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That the black hat side of things. There a whole industry focused on “white hat” SEO. Which is doing things correctly, the way google wants you too. John King, what were you thinking? Yes, it may have been a fair question to ask somewhere in the debate, but it took the night to a new low right at the beginning and turned the audience off of your role unfortunately. You also kept ignoring Ron Paul and left him out until the audience prodded you. It was not a good way to start off the debate, it was a tabloid question and it fed into the mistrust of the media.

Given the importance of the public sector for employment and the economy of small island States, he said, those countries required financial support tailored to their unique circumstances. To meet their domestic responsibilities, they needed help to build institutions and the capacity for better data collection. Transferring skills to the population and retaining a skilled workforce were also needed and all possibilities for partnerships should be explored.

Well, she came over, and instantly started to come onto me. I had never wanted to even entertain the thought of us hooking up, she didn turn me on at all, but she was sober and very much in control of the situation. I had not wanted to have sex, could not finish because I was so disgusted with what I was doing, and was immediately ashamed that anyone might ever find out what had happened (even freaked out when my roommate got back from work while the woman and I were still naked and was told to “chill out”).

I also have some serious issues with your next piece of logic. Men consistently and always work more hours than women and in more dangerous/higher paying fields, and therefore get paid more and that fair? Are you implying that women are paid less because we choose not to enter these fields or work longer hours? Such an implication is disgusting. Additionally, the lack of women in certain higher paying or dangerous fields is not women choosing not to enter these fields, it an institutionalized blockade against women doing certain jobs, because of societal views that we can handle pressure or manual labour, that we too emotional and temperamental for management positions, and that certain industries are “men jobs” and it not our place to take them.

Your headllne doesn make any amazing claim or portray any benefit. I feel like you have just tried to cram the word “secret” in there and it doesn work. You have to give me a reason to read the copy. The Welsh word for microwave is being Welsh for micro, and the mutated word for ton (tohn), literally means wave. And just means oven. I know.

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