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The “lack of certainty” will be used, along with attempts to discredit the IPCC, to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of the voters. The voters targeted are in the nations that could force the selfish opportunists out of their fortunate lifestyle by demanding that their nation act to dramatically reduce its contribution to global warming. Every year that action is delayed, and every softening of the action to be taken, is a victory for those who would rather not change..

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Abileah protest came as part a week long series of actions organized by CodePink called Move Over AIPAC. We speak to Abileah about why she used non violent civil disobedience to disrupt Netanayahu speech. Now CNN instead of interviewing the right people brings members of NIAC who re the known lobbyist of Islamic republic and Robin Wright who also is their supporter.

Until the consumer begins buying HD TV sets in large numbers there is no real market for an HD capable consumer camera. The “early adopters” that tech companies love will certainly be the first consumers to grab the HD capable camera to play back on their HD televisions, and the rest of the market will wait until it is time to replace their existing cameras.Canon has been using the North American newspaper as the test market for “dual use” video cameras for the past several years. Now it has added a still camera to the lineup.Canon is already established as the camera system of choice for many photojournalists.

C. Log Files. Log file information is automatically reported by your web browser each time You view a web page. Continue reading this postJesse Brown: Anti gay ad inspires pro hilarity remixes (and YouTube cowardice)By Jesse Brown, CBC technology columnist: The latest YouTube remix sensation has nothing to do with Christian Bale, little boys high on laughing gas or sensitive country musicians. It has to do with an anti same sex marriage ad produced by a. Continue reading this post.

It much more blunt than the previous one and a little less stylish, although there homages to Vil style all over it, but as far as bad ass characters and action that keeps me guessing going this was tops. I really didn expect to have so much fun watching it. It feels like they set up a third one and honestly if this new lane of action can grab hold of an audience I would love to see more..

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