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I can agree with you that George could have stayed in his car, but I don see this as a violent act or one that would cause me to doubt at that point he was maliciously trying to hurt Trayvon. It was clear that the cops were coming, and I believe that George tried to keep his eyes on this person he spotted looking into peoples homes. George AND Trayvon had every right to walk around that neighborhood.

EDIT: but I am worried that the people only playing for the blue team and not seeing the bigger picture of “they are the best hope right now” are feeding into the same issues that lead to the far right today. Like I said I am fiscially conservative. I hate big spending, but instead of looking at poor people and social programs as a giant determent to enable lazy good for nothings I think they boost the economy, and instead focus my attention on the MASSIVE spending in the military for no justifiable reason other that the US has and will always try to be the world police.

It’s only natural. For example for all the complaints people make about him, Jeremy Paxman is an experienced interviewer who gets answers to his questions and puts his interviewees on the spot. Bloggers who have little experience of political exchange beyond their computer screens can’t hope to have the presence (and, yes, ego) needed to push an interviewee into giving honest and frank answers..

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I would suggest you call the most recent person who interviewed you (hopefully not an HR person but a dean or VP/President) and ask if this is just a technicality/formality or if there is any chance or reason the board may veto this. I did that, and the dean reassured me that this was a formality, that the board had never voted against approving someone the search committee recommended, and that things would be fine she just wasn allowed to officially make the offer without the approval. With that information and reassurance, I felt a lot better (I did wait to say no to the other place I was interviewing until I had this offer in writing, though).

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