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Soon after that, Anna Wintour turned up. She’s a big deal for the snappers. You could hear it. Also joining us is Louisa Mattina. She teaches Grade 7 8 at General Brock School. Her students took part in today’s Artfest.. Had it happened while a Republican was a in power, of course Romney would be using it as a point in this election. I am really sick of all the feigned moral outrage the Republicans have spewed about Obama questioning whether Romney would have gone after Bin Laden. He based that comment on Romney own words and lets face it, there were no limits to what Romney was willing to say about his fellow GOP running mates during the campaign.

A few minutes later we started to see one of the stars moving. We thought it was a satellite but then we saw another one, and another one. And suddenly we realised that almost all “stars” were moving, at the exact same page, in the exact same directions.

Nothing wrong with that, of course, but there is as always a harder, punkier, less polished underground of exciting bands ploughing their furrow. Here’s a short round up of those acts we think are worth checking out. The first three bands in the list are written about by Wales based journalist and Lesson Number One promoter Noel Gardner..

Over the past decades, various descriptions have been applied by foreign secretaries to what lay at the root of the UK’s foreign policy such as being ‘a bridge between the US and Europe’ or ‘punching above our weight’. But it seemed to me that Mr Miliband was attempting something more ambitious and a quick internet search showed he had been making a series of speeches laying out his themes but these had attracted very little attention. So I decided to ask the foreign office if David Miliband would be interviewed in depth for a special edition of the programme.

His portrait as a child hung on his parents living room wall, painted by his grandmother (but NOT a portrait of his sister). He had a picture of him hugging her, from behind (which whenever he was feeling down he make his profile picture on FB), and smiling, while she gazed up at him adoringly. My mom remarked that I looked like her, which creeped me out..

Editor note: Overseas, they fight for freedom. In America, they fight for jobs. “Voters In America: Vets Wanted?” is the first part of a CNN In America documentary series on American voters. +2 This is a hilarious parody song for Lord of the Rings lovers about Lord Denethor Stewart of Gondor. So many levels of funny but one of my favorite is I couldn get accurate news as the war was progressing, found out Sauron programmed my palantir to.Led Zeppelin Lord of the Rings Battle of Evermore AMV+1 Battle Of Evermore Led Zep LOTR film clips. My all time favorite.

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