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Someone else mentioned how long it take to turn food out of the trucks. This is the first thing that came to mind. I went to a lot of food truck round ups when it was really blowing up in the LA/OC area, and when it gets busy, it take a while to get your food.

Not sure what you currently do for cardio but HIIT is something that has so many variations it’s easy to keep it fun and also burns more fat which might take a bite out of your 4lbs. It’s also very easy to integrate strength training into HIIT so it’ll also help your progress with lifting; new goals (push yourself/your comfort zone) are the best motivators. Don’t have to be goals like a new number or time, can even be ‘try a new exercise/piece of equipment’ or ‘balance out X muscle group’.

The right explanation would be: High pinger stands somewhere server has him standing there. Now if the low pinger peeks he can see the high pinger and shoot at him. 20 ms to server 200 ms to the High pinger until this guy has his position. Even sometimes sober. Sometimes I start kissing her others she goes to me. Well finally a couple months later we are both sober and sleep together.

What ever happened to 1 nation under God? In God We Trust? Every single famous person (athletes/actors) that wins an award first thanks God for their success. When you see acts of terror like the boston bombings you see people praying to God. So how come when it comes to things like being gay everyone like to throw God to the side and use the words tolerant as an excuse for caving into peer pressure.

The media need to take their responsibility, they are trusted by many and taking things out of context happens fast. Whoever leaked is a disgrace to this sport btw, the bad image of cycling has once again been made worse and there are years needed to repair this kind of drama.Frogloggers 33 points submitted 17 days agoNA tends to consistently be more popular for viewership across eSports altogether. There just less barriers to gaining popularity.

This sounds almost too good to be true! I have only been growing plants or any sort for a year, and they all in clay containers in a South facing window. I had compaction issues last fall, so I replanted with miracle grow potting soil. 7/9 plants died after replanting probably because (I sorry) I banged the roots on the side of the sink to get the old soul off the roots before replanting.

If anything, it makes that cognitive dissonance that he thrives on even more striking, and gives him another person who he feels the need to protect, even though Selina is, out of all of Batman’s “family,” the most capable of protecting herself. Nobody is saying they have to be together ten years down the line. But let’s explore this, and expand the character a bit.

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