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Maybe his commanding officers believe in the right of a father to raise his own flesh and blood. Maybe they believe that a man fighting for families in another country under the flag of his own country should be applauded, not criminalized, for seeking to raise his own child when the mother clearly does not want to do so. Maybe they know him better than you do, and their decision rests on his proven character to them as a soldier, and a gentleman.

“The very meaninglessness of life forces man to create his own meaning. Children, of course, begin life with an untarnished sense of wonder, a capacity to experience total joy at something as simple as the greenness of a leaf; but as they grow older, the awareness of death and decay begins to impinge on their consciousness and subtly erode their joie de vivre, their idealism and their assumption of immortality. As a child matures, he sees death and pain everywhere about him, and begins to lose faith in the ultimate goodness of man.

Comment number 8. At 09:38 20th Nov 2008, William Crawley (BBC) wrote: Let me explain the inverted commas in the title of this piece, since they’ve become slightly controversial in this thread. The inverted commas are used to signify a quotation from another document, in this case the BNP list (where some individuals have described themselves as ‘Christians’).

My girlfriend is also a highly athletic type 1 (she does a collegiate sport along with intense exercise daily). She likes to keep her pump either clipped to the waistline of her pants, or her bra depending on what she’s doing. Assuming you’re a guy and don’t wear a bra, it’s actually extremely sturdy on her waist, as the clip has a somewhat “hooked” end that snags on the bottom inside seam of her pants.

San Jose, California, police arrested the San Francisco 49ers’ starting defensive end Ray McDonald on Sunday on felony domestic violence charges. To a reported incident, and after “the domestic violence allegation was substantiated,” they took the 6 foot 3, 290 pound lineman into custody and booked him.CNN affiliate KTVU reports that several of McDonald’s 49er teammates were at his house at the time of the arrest.”The 49ers organization is aware of the recent reports regarding Ray McDonald and we take such matters seriously. As we continue to gather the facts, we will reserve further comment,” team General Manager Trent Baalke said in a statement.After he posted bail and was released from jail later Sunday, McDonald told KTVU he couldn’t say much about what happened.This isn’t McDonald’s first brush with the law, according to KTVU.

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