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First up the surprises no Paul Weller and no Richard Hawley. Maybe we’re just over familiar with the names, but both made strong records that didn’t make the 15. Most surprisingly for me, was Joe Goddard’s band The 2 Bears getting to number 14 while his day job Hot Chip didn’t make the cut.

I see it this way: If a specific place can be proven to have a long history of rituals, move your mining plans to somewhere else, but if they only found out last week that the place is sacred, that not enough proof to block important work. Also, you cannot just declare the entire country sacred, but you also probably wouldn tear down Stonehenge to replace it with a coal mine. The basic idea is that people should respect each other (dis )belief systems without letting get their belief system in other people ways.

My lung is shot. Reporter: And Wayne cordal. Those miners and hundreds of others were denied benefits after negative X ray Readings by one doctor at John Hopkins hospital, Dr. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileDie hard technophiles are sometimes known to follow their passion with an ardour that can rival the most torrid of romances but what happens when that love leaves them scorned? Technology companies have been known to announce and tout products long before they launch to gauge and generate demand if they launch at all.Hyper hyped tech toys that miss the mark on shipping to shops’ shelves have earned the nickname “vapourware” for their elusive and sometimes illusive nature, which inspired the annual Wired News Vaporware Awards.This year’s Top 10 ranking for the dubious distinction is heavy on video games, which take four of the spots. In fact, software as a category dominates the list of ephemeral entries in ’06, which counting the games earns the lion’s share of derision with six slots in all, leaving hardware of all types counting just four phantoms.What were you looking forward to getting your hands on over the last year that never materialized? Make your voice heard in the comments below.Universe hates Higgs boson, Chicago CubsBy John Bowman, CBCNews. A physicist working on the Large Hadron Collider doesn’t think much of the theory that the universe is sabotaging the project to prevent the discovery of the Higgs boson.

There may be concepts that we just can’t wrap our minds around at the moment, but given time that will undoubtedly change.Sean: Scientists may not be able to fully understand, or even begin to understand the tougher questions, but you begin with easier ones and work your way up. Compare what scientists knew thousands of years ago when science was in it’s infancy to what scientists of today know. A child today knows more science than a learned man of ages past.

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The only difference right now is that women don have to rape a guy, they can just coerce him into conception, either by deceit or other methods and change her mind afterward. It post sex rape, but it somehow not only acceptable, it state enforced.Consent to sex isn consent to fatherhood. There are LOTS of components, and you have to have them all in order.

It is within the 2mill hourly rate LOL. You delusional if your gonna claim how much gp it is when you never go there. It like 3mill an hour and if you factor getting pked you lose quite a bit. Recently, however, Larsson and his colleagues have genetically engineered mice to develop mtDNA mutations faster than normal. Compared to typical lab mice, these rodents suffer age related conditions, such as hair loss, osteoporosis, anemia, and infertility, much sooner than typical mice do, and they die young. Many scientists hailed these results, reported in the May 27 Nature, as a vindication of the mitoehondrial theory of aging..

JANET BAUER, of Article XIX, said the system of government by decree in Nigeria was inimical to the promotion of human rights; information clearly revealed a pattern of systematic abuses and violations there. The Commission must appoint a Special Rapporteur for the country. Recent statements and actions by China suggested that rights and protections now in place in Hong Kong would be compromised; the Commission must make clear to the Government that existing standards must be maintained, and should incorporate that into a text on the situation of human rights in general in China.

Liz: I think there was an affair going on, and she was pulling away from it. I read that he was controlling her finances after George death, and she wanted to take back that control. Given MP previous money motivated character flaws (stealing $1000 from Patty friend, taking his demented father money to pay for his defense, fighting with Caitlin over the life insurance, etc.) I expect Mike did not relish giving over control of Liz money back to Liz.

Could not have happened five, ten years ago. There wasn Twitter or Facebook or any of these things, so nowadays people know exactly where you are, so I been more careful with that, and also putting the most extensive security system in my house, so this can not happen again. 17 new product lines, including a recently launched 15th fragrance, the former red carpet staple and paparazzi prize is now positioning herself as a hard driving, self made businesswoman:.

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If you look at the best teams in the league, the things they have in common are ability to shoot the 3 from almost all 5 positions, and incredible defensive versatility to handle tons of switches. JJJ helps the Knicks get better at both of those much much more than Bamba does. If we didn have KP id be all in favor of Bamba, but his defensive skillset is redundant on the Knicks and he not nearly polished enough offensively to make up for that.

Ring them, ask what exactly they need and why. Tell them the exact dates you worked between and ask them to note that on your file (they can leave notes for other staff). Then submit the payslips. One option I considered for this would be to just remove timers on raids. Like you have two minutes to hit the lobby and until the overall raid time ends to KO the mon. That way anyone COULD solo even top level raids, but at greater expense.

Re saving an image uploaded to social media will often provide you with a lower quality image, so please use an alternative file sharing website when sharing raw material. It is possible that a scammer is using your dad address or information (that it gathered as they do) and it could come back to bit him, even more so if he walks about with his new free glasses. They will probably tell you they cant do much about it but at least its covering your own ass..

So the fine is quite small on a relative scale. It may be more sensational to say it is the largest fine, and support views that MS is having a hard time. It makes me wonder, as the BBC has a similar kind of monopoly too? Certainly the reporting seems biased compared to other press reports I have seen.

My husband has Reddit and an inactive Facebook. His only posts are things I’ve tagged him in. When I met him in 2014, he had a burner phone (no texts or limited calls), had little to no internet connection (so no video chatting), and was not on any kind of social media except Reddit and Okcupid.

The truly odd part is, no matter what value {x} turns out to be the amount of steps required to complete the morning routine doesn change, and there is no difference in quality control. If Wife needs 35 minutes or 95 minutes, when she done she looks exactly the same and is equally clean and coiffed and made up. She not skipping any steps or anything like that..

That aside, I think there is no question that Trayvon was targeted and pursued because he was an African American young man. I wish that were enough to bring federal charges. This is so tragic and demonstrates the racism and bigotry that is rampant in this country.

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It leaking, it just surviving . At the end of the day, that the problem. The clip for more of Morgan interview with Quest, and for the next edition of Morgan Live, watch CNN every night at 9.. In lust of conquest the Kargs sailed next to Gont, coming in a host, thirty great longships, to East Port. They fought through that town, took it, burned it; leaving their ships under guard at the mouth of the River Ar they went up the Vale wrecking and looting, slaughtering cattle and men. As they went they split into bands, and each of these bands plundered where it chose.

Isn’t the problem that the BBC style is based on reasoned argument? You cannot put a reasoned argument to someone who is relying on their interpretation of a Holy book. “It says here.” is the only answer you are going to get. Suddenly it becomes Theology.

That the beauty of being a progressive. I generally personally pro life, as I have never aided and abetted an abortion, have 2 adopted kids (technically not adopted, but legally I can and 2 biological kids, but it nice that if the situation arose where a abortion were necessary that I not violating some deep core conviction. Similarly, even with my basically pro life stance, I don think that someone who wants an abortion should have to prove they were raped or found out that their beau was actually their brother.

If you’re thinking that buying all your appliances from a single manufacturer sounds like a universally terrible idea, well, that’s mostly true. But there’s an exception for every rule. In this case, that exception comes in the form of rebates. You believe literal conspiracy theories about Hillary. You buy Donald bullshit explanations. You dismiss serious arguments as liberal whining and denigrate those who are hurt by Trump policies.

We tend not to recommend these kind of things. They force you into specific activities, and unless you do all of them, they don really work out to save you much if anything. But you can do the math on them. When it comes to joining two pieces of metal, tradespeople have a wide selection: mechanical fasteners, adhesives, soldering, welding and brazing. The first three options produce weaker joints, which are preferable in certain circumstances. Consider an assembly in which a pump must be connected to pipes.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileEarlier this year Dell Inc. Announced it would begin offering consumers computers with a pre installed Linux operating system later revealed to be Ubuntu. The idea came in response to the company’s IdeaStorm website, where users can suggest things they’d like the computer company to offer.Interestingly, the Ubuntu/Linux crowd isn’t quite done telling Dell how to run its business.

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After doing some research on reddit, I ended up with a pair of gold American Optical from Amazon warehouse for like $28. I sold. These are without a doubt the best pair of sunglasses I ever owned. I agree that much of the food served at McDonalds (and other fast food restaurants) is not very healthy but these days, the restaurants do offer healthier selections. I have a 10 yr old and we do not eat at these restaurants because of the high fat content. However, that is MY choice, not McDonalds or some geovernment agency!!.

I had, may still have depression after 3 years of it. Like Gosu i thought that Money or Traveling is the solution to depression but at the point where you have friends, money and everything you want you realise that depression is harder to overcome. Depression is eating you from the inside and you cant escape it..

It the tracks with guest vocalists that give Magnetic Man its breadth, the more orthodox material comprising the rest of the album depth. Of the former, Ms Dynamite re emergence on the barrelling Fire is the only dud her changed up vocals sounding an uninspiring contrast to the likes of Angela Hunte on top 40 single I Need Air, which soars into life on a synthetic riff, and the floating nightmare Sam Frank provides on Boiling Water. The appearance of Katy B on straight up love song Perfect Stranger makes it an inevitable second single, but in truth her turn on the song through the looking glass comedown Crossover is more impressive, to the point where it arguably would made a more natural sign off than their suitably soulful collaboration with John Legend, Getting Nowhere..

And inevitably (and in a rather unrandom manner) about one in four questions is childlike in its simplicity. I registered after correctly answering 4 + ( 1) ( 5) = 1. It’s a bit embarrassing.The other interesting note is the initial press release, which said quasi random numbers were generated by using “various algorithms to pick the numbers from large pre compiled databases of numbers obtained by methods such as rolling the dice.”Afterwards one of the site’s administrators at the Ruder Boskovic Institute in Croatia was compelled to provide a correction:I was thrilled to see that the QRBGS project has been SlashDotted.

Weather safe and rust resistant design includes a stainless steel frame and nylon hammock surface. The Swivel Beach Chair lets you swivel 360 degrees to follow the sun throughout the day. It reclines to several different positions and holds up to 225 pounds.

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Yeah, like you say, that happens a lot and it’s hard for a singer to adapt to certain tracks. But you have to work this out for yourself and a lot of singers do after their first albums. But The Dream really took the time to get to know me as a person, and I think that really helped the song.

And its not just hip hop and rap music that mentions guns. One band that I listen to regularly is “Dirty Pretty Things”. Their lastest song, “Bang Bang You’re Dead” is technically promoting gun crime. Is back in the final for the first time since 2004, when a Zach Parise led squad beat the Canadians 4 3 in Finland to capture the Americans’ first and still only world junior title.Tuesday’s final is a rematch of a thrilling round robin affair on New Year’s Eve. Looked poised to pull off an upset, taking a two goal lead into the third period but Canada rallied to tie it and eventually won 5 4 in a shootout. It is based on readers’ votes.)Who will win the world junior hockey championship tonight?(online surveys)Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports.

In light of its preference to address two agenda items in any given year, the Non Aligned Movement encouraged all States to work diligently to conclude work on the “disarmament decade” as soon as possible, since the third item would be taken up at the conclusion of elements for a draft declaration.Turning to the recommendations for achieving nuclear disarmament and non proliferation of nuclear weapons, he reiterated the Movement’s positions reflected in relevant documents. The principles contained in the final document of the Special Session on Disarmament I remained relevant and all members should fulfil their disarmament obligations. The total elimination of nuclear weapons was the only absolute guarantee against their use, or threat of use, and efforts towards concluding a universal and legally binding instrument on security assurances to non nuclear weapon States should be pursued as a priority.

The parents broke the law so the parents are criminals. The child is too young to break the law. Let using another example. I would be willing to help with this project, and can do any of the PCB design/SMT soldering/ordering from manufacturer if there enough interest. I also prefer to support a mouse that is actually in production, like the new IME3.0. Is there a refresh of the WMO or IO1.1 with crap internals that we could retrofit for?.

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Who are the parents here and what kind of example are you setting for your millions of viewers? Just tell the children what they can have and can have. Or you could make a packable meal from home and bring that with you. You are the parent! Be that!.

It is sad. I think it’s despair worthy for anyone with daughters or sons. Technology helps it along alright, but I think it might be the natural progression of ‘boys will be boys.’ Eve needs to hurl that apple back so hard it doesn’t return. 5/2 has worked for me personally pretty consistently over the past few months. The biggest thing though is it really all comes down to overall caloric deficit. IF is just a method of achieving that.

I can also say, I know it gets better. You will get better with time and you will get peace. I wish we could both have it now.. Edit does anyone know if there’s a law saying they can’t actually play the game or if there’s a legal reason the actor can’t play a game in a movie/show. I assume with everyone on set someone’s bound to have a PlayStation or Xbox and that could be borrowed for the one scene. Ps.

Nadir Mohamed, chief operating officer of Canada’s largest wireless provider, waxed on in his keynote about how data usage on cellphones is due to explode. Speakers from network manufacturers Ericsson and Alcatel Lucent talked about the growth of video over both wired and wireless networks. Two panels “Consumers in a Multi Screen World” and “Entertainment Content Over Broadband” discussed how media is spreading to every device.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileChief executive Steve Jobs announced the device basically a supersized iPod Touch on Wednesday to a crowd of Apple faithful at an event in San Francisco.The iPad is about the size of a hardcover book, half an inch thick and with a 9.7 inch multi touch screen, similar to the iPod Touch and iPhone. The device can surf the web using its Safari browser, send emails via an on screen QWERTY keypad, play music, videos and games, and display e books.He said the device has several wireless connectivity options, including Wi Fi and Bluetooth, can run all iPhone apps and boasts up to 10 hours of video battery life.Full storyWhat do you think of Apple’s new iPad?Take our poll:Would you buy the new iPad?(opinion)(This poll is not scientific. It is based on readers’ votes)Internet freedom: Should government have the ability to shut down the internet?The Egyptian government shut down access to the internet and the country’s cellphone data network early Friday, according to media reports.

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On top of this, if 8 Toyota wins 24h this week, Fernando will definitely try the Indy 500 next year.It embarrassing for them at the moment especially after quali yesterday. Slowest of Renault powered cars and out qualified by a Honda and Sauber. Unbelievable.They can blame the engine anymore when a Renault powered car is capable of second row start.

This is what took me back to our editorial discussions during the US attack on the Taleban in Afghanistan in 2001. I was working at World Service at that time and in one morning editorial meeting we were debating what the US strategy in Afghanistan was and what impact American action would have, when one of our specialists on the Middle East made the point that the Americans were in Afghanistan because al Qaeda had attacked the US in an operation that had clearly been in the pipeline for some time it was al Qaeda that had set the agenda, if you like. He said we should not forget that al Qaeda or the Taleban could be planning further attacks which could help set the news agenda again..

STNAs and CNAs are short staffed too. You think that us 3 aides have all the time in the world to get them dinner, in bed, changed, down for naps (especially hoyers), etc. We scramble to finish everything up by the time our shift ends pretty often. ALI BONGO ONDIMBA, President of Gabon, said the new road map was a noble aspiration at a time of declining oil prices and emerging challenges. The new Goals must translate into transformative progress through mechanisms that identified shortcomings and the resources needed, with human resources enhanced by training. Responsible development was the “only choice”, he said, outlining Gabon’s plan to provide food security, eradicate poverty, promote quality education and achieve gender equality.

The brain is much more important.”Very simply, training primarily in the anaerobic glycolytic pathway makes ALL the energy pathways more efficient, including aerobic oxidation. High intensity exercise requires high output of all the energy systems. But this is not a two way street.

These two need to be punished. Life in prison without parole is the most they will get. There is no death penalty in West Virginia. Like Ahmed, up until a few decades ago the various peoples of the Sahara lived nomadic lives by necessity, ignoring arbitrary national borders imposed mostly by European colonial masters. When Gaddafi came to power in 1969, he imposed an Arab nationalist identity on Libya that helped empower the country’s majority against the European overseers and their surrogates. But he excluded Libya’s minority Amazigh (Berber) and the darker skinned and Tebu, with their separate languages, elaborate clothes and customs that include more relaxed attitudes to women’s honour, dress and sexuality.

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The only possible treatment for diabetes is reducing blood sugar in some way, and all the carbs you eat become sugar as you digest them. No, it got to be the sugar. Dr House always says if you hear hoofbeats, it won be zebras.. I grateful that there was coverage on this trial of Kermit gosnell, but I disappointed that it not primetime. This story should be out there. Whether you are pro life or pro choice, the public has a right to decide.

Despite how douchy it may seem, saving over a hundred bucks is a big deal, no matter how much you make. Those guys do enough business to not really give a shit. If it starts to hurt their business, then hopefully the brands will reevaluate their prices and be more reasonable.

Sadly Gamora death wasn the overly melodramatic scene in Infinity War. I can recall a number of moments in the film which were trying to be epic, but their hammy delivery, overdone music, and poor cinematography left me feeling cold: Spiderman being told he a hero; Quill being distraught when finding out about Gamora death; every goddamn scene with Gamora and her daddy issues; almost every scene with Scarlet Witch and Vision. Credit to the film where it due though, I did enjoy Vision and Scarlet Witch initial romance scene in Scotland (though why the movie felt the need to tell us we in Scotland is beyond me it an irrelevant detail and we could work it out from context).

But when you’re trying to conceive, you become beholden to a schedule one that’s dictated largely by biology and ovulation. For many guys, the idea of a woman who wants a lot of sex all the time sounds great, right? And that’s how it seems when you start trying to conceive. After a while, though, this approach can get awfully old, and you can say goodbye to foreplay and any sort of emotional connection..

John? I hope you are, because that was as painful as it looked. But now it time for you to suffer pain. Ten thousand dollars worth of pain in fact, he said, referring back to Oliver offer. In the absence of a political resolution, while this crisis continues like this way, the United Nations together with many international organizations and humanitarian communities and civil society NGOs, have been mobilizing all possible resources, and our efforts have been focused on delivering humanitarian assistance to needy people. There are more than 6 million people who are internally displaced and who need our immediate support. And there are almost 2 million refugees in neigbouring countries Iraq, Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.

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From jobs to news to taxes to votes to laws to. Everything. It a fucked system where people have only chipped away at the corruption bit by bit. I been an avid (semi competative) road bike cyclist for the last ten years, but I dialed it down in the last six months. Now I generally have leisurely walk after dinner with my wife and bike on the weekends. Ironically, I feel healthier and less fatigued.

If anything, though, the fury directed the way of this still young band Sykes is only 23 just focused them on refining their music, making it both as brutal as possible but also retaining the crossover appeal that made their first recordings so instantly rewarding. What 2006 Count Your Blessings lacked in clout, 2008 Suicide Season made up for. The band second album is a bruising experience to this day, and this third LP takes things further still.

I see a tendency when someone first starts a paleo diet, they might load up on the opportunity to eat as much bacon and red meat as they desire. As you begin to listen to your body needs, I believe many people start to refine their diet into even healthier choices. While a couple slabs of bacon on a burger patty counts as paleo, you might start opting for a large salad loaded with veggies and topped with nuts salmon.

In America today, there are very few masters that possess Fa Jing skill and few American Tai Chi Chuan practitioners have any knowledge of this skill. Due to lack of information, people disregard Tai Chi Chuan as a martial art because of the soft movements they observe. Tai Chi Chuan is indeed a martial art.

Know your “why and make them some really good ones so that you can hold to them with all the conviction you can muster. Brady knows his why his conviction to them shouldn be questioned based on that episode as he infers that his passion for the game is why he is back with Guerrero getting treatment days after the SB. That why he can stop thinking about the game even when he gets some precious quality time with his family..

There are also promises of support for a wave of walkouts and occupations in campuses across the country in a day of action of 24 November with planning meetings set for next week for what threatens to become an increasingly bitter struggle. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking..

He sees that people don’t understand so he keeps on giving garbage arguments. Same argument he always uses against China. People pleassssssssssse wake up!. So to win like he did, and I no cry baby, I would cry too. And I would cry a lot. I just wanted to point that out becuase there are many commnets about it..