW, but had to return them due to fit issues. I had so many issues that I more or less gave up on GYW footwear.

I do, however, try to enjoy every color I see the whole spectrum. A billion or so flavors, none of them quite the same, and a sky to slowly suck on. It takes the edge off the stress. The building blocks for an eventual denuclearization. Planner really far trip to do it gets know you meeting. But for now the summit is back on I think for now it puts it on for now.

That year, Rwanda became the first country to sign a formal CAADP Compact. Under it the ministers of finance and agriculture vowed to increase the share of government spending for agricultural development from 4 per cent to more than 10 per cent within five years (it had reached 7 per cent by 2010). The ministers, as well as signatories from the private sector and civil society, also pledged to be guided in their activities by CAADP’s four thematic “pillars” (expanding land area and water systems under sustainable management, increasing food supply, improving rural infrastructure and market access, and promoting agricultural research)..

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However, WHENEVER you see Wournos (spelling?) discussed, she is ALWAYS framed as a monster (look at the title!) She has been the subject of SO MANY documentaries, all of them casting her as the epitome of evil. She killed fewer men than most male serial killers do, AND she came from a background of severe, female specific maltreatment most male serial killers do NOT, AND she killed the very people who participated in this maltreatment, even if not all of them were bad guys/some tried to help her (they were, in her mind, representative of ALL the men who had used her). She is, in my mind, more sympathetic than say, Ted freaking Bundy.

I’m working on little stat sheets for each module. They have like average cmc for each module and stuff like that. Mainly though, they have a little pie chart showing the colors for each module, which will help people during the initial module picking see which colors could use a boost.

Then, the Wizard gave them each something to show they were smart, loving, and brave. And Dorothy discovered she had within herself, the power to get her and Toto back to Kansas. Hypnosis, by applying the metaphors, thechildren were more capable of defining their goals and realizing they already had within them some of the things they thought they were missing..

From a purely civil point of view, however, Mr. Ravi did contribute to his roommate death. Ravi and family should ante up more than sorry. Obviously it much more likely someone would die in my analogy, than with what Trump has said, but you brushing off your president promoting war crimes. Perhaps the most powerful man in the world, promoting war crimes someone who going to guide the discourse of the world and your country for decades. How can you still support him?.

This past year has been full of news on this topic, from the Ray Rice elevator video, to Bill Cosby, to Jian Ghomeshi. Violence against women has become a dinner party topic. Anecdotally, it feels like an epidemic as more and more women speak out, telling the personal stories they have long kept hidden..

18 points submitted 28 days agoYeah, I liked the way Live 18 looked as well. I think Live graphics are better than 2k and Live player models are definitely more accurate when compared to how players look in real life (it almost like 2k18 player models regressed from 2k17. Have you seen Kobe and Shaq in 2k18?? They barely recognizable.), but Live animations are still just not as fluid as 2kWhen viewed at a distance, 2k can easily fool me into thinking I watching a real game, but, even though Live graphics are better, the player movement always looks like a video game.

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Curious, I tried the other 2 languages and it was the same way for each one(from what I can tell). Awesome attention to detail.10/10 $30Looked great, better than anything I seen at my local tackle shop, but they were the size of my pinkie nail. Maybe for catching guppies?3/10 $5Decorative hanging cascading cloth baskets:I received only a single cloth bag and a wooden dowel.

I think the main selling point is Jerry Jones likes him. But he is credited with installing Clemson offense in the Boyd/early Watson era, along with recruiting Watson. Has really strong Texas recruiting ties as well. Monster Exchange is more of a long term/whale thing. If you got dupes of six stars sitting in your box and they are applicable, maybe you consider trading them in for a fancy new thing. Or if in a collab, you pulled a bunch and you got literally every other collab 6 star in dupes except that one specific one, you going to be trading in as well probably..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe soundtrack for a documentary on the late British singer Amy Winehouse was released last week and our music columnist Errol Nazareth says it gave him the opportunity to reflect on her greatness.Four years back, one of Britain’s most mesmerizing singers, was found dead in her London apartment. She was only 27.Given Winehouse’s public battle with drugs, alcohol and bulimia, speculation was rife about how she died but an inquest later confirmed she died from alcohol poisoning.A two hour documentary titled “Amy” was released last summer and it rightfully received rave reviews for its portrayal of the troubled singer. Critics all over the world called it extraordinary, stunningly moving and gripping.

I doubt my computer will ever play SC. I on disability so upgrading is an impossible splurge for the foreseeable future. What would be unfair is to intentionally make a game worse for everyone else so that I can play it on my rig when it is still completely unoptomised.

I don’t care how you want to sympathize or empathize with users, it’s all a matter of life choices. Only people I have sympathy for are children hurt by this. That goes for guns as well. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileCharities in Manitoba will start five months of door to door fundraising campaigns this week, but the Better Business Bureau thinks the practice should stop.Amaro Silva, executive director of the BBB in Manitoba, says charities should find other ways to raise funds because door to door campaigns have become tainted by scams while residents have become cynical about them.”People are shying away from that type of solicitation because of fears that they’re not dealing with somebody at the door who’s legitimate,” he said. “And we’re concerned for the charities.”But some organizations disagree.Although Lorraine Decock, spokesperson with the Alzheimer Society of Manitoba, admits the door to door practice isn’t as successful as it once was, she still believes it is a worthwhile effort.Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports. Internet and cellphone data service was unavailable throughout the country, making it impossible for news of the protests.

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We teach our children not to talk to strangers. In those situations we do everything possible to fight for your life. It sounds like he fighting for his life and that why Zimmerman had some minor injuries. It an issue with the police system were they don do a proper investigation on any death that involves a gun.

Like people legitimately curious. We got a lot of how the government agency was skewing the numbers, but I would liked to see the effects of that skewing on the people watching the news. Lots of media control overtones but no real affect other than the same government guy talking about how successful it was.

Please consider submitting your article to /r/offbeat or similar subreddits unless it truly reads like The Onion wrote it. The title and article itself must both be “Oniony”. This can be highly subjective; you are encouraged to upvote articles that should be here and downvote those that should not.

The moderate will not do that because the radicals will take action againt them and their families. If the Muslims are so peace loving why are there Go Zones in America and across Europe? They are not peace loving people. The Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamci groups are using our own laws to gain a foot hold in all levels of government, etc.

Time we have a difference. Reporter: Outspoken support for the me too movement. We should not have to be on your shoulders to make this change. About a year later I was hanging out at a friends house drinking and whatnot. Another group showed up and me and this one girl got to talking about how we looked familiar to each other. Thought we might’ve taken a class together.

What if I have to pee or take a water break? Make sure you pee before you go or pee at the studio. You should take a water bottle that is easy to drink from into the studio (don bring one that requires you to unscrew the cap overytime or that makes noise/clangs). Take water breaks as you need them and then jump back into practice..

1130 Featherstone High School in Southall, Middlesex, held their practice News Day on 11 February. Ibtisam, Martin, Crystal, Harkiran, Lakshay, Hapreet, Guricirpal and Zainab used cameras to interview each other about their top story: whether or not supermarkets should ban free plastic carrier bags. Their teacher, Oliver Newport said: “They met all their deadlines and did really well.

Was killed by law enforcement. Trayvon was killed by an ordinary citizen, he told the Morgan Live host. Biggest difference [with Martin] was somebody wasn there to record what happened. Like Donald Trump assault and rape his wife? I don know! I heard it, actually, I heard both, so maybe he did and maybe he didn who knows, but maybe he did.Edit: Oh, we were talking about Melania? Okay no, I don know if he beats Melania. Does this really look like the face of a battered woman to you? 10 points submitted 1 month agoWe have sanctioned a few of them, and then stopped at least one at an airport and searched all his electronics. It the FBI, they have a microscope, but we don have lab access right now.reality television channels? You mean 24 hour cable news channels?Stormy Daniels is proving to be rolled up in this russian mess as well.

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SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileIt was a coming together of two countries in Amherstburg today as they celebrated the bicentennial of the War of 1812. Students from both sides of the border presented their understanding of the War of 1812 through a variety of ways , includingart, dance and theatre. Students first came together last fall to take part in this cross border project.

Quoted in Jeff Collins’ Rock Legends At Rockfield (UWP, 2007), Queen’s producer Roy Thomas Baker said: “I remember Freddie playing me Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time on his piano at his place in London. Then later at Rockfield, with the basics mapped out, he focused on pinning down what was right. He played me the beginning part and said, ‘Right, now this is where the opera section comes in’ and he’d leave a gap and I’d have to imagine this dramatic opera style segment..

Links to self owned youtube videos are allowed at moderator discretion; on topic, sincere user content is welcome. Posts are more likely to be removed if they are originate from accounts used to frequently post self owned links, or which cross the line into promotion of commercial products or of the channel itself. Product reviews, new product announcements, knifemaking videos, and anything beginning with “This week episode” are especially unlikely to survive..

Bear in mind that this performance was broken up into two parts over a week of broadcasts, so the transitions are a bit rough we wanted you to know who was reading which part. The hosts introducing the readings this week were Carolina DeRyk, Betsy Trumpener, Andrew Kurjata and Robert Doane. The vast majority of this performance was produced by Jenifer Norwell and Betsy Trumpener in Prince George and Carolina DeRyk and George Baker in Prince Rupert, with post production from Wil Fundal and Robert Doane.By submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses.

It’s because it’s easier to do tricks when you know they’re possible. These days we are working off of the success of all the previous hero’s, it’s not easier. It’s just as hard, it’s just as dangerous, but the limitations are just a bit more vague.

If anything, it makes that cognitive dissonance that he thrives on even more striking, and gives him another person who he feels the need to protect, even though Selina is, out of all of Batman’s “family,” the most capable of protecting herself. Nobody is saying they have to be together ten years down the line. But let’s explore this, and expand the character a bit.

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A brazing filler begins with one of several common primary metals: silver, aluminum, gold, copper, cobalt or nickel. These primary metals are then mixed, or alloyed, with other metals to improve or tweak their properties. For example, manganese acts as melting point suppressant, meaning it lowers the temperature at which the primary metal will melt.

The fact is the gaming market has grown tremendously since it’s early beginnings in the 80’s, and frankly I think it’s refreshing to see the big players in the industry tailoring to the widening markets different tastes. The Wii has taken the next step in not only offering diversity in the kinds of games it offers, but has designed the entire machine to be something that appeals to the “non gamer”. For the player, hardcore or not, who’s looking for that next graphical rush, you have the Xbox 360 or PS3.

Many of the bands who paid tribute to John at TJ’s In the Square are on this disc. Most tracks are exclusive to this release. Flyscreen, Novocaine, Darling Buds, The Drains, Rollerco, Bad Sam, Sick Livers, Goldie Lookin Chain, Doctor Bison, Elephant Rescue Plan etc etc.

However, the Committee should not fail to seize the opportunity they presented and do all that it could to ensure consensus, in order to move towards a better world that was safe for everybody.Statements in the general debate were also made by the representatives of Myanmar (on behalf of Association of South East Asian Nations), Nigeria (on behalf of the African Group), Mexico, Venezuela, Kazakhstan and Peru.The representative of Iran spoke in exercise of the right of reply. On Tuesday, 6 October, to continue its general debate.The First Committee (Disarmament and International Security) met this morning to begin its general debate, scheduled through 12 October, on all disarmament and international security agenda items before the . Discussion focused on several reports of the Secretary General:The annual report of the Conference on Disarmament is not yet issued.[The Conference on Disarmament is the sole multilateral disarmament negotiating forum.

In the past, the USA has declined to condemn the use of poison gas. Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein ordered chemical weapons attacks against Kurdish resistance forces in 1988, but the relationship with Iraq at the time was deemed too important to rupture over the matter. The United States did not even impose sanctions.

Which is scary, as they dont come with a “load” button, so youre stuck with the mistakes you make. But that just means more concentration. Final comment: There should be more articles per day listed on this blog.Posted: 2007/10/03 at 10:50 AMI am a console gamer and I pace myself.

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A Utah judge has ruled the adoptive parents must hand the child over to him within 60 days. But the couple, Jared and Kristi Frei, is filing an appeal, hoping to keep their daughter. If this is getting recognition as a problem, shouldn also an instance where a man wants to be a father to his biological unborn child whose mother plans to abort it? I agree with many who have commented that it is time to give men equal parenting rights with women..

He liked writing screenplays. He liked being at the cutting edge of technology and inventing and explaining with an enthusiasm that was uniquely his own. Douglas’s ability to miss deadlines became legendary. The All Blacks had lost their first ever test series against the British Irish Lions in 1971, and were unexpectedly defeated by Llanelli in ’72 both teams coached by Carwyn James. Twelve Lions were playing for the Barbarians in Cardiff in ’73 and Carwyn, the unofficial coach, managed to evoke the spirit of ’71. The try was classic Carwyn James and archetypal of the ‘Welsh way’ counter attacking and full of expression, and stirred them on to an historic win.

Further, rehab doesn’t work. Every so often someone will get and stay clean, but that’s a low percentage. The majority simply have to be written off. I just played out the vocal part on the keyboard and the keys are A E F(Taaaakeeeee ooonnnnn meeeeee) then A Ab A (taaaakkkkeee meeee oooonnnnn). Its not almost exactly, it is literally the exact same as the Black Panther theme. Again not saying chord progressions arent used over and over, but this motif is too similar in tone for me to pass off as artistic liberty..

Then having issues with it I saw they had the absolute worst customer service I ever dealt with. Finally it got advanced to a manager, who gave me serveral hours of “homework” to test things for them. They then said they were going to send me an Ultra and a 4 saying the 4 wouldn have the issues the Ultra might have (same one the new Premiere + I bought and the B stock reburb) they sent back had.

When the inning finally ended, Knoblauch returned to the dugout, talked briefly to Torre, and walked out of Yankee Stadium, frustrated at his on field performance. Two days later, Knoblauch was back, much to the chagrin of those sitting behind the first base dugout. He made another throwing error this time the ball struck an elderly woman instead of the first baseman’s glove.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileGeek bloggers Slashdot have an interesting tidbit on Seattle based Pelago Inc., a company that has applied for a patent to link mobile advertising sales to whether or not customers actually physically visit nearby stores.The patent is, according to the application, for a pay for visit billing model for advertisements. As the application states: “The advertisement system provides advertisements to a mobile device or fixed of a user when the user is in the vicinity of or examining locations in the vicinity of the visit location. If the user subsequently visits the visit location of the advertisement by physically going to the location, the advertisement system then bills the advertiser for the advertisement.”For something like this to work, the customers’ mobile device would not have to have Global Positioning System capability, the customer would also have to willingly transmit that info for ad purposes.

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In Britain much work was done to deal with infected wounds but thousands died of tetanus or gangrene before any effective antidote was discovered. Towards the end of the war, a few radical solutions emerged. One of these was blood transfusion effected simply by linking up a tube between the patient and the donor, a direct transference.

Im mad at her, they didn ruin her life she is perfectly fine now. These boys are the ones with the ruined life now just because they made a simple mistake. They have so much shame already and she decides to say who they are publicly? thats messed up, i was in a similar position to those boys and i was so shameful of myself that i attempted suicide 3 times.

The way you have showed that info in large numbers, rather than comments made it understandable even for none English speakers. Please keep informing us that way. In Germany the media is worse than in china. Let me get this straight. You read a story about a teenage girl being trafficked, and that didn outrage you because its “not news”. You aren angry this shit goes on, but are angry that this type of news is being reported? You aren sad this is happening, just that you have to read about it instead of what? Sports scores?.

The missing piece here is that, on the Christian Conservative Right, they not only believe that they have the right to express their viewpoint but that their belief dictate how others who believe differently should live their lives. This is particularly what makes it hate speech, the condemnation of other people who do not live by your expressed values. Clearly this implies that YOUR values are the only CORRECT values.

Well if this is to be their final album although they’re not splitting, apparently James Murphy and chums have certainly bowed out in style. Having already released a masterpiece in Sound of Silver, This Is Happening had its work cut out trying to follow it. Fortunately it was amazing..

Military members and police are not heroes and don protect freedom. Not even close. In fact the sole job of police is to deny freedom and US citizens are largely less free after 9/11, not more free. To dispel what a bit of a misleading and clickbaity title, the article is differentiating between car sales and truck/SUV sales. Truck/SUV sales are through the roof right now, and double that of car sales, as all 3 major American producers are thriving with (GM/FCA) posting gains on the year, and Ford is roughly flat, but “flat” is still an all time high and they currently making significant investments in Detroit for self driving and electric vehicles all 3 are propped up by trucks and SUV sales. Meanwhile car sales, as in sedans/coupes, are at their lowest since 1958..

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Glass, Google’s experimental gadget that places a notification screen above your eye, initially launched in 2013 as an exciting futuristic product. Since then, it has become an overhyped niche gadget with a public relations problem. By appearing more stylish, Google is hoping Glass may gain broader market appeal before it releases the product to the broader public toward the end of 2014..

Have you ever tried to help a child as a neighbour? I have and seen many others. In some areas it really isn possible. If you try to tell someone child something very obvious and simple like stop kicking your ball at my window. It’s not their fault HTC is a huge company with overpriced accessories and lame quality control. All you can do at the end of the day is be as calm as possible while you navigate the swamps of tech support. Good luck!.

At the heart of both films is a wide ranging interview with Quincy himself, in which he talks candidly about his work and personal life, covering the highs and lows, the triumphs and the tragedies. Family, friends and stars from the music and film industries provide an insight into the man and his unique genius. Both programmes feature archive illustrating the key stages in Quincy’s life, including previously unseen home movies and studio footage from his personal archive..

There was another “unkillable” boss from Velious called “The Sleeper”. He would only appear once in the history of a server when he was awakened and would disappear after that. One server managed to keep him asleep for 10 years, and many expansions and level cap bumps later, decided to wake him up.

This includes posts for people you know, your friends, your family, etc. Sadly I believe the Wirecutter has slowly begun selling out on some of their reviews. I seem to recall one or two products where they went from a full fledged breakdown of the testing methods and results to a crippled review with a new champ (I happened to check whatever article it was twice in one month and the change occurred within that timeframe.).

BREIFNE O’REILLY (Ireland), associating with the New Agenda Coalition and the European Union, said that by this time next year, the Arms Trade Treaty would have entered into force. His country was committed to ensuring that irresponsible arms flows, which destabilized States and contributed to violence, conflict and gross human rights violations, were stopped. The international community must not be complacent, however, as the Treaty’s entry into force was just the beginning.

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Comment number 2. At 12:50 1st Jun 2009, Isenhorn wrote: Yet another topic aimed at drawing attention away from the current economic trouble and political scandals. Never mind the economic crisis, the bancrupcy of GM sending waves of redundancies across Europe, never mind the scandal with the expenses.

A looming problem for lightplanes is that they are the country’s sole users of leaded gasoline, and the quantity of 100 octane fuel consumed by our tiny fleet of 300,000 piston engine airplanes many of which fly fewer than 50 hours a year is barely worth refining. Particularly since it is subject to stringent, expensive FAA rules regarding its storage and handling. So GAP partner Teledyne Continental is working hard to create an aircraft diesel piston engine able to run on widely available jet fuel.

I think the problem is you’re equating happiness with overcoming trauma. Batman can get married, be happy, and have some support in his life, without losing his motivation to fight crime. His motivation doesn’t even need to change. I, for one, am glad of this. I hope “Vista” (shudder) is the last cheezy, meaningless name for a new version of Windows I’ll ever have to hear about. This time, however, I won’t be putting up with it.PS: I wrote this article on a computer running Linux.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews.

Then on December 23 the call came. Dr. Gupta called my house I wasn’t home. I said if he wanted to take a broad view of the thing, it really began with Andrew Jackson. If General Jackson hadn’t run the Creeks up the creek, Simon Finch would never have paddled up the Alabama, and where would we be if he hadn’t? We were far too old to settle an argument with a fist fight, so we consulted Atticus. Our father said we were both right..

/u/aqazar, could you please provide some substantiable proof that this is Ray Aegislash? There nothing solid here that suggests these allegations are true.And I find it worrisome that 90% of the comments here are more concerned with whether or not Dream Ball Aegislash is a legitimate thing than with how legitimate these allegations are. :/Edit: Even in the event that it turns out Ray Aegislash IS in a Dream Ball, it doesn matter. No one can prove that that particular Aegislash wasn properly bred and raised as y fear; it entirely possible one of its genetic ancestors happened to be hacked to have that Dream Ball.

I know how you come to where you are mentally and why you considering murder and suicide and things like that, says Cooke, who has famously cited the film Matrix as the trigger and inspiration for his violence. You been abused like I was or bullied in school or been rejected by girls and maybe you maybe you addicted to go these violent video games and things like that, but you don know the pain that you going to cause with this type of shooting. You think you do, but you don in Craigsville, Virginia, tonight conversation with Morgan marks Cooke first ever television interview since the 2003 double murder.