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Hurricane Igor washed out roads and caused devastating damage in September. And an 80 year old man from the nearby community of Brittania died when the road he was standing on washed out from under him. Chris Hansford owns several businesses in Hickman’s Harbour, including the ambulance and school bus services.It’s the time of year when we seem to eat and drink more than we should, even with the best of intentions.

Today we’ve another double header for you, with a pair of the BBC Album Reviews’ finest critical types compiling their favourites of 2010, for you to seek out and enjoy. Poll. Chances are you just might have heard of a couple of the albums they’ve picked as favourites.

Comment number 3. At 11:32 28th Jan 2009, Anglophone wrote: The question over the relative harm of cannabis and alcohol has been going on for as long as anyone can remember (short to medium term memory loss anyone?). Expert pundits have oscillated between cannabis being a dangerous mind rotter and harmless fun for years.

But acknowledged Tenet that it was employers who were telling him not to well you certainly saw Rudy Giuliani over the weekend closing that door. A bit more that the president would not sit down for an interview despite hits clamoring to do so. Allies of the president who say he just as Rudy Giuliani himself said art recollection.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileOne would hope we in the media had published enough information on the dangers of stock spam and West African chain letters to make web surfers a tad skeptical when faced with a can’t lose proposition.Then along comes Australian farmer Des Gregor. According to the Associated Press, Gregor, 53, was held hostage for 12 days in Mali after men posing as an online love interest enticed Gregor to come to the African nation with the promise of marriage and an $85,000 US dowry, where he was kidnapped.According to the Associated Press:Gregor, who returned to his home state of South Australia with a police escort late Sunday, said the men told him they would hack his limbs off with a machete unless he paid them a $85,000 US ransom. The scam was stopped when Australian and Malian police, alerted by Gregor’s family in Australia, tricked the kidnappers into taking Gregor to the Canadian Embassy to collect the ransom money.

What a badass. I imagine him seeing this on the news from the comfort of his desk at his boring airport security job. Being stirred by the story and thinking, “I got the skills to help, I cannot sit idly by while those children are in danger.” Taking a few breaths, then standing up to let his boss know he need a few days off, starting right now..

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