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Although commonly thought of as being a French soup, it was apparently invented in New York City around 1917 by a French chef named Louis Diat at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. He took a traditional French soup of leeks and potatoes, refined it somewhat, and served it cold instead of hot. After becoming well known in the States, it made its way to France.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she joined the Justice Democrats within the next few years. She sees where the wind is blowing and I think that’s genuinely where she wanted to go in the first place. It would be much better if their involvement in the story had been limited to reports delivered to the other POVs who are doing less stupid things.

What’s good for the prosecution as it doesn’t matter if they believe it’s even if they get if they decide they’re really short. Error and is a what are the other two pulled the trigger. They can still find Aaron Hernandez guilty and on that very same evidenced by two guys guilty because our joint venture theory the prosecutor doesn’t have to prove that any of them.

Escobar was arrested in 1977 and pictured in a light shirt with a flower pattern and a big collar, of course. A lot of vintage stores/thrift sell them for cheap. And the sign, why not write the actual inscription? Carcel Otto Judicial Medellin? Very easy to trace to get closer to the original.

Oh, wait, you talking about hundreds of millions of dollars per year, not immigrants. Why are you bringing up dollars here? I not sure how they relevant, unless you want to attack for profit prison companies, in which case I not stopping you. For profit prisons should be converted to non profits or nationalized.

We can get some surgeons to play video games and play with manipulators. We can take photos of robot arms doing “surgery” on plastic models. We can tell everyone that this is very important for the future. As the afternoon and evening went on tensions and tempers grew. There was looting in Market Street and dozens of shops had their windows smashed and goods stolen. The rioting crowd even took materials and items from some of the goods wagons waiting in the railway sidings close to the station.

I arrogant? Yes. I have that characteristic, I can be arrogant. And I think there a lot of hubris that comes in my former business. UN, NATO and EU should realize that Russia has already invaded Ukraine. They have invaded Crimea which is a part of Ukraine, shattering the framework and backbone of every goverment in this planet. Not a single time in this era that we should allow this to happen.

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