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Echoing the call by the Security Council in resolution 1887 (2009) for a positive outcome of the 2010 Review Conference of the Treaty on Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), the Coalition understood that review to be a critical juncture for that Treaty. It was meanwhile concerned at what it perceived as a lack of progress made to implement the 13 practical steps towards nuclear disarmament, agreed by the States parties at the 2000 NPT Review Conference.Speaking for the Non Aligned Movement, Indonesia’s representative said that the total elimination of nuclear weapons was the only absolute guarantee against the use of those weapons. Pending the total elimination of those weapons, efforts for the conclusion of a universal, unconditional and legally binding instrument on security assurances to non nuclear weapon States should be pursued as a matter of priority.

Is defined as that which is legal for the government and illegal for the citizenry. Our forefathers said we had the right to bear arms, they were about to enter into a bloody revolution against a tyrannical government that forced unfair taxes, disarmament, and the prescence of abusive government agents and soldiers upon the people. They didn encourage the ownership of flintlock rifles and pistols because they were hard to use.

In skateboarding you don’t go pro until you’re better than the majority of the current pros. Competition pushes everyone to be better. Skateboarding is relatively young, each generation is better than the last.. Later that day, four of the students face the microphone of a certain CBC reporter, and from their polished responses, I realize they either learn very fast or didn’t need the workshop at all. Of course, that interview was also just a warm up. Tomorrow, the students are to participate in a web conference from the ship to mark March 12 as International Polar Year Day..

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileMicrosoft Corp. Has been touting the security features of its Windows Vista operating system as a key reason for people to switch to the latest version of its flagship product, but at least one senior security executive has turned up his nose at the notion.John Thompson, the CEO of Symantec Corp., said he won’t use Vista and consumers shouldn’t be fooled by the slick, feature laden software.In an interview with CNet News published today, the computer and internet software security company’s chief executive said that no matter how Microsoft tries to spin things, Vista isn’t a security tool, it’s just an operating system:Vista is an operating system, and Vista provides some very important advances from Microsoft’s perspective and for the industry’s point of view on building a more stable, more reliable, more secure operating platform, but people still need the efficacy that comes with the products that Symantec and others in the industry build, and so we should not be confused by the marketing rhetoric with what Vista is. It’s a hopefully much better product than XP or any of its predecessors, but it’s not a security solution.At least part of Thompson’s motivation for putting his views out there are clear: naked self interest.

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