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We met people from all around the world, worked with the offspring of establishment icons (Marlboroughs, Nelsons etc.), played Peter Gabriel’s “So” until the player died and had our young eyes opened to a lifestyle not seen in the former industrial towns and cities of the Midlands and elsewhere. London was also a cleaner, less crowded, more affordable and liveable place then. At the end of the 80s I switched my “Sweeney” ambitions for “Rumpole” ones, travelled and eventually emigrated to Canada a decade later..

Company Space Adventures, which has brokered the five previous space tourist trips. Dollar. Citizens can always apply to NASA the old fashioned way.Reports out of Russia from the summer had pegged Russian grocery magnate and politician Vladimir Gruzdev as the next space tourist.There have been hints Gruzdev would be making the trip, but no official announcement from Space Adventures or the Russian Space Agency has ever been made.

Sorry if my comment came off a little mean, I agree with you on the buy a shitty one to drift part. I was more laughing at i wish 240s were still 500 bucks haha, I talked to guys who have been in the scene for 10+ years and they said they used to not be able to give them away, straight up crushed running and driving ones. Shit adds up though even if you get that shell for 1500, your gonna need at least 2.5 to 4k for a full motor set setup (looking at Sr prices now).

I like this idea a lot. I like there to be incentive to hike out someplace by adding rare spawns, but people would wreck it lots of popular trails are constantly dotted with dog poop bags and garbage already. However, with your idea, there would be incentive to go places that no one has been to for a while.

It truly is a nitpick if it doesn detract from the point being made. My point was solely that the world is not in fact becoming more secular as he stated. You don take issue with what I said, you take issue with the way I said it, which given the context set up by OP should not be so ambiguous..

Said he expected Horn to use his size and strength to intimidate him and Horn was yesterday urged by New Zealand boxing great Kevin Barry to out the mongrel prepared for that, Crawford said. Feel like he gonna come in there and try to bully me, and use his strength. And that something that we gonna be up for.

At the core of the issue is the fact that most European countries, especially in the expanded format we’ve had in recent years which embraces former Soviet states, take the competition seriously. It’s a matter of national pride. If the Celtic nations entered independently, would they also have this seriousness of purpose? If the UK sees fit to enter kitsch nostalgia, might Wales enter Manic Street Preachers draped in Welsh flags? Might Northern Ireland put forward Snow Patrol to sing an elegiac epic? Might Scotland decide that Paolo Nutini would show their country in a good light?.

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The same spending on its cable and telecom unit was down four per cent in the same period. Revenue and profit in both areas, meanwhile, was up significantly wireless brought in 18 per cent more revenue and 22 per cent more profit, while cable and telecom revenue rose 12 per cent and profit was up 27 per cent. Clearly, a lot more money is coming in than going out, yet rates are going up nonetheless.But back to home phone rates.

That said, you don need to worry too much about this for practical purposes. Lithium ion batteries are really durable relative to the demands that most flashlights have. It takes hundreds of charge discharge cycles to have an appreciable effect on the battery capacity.

He let her know she not calling the shots around here. They fought, he grabbed her hair, shoved her against the stairs and started beating her head against the wall or stairs. It only took a few blows and she was gone. Or, shall I say, what you are hoping it is.Go have a look at ‘tallica’s official website and get the facts before blabbering on about something you so obviously don’t know anything about.So much for having any integrity. It always amuses me when nobody verifies their information and they can’t help but sound off, get the masses all up in arms, and then can’t be bothered to go “Oops. Didn’t quite happen that way, sorry!” afterwards.Remember a couple of years back when James looked like a terrorist and was detained at the airport prior to performing for charity? Yeah, uhh.

Labor cannot appear fresh after governing the country for so long and a leader emerging from the labor begins with a serious handicap that the opposition party/parties do not have. They can easily conjure up an illusion of freshness, of a viable alternative. It is an important edge, for the man in the seat, and his skills, talents and philosophy, cannot remain anonymous..

Houston will become Carter Williams fifth team in six seasons. He was a backup in Charlotte last year, averaging 4.6 points per game. He was the NBA rookie of the year for Philadelphia in 2013 14 when he averaged 16.7 points per game. It feels reminiscent of that 2013(?) squad that lost to the early Warriors. 20 points submitted 8 days agoI just don think the Cs can afford to pay him $15 mil a year, while also keeping together a core of like 5 All Star level players in Kyrie, Hayward, Horford, and the two Jays. That five $20+ mil a year players.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileChess lovers revel in their game’s status as the brainiest of leisure activities, but even they had to admit some of the fun has been taken out of the game after Deep Blue and, more recently, Deep Fritz, started beating world champions.Those in pursuit of a game of true human intuition could always fall back on Go, as the popular Asian board game’s subtleties had thus far eluded programmers. While Go playing software could beat amateur players, they had failed to compete against even mid level opponents. Two Hungarian scientists, however, believe they are a step closer to playing in the big leagues.According to , the scientists at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences’ computing lab SZTAKI have come up with an algorithm that helps a computer compete with professional players on a nine by nine square board.

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Rita says: I travelled on this odyssey I came across new music makers blazing their own trail of irresistible sounds full of swagger and confidence. African music still influences most of the music we listen to, still makes an impact in concert halls and dance floors around the world. Fantastic journey, fantastic music I am still pinching myself.

I not a student anymore, I working with an income, so I wouldn settle for cooking indomi off the one of two burners available for dinner every night lol.As a student, I actually really recommend cooking for yourself! It saves so much money and I think really affects your mental health. I only got into cooking my senior year of uni, but holy crap that hour every evening to focus on just the task of cooking and not think about school or assignments was super helpful. Plus of course all the benefits of eating healthy food, I personally just feel better when I doing something tangible for myself and taking some time out of the day.mdardas 8 points submitted 2 months agoJust got admitted into engineering science! My application status was “application received” and “your application will be reviewed in the coming weeks” and it changed to admitted suddenly.

It just seem strange certain people use whatever means to tear our families apart, there are two children without a mother. As for the acuser I will just say this Willie Lynch symdrone. It not always enough to just air the story. In fact, I would go as far as to say that the majority of what I learned in college was critical thinking and self education skills. My retention of the actual course material was comparatively limited. Though certainly, some college students may not take away those skills from their time at a university.

Lee Warren, head of thermal generation at ScottishPower, said: “ScottishPower is pleased to have completed the sale of the former Cockenzie power station site after several months of positive discussions with East Lothian Council. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking..

Until then I don see how that list is at all constructive or helpful to anyone.Edit: Downvoting me only proves my point. If you want to shit on PC2 and SMS, fine by me, but be consistent and shit on all the other developers who consistently fail to meet deliverables too as this is a sim racing wide issue, not just a PC2/SMS issue.skiedAllDay 2 points submitted 7 months agoThere is certainly some unnecessary toxicity, but there are also plenty of level headed complaints. If you are not seeing any level headed complaints, you cannot be looking very hard..

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Carmen’s husband, Rich, snapped photos of his wife along the route and followed her as she progressed through the course. He was watching for her at the end with their three young children. The four were across the street from Rich sister in law and niece when a flash and loud blast went off.

Last time I took a taxi was because the airport I was at banned rideshare. On top of costing double, the seat was dirty, they had a screen stuck up to the glass divider that blasted advertising at me, and the car was the same Prius any rideshare driver would pick me up in. Just a shit experience overall.

Yes, it helps to know how something works before you fix it but you can get by here.Search the code along with your vehicle. So here’s what I wrote in the search bar. “Buick rendezvous OBD P0496.” You might also add your vehicle year but keep this in mind.

Would have made a lot more, but I left the flipping game close to 4 years ago and decided to come back now that I have a dedicated storage area in my new home. Lots of startup expenses to make life more efficient which is why the profit total was so low. Expenses should be close to nothing for the next few months at least..

As a reply to Frank M4449 , I too about 2 years ago started to wear them in public with shorts. I was at the time a business owner on my feet 12 14 hours a day. I never looked back. Imagine a client stays in a meeting too long at work, and it makes me late for dinner with the family. I choose to stay at the office to keep the client happy, and then I speed on the way home because I want to be there for the family as much as possible, and because I said I be there. I get pulled over for speeding and the cop gives me a ticket.

The left portion of the drawing shows the line (gray) and the frame (brown) as viewed from the side of the glasses near where the bows attach to the frame. The right portion of the drawing is a side view and shows the bends the line must make. The lens would fit against the left side of the view in the right portion of the drawing.

Idealism and pity for the fate of others is a nice thing in theory, but in all practicality the fate of these people is not our burden to bear. Some within the federal government will do anythng they can to strain the states and local budgets to a breaking point. It as if they are lookin for our nation to implode so some twisted new radical foreigner anti american force can take over the country and ruin our beauty, joy, goodness and sense of well being.

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They learned a trade from their father, they had jobs that were expected (in the family trade or on the family farm), and they felt better about themselves. They knew who they were and what they were capable of. Society needs to create some substitute, stop listening to the inhibiting theories of too many child psychologists, and let young people on the cusp of adulthood step forward and be adults.

I think it important not to let the asshole racists decide who anyone gets to be with. Just because it will be difficult frustrating to navigate, doesn mean we shouldn walk through it. We all have dumb predispositions that we carry, maybe the girlfriend just needs to be enlightened.

There was my column right in front of my eyes.First of all, our country is like a company. All the citizens are both the customers and the shareholders, the government employees are the various administrative departments, the MPs are our proxy votes and the cabinet is the board of directors. Could I go as far as to say the Senators are the shareholders’ auditors? Well, maybe not.This Petri dish known as Parliament is definitely a fine example of how not to run a company.

They see the fake block, then it updates and they see the real one.For this reason, Orebfuscator deobfuscates blocks in a small radius around any block hit by a player (just hit, not necessarily broken). By doing so, it is unlikely for a person to see a fake block.However, because of this functionality, by “tapping” (hitting without breaking) all the blocks in an area, it effectively deobfuscates all nearby blocks. I will explain how it all works.Currently when playing multiplayer the server will send data about ALL blocks around your immediate area, including underground or wherever you can see.

If they try to retreat, they’re still doing government the same way we’ve always done it. ‘What things can I do to use my powers as the mayor, or premier or prime minister to do ‘x’ and solve the problem?’ What they’re going to find out is that in an increasingly complex world, there are fewer and fewer and fewer problems government can solve from the top down because the world doesn’t work that way anymore.”Engaging citizens, improving resultsIn his book, Rescuing Public Policy, Lenihan argues that by engaging citizens, business people, health and environmental groups and the many other groups and institutions across the whole range of civic life and giving them a say in and ownership of the solutions, governments will actually become more effective.Matthew Mendelsohn also says the public needs to understand that reforming public service doesn’t mean poorer service that reforms can just as well lead to improved services, if government heeds the signals that the status quo is no longer acceptable.”There are two signals, I think. There is the fiscal signal, which is, ‘We don’t have enough money’.

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There are big winners. If they short an industry that is about to be gutted because either they have inside information or make a good guess about how insane the next move by Trump will be . They will make amazing profits. The upside is that they can get glass much thinner than we could ever dream of here. The downside it does not take much to shatter it. Would lose his license for putting a glass lens into a semi rimless frame like this.

It the first of a plethora of jaw dropping surprises on what might possibly be the least predictable album ever made.From here Plastic Beach simply flies. Skipping chants, first single Stylo (also brilliant) manages to merge Bobby Womack soulful croon and Mos Def raps into something resembling a Gary Numan or Grace Jones track from 1983, and Superfast Jellyfish (particularly brilliant) finds Super Furry Animals Gruff Rhys delivering an OutKast meets The Rentals elastic pop bouncer in keeping with his colourful cartoon surroundings, right down to the trumpets that sound like a sad clown at the end.The celebrity guests all step up to the raised bar. Lou Reed fragile turn on Some Kind of Nature is the kind of New York piano charmer he does best, and Mark E.

Trump’s daughter highlighted women’s issues taking some surprise. ABC agent baker is here with reaction to it bucket Trump’s speech AJ good morning good morning to you Diane and Candice people called Levon good trop. Donald Trump’s secret weapon he even joked that she would be a wonderful vice president is devoted daughter delivering a rousing speech.

I found that reducing my stress levels allowed me to better reflect on other health issues and make some better rules for food and exercise. I also believe that the individual is first responsible for his health, only then comes government etc. I would much appreciate, though, if my employer installed microwaves at the workplace, so that I could have a decent lunch at the office instead of eating sandwiches (which are not the best thing to eat every day)or cold salads (which leave me hungry and make me eat loads of chocolates and snacks)..

They aren doing this to get some revenge on some guy who insulted a cop one day. That would have its own ramifications that have nothing to do with the matter at hand. If the cops ever devolve into using DNA to fake crimes against actual innocent people, that means the entire system is bankrupt and we have much much bigger problems than people who voluntarily signed up for DNA databases.

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So I think the only thing that can be done is to round them up and give them free drugs until they die. Because if you don’t, they’re going to commit more crime for drugs, run up hundreds of thousands of dollars in government services, and then use drugs until they die. Might as well cut out the expensive part and let them use drugs until they die.

Canon most certainly did not make me go “wow” most often. Sony did that. But Canon AF and speed just makes it so much more usable in less than ideal situations. The funny thing. Is you CAN take digital photos with a CRT. It’s called a “flying spot scanner”.

They basically use a formula, and I forget the technical name of the formula. Then subtract 500 for every lb you wanna lose. Hope this lengthy response helps!. The film also explores the identity and motives of the suicide bomber. Featuring interviews with counterterrorism police and Manchester residents, the film sheds light on what may have led Salman Abedi, a 22 year old Manchester boy of Libyan parentage, to target a group of children attending a concert celebrating the independence and empowerment of young women. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites.

When was the last time you went to the public library or the local museum? When was the last time you randomly walked into a restaurant you never been in and ordered something new? The break in routine puts you on common ground with your character. Anyway, maybe something to think about. Besides, I think the need to vent when writing never really goes away.

It was a sad place. I was working the night shift for a couple of years and I sort of started going crazy because everyone was comatose and on the breathing machines of course. The way meds were administered was usually through a stomach tube called a PEG or a nasogastric tube.

It was America’s weakness that allowed Ayatollah Koumenhi to take power and create an Islamic Revolutionary government which has tried to send Iran back to the ninth century. Iranians have hardly benefitted. The war with Iraq was Saddam Hussein’s response to the threat of a Shia domination of his country and the imposition of an Iranian puppet dictatorship to replace his own.

That being said, Nidoking is a great mon to feature of a webs team. Just to be safe though, if you really wanna go mixed, you should run Sucker Punch over Superpower and just leave the fighting coverage to a dedicated fighting type, like Toxic Orb Heracross. The priority is something your team is really hurting for..

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With the separation in this episode, we have confirmation that this arc is thematically mirroring 12 15, but more spread out and with the roles reversed. Episode 19 was episode 13, this one is episode 14. That gives us episode 21 and 22 for the balls to the wall klaxosaurs vs.

Hello gau gau, how are you? How is our gau gau? Long time no see/it has been a long time we haven seen us Andrea. How are you? I very sorry about your mum. (This is hard to translate for me because of his punctuation). I just viewed this show. Pierce Morgan is truly growing into his stature. I could see Pierce mind working in those instances he seemed to be formulating questions in his mind before he had received a thorough answer.

Previous owner was clearly a fan of beautiful, easy to grow plants that will fucking take over. Just today, I walked around the yard with my daughter, and we collected 122 big seed pods just as an effort to prevent further propagation. I undertook the same activity maybe 2 3 weeks ago..

Lloyd and artists such as Moses Griffith and John Ingleby who illustrated his various books soon created something of a niche for themselves. Pennant was a shrewd businessman and Ingleby, in particular, was paid for his work on a contract basis not always with money, sometimes by the provision of board and lodging. The illustrations that he and Griffith provided certainly added to the appeal of books like his autobiography The Literary Life and travel books such as Journey To Snowdon..

Once those cutting edge wireless networks are fully deployed, it could facilitate the delivery of much higher resolution video.But that evolution is hampered by restrictions on the way the phones are designed, manufactured and marketed, some on the panel argued. The user friendliness of the devices and the high cost of service to consumers have been part of the problem. Once the business model changes to make high bandwidth wireless services such as streamed video more appealing to the consumer, then using a handset as a mini TV can become a more viable option to the mainstream cellphone customer, the panelists said.The panel also discussed the life cycle of the average tech product, and the fact that the useful life of many gadgets is dwindling fast.

Hard shit gets caught up in the gunk and scratches the lenses when you try to clean it again.Never buy polycarbonate. It scratches easily and has poor optics. Plastic(CR39) is fine. Comment number 3. At 07:17 25th Jan 2011, Dan wrote: I tried to access the booze calculator, as it sounds like a great tool for building awareness, but yet again, you’ve decided to use a closed technology that means Adobe gets to decide who can and can’t access your website. Next time, please consider using open technologies so that the BBC’s services remain accessible to all..

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Be vigilant or if you were angry and you put the mass gore and now you’ve become a monster. That beds is the same thing and police culture really fertilizers. The Kurds is that we see you in some of them. 10k yellow gold so great for someone looking for a vintage gold watch and doesnt want filled/plated. The movement is running excellently although the service history is unknown. The strap is relatively new.

He was asked about Pakistan, Yemen, the budget. He answered most, dodged a few. But there were no questions looking back at his accomplishments or mistakes.. It just one of those things where it takes being in those shoes to sometimes open people eyes. Although I know it is greatly needed to have your friends and families support, sometimes you just gotta say “eff it”, I going to do what works for me, and if it doesn work for you, well tough luck. You sometimes gotta be selfish, especially when it comes to your mental health..

For example, Goodwill has an old rotary telephone for $10. So if Goodwill were to only sell to people that “need” the items, that phone would sit there forever. Now, in walks the dreaded flipper. The fate on the left sold years ago for two million dollars according to court records the fake art created by the Chinese artist sold for a total of more than eighty million dollars over the last decade. The were first spotted by a billionaire collector in London. Pierre LaGrange who was having his art appraised as he went through a divorce and expert determined that the type of yellow paint it’s Jackson public.

Listen to the words. Most of us in the military carry that song to heart and most Americans have pride in that song. I am not questioning her patriotism but maybe she doesnt feel that about the Anthem.. But the next couple of months should reveal a lot of that for Canadian consumers it’s unlikely companies are going to sit on these new designs for long.Transmitting HD content to a wireless flat panel is also making waves here, too. Almost all of the home electronics manufacturers (Sharp being an exception) have announced plans and showcased TVs that could make it happen in the not too distant future. More to come on this.

Obama is delusional about America. He has given billions of tax dollars away and forced Americans to pay heath care for millions of illegals. Nobody that I know in the working force in America has had triple the cost to them and their family for health care.

The OBAH is actually my vet. When I called around when I first got my cats that place had the lowest fees. Around $70 is standard. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileA Harvard physicist and green website founder’s assertion that running two Google searches released the same amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere as boiling a kettle of tea has caused a tempest in a you know what.Type in “google search kettle” in Google and you’ll get a host of links to the study mentioned in the Times of London over the weekend, the nut of which is this: the search you just tried released the equivalent of about 7 grams of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.However, not everyone (that is, almost no one in the tech world) appears to be buying the findings of Alex Wissner Gross, an Environmental Fellow at Harvard University and the co founder of CO2Stats, which lets websites track their carbon footprint.Chief among the detractors is Google Senior vice president of operations Urs Hlzle, who wrote in the company’s blog that a typical Google search requires far less energy, and therefore releases far less CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas than Wissner Gross’s figures.Hlzle said each search amounts to 0.0003 kWh of energy per search, or 1 kJ, or “just about the same amount of energy that your body burns in ten seconds.””In terms of greenhouse gases, one Google search is equivalent to about 0.2 grams of CO2. The current EU standard for tailpipe emissions calls for 140 grams of CO2 per kilometer driven, but most cars don’t reach that level yet.While it’s hard to know what to make of Wissner Gross’s numbers they have yet to be published Google’s figures are the first publication of their own estimates, giving us a chance to calculate the impact of all of those searches. Alone.

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So this was in one of the news articles of that story so the media is going to believe the online comments versus getting the actual facts of the story idk what was said i wasnt there so idk whay the real intent of the lady was if she did call because of that then she can go fuck herself but if there was something else that this wasnt the full story then people cry wolf and its a shame.blcklbelsdmf 1 points submitted 2 days agothats not true people are treated by how they act towards other people you cant say one person is being treated unfairly by another if that one person is in the wrong towards that individual but yes people dont see the while picture and or dont know the whole story and people want to jump to racism to end the argument faster and or if they are wrong and the facts are true they will cry racism which is the easy way out and does not get the situation resolved no one wants to be held accountable anymore for their actions or wrong doings and they use an escape goat like racism and which how many events have thier been lately with the race card been thrown around and the situations are untrue. Where is that line drawn on crying wolf vs actual racism in the real worldwhat do you want the police to do not patrol those areas and let them run down thier own town or city that goes for any city state suburb rural town whatever if there is no law and order then there is chaos.but if the police stop a vehicle and they find the driver is driving withoit a license or has felonys or whatever they are already on the defensive side.i understand we want to live in a utopic world everybody gets along and wants peace and love and no hate but not every single person is going to conform and you cant make people do that they have to willing do that for themselves.the point is the accountability and the respect has gone out the window and its hurting no those who say they are effected but every one else around society isClubLowlow 17 points submitted 15 days agoGrowing up, we didn have cable. One of the few things worthwhile on to watch was the Blues on Channel 11.

She been working for almost two decades with Raksha, an Atlanta based organization that addresses a host of issues in the South Asian community. Over the years, Raksha has done the simplest of things, like helping someone set up online banking. But mainly, they done a whole lot of heavy hitting by supporting victims of domestic and sexual abuse..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileTomorrow, we’ll be close to finding out if Scotland will separate from the United Kingdom. This morning, Will Cadell, originally from Scotland, and Keith Lamborne, originally from England, sat down in our Prince George and Prince Rupert studios to talk the merits and demerits of Scottish independence.What would your vote be: “YES” or “NO?”listen to to a Scot and an Englishman talk Scottish separation in the United Kingdom on AudiobooBy submitting a comment, you accept that CBC has the right to reproduce and publish that comment in whole or in part, in any manner CBC chooses. Please note that CBC does not endorse the opinions expressed in comments.