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I don think I my cock is that sensitive I think this is my problem. I am cut. The only major trauma I can think of is when I was like 5 I was tubing and went crotch first into a tree. His language is complex, his syntax adult. He freely references Kierkegaard and William Carlos Williams alongside bloody video games and action movies. Add to that a raw and real glimpse at childhood illness, and his latest, The Fault in Our Stars, may be his best book yet..

The problem is that my comments weren directed at any redditor in particular, they were about a movie and an actor. If I had directly attacked someone for somthing, and called them an idiot for liking the movie right off the bat, I could understand this. But on Reddit, you tread on a golden calf, and you have effectively damaged someone honor..

We arent here to play a game yet, if you are you will be disappointed. We are here to test an incompmete, unoptomised, very roughly balanced one. If you aren having fun because features are missing, then do something else. I extremely disappointed in anyone that doesn think a stun gun or one shot in the hand that was holding the knife would have been the first choice to disarm and subdue him. The fact that they are trained officers, makes their shooting criminal. This is upsetting, I don feel protected with officers like this on our streets.Only a knife? A knife can kill you, It can kill you though a bullet proof vest, More people are killed annually with knives that they are with guns, and he had a knife If brandish a knife and move towards a police officer who has repeated told me to drop the knife, I expect to get shot at least once.

There’s a confusion here about the role of elected politicians and their non elected critics. Editors have the right the duty to call for the heads of elected politicians they and their readers think have failed; and they have the right and duty to put the evidence that they’ve failed in front of their readers. That’s accountability..

There stuff you would find at a leather belt at Target or Wal mart, and then stuff you get from a boutique craftsman who only purchases leather from a handful of the top tanneries in the world. Fabrics also fall into this. Where you source your cotton from makes a noticeable difference in the hand feel of whatever you making.

The medical profession kills around 100,000 people a year, IN THE UNITED STATES!! That doesn even count the many who live but are messed up. And they constantly barrage us with how we this treatment and that treatment. Buncha scumbags. Even among The LGBTQ+ community I think there can be an unconscious bias. I’m not “such a good guy” for hanging out with my friend, I’m not “brave”. I’m hanging out with my buddy.

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