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In essence, there too much focus these days on the tyres as the culprit when races don produce multiple viable strategies. First, it is extremely difficult for a tyre provider to make accurate forecasts on this due to all the other uncontrolled variables. Even the teams often don accurately know how the race will play out even with FP1 and FP2 data in hand.

Caroline Rees’s Yorkshire Terrier Fizzy also visited Cutz 4 Mutz. Caroline explained, “Mandy Miller the owner said we’ve had a bit of an accident, we’ve nicked Fizzy’s leg”. After taking Fizzy home, Caroline says she noticed that the dog was uncomfortable.

In Dundee we’re out with police as they pilot a new scheme to prevent underage drinking in the city. Supermarkets and off licenses are selling bottles and cans with a special code. If they get confiscated from someone under 18, then police know where and when it has been bought.

Well, if you haven read these two New York Times reports yet, do so:tanks, which position themselves as without students, have power in government policy debates because they are seen as researchers independent of moneyed interests. But in the chase for funds, think tanks are pushing agendas important to corporate donors, at times blurring the line between researchers and lobbyists. And they are doing so while reaping the benefits of their tax exempt status, sometimes without disclosing their connections to corporate interests.

But it sounds like little Mariana is in good hands! Hey man if you need anything DM me. My little girl is 5 now and I have plenty of things (clothes, toys, etc.) that I could send you and wouldn’t mind at all paying to ship them to you. Please let me know as I could also send some gift cards your way.

In the event, while there was a bit of coverage on specialist business radio coverage on Monday morning, the 3G iPhone did not feature on television or radio news bulletins. There was coverage on the technology pages of the website one news story and one blog entry. I think that the people who do follow technology closely would have found it bizarre if the BBC website had not mentioned a story which was the talk of the tech blogs for days on end.

It must be unbelievably difficult that Meghan was a working woman and had her own style. It out with the ripped jeans and messy bun, in with the oh so modest below the knee dresses. Goodbye to the casual totes and body cross bags, hello to ladylike little clutches..

I finally manage to spin it fast enough to get the flames away from the nozzle and turn it off. I dizzy and trembling, but crisis averted. My buddy lets me cook with his stove and noodles were had. Actor, television and radio presenter Lindsey Chapman, with a life long passion for the natural world, begins her second week curating the airwaves with some of her favourite episodes from the back catalogue. In this episode Lindsey recounts that while presenting the BBC’s Springwatch Unsprung programme, she and the team set off to locate and hopefully see the mysterious nightjar which had been heard nearby. Lindsey introduces the five species she has chosen for the listener this week, from spoonbill sandpiper to kittiwake, on Radio 4, from Monday through to Friday at 05.58..

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