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If you can not prove it beyond a reasonable doubt then the crime did not happen. It sucks yes but that is how the legal system works. Compound that with the idea that having a vagina is considered an impairment in every legal jurisdiction in the USA.

Just own it. You advocate a child getting a beating every now and then when the parents can think of anything else. You fine with the fact that these beatings occur every day in America under circumstances you support. Albanians are the exception to this. They are not Slavic, speak a different language from the Slavic ethnicities, and their main identity is specifically non religious. The greatest Albanian heroes were all either agnostic, deist, or switched religions multiple times (all since the middle ages).

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileI’m a fan of alternative ideas for human computer interaction, so this video caught my attention. It shows an idea for a ten finger touchpad interface and associated changes in the way such a computer would handle multiple windows.Watching my two year old daughter moving puzzle pieces around on my wife’s iPhone with very little effort speaks to the intuitiveness of touch interfaces. And I like the idea of expanding the number of points with which you can interact with the computer from one with a mouse to 10 with a multi touch surface.10/GUI from C.

I spent a lot of time rewatching Me!Me!Me! {NSFW}, an amazing video that delves into the topic of addiction and what it feels like to be stuck in that infinite loop of trying to drop that addiction (the character is addicted specifically to porn and video games if the visuals of the video werent apparent enough lol). I came back to this video because my life right now is just an endless loop of dysphoria and relief of said dysphoria because at this point it like I actually addicted to the idea that I can eventually be myself, and to be honest I didn really get much out of watching it again. Maybe it that I desperate for quick easy answers or solutions right now, but I feel almost disappointed that nothing came out of it..

I am so grateful. For “Nightline” in Houston. Next a family with another child fleeing their town under evacuation orders now returning after the storm to see if their home has ban spared.. Finally gives him the respect that he deserves. It couldn happen to a better guy. I said to him, you the champion for the rest of my career, I be a happy man.

I do quite a bit of interviewing for my company. I end up offering jobs to about 5% of candidates, 20% aren’t suitable for a variety of reasons, but a staggering 75% are discarded very shortly into the interview after it becomes apparent that lies had been told in either their CVs or in the interview itself. I find it very annoying as it is a waste of my time, so I make very sure they understand why they are being rejected.

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