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That for a jury to do. We can keep referring to him as a suspect and report about what he’s alleged to have done. But common sense applies there as well. Good on you for trying. I rather ride the back of a garbage truck at this point. Way too many years in the Ops trenches to deal with the daily humiliation of struggling to do shit college grads younger than my kids pull off in their sleep..

The public sees plane crashes now and then and if it were meteors what would they have us pushed aside for if it were a rock from space? I believe in UFOs more so than believing that swamp gass emits light or hovers. Nasa shouldn’t allowed to be a monopoly over anything that comes from space. Nasa should not have been given time but rather charged with a search order..

We’re also curious to see what other mainstay titles EA plans to convert into scaled down online games. The Sims? NHL? How about a simplified version of some of recently acquired Bioware’s games? Neverwinter Nights light anyone?Posted: 2008/01/21 at 5:42 PMOnline sports games, especially racing, are a natural fit for in game advertising. Why should all those billboards around the arena/track be fake? Why don’t people pay for spots there? There are already organised racing leagues based on car simms, all someone needs to do is offer the client for free, set up a spectator system to get more people in (or watching the replays over and over), and start selling all the advertising space.It is a simple and real world proven marketing system.

I had the ability to do so and as a result she let me have all of the cash flow with my option consideration being management.Rehabbed SFH: This is a great house and one of my higher end homes. I wrote up this story last March or so and you can find all of the details in my post history. Long story short, two friends rehabbed this house on an option with their IRA money.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileApple’s announcement that it is pulling out of Macworld as of next year, and that Steve Jobs won’t give a keynote this year, has understandably set the blogosphere abuzz. What are the company’s motivations for pulling out? Is Jobs’ health the reason? Or does the company simply not want to be beholden to someone else’s schedule?There are plenty of theories circulating but one particularly wrong suggestion is that it’s because trade shows are somehow diminishing in importance. The Washington Post, for example, suggests trade shows have lost their importance because, as Apple said in its press release, there are many other ways cheaper ways for a company to get the word out about its products.

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