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I could be talking about a male. I could be a Chinese male. The guy at the laundromat, I could be talking about a man. How many kids already got a hold of their parents rx meds. Etc oxycodone,vicodin ,percoset and so on. Then they get addicted to them.

Although the Arms Trade Treaty was an important milestone, Yemen was concerned at how it was being interpreted, stressing that countries could still obtain conventional weapons, but in the right manner. Yemen had signed that Treaty. He also stressed the importance of allowing the Conference on Disarmament to do its work, stressing that it was the only international forum that considered all disarmament issues on the international agenda..

I had the rash for 3 long months! I went to the doctor a couple of times and got wrong diagnostics and wrong creams. I had a cortisone cream and an antifungal cream. At that point the rash had gotten worse, it had spread on my abdomen, between my breast, on my neck and on my head.

This is where it hits me the most. Ncog packs, get sugar or smile lancer. If i get that stupid medic again in a pack I’ll scream. If they dash attack, which they probably will, you can parry it and punish. Eventually they probably stop, in which case just cancel and gb. Let it fly after a bit to trip them up and hopefully make them eat the os heavy.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileNew Democrat digital affairs critic Charlie Angus has tabled another bill designed to enshrine the principle of net neutrality, his second attempt to bring the issue to the House of Commons through a private member’s bill.Bill C 398 will “ensure the future development of the internet is not impeded by unfair throttling or interference by telecom giants” the NDP said in a release Friday.But the timing of this bill is interesting, because it comes about a month before the Canadian Radio television and Telecommunications Commission is set to hold hearings on issues of net neutrality, such as the internet service provider practices of traffic shaping and throttling. And it also comes about a week after small ISPs appealed a CRTC ruling on Bell Canada’s throttling.As Angus said in a prepared statement: “”The telecom giants didn’t invent the internet. They don’t own the internet and they shouldn’t be able to use their position as service providers to give priority to their own content.”Once we get a hold of the bill itself, we’ll see how it differs from last year’s bill and keep you in the loop about what, if anything, might come from this latest salvo.Posted: 2009/05/30 at 12:17 PMThe consequences of this bill would be catastrophic for small, independent, rural, and competitive ISPs.

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