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His interview several months ago with Gregg Allman was absurd. Instead of talking about his massive body of work, all of the crazy stuff he has gone through, the loss of his brother whom he was very close to, attending military school as a child, etc Piers persisted in talking about his many wives. Who gives a flying crap? A complete and utter waste of time..

“Global wars were wars of interests, not religions or cultures,” he said, asserting that Islam was a humane religion and that portraying it unfairly was a method used by international terrorists to sow mistrust. “Islam is against extremism; it is against closing inward,” he said.In the face of all deterrence, hope was still alive. The Palestinian people were capable of overcoming the situation that extremist forces had pushed them to, he said, adding: “Indeed, there are forces in the Middle East who represent the desire to move towards democracy.” Though they worked under extreme difficulties, the “forces of moderation” were committed to creating a new future for the region in which his people would enjoy freedom.

No body said a thing, but the woman in front of me in line kept checking out my legs and went outside. I paid for my items and went outside where she was waiting to ask me if I was wearing and why. I told her I was in a play outside and i wore all the time for leg pain.

HoduhWhoSane 1 point submitted 12 days agoSocial media is going crazy with everyone claiming to have the inside scoop. There even someone who says he translates for the killers and explained that they didn mean to kill junior. He from Connecticut and doesn sound like he knows a lick of Spanish.

As I started my usual 20 minutes of speeding up and slowing down I watched in awe as he just kept going at that pace. I picked up the pace a bit. I took shorter intervals between speedy sections and tightened up my form in fast ones. “But I reckon it was a nasty shock for those Sackville Bagginses. They thought they were going to get Bag End, that time when he went off and was thought to be dead. And then he comes back and orders them off; and he goes on living and living, and never looking a day older, bless him! And suddenly he produces an heir, and has all the papers made out proper.

Maybe I should have clarified that I say all of this in the context of Germany and these other countries that are receiving a tremendous influx of refugees. These refugees have been much more severe and fundamentalist in their actions than the majority of Muslims who grew up in the West and have lived here for years. Even if they do not fear abuse, disowning, or death, many still fear social consequences.

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