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Many people think it is rude or inappropriate to negotiate their salary, and they could not be more incorrect. If a company gives you an offer, they want to hire you. Your starting salary, which office you get, if you get an assistant it all window dressing.

After 5 changes (always charging more) in 5 months I just couldn’t take it anymore. The other big problem that I experienced was lack of customer service. I frequently had a very hard time understanding the person I was speaking to and particularily when you need tech support this can be very frustrating.

I had to condense exactly what made up a hipster. What were the defining qualities?I spent some quality time in dive bars, bike shops, and record stores to really get deep into the concept. There’s plenty of things we can define that could be ‘hipster’, but an epic beard doesn’t automatically qualify someone as a hipster.

The old adage “whoever dies with the most toys wins” is a joke, but the idea could apply to the battle being waged between the United States and China. In this case it’s not toys, but military bases, trade partners and rights to natural resources in foreign countries. In other words, which country gains or retains the title of superpower..

We have Rosario and Cabrera. On a team that absolutely lousy with ineptitude right now, our middle infield is actually one area that has been pretty good. Rosario seems legit (though he not really our 2b) and Cabrera has proven himself to be a steady and reliable veteran presence.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileJust as your left foot only fits properly into a left shoe, living things interact with and produce only the “left handed” version of those building blocks, which are called amino acids.But if you make amino acids from scratch in a lab using their chemical components, you inevitably get half of the right handed version and half of the left handed version.So it might be expected that if nature makes amino acids in space using similar chemistry, you’d also get a fifty fifty mixture.Studies of individual meteorites have found that surprisingly, sometimes there can be quite a lot of “extra” left handed amino acids on a meteorite. A new study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences confirms that’s no fluke and suggests how that bias may have arisen. In fact, one had a whopping 18 per cent more of one particular amino acid.Glavin and Dworkin suggested that such meteorites, asteroids, comets and their fragments may have delivered extra left handed amino acids to the earth before life began and “biased” the Earth’s inventory of organic compounds, encouraging living things to build themselves using the more readily available left handed version.The study used a different analysis technique than had been used by other studies, independently backing up the results of those previous studies.The researchers also noticed a pattern only meteorites that were extensively altered by water while still attached to their parent asteroid have the large excess in left handed amino acids.”Therefore, water played a very important role in the bias of left over right handed amino acids in meteorites,” Glavin said in an email.Posted: 2009/03/17 at 12:19 PMThere is no credible explanation for biological homochirality: chiral L protein amino acids and chiral D sugars.

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