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This is pretty facile. The overwhelming majority of physicists in the early 20th century believed it was impossible to split the atom. The overwhelming majority of scientists and, indeed, everyone else, thought the world was flat in the 15th century.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileA manned mission to Mars may be decades away, but an international team of researchers will try to experience what one might be like by locking themselves up in a windowless capsule for a year and half the time needed for a round trip to the red planet.The all male crew of three Russians, a Frenchman, an Italian Colombian and a Chinese won’t endure weightlessness, but from Thursday they will live for 520 days in the spartan conditions of a mock spaceship and follow a harsh regimen of experiments and exercise.The main task of the Mars 500 experiment is to study the effects of long isolation to help a real space crew of the future cope better with stress and fatigue.”When everybody interacts with the same people in the same space, habits and behaviour become apparent very quickly. These habits may irritate and cause indignation and even fits of aggression,” said Mikhail Baryshev, a psychotherapist connected to the program.The researchers will communicate with the outside world via internet, delayed and occasionally disrupted to imitate the effects of space travel. They will eat canned food similar to that currently offered to astronauts on the International Space Station and take a shower once every 10 days mimicking space conditions.

What started as an ordinary fishing trip for a Brazilian man ended in shocking video footage that went viral. After throwing a line into the Amazon and realizing he’d caught an electric eel, the man reeled up the eel to the riverbank and left to retrieve a knife. When he returned, something else was sizing up the catch of the day.

Also, don make a habit out of forwarding things for them, because you aren their reshipping mule. It probably best (though not necessary) to refuse any more packages if you can. Please let us know how they check out. 5. Make love not war. During the Iraq war, a divide opened up in the US very much like the one in Britain during the first world war: civilians talked of war as a heroic, purifying, manly endeavour, and soldiers didn’t.

“Was BB row newsworthy?” Only in that it was blown up into a national debate stirred up by a few mildly offensive comments by a private individual deliberately put in a situation intended to provoke personal confrontation. And that it provoked an international incident resulting from indignation by a nation whose own abusive practices of prejudicial discrimination and disregard of human rights on a wide range of issues including religion, class, and sex is infinitely worse than Britain’s. A tempest in a teapot, exactly what I’d expect out of Lilliput..

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